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2013 高考英语考点语法单选超级归纳 十一、状语从句 种 类 从属连词 例 句 说 明

When whenever

When I came into the room, he was when 指的是 “某一具体的时 writing a letter.当我进屋时,他正在写 间” 信。 whenever 指的是 “在任何时 We shall go there whenever we are free. 间” 我们什么时间有空,我们就去那里。 I was walking along the street when when 意为“这时”或“在那 suddenly someone patted me on the 个时候” ,可以看作是并列句, shoulder from behind. 我正 在 街 上 走 这种用法的 when 分句一般 着,这时忽然有人从后面拍我的肩膀。 位于句末。 While it was raining, they went out.天下 while 指 “在某一段时间里” , 雨的时候,他们出去了。 “在?期间” ,while 引导的 I stayed while he was away.他不在的时 动作必须是持续性的 候我在。 He hurried home, looking behind as he as 引导持续性动作,强调主 went. 句和从句的动作同时发生 他赶快回家,不时地一边走一边向后 看。 Be a pupil before you become a teacher. 先做学生,再做先生。 He arrived after the game started.比赛 开始后,他到了。 We waited till (until)he came back .我们 如主句动词是持续性动作, 一直等到他回来。 常用肯定式,表示“直到? 为止” She didn’t stop working until eleven 如主句动词是瞬间动词,常 o’clock .她到 11 点钟才停止工作。 用否定式,表示“直?才” Until he had passed out of sight, she “在?以前不”,从句放在句 stood there. 首表示强调,一般用 until 她站在那里看着,直到看不见他的身 影。 Great changes have taken place in China 状语从句在主句之前时一般 since 1978. 用逗号与主句分开,如从句 自从 1978 年以来中国发生了巨大的变 在主句之后则不必用标点符 化。 号。 As soon as I arrive in Shanghai, I’ll write to you.我一到上海就给你写信。



as 时 间 状 从

before after



since as soon as

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I had hardly got home when it began to hardly ? when 和 no rain. sooner?than 的意义相当于 hardly?when no sooner?than 我刚一到家,就下雨了。=Hardly had I as soon as,但只表示过去发 got home when it began to rain. 生的事情,主句为过去完成 No sooner had we got to the station 时, 从句为过去时, 如 hardly than the train left. 或 no sooner 位于句首时语 我们刚到车站,火车就走了。 气强,而且主句的谓语要用 Hardly had we begun when we were 部分倒装 told to stop.我们刚开始就被叫停。 Every time I travelled by boat, I got 在时间状语从句中,不能用 seasick.我每次乘船都晕船。 将来时或过去将来时,而要 The moment I heard the song, I felt 用现在时或过去时代替将来 every time, by the cheerful. 时 time, the moment 等 我一听到这首歌,就感到很愉快。 Next time you come ,you’ll see him.下 次你来的时候,就会见到他。 Where there is a will, there is a way.有 where 与 wherever 意义基本 志者,事竟成。 相同,但后者语气较强,多 Where there is water there is life.哪里 用于书面语 有水,哪里就有生命。 You are free to go wherever you like.你 可以随意到你喜欢的任何地方去。 Wherever you go, you must obey the law.无论你去哪都要遵守法律。 I came back late yesterday because I because 用来回答 why 的问 was on duty.昨天我回来晚了,因为我 题,语气最强 值班。 Since everyone is here, let’s begin our since 表示既然或全已知的 meeting.既然大家都到了, 我们开始开 理由,稍加分析即可表明的原 会。 因,多放句首 As he didn’t know much English, he 从句常放在句首, 说明原因, looked up the word in the dictionary . 主句说明结果,常用于口语 由于他英语懂得不多,他在字典中查 中。 阅这个单词。 Now (that) the weather has cleared up, seeing (that), now that 和 we can start our journey. since, as 意义相似,他们都 鉴于天气已经晴朗,我们可以启程了。 有 “鉴于某个事实” 的意思, Seeing (that) he was badly ill, we sent that 可以省去 for the doctor. 鉴于他病情严重,我们派人去请医生 去了。 I shall write down your telephone 目的状语从句中常用情态动 number that I may not forget. so that 词 may (might) can 我要把你的电话号码记下来,以免忘 (could) ,should 等放在动词
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地 点 状 从

where wherever



原 因 状 从


now that, seeing that

目 的 状


从 in order that

记。 judge for yourself. lest = for fear that 我把真实情况告诉你,使你能自己作 出判断。 They worked harder than usual in order that they could finish the work ahead of time .他们比往常更加努力工作,为了 能提前完成工作。 Put on more clothes lest (= for fear that ) you should catch cold. 多穿点衣服,以免感冒。

之前,从句往往放在主句之 点符号

We’ll tell you the truth so that you can 后,主从句之间不用任何标

so that so?that 结 果 状 从 such?that

条 件 状 从

if unless as/so long as in case so far as

We turned up the radio, so that so that 前有逗号为结果状语 everyone heard the news. 从句 我们把收音机的音量放大,大家都听 so?that 的 so 后面跟形容词 到了新闻。 或副词 He was so excited that he couldn’t say a word. 他十分激动,以致一句话都说不出来。 He gave such important reasons that he such?that 的 such 后面跟名 was excused. 词,如果名词是单数就要用 他说出了这么重要的理由,得到大家 such a /an?that 还可以转换 的谅解。 用 so?that,语气较强 It is such an interesting novel that all of us want to read it. It is so interesting a novel that all of us want to read it. 这是一本十分有趣的书,大家都想看。 Difficulties are nothing if we are not unless 从句的谓语只能用肯 afraid of them. 定式。 unless 和 if?not 同义, 如果我们不怕困难,困难就算不了什 unless 是书面语,if?not 是 么了。 口语,通常二者可以换用 We shall go there tomorrow unless it 条件状语从句中的谓语动词 rains.除非下雨,我们明天就去那里。 的时态一般要用现在时或过 = We shall go there tomorrow if it 去时代替一般将来时或过去 doesn’t rain. 将来时 So/As long as you work hard, you will succeed. 只要你努力工作,你就一定能成功。 In case I forget, please remind me about it .万一我忘了,请提醒我一下。 So far as I know, the book will be published next month. 据我所知,那本书下月出版。
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as as if? as though 方 式 状 从

Draw a cat as I taught you .按照我教你 此处 as 译为:按照或正如 的画一只猫。 as if 或 as though 的意义和用 Do as you are told.按照人家告诉你做 法基本一样。从句中可以用 的去做。 现在时表示可能符合事实, She looks as if she is ill.看上去她好象是 也可以用虚拟语气 生病了。 He acted as if (though) nothing had happened.他的行动就好象什么也没有 发生。 They treat the black boy as if (though) he were an animal. 他 们 对 待这 黑 孩子 仿 佛他 是 一 头牲 口。

让 步 状 从

Although (Though) he was over sixty, 在句子中一般用了“虽然” (yet) he began to learn French. 就不能再用“但是” (but) 虽然他六十多岁了,但仍开始学习法 但可以与 yet 或 still 连用。 although 语 。 though / although 意义相同, though We were not tired though (although) we 用法基本一样,前者通俗, had worked all day. 口语化,后者正式多放主句 虽然我们干了一天活,但并不累。 的前面 I’ll go even if (though) it rains tomorrow. even if 和 even though 的意 即使明天下雨,我也要去。 思为“即使” “纵使”有退一 even if,even though 步设想的意味,多用于书面 语中 Child as he is , he knows a lot .虽然他是 as 引出的状语从句多用于书 一个孩子,但他懂得很多。 面语,它比用 Cold as it is, (= Though it is cold,)the though 或 although 引导的从 as children play outdoors. 句,语气强,更有表现力, 虽然天气冷,但孩子们仍在户外玩。 从句常放在句首,语序部分 倒装。 Do it no matter what others say.不管别 no matter ??与 who-ever 人怎么说,尽管干。 引导的让步状语从句意义基 No matter how busy he was, he studied 本一 样, no matter??引导 no matter (who, English every day. 的从句可是以位于主句前或 what when, where 不管他多忙,他都每天坚持学习英语。 主句后 which, how?) No matter who takes up the matter for me ,I shall be very grateful. 不管谁为我处理这件事,我都将非常 感激。 Whatever happens / may happen , we wh+ever (whatever shall not lose heart. whoever ,whenever 无论发生什么,我们都不要失去信心。 whichever ,however) Whoever comes, he will be welcome.无 论谁来,都会受到欢迎。

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as?as , not so/as?as the same?as such?as

Mary is as old as my sister.玛利和我姐 连词表示同程度级的比较, 姐一样大。 肯定句用 as?as 否定句可用 He doesn’t run so (as) fast as Jack not as?as 或 not so?as (does).他不如杰克跑得那样快。 His book is the same as mine.他的书和 我的一样。 Henry is not such a good worker as Peter .享利这个工人不如彼得那样好。 She has made greater progress this year than she did last year. 她今年比去年进步更大。 He bought fewer books than I (did).他买 的书比我买的少。 The more you read, the better you the more?the more 意思为 understand.你看的书越多, 你懂得的就 越?越?,通常的语序为从 越多。 句在前主句在后, 这两个 the The more tickets you sell, the more 都是表示程度的副词,用在 money you will get. 比较级的形容词或副词前面 你卖的票越多,你的收入也越多。 The harder you work, the greater progress you will make. 你工作越努力,你取得的进步就越大。 The sooner, the better.越快越好。The warmer, the better.越暖和越好。

比 较 状 从


the more …the more…

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