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Language points终极版

1. Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me. enjoyable adj. 有乐趣的,令人愉快的 e.g. It is very enjoyable to talk to her. 跟她谈话真的很愉快。

experience : [U](不可数名词)经验

e.g. Experience comes from practice.
经验来源于实践。 : [C] (可数名词) 经历 e.g. He had many interesting experiences. 他有很多有趣的经历。

: vt (动词)体验, 经历 e.g. You will experience a dream of fantasy. 你将会经历一个梦幻之旅。

拓展: experienced adj. 有经验的 e.g. an experienced teacher 有经验的教师 be experienced in (doing ) sth · · · 有经验 e.g. He is experienced in teaching. 他对教学有经验。

1. My trip to Vietnam was an unforgettable ___________.
2. He is an ___________cook. 3. He didn’t get the job for lack of ________. 4. Our country has _________great changes in the last thirty years.

2. I was very happy with the school hours in Britain. 1) be happy with= be pleased with 对??满意。 e.g. I’m happy with this new school. 我对这所新学校很满意。 2) be happy to do sth 乐于做某事 e.g. I’m happy to help you. 我很乐意帮助你。

3. This means I could get up an hour later than usual,as schools in China begin before 8 a.m. 1) mean doing sth. 意味着做某事 e.g. Success means studying hard. 2) mean to do sth. 打算做某事 e.g. We mean to visit you tomorrow.

2) usual a.通常的,普通的,平常的。 e.g. Let’s meet again at the usual place. 咱们在老地方见吧。 1) than usual 比平常(用在比较级之后) e.g. He got up a little earlier than usual. 他比平常早起了些。 2) as usual 跟往常一样, 平常, 照常 e.g. As usual, he took a bath before


4. He also told us that the best way to earn respect was to devote ourselves to study and achieve high grades. earn v. 挣得,搏得 e.g. At last, he earned the students’ respect.

最后,他赢得了学生的尊敬。 earned his living 拓展:earn one ’s living 谋生 e.g. The man _______________by selling

respect: [U] 尊敬,尊重
have/show respect for sb. 尊敬某人 即学即用:我很尊敬他。 :[pl.] ( 复数名词) 敬意,问候 e.g. Give my respects to your parents. 请代我向你的父母问好。

devote oneself to 致力于, 献身于; 专心于 e.g. We should devote ourselves to study. 我们应该专心学习。 achieve high grades 得高分 即学即用 He devoted his whole life to ______(study) cancer.

5. This is about the average size for British schools. average :[adj.] (形容词) 平均的;平常的 e.g. What’s the average age of the girls in your class? 你们班女生平均年龄是多少? 拓展:on average 平均

e.g. On average we memorize 8 words a day.

6. We also had different students in some classes, so it was a struggle for me to remember all the faces and names.
1)It is +n./ adj. +(for/of sb.) to do sth.

e.g. It’s important for a high school student to learn English well. 对于高中生而言,学好英语是很重要的。
e.g. It’s kind of you to help me.

2) struggle for sth. 为· · · 而斗争 e.g. a country struggling for independence struggle against / with sb. / sth.与· · · 作斗争

e.g. He struggled against cancer for two years.

7. I found that the homework was not as

heavy as what I used to get in my old
school. used to do sth.过去常常做某事 e.g. We used to swim in this river. 过去我们经常在这条河中游泳。 be used to doing sth. 习惯做某事 e.g. I’m used to getting up early.

8. However, it was a bit challenging for me at first, because all the homework was in English. a bit和a little 二者都可以修饰形容词或 副词的原级或比较级。 e.g. It’s a bit/a little cold today. 今天有点冷。

not a bit= not at all,“一点也不”的意 思而not a little=very much “非常” He is not a bit surprised at the news. 他对此消息一点不吃惊。 He is not a little surprised at the news. 他对此消息非常吃惊。

拓展:challenging adj. 引发兴趣的,使人 思考的,激发干劲的 e.g. a challenging problem 发人深思的问题

9. …so I could e-mail my family and friends back home for free. free adj. 免费的;空闲的 e.g. a free dinner 免费的午餐 for free (= free of charge)免费的

free time 空闲时间
All the books were given away free. 所有


I’m lucky to have got two tickets _____. Are you _____ to go to the concert with me? ? freely; free B. for free; freely C. freely; for free D. for free; free 亲,你们会 了吗?

10. Cooking was really fun as I learned how to buy, prepare and cook food. fun n. [U]愉快;开心 adj. 有趣的,奇妙的 拓展:funny adj. 好笑的,滑稽的 for fun 寻找乐趣;当作玩笑;

make fun of 捉弄, 开玩笑

11. I was glad that all my classmates were fond of the cake that I made. fond adj. 喜爱的,喜欢的
常用结构:be fond of doing sth.喜爱,喜欢

e.g. We are fond of watching movies.

12. I missed Chinese food a lot at lunch. miss v. 错过;失去; 想念;思念 miss doing sth. 错过做某事

e.g. I’m sure that everybody will miss

very much.

13. I look back on my time in the UK with satisfaction, and I really hope to go back and study in Manchester again.
1)look back on 回顾,回忆 e.g. It is nice to look back on my school days in junior school. 回想我读初中的时光是一件愉快的事。

2)satisfaction: n. 满意 拓展: with satisfaction 满足地

to one’s satisfaction 令某人感到满意的 是 e.g. To my satisfaction, my students get along well with me.

1.令他满意的是,他在那家大公司找到了 一份工作。 To his satisfaction,he found a job in the ——————— big company. 2. 比赛结束后,教练满意地看着我们笑 了。 After the match, the coach looked at us and smiled_________________. with satisfaction

对· · · 满意 1.be happy with______________ attend an assembly 2.参加集会____________ devote oneself to 3.投身于,献身于_____________ 赢得尊重 4.earn respect_____________ achieve high grades 5.得高分_____________ 6.on average _____________ 平均

school hours 7、作息时间______________ used to do sth. 8、过去常常做某事______________ be used to doing sth. 9、习惯做某事______________ be used to do sth. 10、被用来做某事______________ 11、稍微、有点______________ a bit/ little

12、意味着做某事______________ mean doing sth.
13、打算做某事______________ mean to do sth.

14.免费______________ for free 15.喜欢_____________ be fond of 16.e-mail to sb. ______________ 给某人发邮件 17.停止做某事______________ stop doing sth. stop to do sth. 18.停下来去做某事______________ 回顾 19. look back on ______________ 20.令某人满意的是___________ to one’s satisfaction 21.错过做某事错过___________ miss doing sth.

1.In our town, wood can ______ a fire. A.be used to make B. be used to making C. use to make D. used to making 2. He is a man of _______ and he had a lot of interesting _______ in his life. A.much experience, experiences B. many experiences, experience C. much experience, experience D. many experiences, experiences

3. There’s about 400mm rain fall in this area a year _____ A.on average B. in average C. of average D. for average 4. He missed _______ when he was in Africa. A.killing B. to be killed D. being killed 5. Tom is a ____boy and there are many stories of a lot of _____. A. fun; funny B. fun; fun C. funny; fun

6. Listening to loud music at rock concerts _____ caused hearing loss in some teenagers.(2010 湖南,33) A.is B. are C. has D. have 7. The kind lady devoted all her life to ___ those homeless children. A.help B. helping C. be helping D. being helped

Transform the words.
able ----ability (n.)

achieve ----- achievement (n.)
encourage ----- encouragement (n.) improvement --- improve (v.)

challenge ----- challenging (adj.)

affect --------

effect choice


choose ---------develop ---------


development (n.) (v.) (adj.) natural

preparation ------- prepare nature --------

1.Read the text again and again.
2. Review all the language points we’ve learned.

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