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english around the world grammer

1. Do you know that there is more than one kind of English in the world? 你知道世界上不止有一种英语吗?

more than one +名词单数, 后面的谓

More than one student wants to
go swimming.

3. because of后边加名词或动名词短语 because是连词, 所以后边跟句子 He came to work late because he got up late. He came to work late because of getting up late.

4. Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English.

even if= (even though) 尽管;即使

Even if the road is full of difficulty, I will never lose heart.

5. come up 上来, 走近; 被提出; (植物)发芽; (太 阳)升起
come up with 提出 想出 He came up with a good idea in the meeting. 问题在会议中被提出来了。 ?The problem came up in the meeting.

6. actually/in fact/as a matter of fact 事实上,实际上 10. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different from the English spoken today. [翻译] 起初在大约公元450年到1150年间 英国人所讲的英语与人们现在所讲的英 语很不一样。

7. be based on/upon… 以…为基础 base sth on sth 以…为基础 He based his hope on the good news we had yesterday. The movie is based on a novel. 8. at present =at the moment present (adj.)
现在的,目前的,可作前置定语 出席的,在场的,可作后置定语

the present situation/the people present be present at the meeting present (n.) 礼物=gift

9. …Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before.

make (good/full/no…) use of 使用 We could make good use of our resources.

10. India has a very large number of fluent English speakers… a number of 大量的(其后谓语动词用复数) A number of people have come. the number of …的数目(其后谓语动 词用单数) The number of homeless people has increased.

? 1. “Put your coat in the closet,”the landlord said to him. ? → The landlord asked him to put his coat in the closet. ? 2. The father said to his children,“Don't move!” ? →The father told his children not to move.

从以上两个句子可以看出:例句1是表示 “请求”的口气;例句2是表示“命令” 的口气。

? 祈使句变为间接引语
? 通常将原句中的动词变为动词不定 式,并在不定式的前面加上ask, order, tell等转述动词,形成三种 结构:

? ①表示邀请、请求某人做某 事时用ask sb. to do sth.; ? ②表示叫、吩咐某人做某事 时用tell sb. to do sth.;

? ①She said to us, “Please have a rest.”

→She asked us to have a rest.
? ②The old man said, “Don't smoke in the hall.”

→The old man told me not to smoke in the hall.

? 1 the children said to their teacher:"Would you please sing a song for us?"

The children asked their teacher to sing a song for them.(request)
? 2.The mother said to her child:"Turn off the radio!"

The mother told her child to turn off the radio(command)

commands (命令) Close the door! Get me something to eat! Speak louder………. requests(请求) Please ……….. Would you please……. Could you please……

? 3.The dentist said to a patient:"open your mouth please,so I can see the bad tooth clearly."

The dentist asked his/her patient to open his/her mouth so that he/she could see the bad tooth clearly(request)
? 4.The secretary said to the woman on the phone:"Could you hold on for a minute?"

The secretary asked the woman on the phone to hold on for a minute or two.(request)

? 5.John said to his classmate:"Can I borrow your pen please?"

John asked his classmate if he could borrow his pen (request)
? 6.The teacher said to his student:"Come up to my office!"

The teacher told his/her student to come up to his/her office.(command)

21.--I think friendship is one of the most important things in a person's life. --_______.I can't imagine a world without friends. AThat's a good idea B No problem C I agree D No way 22.Before you fill in it,I suggest you make use you have fully understood ______items and instructions in ________survey. A 不填;a B the; the C不填;不填 Dthe;a

23.Old John's work is ______ to do with the computer so he has little knowledge about it. A nothing B something C anything D everything 24.In ancient China,only the emperor and the man who was going to be an emperor had the _______ to wear yellow. A energy B ability C control D power

25--Excuse me ,what did Mr Smith mean? ---He wondered when and why _____in Beijing. A had you settled B did you settle C you had settled D you settled 26.William was asked to _______all the facts just as he remember them. A turn up B turn down C set up D set down 27.Mary has got tired of this boring job.It's _____ she can't learn much in it. A because B since C as D for

? 28.It was the second time that he ____ the discussion about how to deal with the problem. ? Ahas joined in B joined in ? C had joined in D joins in ? 29.The teacher asked Tom whether it was a mistake or he broke Lucy's cup. ? A by accident B on purpose ? C by mistake D on time ? 30.Oliver gave me a call saying that _______at all. So I decide to think about it again. ? A by accident B on purpose ? C by mistake D I disagree with him

? 31.---I don't think foreign movies are always better than Chinese ones. ? --_______.We have made many excellent movies. ? A Neither do I B Me too ? C All right D That's not right ? 32.Jim is concerned ______his partner who has been suffering_____the bad illness for a long time. ? A with,from B with,on C about,on Dabout,from

? 33.Kitty is in______ignorance of what is being done.No one has the time to tell her about it. ? A.complete B.whole C.entire D.all ? 34.Iris _____the hardest time of her life,but she never thinks of giving up. ? A is going through B will go through ? C went through D goes through ? 35.Margot said she had ____ the dog at her new home house and would keep it from then on. ? A .put B settled C placed D set

1.I am a middle school student. ? He said he ______ was a middle school student last year. 2.I live in Sanya now . lived ? He told me that he _______ in Sanya last year. 3.She is listening to music now. ? She said she was ______ listening to music at 8 last night.

? Mary has passed English exam. ? Mary said she ______ had passed English exam.
? I will see you tomorrow. would ? He said he ___________ see me the next day. ? The Sun rises from the east. rose ? She said the Sun _______from the east.

1.She said ______she would buy a new car. that 2.I want to know ______the young man is If from Japan.
what 3.Do you hear_______he said?

if 4.I asked him________ I could put my coat.
why 5.Can you tell me _______you were not at school this morning.

Thank you!

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