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Unit1 School life in the UK

Ⅱ.短语检测 1.某人打算做某事

Sb mean to do sth 某事意味着做某事 Sth mean doing sth 2.喜爱,喜欢 be fond of 3.回忆,回顾 look back (on) 4.培养某方面的兴趣 develop an inte

rest in… 5.捐赠某物给某人 donate sth.to sb. 6.利用 make use of 7.负责,掌管 Sb be in charge of sth 由…负责 Sth be in the charge of sb 8.告知某人某事 inform sb. of sth. 9.免费 for free 10.一点儿也不 not a bit 十分 not a little

Ⅱ.短语检测 第1讲 │ 基础梳理 11.同意某人做某事 approve of sb doing sth 12.为。。。准备 make preparations for 13.某人致力于做某事 Sb devote oneself/sth to

doing 14.一….就…. on/upon doing 15.随时告知某人某事 keep sb informed of sth 16.用A来交换B exchange A for B

have experience in doing sth /be experienced in doing sth 18.某人被要求做某事 Sb be required to do sth 某人要求 Sb require + sb( should )do sth (should )be done


§第 1 讲 │ 基础梳理 ? 19 某人过去经常做某事 ? sb ? 20某人习惯于做某事
? 21.平均


? ? ?

23.满意地 24.通知某人某事 25.英语说得流利

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

used to do sth sb be/get used to doing sth on average above/ below (the )average with satisfaction inform sb of / about sth speak fluent Enlish speak English fluently


1.---Why haven’t you bought any butter ?
---I ____to, but I forgot about it. A.liked B. wished C. meant D. expected

2. ---Are you feeling tired after the game? ---_______. In fact I feel quite relaxed. A.A little B. Not a little C. A bit D. Not a bit 3. The country life that he was used to _____ greatly since 1992. A.changed B. changing

C. has changed D. change

第1讲 │ 单词点睛

2.单项填空 What ________ our journey was! A.exciting experience B.an exciting experience C.excited experience D.an excited experience [解析] B 考查experience的用法。 experience作“经历”讲时,是可数名词, 作“经验”讲时,是不可数名词。根据句意 “我们的旅行是一次激动人心的经历”可知 B项正确。

第1讲 │ 单词点睛

2.单项填空 He made up his mind to devote his life to ________ pollution from ________ again. A.preventing; happening B.prevent; happen C.preventing; happens D.preventing; will happen [解析] A 句意:他决定花一生时间阻止污 染再次发生。devote…to doing sth.,to为介 词;prevent… (from) doing sth.阻止……做 某事,故选A。

第1讲 │ 单词点睛

—Thank you for keeping me ________ of everything that’s happening. —Don’t mention it. A.inform B.informed C.informing D.information
[解析] B inform sb. of sth.表示“告诉某人 某事”。作keep动宾结构的宾语补足语时, 动词与宾语之间如果是被动关系,则过去分 词作宾语补足语。

第1讲 │ 单词点睛

You’d better cut your hair short. Our school doesn’t ________ long hair. A.approve of students wearing B.approve students to wear C.approve students wearing D.approve of students to wear
[解析] A approve of同意,后接名词类短语, 这里是动名词复合宾语。approve作及物动词时, 意为“批准,同意”,不能直接接动名词。

第1讲 │ 短语储存

History is ________ a subject that lets us know something in history; it also tells us a lot of truth. A.not more than B.less than C.more than D.no more than
[解析] C more than不仅仅,由后面的also 知答案。

第1讲 │ 句型透视

2.单项填空 __________ hearing the news, they jumped with joy. A.In B.At C.With D.Upon [解析] D 句意:一听到消息,他们就高兴 得跳了起来。upon doing意为“一……就 ……”。

第1讲 │ 跟踪训练

1.Jack is a headmaster with much ________ in dealing with students with problems. A.experiment B.experience C.excitement D.encouragement

[解析] B 句意:杰克是一位在处理学生问 题方面很有经验的校长。experiment“实验”; experience“经验,经历”;excitement“兴 奋”;encouragement“鼓励”。

第1讲 │ 跟踪训练

6.— Would you like to ________ us in a game of cards? — I’d like to, but I have to ________ a lecture. A.join; attend B.attend; join C.take part in; attend D.join; join in [解析] A join sb. in sth.“使某人参加某项活 动”,是固定搭配。attend a lecture“听讲 座”。

第1讲 │ 跟踪训练

8.I’m lucky to have got two tickets ________ .Are you ________ to go to the concert with me? A.freely; free B.for free; freely C.freely; for free D.for free; free [解析] D for free免费地,be free to do…有 空做……。

定语从句 关系代词 who ,whom ,whose . which ,that
关系副词 when,where, why


that , which or who/whom/whose?

who / that 1.The man _________stands there is Tom. / that) met is Ms Li. 2.The girl (whom ____________I
whose 3.The boy ________watch was lost is Tom. 4.The book which/that _________lies on the desk is his. / that) 5.The pen(which ___________you bought is good.

6.The magazine whose ________cover is red is

that , which or who/whom?

1.He did all / everything _______he could to help me. that 2.This is the very thing _______ that I am after. 3.We talked about the men and the things _______ that we remembered at school. that 4.He is the only man _______ can do the work. 5.This is the first thing _______ I want to say. that 6.He is the finest man _______ I have ever worked that with. 7.Who is the man _______ that spoke to you at the gate. 8.Which is the star _______ is nearest to the earth. that

Fill in the blanks with “prep.+ which/whom”: to which 1. Are you interested in any songs ____ _____ you’ve listened. on which 2. Tomorrow is a particular day ____ _____ his daughter will get married. 3. This is the knife with ____ _____ which I usually cut bread. 4. We can’t live without the sun from ____ _____ whichwe get heat and light. 5. The subject ____ _____ Eric is interested is in which physics.

6. Do you know the girl with ____ _____ whom our head teacher is shaking hands? for which 7. I can’t find my dictionary ____ _____ I paid over $100 . 8. This is the good car ____ _____ I spent all on which my money. 9. She is the teacher ______ his to/for _______all whom students show respect . 10. The teacher ____ _____ you have been for which waiting is coming in a minute.

关系副词when,where,why 可用 preposition+which替换
? I still remember the day when ___________ / on which I met him for the first time. where / in which/ ? I missed the school _______________ at which I once studied. why / for which ? I don’t know the reason __________ he didn’t come.

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