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阅读理解综合训练(一) 注意事项: 1. 本练限时在45分钟内完成为最佳。 2. 答题前,考生务必将学校、班级、姓名写在密封线内。 (1) When movie star Scarlett Johansson was photographed in Los Angeles recently, she attracted a lot of attention , for the 2

7-year-old actress was wearing Vibram FiveFingers, so called because they look more like gloves than shoes, with a space for each toe. Strange though they may look, these so-called barefoot shoes, which reproduce the effect of barefoot running but with less pain , are just one brand in a range of minimalist footwear. These super-thin sports shoes are causing a stir in the world of running and fitness. Why ? Because some experts believe they could make you a better, more efficient runner and that traditional trainers could be doing you more harm than good. “Wearing shoes t hat have lots of cushions and support affects the way your body naturally moves and studies suggest that this carries a higher risk of injury, ” explains Matt Wallden, an athlete performance expert. “But with barefoot shoes, the feet can actually feel the firmness and shape of the ground, which allows your body to respond effectively.” But before you rush out to invest in minimalist footwear , be careful.

These kinds of shoes are not meant for everyone , or at least not straightaway. “Ordinary sports shoes wit h support are good for beginners whose bodies are not used to the impact of running, ” explains Patrick Davoren, former Olympic athlete. “If you are not in good condition, then running in minimalist footwear may cause injuries and will turn a lot of people off exercise and running.” If you are currently injured, and figures show that in any given year 65% of all runners are, it can be tempting to try anything that promises to get you back on the road, trail, or beach. But barefoot running is not a method of treating injury nor is it a magical way of suddenly turning you into a great athlete. Even if you’re used to running, when you start using minimalist shoes you should build up your distance gradually. Start off by doing just 10% of what you’d normally run and increase the distance by no more than 10% every week. And a word of warning- you may never have soft feet again. ( )1. The Vibram FiveFingers are shoes .

A. specifically designed for women B. that have lots of cushions inside C. safest for people who enjoy sports D. that are much thinner than normal sports shoes ( )2. The underlined word “they” in Paragraph 2 refers to C. shoes D. runners . .

A. experts B. feet (

)3. According to Matt Wallden, the new shoes

A. make feet more sensitive to the running surface B. will produce immediate improvements

C. force your body to move less naturally D. increase the chances of getting hurt ( )4. The author suggests that new users of Vibram FiveFingers .


A. run in the shoes every day at top speed B. begin with a shorter running distance than normal C. occasionally run barefoot to harden their feet D. make sure they are already very fit before using them ( )5. Where would you probably read this article?

A. In a travel book. B. On a movie website. C. In a sports magazine. D. In a science journal. (2) How do you answer your students’ questions outside school hours? If you and your students have access to the Internet, virtual(虚拟的) office hours may be a choice for you. What are Virtual Office Hours? Students have to take buses home or have other things outside their full-time school day. In order to answer their questions, you have to get a little creative. This is where virtual office hours come in. During that time, they can contact you virtually and expect a quick response. Email Email is one of the most obvious ways to allow your students to contact you, and it has many benefits. First, there is a written record of your contact with your students, which is very helpful if there is ever a question. Second ,

you are able to respond whenever you can, which means you don’t have to sit in front of your computer waiting for emails. However, email is sometimes slower than some other forms of communication. Chat Chat programs are wonderful, and they provide all the same benefits as email in keeping a written record of conversations. If your students have Gmail or Live. com accounts, all you need is an account on the same server as theirs and they can add you to their chat contacts , which allows them to see when you are online and chat with you. There are also several chat programs that allow you to use many accounts all at once, such as Nimbuzz or IM+. Google Voice If your students do not have access to the Internet , it may be worth looking into having a Google Voice account. Google Voice gives you a phone number that is not your true number. Therefore , when you give it to students, they are not calling your personal phone. Students can text it or call it , and you can get messages either at your computer or your cellphone. This is a great way to help students when they need it. ( )1. Who may the passage most probably interest? B. Teachers. C. Students. D. Schools. .

A. Parents. (

)2. Virtual office hours can be used in order to

A. help students with their studies

B. communicate with students well D. create a new teaching

C. learn students’ activities after school style ( )3. Though it has many benefits, email


A. fails to give you a quick response B. keeps you sit still before computers C. slows your thinking about the question D. confuses you sometimes during the contact ( )4. When it comes to chat programs, you .

A. can have an oral conversation B. should have an account on the same server C. don’t need to have access to the Internet D. only use one account once on Nimbuzz ( to A. email )5. For those who have no access to the Internet, they can turn . B. chat programs C. Live. com (3) Zack was an ordinary boy, just like any other average boy. He studied in school, took part in sports, and had his own friends and problems, like everybody else. One day, a friend recommended him to use Facebook. Though Zack was more of an outdoor person and did not really like sitting inside too long , he decided to give it a try. To his great surprise, he loved it and finally understood the wonders of using the Internet. Soon he started to spend more and more time on his computer and no longer played basketball or any other sport. His parents were not so concerned. They thought it was very common for boys of his age to take such an interest in Internet. But his studies were starting to get affected. Finally , the report D. Google Voice

cards came in and to his parents ’ and friends’ shock, Zack had failed in every single subject. His parents were called for an urgent meeting about Zack ’s studies. After some questioning, it was clear that Facebook was completely destroying Zack ’s mind. Both his parents were requested to have a serious discussion with Zack. Zack’s parents gave him a long lecture about the disadvantages of the Internet but their words entered through one ear and escaped right through the other one. Zack continued to ignore everyone ’s advice, using the Internet whenever the opportunity came to him. His English teacher was more than astonished to see that Zack had started to use “u, r, lolz , coz” etc. in his essays and stories. She informed this to his parents immediately. His parents finally took serious action, selling his computer as soon as they could and took Zack to a psychiatrist(精神病学家). Sadly, the psychiatrist told them that it was now too late to do anything about it. The best they could do was to hope for the best. ( )1. Before using Facebook, Zack .

A. behaved differently from ordinary boys B. hated sitting inside too long C. seldom went out for activities D. helped friends with their problems ( )2. To the changes happening on Zack, his parents B. felt concerned D. knew nothing .

A. did nothing

C. became interested (

)3. What were Zack’s parents requested to do after being called to the

school? A. Questioning Zack what’s happening. B. Not allowing Zack to use Facebook. C. Discussing seriously with Zack. D. Telling Zack the harm of the Internet. ( )4. Zack’s parents didn’t take serious action to Zack until .

A. Zack continued to use the Internet B. they were informed of Zack’s essays C. they were called for a meeting again D. Zack was found to suffer something wrong ( )5. According to the last part of the passage , we can learn that .

A. it’s of little possibility that Zack’s mind can return to normal B. the parents were in complete shock C. the psychiatrist lacked medical skills D. Zack was taken for example to warn others (4) It’s interesting to see how people make use of the time they spend on public transport in Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. In crowded buses and trains people manage to take a short nap and some even reach the snoring stage. Or they spread out a newspaper over multiple knees and arms to read about the latest sport results or political crisis. Then there are the experienced travellers who have been playing cards with the same group over the last decade or so. They even have their specific seats so well-worn that you can make out the shape of their backsides. There is no doubt about it. Travelling by public transport is being in the thick of the seasons of life-a sweaty life in summer where people , blissfully unaware of the

rivers of sweat running down their brows and inside their clothes. At the first smell of a perfumed man or woman boarding the stuffy bus or train , most people feel they are reborn. During the rains you can’t avoid getting wet or muddied. The windows, almost always, are not a perfect fit and if you ’re not drenched by a sudden, heavy rain shower then you are bound to catch a jet spray of muddy water caused by a fellow motorist driving fast through a puddle. The rains are a perfect time for people to switch their old umbrellas for new ones. Since there are so many that look alike , it’s impossible to tell whose is whose. Winter is the time when it feels good-or at least warm- to be part of a crowd. It is amazing how much the collective breaths of a hundred or so people can raise the freezing temperature inside. Looking at the masses dressed in their bright red pullovers or green coats, it’s fun to imagine what faces lie beneath their dark woolen hats. The cold winter passes, making way for spring. It is impossible not to see every little flower by the wayside blooming proudly. And the warm sun manages to transmit some of their pleasantness to the inside of a bus or train. Now, wouldn’t it be perfect if we had public transport worth the name in all our cities? ( )1. On Indian public transport, you can always expect to see .


A. sleeping and reading newspapers B. arguing and playing games C. enjoying the view and playing cards

D. carrying umbrellas and whispering politely ( )2. According to the author what will make passengers feel refreshed

when travelling in summer? A. The cool evening breeze. B. The rain pouring over their clothes. C. The joy of a game of cards. D. The sweet fragrance of a new passenger. ( )3. If you see people in colorful clothing and breathing heavily , you .

are probably travelling during the

A. summer B. rainy seasons C. winter D. spring ( )4. We can infer from the passage that .

A. Indian people don’t mind switching umbrellas with others B. almost everyone in India wears perfume when they go out C. the buses and trains are old and in poor conditions D. Indian transport is the most crowded in the world ( )5. What is the tune of language used in this passage ? B. Critical. C. Frightening. D. Concerned.

A. Humorous.

阅读理解综合训练(一) (1) 该文主要介绍了一种超薄赤脚运动鞋,它在运动界引起了轰动。 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. C (2) 教师们怎样才能在课外时间也为他们的学生答疑解惑呢?在互联网上开办虚拟 课堂也许是个不错的选择。 1. B 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. D (3) Zack原本是一个普通的男孩,他喜欢户外运动,不太坐在家里。但是,自从他上了 脸谱网后,他开始沉迷网络,无法自拔,学业一落千丈。他的父母在意识到严重性后对 他采取了强制措施,但为时已晚。 1. B 2. A 3. C

4. B 5. A (4) 普通的画面,平常的生活,变化的季节,永恒的旋律,印度的公共交通工具上每天都 演绎着平凡人平淡的故事。 1. A 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. A

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