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重庆市梁平实验中学高中英语《Unit1 Learning》Listening,Speaking and Writing课件 重庆大学版必修2

1 . Study the following words and expressions to prepare for the listening.

be willing to


e.g. She is

willing to learn.

/> e.g. He is willing to
help you. 他乐意帮助 你。

take the first step


Man has taken the
first step to the

人类已经向宇宙迈 出了第一步。

approach vt. 接近,靠近 n.方法,方式;态度

He cautiously

approached the house.

e.g. I

vt. 接近,靠近 n.方法,方式;态度

like his approach

to the problem.
我喜欢他解决这个问 题的方法。



Linda seemed embarrassed

by her mother’s question.


open the conversation 开始谈话

She opened the conversation on her
arrival. 她一到,就开始了谈话。

show interest in 表现出对……的兴趣
She showed her
interest in repairing computers.


marriage 婚姻,结婚,结婚仪式 The marriage will take place in May.

set a time 定时间
We set a time to
meet at the

entrance of a

2. Listen to a passage for the first time and decide what the purpose of the passage is.

The purpose of this passage is to _______ A. let us know that Americans don’t value friendship. B. make us believe that the Americans are not worth making friends with. C. give us some suggestions on how to make friends with Americans. D. give us reasons why we should make friends with Americans.

3. Listen to a passage for the second time
and complete the following tips.

Tip 1 Visit places Americans _____________ enjoy.

willing to take the first step. Tip 2 Be ________
small talk to open the Tip 3 Use _____________

Tip 4 Showinterest _______ in their culture ______,

their country and their job.
Tip 5 Invite them to join

for dinner or just __________________
for coffee or for tea.


Tip 6 Don’t expect _______too much. It will

take ______ time to tell.

4. Listen to the passage again and decide whether each of the following statements is true or false. Correct the false one. 1) When making friends with Americans, you should invite them to parties.

When making friends with

Americans, you should visit
places Americans enjoy.

2) You

should be willing to take the first step so as to make friends with Americans. 3)As As you you start your conversation, start your conversation, you should talk about something you should use small talk to serious. open the conversation.

4) When

the Americans say “Let’s get together sometime”, they are trying it’s not a to real invitation. toalways invite you have a get-together. 5) It’s easy to tell whether an an American like to American would would like to be your friend. be your friend. It will take

It’s not easy to tell whether

time to tell.

Discuss what advice should be followed
in making friends with the Chinese and

then make up a conversation with your
partner. One of you will play the role of

an American, who is puzzled by the
Chinese way of treating friends.

Asking for advice What should I do? Could you tell me what to do? Can you give me some tips?

Giving advice You’d better … If I were you, I’d … I think you should…

What would you do if …? You should…

You can make up your conversation

according to following cues.

1) A (a Chinese) and B (an American)
greet each other.

2) A expresses his/her surprise at
seeing B’s puzzled look.

3) B expresses that he/she is puzzled by the Chinese way of treating friends and asks for advice.

4) A gives B his advice.
5) B expresses his thanks.

6) A and B say goodbye.

My Most Unforgettable Friend
What is friends? What is friendship?

Study the following sayings and definitions
about “friend” and “friendship”.

1) A friend is a gift you give yourself. 朋友是你给自己的礼物。

2) A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around. 快乐的朋友就像阳光 灿烂的日子,到处充 满着光明。

3) A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success. 真正的朋友会忽略你的失败,却又 能容得下你的成功!

4) A good friend is hard to find,

harder to lose, and impossible
to forget.


5) True friendship is like sound health: the value of it is seldom known until it is lost. 真正的友谊像健康:只有失去才 知其珍贵。

6) The only unsinkable ship is friendship.


7) The secret to friendship is being

a good listener. 友谊的秘诀在于倾

8) Friends are made and kept in three ways. First , by honouring them in their presence. Second, by speaking good about them in their absence. Third, by serving them in their needs.

友谊三部曲: 当面尊敬; 背地夸奖; 难时帮助。

Discuss and share your ideas with your
partner. Then write your own sentences

about a true friend and true friendship.
If possible, you can write more than one


A true friend is ____________________

True friendship is _________________

Tips: the sentence is the basic unit of

English language.
And to be able to manage the sentence is important for anyone who wishes to write effectively.

A friend can be a person. What else can be a friend of yours? Complete the following table by noting down the key words. My friends 1) 2) 3) Reason(s)



Give brief answers to the following questions. Then write a composition with the title “My Most Unforgettable Friend”. ? 1)Who/what is your friend? ? 2)How did you get to know each other? ? 3)Why is he/she/it unforgettable? ? Give examples. ? 4)How do you view friendship?

【写作指导】 1. 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章,内容是关 于友谊、朋友的。

2. 这类文章一般分为两部分:一部分叙述

3. 本文的要点如下: ①难忘的好朋友是谁;

难忘;举例说明; ④对朋友/友情的看法。

4. 句型搜索: ★ We were on good terms with each other and often went to school or went home together. ★ ... is warm-hearted, energetic, intelligent and easy to get along with. ★ But one day a quarrel broke out between us for... ★ Having lost a close friend because of my actions, I felt very painful.

★ It’s very important to be honest with

your friends/respect your friends’ privacy. ★ Like a garden, friendship needs tending 呵护. ★ Stay in touch with your friends as often as you can. ★ Listening to each other’s problems is a

way to keep your friendships meaningful.

★ If

you are a true friend, you will

always make yourself available,
especially during their hardest, most

difficult times.
★ It pays us to treat our friends well — they’re worth more than wealth or property.

My Most Unforgettable Friend

Peter and I used to be the closest friends. We often stayed together, doing homework, chatting and playing football. Peter had a stutter(口吃). One day I spoke about him at break, which made him angry. He said I wasn’t his friend any more. I was also angry and thought there was no need for him to get that angry.

I didn’t apologize to him immediately. So we didn’t make up 弥补and our relationship broke up. Later, Peter moved to the South with his parents. I haven’t heard from him since then. Having lost my close friend, I felt very hurt.

Through this incident, I realize it’s wrong to play tricks on Peter’s stutter and I should apologize for my mistake. I hope Peter can have a good time from the bottom of my heart.

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