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Stuck on You《贴身兄弟》资料

Lesson 4: Stuck on You《贴身兄弟》

Stuck on You


Farrelly Brothers:法雷利兄弟(Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly)
Matt Damon(马特· 达蒙)as Bob Tenor (鲍伯) Greg Kinnear(格雷格· 金内尔)as Walt Tenor (华特)


Eva Mendes(伊娃· 门德斯)as April Mercedes Wen Yann Shih as May Fong Pat Crawford Brown as Mimmy

上映日期:Release 片长:Running


December 12, 2003 (US) 118 minutes United States



1. Brief Introduction of

Stuck on You

Stuck On You is a 2003 comedy film directed by the Farrelly brothers and starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins, whose conflicting aspirations provide both conflict and humorous situations, in particular when one of them wishes to move to Hollywood, California to pursue a career as an actor. 3. Plot 中文剧情参考:
这是发生在一对连体双胞胎身上的喜剧,他们的名字叫鲍伯(马特· 戴蒙 饰)和华特(格雷 格· 金尼尔 饰), 两兄弟打从母亲肚子里生下来那一刻起,就连成一块形影不离。这也是没 办法的事,谁让他们两人手臂处 有 9 寸相连,想分开也不可能呢? 令人想不到的是,长大后的鲍伯和华特,不仅没有因为天生 "残疾"而受到歧视,相反,因为他们是连 体双生儿的缘故还取得了许多超出一般人的成绩。 在精彩的喝彩声中,鲍伯和华特快乐的度过了他们的中学时光,那是他们最幸福的日子,他们 结下了 浓厚的兄弟情谊。不幸的是,高中毕业后不久,华特想到好莱坞打天下,实现自己做演 员的梦想。但鲍伯 却不愿意远行,在华特的努力说服之下,他终于心不甘情不愿的上路了………


Conjoined twins Bob (Matt Damon) and Walt (Greg Kinnear) Tenor try to live as normally as possible. Outgoing and sociable Walt aspires to be a Hollywood actor, however, whereas shy, introverted Bob prefers the quiet life. They run a restaurant on Martha's Vineyard, where they let mentally handicapped Rocket (Ray Valliere) work as a waiter. Later, when a couple of customers insult him, they are thrown out. Walt gets a role in a local theater's play. Bob stays as much as possible in the background, as he has a tendency to get stage fright. Following the play's success, Walt decides to follow his dream to Hollywood and persuades his hesitant brother to go along for the ride. They rent an apartment in California and become friends with April Mercedes (Eva Mendes), who doesn't seem to care about their deformity. After getting rejected professionally numerous times, eccentric agent Morty O'Reilly (Seymour Cassel) gets them their first gig, but it turns out to be a porn flick. Cher (played as herself) is upset that she has ended up starring in a prime-time TV show called "Honey and the Beaze" She wants out of the deal, so she decides to hire Walt as her co-star (since her contract states she can choose anyone she wants), certain the show will get cancelled. The producers do what they can to keep Bob out of the picture. The show is a surprise hit and Walt becomes famous. Walt decides to hook Bob up with a girl that he met online named May Fong (Wen Yann Shih). She is unaware that Bob has a conjoined twin. Their relationship progresses as Walt tries to stay hidden at all times, like being disguised as a giant

teddy bear. May makes a surprise visit and finds out the truth about them. She then leaves in a shock. Morty informs them that word has spread about Walt and Bob being conjoined. They both become huge celebrities, making commercials and being guests on the Tonight Show. While Walt enjoys this success, he knows that Bob is unhappy because he misses May. He decides that they should get surgically separated. (They had doubts about this because they share a liver that is mostly Bob's, so if they did proceed, Walt would probably die.) Bob refuses to have the operation. Walt tries to convince Bob when he decides to get drunk and make a fool of himself, ending up in jail for accidentally snatching a lady's purse and drunk driving. (Bob was driving, although he wasn't drunk.) After they are released, they have a fight and Bob decides to go along with the operation. On their last night as conjoined twins, May shows up and apologizes to Bob for running out the way she did. Bob informs her that they're getting separated. At the hospital, May and April wait patiently; the surgery is successful. After the operation, things go downhill for both men. Bob moves back to Martha's Vineyard to live with May, but finds it difficult not to have someone literally connected to him. His problems include keeping balance, trying to run the restaurant on his own, and hockey shots he can't block. (He and his brother were both goalies, so not a single goal got past them.) Walt stays in Hollywood, where he struggles with not being able to function on his own at acting. The ratings of "Honey and the Beaze" fall and the show is cancelled. He often finds companionship in sitting next to a bronze statue. He and Cher both have a talk about what's best for him, so Walt decides to go back to Martha's Vineyard to be with Bob. One year later, Walt and Bob are back running the restaurant and being joined together (thanks to Velcro). Bob and May have married and are expecting a child. Walt is still with April, and there's even better news—he is starring in a play with Meryl Streep.

4. Vocabulary

4. Exercises

1)Summary of the plot and then translate it into Chinese. 要求:summary 应 不少于 300 个单词。 2)写一篇 观后感“a movie review”(250 词) 3)Please retell the story of the film to your partner to see if you can make good use of the words and phrases you learned from the film . 4) Topics for Oral English Practice:
1. 你会认为《贴身兄弟》是一部拿残疾人取乐的片子吗?

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