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Ugly Betty第一季15集

看 Ugly Betty 学英语第一季 15 集:Brothers Previously on "ugly betty"... 《丑女贝蒂》上集提要… -Henry: Have you been here before? 你以前来过这儿吗? -Walter: I don't think so. 我认为没有。 -Betty: Walter! Walter! -Marc: In the next few days, something big is going to happen at "mode," 几天以后, 《时尚》会有大变动。 and when it does, Wilhelmina's going to be in charge, and when she is, in charge: 主管 能成的话,到时候就由 Wilhelmina 管事了,她一上位, these are the people who are staying…. 这些人将会留下来… and these are the people who get the Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo: 著名鞋品牌【意为卷铺盖走人】 这些就会拿到 Jimmy Choo。 -Wilhelmina: You are looking at the soon-to-be-crowned editor in chief of "mode”. crown: 皇冠 editor: 编辑 in chief: 主要地 你面前的这个人很快就要戴上“ 《时尚》执行主编”的桂冠。 -Daniel: Do you think dad is capable of murder? becapable of: 能够 murder: 谋杀 你觉得爸爸有可能会谋杀谁吗? -Claire: I think your father is capable of anything. 我觉得你爸爸什么都做得出来。 -Alex: Two years ago, the Meade family lost their eldest son. 两年前 Meade 家族失去了长子。 While he may have lost a son, he gained a daughter. Hi, daddy. I'm back. gain: 得到 也许他是失去了一个儿子,但是他得到了一个女儿。嗨,爸爸,我回来了。 -Bradford: Alex? Alex? -Police: Bradford Meade? You're under arrest for the murder of Fey Sommers. under arrest: 被逮捕 Bradford Meade?你因 Fey Sommers 的谋杀案而被捕。 -Daniel: Is it fun having a sister? 有个姐姐很有趣吧? -Anchorman: Scandal and sex change and murder--oh, my! scandal: 丑闻 sex: 性别 丑闻,变性,还有谋杀——哦,天哪! In a move that sent permanent waves through the fashion community,

move: 举动 wave: 波浪 permanent: 永久的 fashion: 时尚 community: 团体 这一切在时尚界掀起了层层波澜。 Alex Meade, the eldest son of the mega-powerful Meade clan, mega-: 表示大,百万倍 powerful: 有权力的 clan: 氏族 Alex Meade,时尚界举足轻重的 Meade 家族长子, reappeared Friday at "mode's" top ten to watch fashion show...as a she. reappear: 重新出现 出现在礼拜五的《时尚》最受关注的 10 位新设计师发布会上…以女人的身份。 -Betty: I can't believe all of this is happening to people that I know. 真不敢相信这样的事情竟然发生在我认识的人身上。 -Hilda: I heard a rumor that they keep "it" in a jar. rumor: 谣言 jar: 罐子 我听见有谣言说,他们把“它”保存在罐子里。 -Betty: Ew. 呕。 -Anchorman: Widely assumed to have met his maker in a skiing accident, wildely: 胡乱地,大胆地 assume: 推测 skiing: 滑雪运动 大胆地推测他是在滑雪事故中遇到他的改造者的, no one was more surprised to see his son-- looking stunning in a fabulous organza and leather gown— stunning: 惊人的 fabulous: 极好的 organza: 透明硬纱 leather: 皮的 gown: 长外衣 当看着儿子穿着漂亮的薄纱礼服和皮外衣,看上去那么风姿绰约—— than papa Bradford. papa: 【口】爸爸 没人能比 Bradford 爸爸更惊讶了。 -Hilda: Okay, time for you to get ready for school. 好了,是时候你该上学了。 -Justine: Fine. 知道了。 -Dad: Let me get this straight. Your boss' brother wears women's clothes? get…straight: 把…弄清楚 让我弄清楚,你老板的哥哥穿女人的衣服? -Betty: No, that's a transvestite. Alexis is a transsexual. transvestite: 异性装扮癖者 transsexual: 变性者 不,那是易装癖。Alexis 是变性人。 -Dad: What's the difference? 有什么区别? -Betty: Transsexuals have surgery to reassign themselves to the opposite sex. surgery: 手术 reassign: 重新装配 opposite: 相反的 变性人是通过手术转换自己的性别。 -Dad: Ouch. 哎哟。 -Anchorman: The reunion didn't last long, however, reunion: 团圆 however: 然而

但重聚的时光并不长久, as the senior Meade was promptly carted off to the big house for the alleged murder of former "mode" editor Fey Sommers. senior: 较年长的 promptly: 迅速地 cart off: 强行带走 allege: 指控 former: 之前的 老 Meade 马上就因为被指控谋杀前《时尚》总编 Fey Sommers 而被送进了监狱。 -Dad: Wow. Those hands are too small to belong to a man. belong to: 属于 哇,那双手对于一个男人来说是太小了。 -Hilda: Yeah, and you gotta find out where she gets her nails done. nail: 指甲 是啊,你得帮我弄清楚她的指甲是在哪儿做的。 -Betty: Yeah, top of my list. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing. suppose to: 应该 是啊,我的头等大事。我都不知道我该做些什么。 I'm assuming you go to work when the president of the company's been arrested for murder, right? assume: 假设 president: 主席 arrest: 逮捕 我是说,就算公司老板被抓了你也还是要上班的,对吧? -Walter: I brought you a doughnut. doughnut: 油炸圈饼 我给你买了个甜甜圈。 -Betty: Walter, it's not really a good time. Walter,这真不是时候。 -Walter: Okay, well, I also have some other news that I think you're gonna— 好吧,我也带来了一些别的消息我想你应该—— -Betty: I don't know if I have a job. I-I gotta go. I'm sorry. 我不知道我的工作还在不在。我——我要走了,抱歉。 -Walter: Maybe I'll meet you for lunch. 也许咱们可以一起吃午饭。 -Dad: She's, um...got a lot going on. 她,呃…有很多事情要处理。 -Anchorman: Sources suspect it was none other than Alexis Meade who provided the evidence to put her father away. source: 消息来源 suspect: 怀疑 provide: 提供 evidence: 证据 put away: 处理掉 有人怀疑不是别人,正是 Alexis Meade 提供了证据击垮了她的父亲。 Meanwhile, no one knows which side brother Daniel is going to fall on, meanwhile: 同时 fall on: 落到 现在,没人知道弟弟 Daniel 会站在哪一边, which brings us to the all-important question— all-important: 十分重要的 这就带给了我们一个非常重要的问题—— what's going to happen at "mode"? 《时尚》将会有什么事情发生? -Background music: I know what boys like, I know what guys want, I know what boys like... guy: 男人

我知道男生喜欢什么,我知道男人想要什么,我知道男生喜欢什么… -Journalist A: Miss Meade. Miss Meade, what made you decide to come back as a woman? Meade 小姐,Meade 小姐,是什么让您决定以女人的身份回来? -Journalist B: Are you enjoying wearing dresses? 您喜欢穿裙子吗? -Journalist A: What size breasts did you go with? breast: 胸部 go with: 伴随 您的胸部是什么尺寸? -Journalist C: How does it feel to be back at Meade? 回到 Meade 您感觉如何? -Alex: Fan-freaking-tastic. fantastic: 好极了 freaking: 表语气【该死的】 真他妈的太好了。 -Journalist D: who did your hair, Miss Meade? Meade 小姐,谁帮您做的头发? -Background music: Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah… -Betty: Wait! Thanks. Oh. 等一下!谢谢。哦。 -Daniel: How's it going in there? 在里面过得好吗? -Bradford: Terrific. Just like the club, except the caddies all carry shivs. How's your mother doing? terrific: 好极了 club; 俱乐部 caddy: 球童 shiv: 刀 好极了,跟在俱乐部一样,除了那些球童们都带着刀。你妈妈怎么样了? -Daniel: I wouldn't know. She spent the entire weekend with Alex. entire: 整个 weekend: 周末 我怎么知道。她整个周末都跟 Alex 在一起。 -Bradford: We have to fight him, Daniel. While I'm in here, it's up to you to keep Meade publications running. fight: 搏斗 up to: 取决于 publication: 出版物 run: 运行 咱们得跟他们斗,Daniel。我在这里的时候,就靠你来支撑整个 Meade 出版社了。 Did you talk to the lawyers? lawyer: 律师 你跟律师谈过了吗? -Daniel: They said the prosecution's got some pretty strong evidenceprosecution: 起诉方 pretty: 非常 evidence: 证据 他们说原告有一些很有力的证据—— phone logs, e-mails, Fey's car. log: 记录 电话记录,电子邮件,Fey 的车子。 -Bradford: You do believe I'm innocent, don't you? innocent: 无辜

你相信我是无辜的,不是吗? -Daniel: I want to. 我希望我相信。 -Betty: Ahem. Hi. Uh, I'm Betty. 嗨。呃,我是 Betty。 -Alex: Suarez. My brother's assistant. I know who you are. assistant: 助理 Suarez。我弟弟的助手。我知道你是谁。 Okay, let's just cut to it. They softened the jaw, slimmed the nose, cut to: 开门见山 soften: 使变柔和 jaw: 下巴 slim: 缩减 好吧,我就直说吧。他们帮我磨圆了下巴,切窄了鼻子, lowered the hairline, shaved the adam's apple, hairline: 发际线 shave: 剃刀 adam’s apple: 喉结 拉低了发际线,拿掉了喉结。 and then there are the implants-- cheeks, breasts, ass. implant: 植入 cheek: 脸颊 breast: 胸部 ass: 屁股 接着这些地方做了植入——脸颊,胸部,屁股。 I'll spare you the more graphic details, but just to put a rumor to rest, spare: 分出 graphic: 图解的 detail: 细节 put to rest: 平息 rumor: 谣言 我会给你更详细的说明,就让我给谣言画上个句号吧, they don't save "it" in a jar. jar: 罐子 他们没把“它”保存在罐子里。 -Betty: Huh. That's good to know. Ahem. 真高兴知道。 -Alex: And, no, I haven't given up smoking. It's a hormone patch so my mustache doesn't grow back. give up: 放弃 hormone: 荷尔蒙 patch: 贴片 mustache: 胡子 还有,我没戒烟。那是个荷尔蒙贴片,为了让胡子不再长出来。 -Betty: Really? Where'd you get that? Because I have to bleach all the time, and it is such a pain. bleach: 消除 all the time: 一直 真的吗?你在哪儿弄到的?因为我老是要除毛,真是痛死了。 -Operator A: “Mode” magazine stands behind the Meade family. stand behind: 做后盾 《时尚》杂志是 Meade 家族的后盾。 -Operator B: And we are certain all these matters will be resolved. certain: 确定的 resolve: 解决 我们确信这一切都会得以解决。 -Amanda: In a timely and appropriate manner. Do you have any job openings? timely: 及时地 appropriate: 恰当的 manner: 方式 opening: 空缺的职位 以及时和恰当的方式。你有没有什么空缺的职位? -Betty: Daniel, the "times" called wanting a quote, Dr. Phil called offering his services, quote: 引证 offer: 提供 service: 服务 Daniel, 《时代周刊》打来电话说要采访你,Phil 医生打电话来问要不要提供服务。

and e! called, wanting to do a reality show about your family. reality: 真实 《e!》打来想为你的家庭做一个真人秀。 -Daniel: No. Tell them all no. Call a staff meeting for 11:00 A.M. staff: 员工 不,告诉他们全都不行。上午 11 点召开一个员工会议。 We are way behind on the swimsuit issue, and I need people to focus on business. Anything else? way behind: 远远落在后面 swimsuit: 泳衣 issue: 期刊 focus on: 关注于 关于泳装的专刊我们已经晚了,还有,我希望大家能把重点放在工作上。还有什么事吗? -Betty: Your sister's in the building if you want to talk to her. 要是你想跟你姐姐谈谈的话,她就在这大楼里。 -Daniel: I don't have a sister. 我没姐姐。 -Betty: Daniel... Daniel… -Daniel: Betty, we have an issue to get out, and I need coffee--lots of it. Betty,咱们还有专刊要做,还有,我需要咖啡——越多越好。 -Betty: Henry. Hey. Hi. What are you doing here? Henry 。嘿,嗨。你来这里干嘛? -Henry: Hiding. When paparazzi are stalking accountants, you know it's bad. hide: 躲藏 paparazzi: 狗仔队 stalk: 跟踪 accountant: 会计 避避风头。狗仔队在跟踪会计,你知道这很糟糕。 -Betty: Yeah, I know. They were following me, too, and one of them thought that my glasses and nose were a disguise. disguise: 伪装 是啊,我知道。他们也缠着我呢,其中一个还认为我的眼镜和鼻子是伪装。 -Henry: I like your glasses and your nose. Listen, I was wondering, wonder: 想知道 我喜欢你的眼镜和鼻子。听着,我想知道, do you have any interest in seeing "wicked" tomorrow night? I have two tickets. wicked: 邪恶的【百老汇音乐剧《坏女巫》 】 你明天晚上想去看《坏女巫》吗?我有两张票。 -Betty: Oh, my god. How did you know that I wanted to see that? 哦,天哪,你怎么知道我想去看那个? -Henry: Well, you were humming "popular" in the elevator on Tuesday. hum: 哼歌 elevator: 电梯 礼拜二的时候你在电梯里哼着《Popular》那一段。 -Betty: You noticed. notice: 注意 你注意到了。 -Henry: After that you said, “I'm dying to see ‘wicked’”. dying to: 非常渴望 wicked: 邪恶的 之后你说“我真想去看《坏女巫》。 ”

-Betty: You know, green girl who feels like an outsider...go figure. I would love to. green: 缺乏经验的 outsider: 门外汉 go figure: 想想看吧 要知道涉世未深的女孩感觉就像是个局外人…想想吧。我很乐意去。 -Henry: It's a date. 这是个约会。 -Betty: Oh, um, wait. I-I can't. Uh... you know, the... Walter. 哦,嗯,等等,我——我不行。呃…你知道…Walter。 -Henry: Oh. Sorry. 哦,抱歉。 -Betty: Y-yeah. 是啊。 -Henry: It's just... well, you hadn't mentioned him in a while. mention: 提起 in a while: 一会儿 只是…你有一阵没提到他了。 -Betty: I know, um...it's just--it's--it's really complicated. complicate: 复杂 我知道,嗯…这——这真的很复杂。 -Henry: Sure. 是啊。 -Betty: But maybe we can still go, you know, just as friends. 但也许我们还是可以一起去,你知道,只是作为朋友。 -Henry: I guess we can do that. 我想可以。 -Betty: Great. That's perfect. I'll see you tomorrow. perfect: 完美的 -Henry: Great. Great. Another friend. 好的。好极了,又一个朋友。 -Marc: I think word is out among the staff about the takeover. among: 在…之中 takeover: 接管 我想改朝换代的事情已经在员工中间传来了。 Another suck-up bouquet. suck-up: 拍马者 bouquet: 花束 又一束拍马屁的花。 -Wilhelmina: Well, if you wanted to suck-up, Leslie, you should have known I hate peonies. suck-up: 拍马屁者,奉承者 peony: 牡丹 哦,要是你想拍我马屁的话,Leslie,你就该知道我不喜欢牡丹。 -Marc: So I just got an e-mail from Daniel about a meeting at 11:00. Why does he still get to do that? 我刚收到 Daniel 的邮件说 11 点要开会。他干嘛还要管事情啊? I thought we were in power now. in power: 掌权 我觉得现在应是我们在掌权。 -Wilhelmina: Relax, Evita. In due time. relax: 放松 Evita: 贝隆夫人【曾经的阿根廷第一夫人】 due: 预期的

放轻松,Evita,到时候会的。 -Marc: Mm! 嗯! -Betty: Daniel, everyone's waiting for you in the conference room. It's 11:00. conference: 会议 Daniel,大家都在会议室等你了,11 点了。 -Daniel: Oh, right. Uh, thanks. I realize the fax machines have been working overtime with all the resume being sent out. realize: 意识到 fax: 传真 overtime: 加班 resume: 简历 哦,是啊,谢谢。我发现传真机在超时工作,所有简历都发出去了。 -Amanda: I thought Wilhelmina was in charge now. I sent her peonies. in charge: 主管 我以为现在是 Wilhelmina 在掌权了,我还送了她牡丹花。 -Marc: Yeah, I know, and I switched your card with Leslie's. You're welcome. switch: 转换 是啊,我知道。我把你的卡片跟 Leslie 的调换了,不客气。 -Daniel: Will continue as it always has. I just ask for your patience and--and trust in the coming weeks... ask for: 号召 patience: 耐心 trust: 信任 还会跟以前一样。在接下来的一段时间里,我需要大家的耐心和——和信任… Uh, as we get everything sorted out. sort out: 解决 来让一切回归正轨。 -Alex: Aw. Little Danny's running a meeting. That is just so cute. Does anyone have a camera? cute: 可爱的 camera: 相机 哟,小 Danny 在开会,真是好可爱啊。有人带相机吗? -Daniel: Well, seeing as this is a meeting for "MODE" employees only, I don't think my dead brother falls into that category. employee: 职员 fall into: 落入 category: 范畴 哦,既然这是《时尚》员工的内部会议,我不认为我死去的哥哥属于员工范围。 -Alex: And that's where you're wrong. In the event of the death or incapacitation of Bradford Meade, in the event of: 如果…发生 incapacitation: 无能力 如果 Bradford Meade 死亡或是无法掌管业务, control of the publications of Meade transfers immediately to his eldest son. Alexander Spencer Meade. control: 控制 publication: 出版,发行 transfer: 转移 immediately: 立即地 Meade 出版集团的控制权马上转给其长子,Alexander Spencer Meade。 It’s a shame dad never got around to updating the chapter. shame: 遗憾的事 get around: 传递消息 update: 更新 chapter: 章节 真是遗憾爸爸还没下达更新这一章节的命令。 I guess he didn't have anyone he could trust. 我猜他根本就没有可信任的人。 -Daniel: You can't be serious.

serious: 认真的 你不是认真的吧? -Alex: I am, and to show you how serious, I'd like to present the new editor in chief of "mode," Wilhelmina Slater. present: 介绍 editor: 总编 in chief of: 主管… 我是。为了向你表明我有多认真,我要向大家介绍《时尚》的新总编,Wilhelmina Slater。 -Wilhelmina: Me? Well, I-I'm as shocked as all of you, and I'm flattered, but... shock: 震惊 flatter: 过分夸赞 我吗?哦,我跟你们大家一样的震惊,我受宠若惊,但是… -Alex: He doesn't work here anymore. Danny, you're fired. 他不会再在这里工作了。Danny,你被解雇了。 -Daniel: Thanks again for your time. I appreciate it. appreciate: 感激 谢谢你们过来,我很感激。 -Betty: So what did the lawyers say? Do I need to start packing? lawyer: 律师 pack: 收拾 律师都怎么说的?我要准备打包走人吗? -Daniel: We're not going anywhere. 我们哪儿也不去。 -Betty: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. 那就对了!这就是我要说的。 -Daniel: See, the charter gives control to Alex Meade, and technically, Alex is dead. We can challenge the entire document. charter: 章程 give control to: 约束,管制 technically: 技术上 challenge: 挑战 entire: 整 个 document: 文件 瞧,制度约定的是 Alex Meade,理论上来讲,Alex 已经死了。咱们可以质疑整个制度规定。 -Betty: That's all we got? 就这些? -Daniel: Yeah, and the eldest son is now the eldest daughter. That's also questionable. questionable: 可疑的 是啊。长子现在变成了长女,这也是个疑问。 -Betty: I'm gonna start packing. 我还是准备打包走人吧。 -Daniel: No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. 不,不,不,等等,等等。 Betty, we're buying time, and with time, my father will get out, and Alex will be gone from my life again. Betty,咱们需要的是时间。只要有时间,我父亲就能出来,Alex 就会再次从我的生活中消 失。 -Betty: Look, Daniel, if Alexis does end up in power, maybe it'd be better to be on her side. end up: 最终 on sb.’s side: 赞同某人 瞧,Daniel,要是 Alexis 最后掌权,也许站在她那边更好。 -Daniel: He fired me. 他把我炒了。

-Betty: I fired my sister. We still talk. It's what families do. They forgive each other. forgive: 原谅 我炒了我姐姐,我们还是老样子。家人就是这样的,他们总会原谅对方。 -Daniel: Well, then our families are very different. 哦,那么我们的家庭比较特别。 -Daniel: Look, Daniel, I know the fact that your brother is now your sister is a lot to process, process: 处理 瞧,Daniel,我知道你哥哥现在成了姐姐这事实很难让人接受, so I did some research to help you understand. Also, I got you the Renee Richards story. It's old, but it holds up. research: 研究 hold up: 支持住 Renee Richard: 【美国一有名的变性人】 所以,我做了些调查来帮你接受事实。还有,我给你找来了 Renee Richards 的书,虽然很老, 但也很经典。 And "Tootsie”. It’s not relevant, but is a good movie. relevant: 有关的 movie: 电影 还有《窈窕淑男》 ,虽然不相关,但是部好电影。 I’m gonna make this crystal clear. I have no interest in understanding Alexis Meade. crystal: 水晶 have interest in: 对…有兴趣 我得说清楚了,我对了解 Alexis Meade 没兴趣。 -Marc: Styles want to know what you thought about these tankinis. style: 设计 tankinis: 背心式泳衣 设计部想知道你对那些背心式泳衣的意见。 -Wilhelmina: I think somewhere there’s a lesbian water polo team that’ll love them. You, you’re fired. somewhere: 在某处 lesbian: 女同性恋 water polo: 水球 我想有个女同性恋水球队会喜欢它们的。你,你被炒了。 -Marc: Anna Wintour returned. She wants to have lunch. Anna Wintour 回话了,她想跟你一起吃午餐。 -Wilhelmina: Now she calls. I left that message in 1998. Tell her I’m busy. Is this you? 她现在才打来啊,我 1998 年就给她留那个言了。告诉她我很忙。这是你吗? -Staff: Mmm-hmm. 是的。 -Wilhelmina: You look better before the haircut. And you’re fired. haircut: 理发 你剪头发前漂亮多了,你被解雇了。 -Marc: Oh, that is fun. I want to do one. Hey, you! You’re fired. 哦,真有趣,我也想试试。嘿,你!你被解雇了。 -Man: I don’t work here. 我不在这工作。 -Marc: Not anymore you don’t. 那你以后也不是。 -Alex: Hold it! That stays. 别搬!那个留下。 -Wilhelmina: What’s going on?

怎么了? -Alex: Daniel got an injunction. The takeover’s been haulted. injunction: 禁令 takeover: 接管 hault: 暂停 Daniel 拿到了法院的强制令,接管要被中止。 -Wilhelmina and Marc: What?! 什么?! -Alex: It will never hold up in court. We’ll be back on track within a week. court: 法庭 on track: 走上正轨 不会闹上法庭的,一个星期之内咱们会重回正轨。 -Wilhelmina: Well, what am I supposed to do till then? suppose: 应该 那这段时间我该干些什么? -Alex: You wait. You bide your time a little longer. bide: 等待 等。等的时间长一点而已。 -Wilhelmina: I am not going back to being Daniel’s creative director. I worked too hard to get to the top. creative: 创造力的 director: 主管 哦,我可不想再回去当 Daniel 的创意总监了,我可是历尽艰辛才爬上来的。 -Alex: You were there for an hour. 你才当了一个小时。 -Wilhelmina: Let’s see how this magazine runs without me. Marc, call for my car. call for: 打电话找 咱们瞧瞧杂志社没了我会怎样。Marc,叫我的车子过来。 -Marc: Oh, Willie, you can’t leave. We have a swimsuit issue to finish. swimsuit: 游泳衣 issue: 发行物 哦,Willie,你不能走。我们还有一个泳装特刊没完成呢。 -Wilhelmina: Let Daniel handle it. These gold pumps will not step foot in this building until I rule this magazine! handle: 处理 pump: 高跟鞋 step in: 走入 rule: 管理 让 Daniel 来解决吧,除非我能接管整个杂志,否则休想我高抬贵脚走进这幢楼! -Alex: She’s a little dramatic, isn’t she? dramatic: 戏剧化 她还真会演戏呢,不是吗? -Marc: Don’t you love it? 你不喜欢吗? -Betty: Dad? 爸爸? -Dad: It’s so white in here. 这里真白啊。 -Betty: What are you doing here? Is everything okay? 你来干什么?没什么事吧? -Dad: I wanted to talk to you before Walter gets here. 我想在 Walter 到这里之前先跟你谈谈。

-Betty: What? Walter’s coming? 什么?Walter 要来? -Dad: He came by this morning to tell you he got a promotion. They offered him assistant manager of a new pro buy. promotion: 升职 assistant: 助理,助手 manager: 经理 pro: 赞成者 他今天早上过来是想跟你说他升职了。他们升他当了新销售的助理经理。 -Betty: Oh my God! 啊,天哪! -Dad: But he’s about to turn it down. be about to: 打算要 turn down: 拒绝 但他准备拒绝。 -Betty: Why? 为什么? -Dad: Well, it’s in Maryland, and… you’re here. 因为要去 Maryland 而且…你在这里。 -Betty: No, he should not do something like that for me. We’ll figure it out. figure out: 搞清楚 不,他不该为我做这些。我们会说清楚的。 -Dad: Betty, it’s not about figuring out. You can’t keep stringing him along if you… If you’re not in love with him. string: (用线,绳)挂 string along: 【口】戏弄,欺骗 in love with: 与…相爱 Betty,这不是说不说清楚的问题,你不能这么一直吊着他,要是你…要是你不爱他。 -Betty: Dad, I don’t know what I am right now. 爸爸,我都不知道我自己现在是什么状况。 -Dad: Honey, he wants a future with you. Unless you plan on standing in front of a priest with this guy, unless: 除非 plan on: 打算 in front of: 在…前面 priest: 牧师 guy: 小伙子 宝贝,他希望跟你能有未来。除非你打算跟他一起走上红毯, you need to let him go. let go: 放开 不然你就得放他走。 -Betty: Okay, dad, thank you for coming. I have to go back to work. 好吧,爸爸,谢谢你过来。我得回去工作了。 -Dad: Oh, I was just concerned for you…and I was hoping to get a look at the she-male. concern: 关心 get a look at: 瞧一下 she-male: 变性男人 我只是很担心你…而且我想看看那个变性男人。 -Betty: Dad. 爸爸。 -Hilda: What are you doing here? Oh my God! What happened to you? 你来干什么?哦,天哪!你怎么了? -Santos: School called me. He got into a fight. get into: 陷入 fight: 打架 学校打了电话给我。他跟人打架了。 -Hilda: A fight? Wait, why didn’t they call me?

打架?等等,他们怎么不给我打电话? -Justine: He’s my father, okay? They can call him if they want to. 他是我爸爸,好吗?他们要是愿意的话就可以打给他。 -Hilda: Hey, attitude. Ay, who do this to you? attitude: 态度 嘿,什么态度。真可怜,是谁干的? -Justine: I’m going to my room. 我回房间去了。 -Betty: Excuse me, can I help you? 不好意思,我能帮你吗? -Clair: Who are you? 你是谁啊? -Betty: I’m Betty Suarez. Daniel Meade's assistant. 我是 Betty Suarez,Daniel Meade 的助手。 -Clair: Clair Meade, Daniel Meade’s mother, I win. 我是 Claire Meade,Daniel Meade 的妈妈,我大。 -Clair: Hello, Daniel. 你好啊,Daniel。 -Daniel: Mom? What are you doing here? 妈妈?你来干什么? -Clair: Enjoying this glorious day. The sun is shining, the air is crisp. Even the hobos have a spring in their step. glorious: 【口】极其愉快的 shine: 照耀 crisp: 清新的 hobo: 流浪汉 step: 脚步 享受这美好的一天。阳光灿烂,空气清新,连流浪汉都踏着春天的脚步。 -Daniel: Are you okay? 你没事吧? -Clair: Don’t I seem okay? 我看起来像有事吗? -Daniel: No, you seem…happy. You do realize what’s happening to this family over the last three days, don’t you? realize: 意识到 不,你看起来…很高兴。你知道这 3 天来家里发生了什么事情,对吧? -Clair: Look what I bought your sister. 看看我给你姐姐买了什么。 -Daniel: You didn’t just say that. 我没听错吧。 -Clair: With her boobs, she’ll be a knockout in this dress. boob: <美俚>乳房 knockout: <美俚>迷人的 她那个胸部,穿这个一定美呆了。 Oh, this one comes in green. Now which do you think is her color? come in: 上市 green: 新的 哦,这件是新上市的,你觉得她更适合哪个颜色? -Daniel: Are you in pills? Do I need to call a sponsor or something? pill: 药丸 sponsor: 保证人

你又在吃药吗?我要打电话给担保人或是别的什么人吗? -Clair: Don’t be ridiculous. ridiculous: 可笑的 别开玩笑了。 -Daniel: Mom, dad’s in prison. You have not gone to see him yet. in prison: 坐牢 妈妈,爸爸在监狱里,你都没去看过他。 -Clair: He won’t be there for long. He didn’t do this, you know. Do you have plans on lunch? 他不会在那里待太久的。他没那么干,你知道的。午餐有计划了吗? I want to take both my children out. 我想带两个孩子出去吃饭。 -Daniel: Stop acting like it’s Easter, okay? Your family is falling apart. Do you realize that? act: 装作 Easter: 复活节 fall apart: 四分五裂 别搞得跟复活节似的,好吗?你的家庭正在变得四分五裂,你意识到了么? -Clair: My family is coming together. The child I buried and grieved over for the last two years is alive. come together: 集合 bury: 埋葬 grieve: 哀悼 alive: 活着 我的家庭正在破镜重圆,两年前我亲手埋葬的孩子,我为之伤心欲绝的孩子又活过来了。 I don’t care what he came back as. I have him back. Her. 我才不管他是以什么身份回来呢,他回来就好了。她。 -Daniel: Cancel my appointments. I have to take my mother to a Spa. cancel: 取消 appointment: 约会 Spa: 温泉浴场 取消预约,我得带我妈去泡温泉。 -Betty: Why? 为什么? -Daniel: Because I can’t let her out of my sight. She’s acting like she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. sight: 视线 on the verge of: 在…边缘 nervous: 神经的 breakdown: 崩溃 因为我不能让她离开我的视线,她处在精神崩溃的边缘。 -Betty: She looks fine to me. 我觉得她还好啊。 -Daniel: No, trust me, Betty. Her crazy works on this time delay. trust: 信任 crazy: 疯狂 work on: 激发 delay: 延迟 不,相信我,Betty,她这次发作得比较晚。 Do you know when Alex died, she spent three days planning a dinner party, 你知道吗?Alex 死的时候,她花了 3 天时间筹划晚宴。 then in the middle of the main course, she excuses herself, goes upstairs, swallows a whole bottle of pills? main: 主要的 course: 进程 excuse: 准许离开 swallow: 吞咽 pill: 药片 然后吃着主菜的时候,她离席了。她上楼,吞了一整瓶药片。 -Betty: Um, I can take your mother. 嗯,我可以带你妈妈去。 -Daniel: What? Really? 什么?真的吗?

-Betty: Yeah. You have all these phone calls and meetings. 你有这么多的电话和会议。 -Daniel: Betty, really, I can’t ask you to do that. Betty,真的,我不能让你这么做。 -Betty: Don’t be silly, Daniel. Come on, Mrs. Meade, we’re going to the Spa. silly: 傻的 别傻了,Daniel。来吧,Meade 夫人,我们泡温泉去。 -Clair: Oh, goody, a new babysitter. goody: 好呀! babysitter: 保姆 哦,好呀!新保姆。 -Betty: We will take the stairs, it’ll get the toxins out. stair: 楼梯 toxin: 毒素 我们走楼梯,那样可以排除毒素。 -Clair: I like my toxins…with two olives. olive: 橄榄 我喜欢我的毒素…加两枚橄榄。 -Walter: Uh, excuse me. Was that blur running for the fire exit Betty? I want to take her to lunch. blur: 模糊的 exit: 出口 呃,对不起,那个向安全出口跑去的模糊影子是 Betty 吗?我想带她去吃午餐。 -Daniel: Actually, my fault. I sent her on a special errand. It’s been a crazy day. actually: 实际上 fault: 错误 special: 特别的 errand: 差使 事实上,是我的错。我给了她一项特殊任务,疯狂的一天。 -Walter: Oh, because I have a coupon for the baked potato bar. It’s for two. coupon: 优惠券 baked: 烘焙的 bar: 小吃店 哦,因为我有烤土豆吧的优惠券,是两人份的哦。 -Daniel: Sorry, I have potato for breakfast. potato: 土豆 对不起,我早餐吃过土豆了。 -Clair: Once you o.d. a couple of times, show up naked at a garden party, Once: 一旦 a couple of: 几个 o.d.: <美口>=over drug 服药过量 show up: 出现 naked: 裸 体 garden: 花园 一旦你服药过量那么几回,裸体出现在园游会上, And suddenly everyone treats you like a child. suddenly: 突然地 treat: 对待 突然间每个人都当你是个小孩。 -Betty: Daniel just wanted to make sure that you can’t hurt yourself. make sure: 确信,确保 Daniel 只是想确保你不会伤到自己。 -Clair: If I wanted to drink this, what could you do to stop me? Not bad. 如果我想把这个喝了,你怎么阻止我?不赖嘛。 -Betty: So do you go to spas often? Oh, hello. Um, I’m guessing yes. spa: 温泉浴场 guess: 猜测 你经常来泡温泉吗?噢,是啊,呃,我猜是的。 This is my first time at the Spa. I’m actually really excited to be here.

excited: 兴奋的 呃,这是我第一次泡温泉。来这里我真的很激动。 My boyfriend surprised me at work, but it was kinda lousy surprise because I think I have to break up with him. lousy: 差劲的 break up: 分手 上班时我男友让我很吃惊,是不太好的那种,因为我想我得和他分手了。 But I’ve never broken up with anybody before, I’m a green girl-green: 新手 但我从来没跟人分过手,我是头一遭—— -Clair: Betty, I’m in the tub. You can stop babbling. tub: 浴缸 babble: 唠叨 Betty,我已经在浴盆里了,你可以不用唠叨了。 -Betty: Okay. 好的。 -Wilhelmina: Who the hell are you? the hell: 到底,究竟 你是谁啊你? -Evelyn: I’m Evelyn, your cleaning lady for 13 years. It’s nice to meet you. 我是 Evelyn,是你 13 年来的清洁工。见到你很高兴。 -Wilhelmina: Nice to put a face with the burrito wrapper you left on my counter. burrito: 面饼卷(墨西哥料理的一种) wrapper: 包装纸 counter: 柜台式长桌 很高兴你把煎饼包装袋放在柜台上。 -Evelyn: So what are you doing home in the middle of the afternoon? I thought you were the editor-in-chief. editor-in-chief: 主编,总编 大下午的,你在家干吗?我还以为你是总编了。 -Wilhelmina: How did you know that? 你怎么知道那些的? -Evelyn: I snooped. I saw your business cards. snoop: 打听 我打听到的。我看见你的名片了。 -Wilhelmina: Well, I’m taking the afternoon off. take off: 休假 是啊,我午休呢。 -Evelyn: Oh, please. Women like us don’t take no afternoons off. Our career always come first. career: 事业 come first: 首先要考虑到的 噢,得了吧。像我们这样的女人从不下午休息,我们总把事业放在第一位。 -Wilhelmina: Well, maybe women like us need to learned, there’s more to life than work, Evelyn. Caviar? caviar: 鱼子酱 嗯,或许像我们这样的女人要知道,生活不单单只有工作,Evelyn。来点鱼子酱? -Hilda: He still won’t tell me what happened. 他还是不肯告诉我发生了什么事。 -Santos: Your son showed up to school today twirling a flag. What do you think happened? And

look at this-twirl: 旋转 flag: 旗帜【这里指女子啦啦队的动作】 你儿子今天在学校转旗了,你认为发生了什么事?再瞧瞧这个—— Ice-skating lessons, jazzercise, “Music Man” audition. ice-skating: 溜冰 jazzercise: 爵士健身舞 audition: 试听 溜冰课,爵士健身操, “音乐人”试听。 -Hilda: I know, I know. It's my fault for letting him be who he is. fault: 错误 我知道,我知道。让他长成现在这样是我的错。 Bought him unicorn stickers when he was 3. It's been all downhill since then. unicorn: 独角兽 sticker: 贴纸 downhill: 每况愈下 3 岁时给他买独角兽贴纸,从那以后就每况愈下了。 -Santos: Yeah, go ahead, make jokes, Hilda. And now he’s getting beat up. It’s time for us to get practical. go ahead: 继续 joke: 玩笑 beat up: 殴打 practical: 实际的 是啊,继续讲笑话啊,Hilda。现在他被打了。我们该实际点了。 -Hilda: Us? There hasn't been an "us" with Justin since the backseat of your rented Camaro. backseat: 后座 rented: 租用的 Camaro: 卡玛罗牌汽车 我们?谁跟你是“我们”?对 Jusin 来说,自从你租来那辆卡玛罗汽车之后就不存在了。 Unh-unh. You can leave now. I will handle this. handle: 处理 你可以走了。我会处理这事。 -Santos: Hey, whether you like it or not, he asked me to pick him up from school today, You got a beer? pick up: 接 beer: 啤酒 嘿,不管你喜不喜欢,他今天要我去学校接他。你有啤酒吗? -Clair: I didn't pass out in a Mexican whore house again, did I? pass out: 昏倒 Mexican: 墨西哥的 whore: 妓女 我不是又晕倒在墨西哥妓院里了,对吧? -Betty: No, um, but could you check my phone for me? It could be Daniel. And there's the back part. 不,呃,但你能帮我看看手机吗?可能是 Daniel。又来了。 -Clair: It’s a guy with no chin and permanent bed head. chin: 下巴 permanent: <美口>烫发 bed head: 早上起床蓬头垢面 是一个没有下巴,烫了一头乱糟糟头发的男人。 -Betty: Oh, that's Walter, my boyfriend. 噢,那是 Walter,我男友。 -Clair: He says he has a big surprise for you, and then there's what looks like a smiley face. smiley: 笑脸 他说他有惊喜给你,还有张笑脸。 -Betty: Yeah, he does that. He also likes to make a clown face out of the "a" in Walter. clown: 小丑 out of: 从…里面 是啊,他就是这样。他还喜欢把 Walter 里 a 做成鬼脸。 -Clair: Hot. This guy is a pain in the ass. Break up with him already.

pain in the ass: 眼中钉,肉中刺 有意思。这家伙烦死了,赶紧和他分了算了。 -Betty: It's not that easy. He loves me. 没那么简单。他爱我。 -Clair: Well, according to his latest message, he "wuvs" you. according to: 根据 latest: 最新的 wuv: 爱【儿童口吻或搞笑口吻】 嗯,据最新消息,他“耐”你。 Why are you holding on to him? I'll stand up again. hold on to: 紧握 你干嘛这么放不下他?我要站起来啦。 -Betty: Okay! Okay. Before my mother died, 好的!好的。在我妈妈死前, she told me that the most important thing in life is to find someone who loves you, 她告诉我生活中最重要的事就是找个爱你的人, and when you do, hold on to them no matter what, because in the end, that's all that really matters. no matter what: 无论如何 当你找到了,无论如何把握好他们,因为到最后,那才是真正重要的。 -Clair: Honey, if your mother were still here, all she'd want to know is that you're happy, 亲爱的,如果你母亲还在这里,她只希望你开心, and you're not happy right now. I gotta pee. pee: <美俚>撒尿 而你现在并不开心。我要去尿尿。 -Alex: Thank you all for coming. I'm sure by now you've all heard about the injunction. by now: 到如今 injunction: 强制令 感谢你们的到来。我肯定你们现在都听说了强制令的事。 I can assure you it's nothing more than a stalling tactic. assure: 向…保证 stall: 拖延 tactic: 战略 我可以告诉你们,那不过是个缓兵之计。 Within a week, I will be assuming control of Meade publications. publication: 出版,发行 不到一星期,我将控制 Meade 出版社。 -Daniel: Actually, that's not true. 事实上,这不是真的。 -Alex: Ah, my brother Danny, everyone. You probably remember him from his recent humiliation by Sofia Reyes、. recent: 最近的 humiliation: 羞辱 啊,各位,这是我弟弟 Danny,你们大概还记得他,他最近受了 Sofia Reyes 之辱。 -Daniel: When it comes to family humiliations, I'll definitely take mine over yours. definitely: 当然地 说到家族之辱,我那点跟你比起来又算得了什么。 Oh, and Alex, it's Daniel. 哦,对了 Alex,我叫 Daniel。 -Alex: Okay, well, this has been fun, Danny, 好的,嗯,这倒挺有意思的,Danny,

but if you have more to say, I suggest you call your own press conference. suggest: 建议 press conference: 记者招待会 但如果你还有什么要说的,我建议你招开自己的记者招待会。 Now under my leadership, Meade publications will become a force in new media as well. leadership: 领导能力 force: 力量 media: 媒体 as well: 也 在我的领导下,Meade 出版社也将在新媒体中大有作为。 I have a 4-point plan for making us a major player in... major: 主要的 我有 4 点计划使我们成为主要选手… What are you doing? 你在干什么? -Daniel: I'm calling my own press conference... right now. 召开自己的新闻发布会…就现在。 Oh, and any of you who come over to mine gets to see a photo of Alexis with a whole lot of chest hair. come over: 过来 chest: 胸膛 哦,任何想来我这边的人都可以看到 Alexis 长着一堆胸毛时的照片。 -Clair: And at our cottage, Alex would drag Daniel out on the lake, cottage: 别墅 drag: 拖 lake: 湖 在别墅时,Alex 会拖着 Daniel 去湖上玩, push him out of the boat and make him swim back to shore. Did I mention this was January? shore: 岸 mention: 提到 把他推下船,让他自己游回岸边。我提过那是在一月份吗? Oh, he lost a pinkie toe. pinkie: 小指 toe: 脚趾 哦,他失去了一个小脚趾。 -Betty: Daniel only has nine toes? toe: 脚趾 Daniel 只有 9 个脚趾? -Clair: No matter what torture Alex concocted, Daniel always looked up to him. torture: 折磨 concoct: 策划 look up to: 敬仰 无论 Alex 如何折磨他,Daniel 还是尊敬他。 His big brother could do no wrong. Could I get a spritz? spritz: 【含酒精的饮料】 认为他的大哥不会做错事。我能喝点 Spritz 吗? -Betty: Ow! Ow! Okay, I chose all wrong. 好吧,我全选错了。 -Clair: So tell me, how bad is it between them? 那告诉我,他们之间有多糟? -Betty: They're, you know...they're adjusting. adjust: 适应 他们,你知道的…他们在相互适应。 -Clair: Betty. Betty。

-Betty: It's like Cain and Abel, if Abel was a woman who used to be a man. Ow... Cain and Abel: 【圣经故事中亚当的两个儿子,该隐和亚伯,后来该隐因为嫉妒杀死了亚伯】 used to be: 过去是 就像该隐和亚伯,如果亚伯本来是男人后来变成女人了。 -Clair: Believe it or not, there was actually a time when we were a real family. 信不信由你,事实上曾有一段时间我们是个真正的家庭。 Every birthday, the kids would drag us to Coney Island. island: 岛 每到生日,孩子们都会拖着我们去科尼岛。 I always hoped they'd want to do something more civilized like a nice pheasant hunt. civilized: 有教养的 pheasant: 野鸡 hunt: 打猎 我总希望他们做点有教养的事,比如打打野鸡。 now I would kill for bumper cars and corn dogs. bumper car: 碰碰车 corn dog: 玉米热狗 现在如果还能玩碰碰车和玉米热狗叫我死也愿意。 -Betty: It might not be too late to fix this. There's one thing that they have in common. fix: 修补 in common: 共有的 或许亡羊补牢,为时不晚。他们有个共同点。 They both really care about you. 他们都很在乎你。 -Evelyn: Okay, so you see that stripper? stripper: 脱衣舞女 好的,你看见那个脱衣女郎了吗? She used to be a nun, and she's pregnant with the butcher's baby, nun: 修女 pregnant: 怀孕 butcher: 屠夫 她过去是个修女,并且怀有屠夫的孩子, but she doesn't know that the butcher is her second cousin. butcher: 屠夫 cousin: 表兄 但是她不知道那个屠夫是她二表兄。 -Wilhelmina: A story as old as time. 老故事了。 -Marc: How many boyfriends do I get? One, two, three...Wilhelmina Slater's office. 我有多少个男朋友?一个,两个,三个…Wilhelmina Slater 办公室。 -Wilhelmina: I'm in hell. Where are we in putting the book together? Are we gonna make the deadline? deadline: 截止期限 我在人间地狱。书整理得怎么样了?能如期完成吗? -Marc: I thought you didn't care. 我还以为你不在乎。 -Wilhelmina: That was before I had to watch "Mork & Mindy" in Spanish. Spanish: 西班牙语 那是在我不得不看西班牙语的《Mork & Mindy》之前。 I wanna know every detail that's going on down there. detail: 细节

我想知道你那边的每个细节。 -Marc: Well, why don't you just come down here? 你自己干嘛不来? -Wilhelmina: I can't just stroll back in. I made a dramatic exit. But I...I can be there without...actually being there. stroll: 漫步 dramatic: 戏剧性的 我不能大摇大摆的回去, 我走的时候可是大张旗鼓的。 但我…我可以在那里…而不用真的在 那里。 -Marc: That makes sense. make sense: 讲得通 有道理。 -Wilhelmina: Now listen. Take the orchid on your desk. Turn it slowly clockwise until I tell you to stop. orchid: 兰花 clockwise: 顺时针方向 听着,拿着你桌上的兰花,顺时针慢慢旋转直到我叫停。 -Marc: Okay. This isn't gonna squirt me with water or anything, is it? squirt: 喷射 好的。它不会向我喷水什么的,对吧? -Wilhelmina: Smile. You might wanna cut those nose hairs. 笑一个。你该剪一下鼻毛了。 -Marc: Oh... 哦… -Daniel: Nothing will be changing at either Meade or our flagship, “Mode”. flagship: 旗舰 无论是 Meade 集团还是我们的旗舰《时尚》杂志,什么都不会变。 -Alex: There will be extensive changes at both Meade and “Mode”. extensive: 大规模的 Meade 和《时尚》都将会有巨大的变化。 -Daniel: Naturally, people who aren’t in power can’t make changes, can they? naturally: 当然 in power: 掌权 毫无疑问,不掌权的人改变不了什么,对吧? -Alex: And people who are just playing editor-in-chief should go back to throwing a football and whoring around. editor-in-chief: 总编 whoring: <美口>嫖妓 只会拿总编一职玩玩的人也该回去打打球泡泡妞了。 -Daniel: Are you people really gonna listen to someone who wet his bed...until he was 15? wet: 尿湿 你们真的想听某些直到 15 岁了…还尿床的人的话吗? -Alex: Shut up! 闭嘴! -Daniel: No, you shut up. Oh, that’s not fair. I can’t hit a girl, can I? fair: 公平 hit: 打 不,你闭嘴。哦,这不公平。我不能对女人动粗,是吧? -Alex: Well, then, I guess you just have to hit yourself. Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you

hitting your那么,我猜你得打你自己了。你干嘛自己打自己?你干嘛自己打自—— -Betty: Stop it, the both of you, right now! 住手,你们两个马上住手! There’s nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen. 女士们先生们,这儿没什么好看的了。 -Alex: Hey, nails! nail: 指甲 嘿,指甲! -Betty: You two are acting really ridiculous. ridiculous: 荒谬的 你们俩真是太离谱了。 -Daniel: Yeah, but he started it. 是啊,他挑起的。 -Alex: Did not. 才不是。 -Betty: Okay, stop it. 好了,住手。 -Daniel: Did too. 就是。 -Betty: Stop it! Cut it out! This is serious. Your mother is missing. cut out: 停止 serious: 严肃的 missing: 不见的 停!别闹了!这事很严重!你们妈妈不见了。 -Daniel: Okay, all right, thank you very much. Her psychiatrist hasn’t heard anything. I gotta go find her. psychiatrist: 精神病医师 她的心理医生什么也不知道。我得去找她。 -Alex: I’ll go. 我去。 -Daniel: Since when you care about mom? since when: 从什么时候开始 你从什么时候起开始关心妈妈了? -Alex: I love mom. She’s the one person I actually missed. 我爱妈妈。她是我真正想念的人。 -Daniel: Oh, right. Because nothing says “I love you” like faking your own death, right? nothing like: 没什么能赶得上 fake: 假装 哦,是啊。没什么比玩装死更能表达爱意了,对吗? -Betty: Okay, guys, try and work together. 好了,伙计们,试着合作。 When we were at the Spa, your mom kept saying that she wanted to go back to happier times, like when you were younger. 我们泡温泉时,你妈妈一直说她想回到过去你们小时候的欢乐时光。 Is there anywhere special you used to go? special: 特别的

你们以前经常去什么特别的地方吗? -Daniel: Well, she--she used to like taking us to the clothing museums. clothing:(总称)衣服 museum:【美】展览馆 嗯,她——她以前经常带我们去服装展览馆。 -Alex: Those were stores, dumbass. She just called them museums to get us out of school. dumbass: 笨蛋 那是商店,笨蛋。她只是把它叫做服装展览馆好把我们带出学校。 -Betty: Okay, guys, think- happy times, like, say, where you used to go for your birthdays. used to: 过去常常 好的,伙计们,好好想想——欢乐时光,比如说,你们以前去哪里过生日。 -Daniel: Coney Island. 科尼岛。 -Alex: Every year. 每年都去。 -Daniel: You think that's where she is? 你觉得她会在那儿? -Alex: Maybe. Do you really think— 可能。你真的认为—— -Betty: Yes! God, you're so bad at this. Let's go. 是的!天啊,你们真差劲。走吧。 -Hilda: Justin, will you please come down here? Justin,拜托你下来一下好吗? -Santos: Something tells me he ain't gonna knock somebody up on his prom night. knock up: 使怀孕 prom: 舞会 有些事情告诉我,他不会再舞会之夜搞大别人的肚子。 -Hilda: What are you still doing here? 你怎么还在这? -Santos: Oh, nothing. Just watching you let our son "be who he wants to be”. 哦,没什么,就看看你怎么让咱们的儿子“自主”成长。 -Hilda: Fine, Santos, fine. I give up. I will let him be who you want him to be, okay? give up: 放弃 好好好,Santos,真是败给你了。我会按你的意愿培养他,可以了吧? And I will take away everything that he loves. There, that's his life--a dentist appointment. dentist: 牙医 appointment: 预约 把他所有喜欢的东西都拿走。好了,这就是他的生活——跟牙医的预约。 -Santos: At least he'll still have teeth. Hilda, I'm telling you, we're being good parents. We're protecting him. at least: 至少 protect: 保护 至少他还没缺牙。Hilda,我告诉你,咱们是在做好父母。我们这是保护他。 -Hilda: Stop. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 别说了。来了,来了,来了。 -Woman: You must be the mother. 你肯定就是那个妈妈了。 -Hilda: Is there a problem?

有什么问题吗? -Woman: I'll say. Your kid beat up my Bobby. kid: 小孩 beat up: 殴打 听我说啊,你那小子痛打了我的 Bobby。 -Marc: So how long you been spying on me? Oh, my god. You don't have an orchid in the stairwell, do you? spy on: 暗中监视 orchid: 兰花 stairwell: 楼梯间 这么说,你监视我多久了?哦,天哪!你没在楼梯间放兰花吧? -Wilhelmina: Don't worry, dear. I don't find you nearly as interesting as you find yourself. nearly: 远非,相距甚远 别担心,亲爱的。我并不觉得你有你自己想的那么有意思。 -Marc: Ooh. 啊。 -Wilhelmina: Wait. Back up. Turn around. Stop. Is that a party hat? back up: 倒退回去 turn around: 转身 hat: 帽子 等等,退后一点,转个身,停。那是不是派对帽子? -Marc: Uh... 呃… -Wilhelmina: Are you people celebrating a birthday? celebrate: 庆祝 你们这些人是不是在开庆生会? -Marc: Joelle in styles turned 30. We had to do something to help. 设计部的 Joelle 三十岁了。我们得做点什么安慰她一下。 -Wilhelmina: Birthdays are the gate way to secret Santas and casual Fridays. Santas: 圣诞老人 casual: 休闲的 现在开庆生会,以后就会搞出什么神秘圣诞老人和休闲星期五了。 Take me to Daniel's office. Maybe he's actually doing some work. 带我去 Daniel 的办公室看看,说不定他已经在做正事了。 -Staff: Ding-dong, the witch is gone. We can finally have cake! Mmm. witch: 巫婆 叮-咚,老巫婆总算走了,我们终于可以吃蛋糕啦!嗯。 -Wilhelmina: It's for your own good, you dump truck! for one’s own good: 对某人有利 dump: 垃圾 truck: 卡车 这是为了你好,你这垃圾车! Where is Daniel? Daniel 呢? -Marc: I don't know. 不知道。 -Wilhelmina: This is ridiculous. Take me to Alexis. ridiculous: 荒谬的 真是荒唐。去 Alexis 那儿。 -Marc: Actually, she left about an hour ago. 其实,她大概一小时前就走了。 -Wilhelmina: What? There's a 3:00 at layouts to nail down the center spread.

layout: 版面编排 nail down: 确定 center spread: 内页跨版 什么?版式部 3 点还有个会议要决定跨页版面的内容呢! Who the hell is running this magazine? 到底谁在负责这个杂志啊? -Marc: I don't know. 不知道。 -Daniel: There she is. Mom! 她在那儿,妈妈! -Child: I want a ride, mom! 我也想开,妈妈! -Woman: Stay away from that crazy lady. stay away: 离开,避开 离那疯女人远点。 -Alex: Mom. Get out of the car. 妈妈,快下车。 -Clair: Make me. 想办法让我下啊。 -Alex: What's she doing? 她在干什么? -Betty: I think she wants you to go in there and get her. 我猜,她是要你们过去把她接出来。 -Daniel: Oh, you gotta be kidding. kidding: 开玩笑 哦,开什么玩笑。 Come on, mom. If you get out of there, we can all go to a clothing museum. 求你了,妈妈。要是你出来,我们可以去服装展览馆的。 -Alex: Seriously, you are such an idiot. seriously: 说实话 idiot: 白痴 说真的,你蠢到家了。 -Clair: Well? Talk to each other. 那么?你们就互相谈谈吧。 -Daniel: Wait a minute. You did this on purpose? on purpose: 存心地 等一下,你是故意这么干的? -Clair: You think? 你说呢? -Alex: Damn it, mom, we're adults! damn it: <美俚>该死 adult: 成年人 该死的,妈妈,我们是成年人了! -Daniel: You can't manipulate us anymore. I'm leaving. manipulate: 操控 你怎么可以随意摆布我们!我要走了。 -Betty: Not so fast! You two aren't going anywhere until you start talking. You, too, missy. missy: 小姐

别想那么快溜掉!你们俩得互相谈谈,不然哪儿都别去。你也是,小姐。 -Alex: Hey! 嘿! -Betty: I can do this all night long. Go ahead, start talking. go ahead: 开始,前进 我可以陪你们折腾一晚上。快点吧,说话啊。 -Marc: Yes, we're all very glad we could fill the position. position: 职位 是的,能得到这一职位我们很高兴。 -Wilhelmina: Get layout in my office right now. We have a 3:00. layout: 布局,安排 叫版式部的人到我办公室来,我们 3 点开会。 -Marc: What are you doing here? 你怎么来了? -Wilhelmina: Well, just because I don't have the title yet doesn't mean I'll let a bad issue go out. title: 头衔 哦,不能因为我还没有头衔就意味着我会让不合格的杂志付梓。 -Marc: Oh, I get it. Daniel and Alexis are away, so you can make a dramatic entrance and then be the big hero. get it: 懂了 dramatic: 戏剧性的 entrance: 入场 hero: 英雄 哦,我明白了。Daniel 和 Alexis 都不在,你就可以戏剧性地进来,然后成为大英雄。 -Wilhelmina: Believe it or not, Marc, it's not always about me. Are you people faxing resume? fax: 传真 resume: 简历 信不信由你,Marc,我不总是为了自己。你们是不是在传真简历? -Amanda: No. 不是 -Wilhelmina: Now listen up. It's time we all stop worrying about the future and start focusing on the present. focus on: 关注于 present: 目前 都听好了,现在我们该做的不是担心未来,而是做好眼下的工作。 Mode magazine did not become number one by honoring people's personal lives, so I hope you all enjoyed the cake, honor: 实践 personal: 私人的 《时尚》杂志能成为第一,因为这儿不是实践某些人的私生活的地方,所以我希望你们大家 好好享受蛋糕, because it'll be your last meal until the swimsuit issue is up to our standards. meal: 一餐 swimsuit: 女式游泳衣 up to: 达到 standard: 标准 因为在泳装系列达到我们的发行标准之前,你们别想吃饭了。 -Amanda: Amen. 阿门。 -Woman: Bobby says that Justin started it. He pulled his hair and scratched him. Show them the marks, Bobby. scratch: 抓挠 mark: 瘢疤 Bobby 说是 Justin 先动的手,他拉他头发,还抓他。给他们看看抓痕,Bobby。

-Santos: Oh, no, no, that's--that's okay, Bobby. 哦,不,不,不必…不必了,Bobby。 -Hilda: There is no way that Justin would do that, not unless he was provoked. no way: 不可能 unless: 除非 provoke: 激怒 Justin 不可能那样做的,除非他被惹毛了。 -Santos: Maybe not even then. 也许不用。 -Hilda: What did Bobby do to you? Bobby 怎么着你了? -Woman: Nothing to deserve this. So what if he called you a "slut mom"? I'm sure he's not the first. deserve: 应受 so what: 那又怎么样 slut: 荡妇 做什么也不至如此吧。就算他叫你“荡妇老妈”又怎么样?我很肯定他不是第一个。 -Hilda: He called me that? 他这么叫我? -Santos: What kind of kid talks like that? 这是什么孩子,怎么这么说话? -Woman: Can you blame him? Look at her. Eyes up, Bobby. blame: 责怪 这你能怪他吗?你看看她。眼睛看哪儿呢!Bobby。 -Santos: Hey, you know what? I think it's time for you to go. From now on, the boys stay away from each other--end of story. from now on: 从现在开始 end of story: 就这样到此为止 知道么?你差不多也该走了。现在开始,两个孩子再不来往——就这么定了。 -Woman: You know, you're a mother. Why don't you try looking like it? 知道吗?你可是个母亲啊,怎么不试着像个母亲的样子? -Hilda: Yeah? You're a woman. Why don't you try looking like that? 是吗?那你可是个女人啊,怎么不试着像个女人的样子? -Justin: Snap! snap: 厉声说 说得好! Mom, are you mad at me? mad at: 生气 妈妈,你生我的气吗? -Hilda: No. Oh, my god. No, honey. 不,天啊。当然不了,亲爱的。 -Santos: Hey, why would she be mad at you, huh? You defended your mother. I'm proud of you, defend: 保护 proud of: 以…为自豪 嘿,她为什么要生你的气呢?你保护你妈妈,我为你感到骄傲。 but we're gonna have to talk about that scratching and hair-pulling, huh? scratch: 抓,刮 hair-pulling: 拉头发 不过,你抓他,还拉他头发,这个我们得谈谈。 -Daniel: For two years you put us through hell, Alex. We thought you were dead, put through: 使穿过

两年了,你让我们受着地狱般的煎熬,Alex。我们还以为你已经死了。 Why couldn't you talk to me about what you were going through? go through: 经历 为什么不告诉我你都经历了些什么? -Alex: I needed a new life. Not all of us were born into the lives we're supposed to have. suppose to: 想做 我需要新的生活。不是每个人天生就能过上想要的生活的。 -Daniel: Yeah, well, we all got new lives, full of grief and rehab. grief: 悲痛 rehab: 恢复 是啊,我们倒是都过上新生活了,悲伤透顶,久久不能平复。 -Alex: I never thought I'd see any of you again. Then Fey died, and I realized I had chance to get back at dad. get back at: 报复 我都没想过还能见到你们,后来 Fey 死了,我意识到我有机会向老爸报复了。 -Daniel: Get back? Get back at dad for what, worshipping you too much? worship: 崇拜 报复?报复老爸什么?太过宠爱你? -Alex: He wasn't worshipping. 他那不是宠爱。 -Daniel: Oh, come on, Alex. You were the golden child. Dad did everything with you-boy scouts, football games. golden: 黄金般的 scout: 童子军 哦,得了吧,Alex,你是我们家的掌上明珠。爸爸什么事都跟你一起—— 参加童子军,一起玩橄榄球。 -Alex: Daniel, he figured it out. He hoped tossing a ball around would change things. figure out: 发现 toss: 投掷 Daniel,他发现了事实。他正是希望通过玩球来改变一切。 When I finally told him I was gonna do this— 后来当我告诉他我准备这么做—— -Daniel: You actually told him? 你真告诉他了? -Alex: He said if I went through with the surgery, I'd lose everything— go through with: 将…进行到底 surgery: 手术 他说,要是我做了手术,我就会失去一切—— the company, the money, our family...and then just to make sure I got the message loud and clear, loud and clear: 一清二楚 公司,财富,我们的家庭…然后为了确保我明确了解他的意思, he said he'd rather I were dead. 他说,与其如此,我还不如死了算了。 -Daniel: Why didn't you tell me? 你为什么不告诉我? -Alex: Because you're just like dad. I didn't want to be rejected twice. reject: 拒绝 twice: 两次 因为你跟爸爸一模一样啊。我可不想被拒绝两次。

This isn't nearly as fun as it used to be. nearly: 差不多 这里已经不像以前那么好玩了。 -Clair: I guess this was a mistake. 也许这次安排是错的。 -Daniel: How could he say I'm like my father? I am nothing like my father. nothing: 毫不 他怎么能说我跟爸爸一模一样?我跟爸爸一点儿都不像。 -Betty: It's been a long time. People change. 都过去那么久了,人是会变的。 Maybe he just doesn't know who you are anymore. 也许他只是不清楚现在的你是什么样子。 -Daniel: I would've been there for him. 我会在他身边支持他的。 -Betty: Of course you would've. He's your bigger brother...kinda. kinda: 可以这么说 你当然会。他是你大哥啊…算是吧。 And it's not too late to prove to her that you're gonna be there for him--her. prove: 证明 而且现在要向她证明你是支持他的也不晚——她。 Can we pick a pronoun and stick to it, please? pick: 挑选 pronoun: 代名词 stick to: 保持 咱们能不能把叫法固定一下? Oh, god. 哦,天哪。 -Daniel: Guess he's still waiting for that lunch. 我猜他还在等那顿午餐呢。 -Betty: Yeah. 是啊。 You know what? We went to Coney Island and we forgot to get hot dogs. I think we should go back. 知道么?咱们去了 Coney 岛竟然忘记买热狗。我觉得咱们应该再回去。 -Daniel: Betty, trust me. It's a lot harder avoiding people than facing them. avoid: 躲开 Betty,相信我。与其逃避别人,还不如直接面对来的容易 -Betty: Yeah. 是啊。 Hey. I'm sorry I'm late. 嘿。对不起我迟到了。 I know most of our conversations seem to start like that lately... conversation: 谈话 lately: 最近 我知道最近咱们的很多谈话都以这样的对白开场… or," sorry I can't make it," or “sorry I snapped at you again”, and-make it: 做某事 snap at: 厉声斥责

或者“对不起我做不到”或者“对不起我又凶你了” ,还有—— -Walter: It's okay. 没关系。 -Betty: No, Walter, it's not okay. Look, Walter, you've meant so much to me. mean so much: 意义重大 不,Walter,有关系。听着,Walter,对我来说你很重要。 I don't even know how to tell you how much you've meant to me, but lately... 我甚至都不知道该怎么告诉你,你对我有多重要,但是最近… What was that? 什么意思? -Walter: I wanted one last kiss before we ended this. I'm not stupid. I've known for a while where this was going. stupid: 愚笨 for a while: 一会儿 分手之前我想要最后一个吻。我并不笨,早就知道我们的关系会怎么样。 I guess I...I just kept hoping that... 我想我…只是一味希望… -Betty: I'm so sorry. 我真的很抱歉。 -Walter: I took the job in Maryland. I'm gonna miss you. 我要去 Maryland 工作了,我会想你的。 -Betty: I know you don't believe me, but I'm really gonna miss you, too. 我知道,你大概不信,不过我也会想你的,真的。 -Woman: Hey, Henry. 嘿,Henry。 -Henry: Oh, my god. What are you doing here? 哦,天哪。你怎么在这里? -Justin: Good morning, aunt Betty. Mom? aunt: 阿姨 Betty 阿姨,早上好。妈妈? -Hilda: Come on. I'm driving you to school. 来吧,我送你去学校。 -Justin: Looking like that? 穿成那样? -Hilda: What? I'm trying something new. I think it's cute in a...I have no social life kind of way. in a way: 在某种程度上 social: 社交的 怎么了?我也试试新形象嘛。我觉得还算可爱啊,从…我没有社交生活的意义上来说。 -Justin: It's hideous, and so not you. hideous: 可怕的 太吓人了,一点都不像你。 -Hilda: Hey, I am supposed to be a mom. be supposed to: 应该 嘿,我该有个妈样。 -Justin: You are a mom-- the mom that always tells me to be who I am and not care what other people think.

你本来就是啊——你一直告诉我想做什么就去做,别在乎其他人怎么想。 Don't you have to do that, too? 你自己不也该那么做吗? -Hilda: So you really don't care how I dress? 这么说你真的不在乎我穿什么了? -Justin: Well, I'm not crazy about the animal prints, and you're a little over-accessorized, but you have your own style. It's cool. crazy about: 对…着迷 animal prints: 猛兽花纹 accessorize: 装饰 嗯,豹纹倒的确不太合我胃口,还有配饰也稍微多了点,不过你有你自己的风格,很酷啊。 -Hilda: Well, God bless you, because this was beginning to itch. itch: 发痒 哦,上帝保佑你!这衣服穿的我都开始发痒了。 All right, but to drive you to school, I'll wear a jacket. 就这样吧。不过送你去学校,我还是加件外套吧。 -Justin: Fine, as long as I get to pick it. as long as: 只要 不错,不过得我来挑。 -Daniel: Good morning, Betty. I need you to take my credit card over to my mom at the Four Seasons. credit: 信用 早上好,Betty。我需要你把我的信用卡带去给我妈妈,她在四季酒店。 Apparently she went a little overboard on her spree yesterday--wore out the magnetic strip. apparently: 明显地 go overboard: <美口>狂热追求 spree: 宴会 wear out: 耗尽 magnetic: 有 磁性的 strip: 条 显然她昨天狂欢得有点过头了——卡都刷爆了。 -Betty: Do you want me to go right now? 你想我现在就去么? -Daniel: It'd probably be a good idea. She's trying to buy breakfast with her bracelet. probably: 或许 bracelet: 手镯 好主意啊,她正在试着用手镯换早餐。 -Betty: I'll go right now. 我马上去。 -Henry: Oh. 哦。 -Betty: Oh. 哦。 -Henry: Hey. 嘿。 -Betty: Hi. 嗨。 -Henry: I have the "wicked" tickets. wicked: 邪恶的 我拿到《坏女巫》的票了。 -Betty: Oh, my God. Henry, you have no idea how excited I am about this.

哦,天啊,Henry,你都不知道我有多兴奋。 I've been driving my family crazy singing the songs-- except for Justin. 我整天唱歌,唱得家里人都快疯了——除了 Justin。 He's happy to have somebody to sing the duets with. duet: 二重唱 他倒是高兴有人跟他二重唱。 Whoops. You gave me both of them. whoops: 哎呀 哎呀,你把两张都给我了。 -Henry: Listen, last night a friend from home showed up-- my ex-girlfriend. 听着,昨天晚上家里突然有朋友过来了——我的前女友。 Look, Betty...I went back for Christmas. We saw each other, and, uh, it kinda started to feel like old times. 你瞧,Betty…我回去过了圣诞节,我们见面了,然后,呃,似乎有点找到了往日的感觉。 She came here to try and make it work, and you're with Walter. 她过来想试着重修旧好,你又和 Walter 在一起。 -Betty: Wow. That's, uh...wow. Um... 这真是…呃… -Henry: So you and Walter can go to the show. Have fun. 你可以和 Walter 一起去看演出。玩的开心点。 -Betty: Yeah. Yeah, we will. 恩,好的,我们会的。 -Alex: Not our finest moment. 不是我们最美好的一刻。 -Daniel: Probably won't be in the Meade family Christmas card. 也许不会出现在 Meade 家庭圣诞卡上。 -Alex: So... where do we stand? 那么…我们的立场如何? -Daniel: Look, no matter how this turns out, this is still a family company. turn out: 结果是 瞧,不管结果如何,这仍旧是家庭产业。 Maybe it wouldn't kill us to try and work together. 也许咱们试着合作也不会要了谁的命。 -Alex: I'm up for it...long as you stop staring at my boobs. up for it: 兴致勃勃地为某事 stare: 盯着 boob: 胸部 我同意合作…只要你把眼睛从我胸口挪开。 -Daniel: I'm actually staring at your Adam's apple. It's nice work. Adam’s apple: 喉结 其实我是在看你的喉结。手术很成功。 -Evelyn: What show is this? 这是什么节目? -Wilhelmina: It's called "Wilhelmina got screwed”. get screwed: 搞砸了 叫做 Wilhelmina 玩完了。

-Clair: You are not room service. 你不是客房服务员。 -Betty: No, but Daniel ask me to bring you this credit card. credit card: 信用卡 不是,Daniel 叫我带这张信用卡来给你。 -Clair: Oh. He’s a good boy. Wait…He’s the one who’s still a boy, right? 哦,他是个乖孩子。等等…他是还是男生的那个,对吧? -Betty: Mm-hmm. 嗯 -Clair: Would you like a bloody Mary? bloody: 血腥的 要不要来杯血腥玛丽? -Betty: Um, no, it’s 10 o’clock in the morning. 不用了,现在是早上十点。 -Clair: You are right. I should move on to Martinis. move on to: 移到 你说对了。我该换喝 Martinis 了。 -Betty: Hmm. So why are you staying in a hotel room? 您为什么还待在酒店里? -Clair: Mm. My house is empty. A house is not supposed to be empty. empty: 空的 我的房子空无一人。房子不应该是空的。 -Betty: Well, that’s just temporary, right? I mean, your husband will be out soon. temporary: 暂时的 那只是暂时的吧?我意思是,您丈夫很快就会出来了。 -Clair: Maybe, maybe not. 可能是,可能不是。 -Betty: Mr. Meade is not a murderer. murderer: 杀人犯 Meade 先生不是个杀人犯。 -Clair: I know. 我知道。 -Betty: Good. 那就好。 -Clair: I know...because I know who killed Fey Sommers. And it wasn’t Bradford. It was me. 我之所以知道…是因为我知道谁杀了 Fey Sommers。那不是 Bradford 干的,是我干的。 本文来自: 爱酷英语(<a href="http://www.icoolen.com/">www.icoolen.com</a>) 详细出处参 考:http://www.icoolen.com/film_veido/uglybetty_s1e15