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Unit 20学案

Unit 20 New Frontiers Warm-up&Lesson 1 Futurology 学案
Period 1
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1. 帮助,协助 vt. 2. 技术上的 adj. 3. 未来学 n. 4. 方便使用的 adj 5. 无污迹的 adj. 6. 磨损的 adj

. 7. 挨饿 v. 8. 平等 n. 9. 评估;评价 vt. 10. 带电的的 adj. 11. 数字式的 adj. 12. 专家 n. 13. 参加 vi 14. 代数 15. radiation 16. 下载

(When meeting with difficulties, you should learn to consult your dictionary.)

Word Bank
帮助 n. 技术地 adv. 未来学家 n (比较级) 污迹 n. 穿,戴 v. 挨饿 n. 使相等 v. 评估;评价 n. 与电有关的 adj. 数字式 adv. 专门的 adj. 参加 n. 几何 radioactive 更新 助手 adj. 技术 n. 技术员 n.

(过去式) 平等的 adj. 电子的 adj.

(过去分词) 平等地 adv.

专门;特别地 adv 参加者 n. 细菌 radium database click


Phrase Bank
1. 众多的;大量的 2. 变成现实 3. 调查 4. 对…有疑问 5. 十年后 6. 成百上千的 7. 死于饥饿 8. 靠福利生活 9. 和平;宁静 10. 使某人有可能做某事 11. 实施;执行 12. 适合于 13. 坐在前排 14. 在进行中 【课文理解】 (Reading can enrich our mind. Read more and you’ll gain more.) 【Fast Reading】Read the article and choose the best title. A. From the Past to the Future B. The Future Business C. Tomorrow's World D. A Perfect Future? 【Careful Reading】 1. (Para 1) Which kind of people are called futurologists? A. People who like to read fantasy stories and imagine what the world will be like in the future. B. People who write science fiction novels about the future themselves.

C. People who predicted things that finally came true. D. People who think about the future for a living. 2. (Para 2) What is the second paragraph mainly about? A. The future of the seminar B. The content of the futurologists C. The predictions of the futurologists D. The details of the seminar to be held at N U. 3. (Para 3--8) How many predictions did the writer find? Read the text and complete the table. When? In the next few years By the year 2015 By the year 2025 What are the predictions? 1. Computers will become1___________. 2. Use our voice to 2________________ to computers. 3. Download any file or 3_____________ by saying words. Produce new type of clothes that 4____________ whatever you spill on them. 1. No one will die of starvation because there is food for everyone. 2. No one will 5_______________ as everyone will have jobs. 3. People will live together 6____________ . 4. There will be no 7___________________or conflict. 1. We may live for at least 150 years with the development of biochemistry and medical science. 2. Tiny robots will 8__________ our health and carry out repairs. 1. Computers are 9____________________ smarter than us. 2. Our brains are linked to computers and database. 1. Discover other places in our solar system 10_________________. 2. Discover ways to go further into space.

By the year 2030

By the middle of the century By the end of the century

4. (Para 9) My plan for the coming seminar 【Group discussion】 What will your life be like in ten years from now on? (houses, clothes, food, transportation, communication...) 【巩固练习】 Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given. handy, stain, update, starvation, assess, carry out, link, welfare 1. I would advise you to _______ the software. 2. It is difficult to _______the importance of the plan. 3. This _______can not be removed by washing powder. 4. The wire is ________to the television. 5. The explorers __________to death in the desert. 6. All things considered, this is a ________ reference book for us.


Period II
(Learn to analyze and summarize on your own.)

I. mass (P19)
【例句展示】 1. A cloud is a mass of vapour in the sky. 2. There is a mass of people in the cafeteria today. 3. The Russian traveler was equipped with masses of electronic devices. 4. The mayor had masses of work to do everyday. 5. His action aroused strong feelings among the masses. 【用法总结】

【即时训练】 1. There __________(be) a mass of boys in the yard. 2. There ___________(be) masses of ice in the river. 3. There is ________________(很多孩子) in the yard. 4. There are ________________(很多花儿) in the hall.

II. assist
【原句回放】 new international crew are planning to take over from the existing one and assist with The repairs on Alpha...(P19) 【例句展示】 1. He always assists me with my housework. 2. You will be required to assist Mrs Smith in preparing a report. 3. We will assist you to find somewhere to live. 【用法总结】

【即时训练】 1. I am willing to ____________ whenever there is an opportunity. 有机会的话我随时愿意帮忙你。 2. Two men _____________________________ in their inquiries. 有两个人正在配合警方的询问。 3. Despite his cries no one ________________________. 尽管他大声喊叫, 却没有人来帮助他。

III. wonder
【原句回放】 Over the centuries, people have always wondered about the future. (P20) 【例句展示】 1. We wondered at the speed with which it arrived. 2. I was just wondering about that myself. 3. I wonder whether they will arrive on time.

4. I was wondering if I could have a talk with you. 5. It is no wonder that she's ill. She eats next to nothing. 【用法总结】

【即时训练】 单句改错 1. I wonder at the fact he survived in the accident. 2. There is no wonder that you can't sleep when you eat so much. 3. I wonder that if you'd mind waiting a few minutes.

IV. latter
【原句回放】 In the 18th and 19th centuries, especially the latter, the most common theme in science fiction novels was the future. (P20) 【例句展示】 1. Here are Tom and David; the latter is my brother. 2. Did he go walking or swimming? The latter seems unlikely. 3. Of the two the latter is far better than the former. 【用法总结】 later--latest--lately 时间上 late latter--last 顺序上 late adj. adv. 迟的;已故的 later latest latter last lately adv. 以后,后来 adj. 最迟的,最新的 adj. 后者的 n. 后者 adj. 最后;最不可能的;上次的

be late for, come late later on, two days later, sooner or later at the latest the former...the latter last week; at last He’s the last man I want to see.

adv. 最近(多与现在完成时连用) =recently

【即时训练】 用上述单词填空 1. Of the two, the is far better than the former. 2. I haven't heard any news from my son . 3. Do you ever take the subway alone at night? 4. In the years of his life he lived alone and never welcomed visitors. 5. He found the charity in memory of his wife. 6. Mary tried to pick a quarrel with her husband, but the just ignored her. 7. I am sorry-she's out. Can you ring again ? 8. I shall be back at11:30 at the . 9. Not until a few months did he know the story. 10. I’m sure Mick is the man to break his word.

IV. make it possible for sb to do sth.
【原句回放】 By the year 2030, development in biochemistry and medical science will have made it

theoretically possible for us to live for at lease 150 years. (P20) 【例句展示】 1. The sun heats the earth, which makes it possible for plants to grow. 2. I feel it my duty to help those students who fall behind. 【用法总结】

[即时训练] 1. (翻译)手机使得我们有可能在任何地方同任何人通话。 2.(改错)Don't you consider this wrong to cheat in examinations? 3.(改错)We all think necessary to know something about first aid.


(Practice makes perfect. The more your practice, the greater progress you’ll make.)

一、佳句必背 1. Over the centuries, people have always wondered about the future. 2. This weekend, hundreds of futurologists are meeting at Newcastle University. 3. In the next few years computers will become handier. 4. By the end of the century, we will have discovered other places suitable for living. 5. At 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, I will be sitting in the front row and listening to Professor Willard. 二、单项填空 1. The young dancers looked so charming that the audience took _______ pictures of them. A. many of B. masses of C. the number of D. a large amount of 2. —I have two suggestions: one is to go to the cinema, and the other is to have a drink. —Well, personally I prefer the_______one. I don't like films very much. A. late B. latter C. latest D. last 3. We set out to paint the house at ______dawn but finished only the front part till ______dark. A. the; / B. /; / C. /; the D. the; the 4 Virtue and crime are before you; leads you to happiness, to misery. A. the former; latter B. a former…a latter C. the former; the latter D. former; latter 5. ______ every day, our web provides readers with latest news. A. To update B. Update C. Updating D. Updated 6. Do you know the brave people ______ the police ______ looking into the murder case? A. assisting; in B. to assist; with C. assisting; with D. to assist; in 7. The two girls are so alike that strangers find _____ difficult to tell one from the other. A. it B. them C. her D. that 8.The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see ______ the next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out 9. It was a pity that the great writer died________ his works unfinished. A. for B. with C. from D. of

10. No matter where he is, he makes _____a rule to go for a walk before breakfast. A. him B. this C. that D. it 11. _______David says sounds right to Helen.That’s why she has made up her mind to leave with him ______ happens. A. Whatever; no matter what B. No matter what; whatever C. No matter what; no matter what D. Whatever; however 12. As is often pointed out, knowledge is a two-edged weapon which can be used _____ for good or evil. A. similarly B. widely C. equally D. Properly 13. The old man sat in the armchair, _____ a match and lighted a cigarette. A. won B. knocked C. beat D. struck 14. -- Excuse me, sir. Would you do me a favor? -- Of course. What is it? -- I ____ if you could tell me how to fill out this form. (上海 2002) A. had wondered B. was wondering C. would wonder D. did wonder 15. ________what would happen, none of them could find a way out. A. Left wondering B. Having left wondering C. Leaving to wonder D. Left to wonder 1-5 BBBCD 6-10 AACBD 11-15 ACABA

Period 3 I. will have done
【例句展示】 1. By the end of the century, we will have discovered other places in our solar system... 2. When you come back, I will have been here for half an hour. 3. By Christmas this year they will have sold over five million greetings cards. 4. You can leave the exam room only after you have answered all the questions. 【语法总结】

【即时训练】动词时态语态填空 1. By the end of next year I __________________(live) here for ten years. 2. I guess you __________________(finish) your homework when I come to see you. 3. When you return here, the new building __________________(finish). 4. Don’t get off the bus until it __________________(stop). ▲Finish Ex8 P21

II. will be doing
【例句展示】 1. At 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, I will be sitting in the front row and listening. 2. This time on Saturday I will be putting up my tent by the lake. 3. Don’t disturb her. Tricia will be writing her article tonight.

【语法总结】 。 【即时训练】动词时态语态填空 1. I __________________(take) a shower at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. 2. Catharine __________________(take) a part-time job in the next summer vocation. ▲Finish Ex 9 P21

III. will do/be about to do/be to do/be doing
【例句展示】 1. Look at the dark clouds; it is going to rain. 2. You are to deliver these flowers before 10. 3. The train leaves at six tomorrow morning. 4. I was about to start when it began to rain. 【语法总结】

【巩固练习】 1. Close the door of fear behind you, and you the door of faith open before you. (湖南 2012) A. saw B. have seen C. will see D. are seeing 2. ―The moment soon,‖ he thought to himself, waiting nervously. (湖南 2012) A. came B. has come C. was coming D. is coming 3. I feel so excited! At this time tomorrow morning I to Shanghai. (辽宁 2012) A. will be flying B. will fly C. have been flying D. have flown 4. —Can I call you back at two o’clock this afternoon? —I’m sorry, but by then I______ to Beijing. How about five? (陕西 2012) A. fly B. will fly C. will be flying D. am flying 5. -- I hear that Jason is planning to buy a car. --I know. By next month, he enough for a used one. (上海 2012) A. will have saved B. will be saving C. has saved D. saves 6. Food supplies in the flood-stricken area______. We must act immediately before there’s none left. A. have run out B. are running out C. have been run out D. are being run out 7. On the next birthday, Ann married for twenty years. (天津 2011) A. is B. has been C. will be D. will have been 8. –Guess what, we’ve got our visas for a short-term visit to the UK this summer. --How nice! You a different culture then. (福建 2010) A. will be experiencing B. have experienced C. have been experiencing D. will have experienced 9. ---Did you tell Julia about the result? ---Oh, no, I forgot. I _______her now. (全国 2005III) A. will be calling B. will call C. call D. am to call

10. If you plant watermelon seeds in the spring, you _______ fresh watermelon in the fall. (浙江 2010) A. eat B. would eat C. have eaten D. will be eating 11. Daniel's family their holiday in Huangshan this time next week. (安徽 2009) A. are enjoying B. are to enjoy C. will enjoy D. will be enjoying 12. Dr. Smith, together with his wife and daughters, ______visit Beijing this summer. (陕西 2009) A. is going to B. are going to C. was going to D. were going to 13. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when _______ and see him. (北京 2005) A. you will come B. will you come C. you come D. do you come 14. —Are you still busy? —Yes, I _________ my work, and it won’t take long. (浙江 2005) A. just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. am just going to finish 15. By the time Jane gets home, her aunt ____ for London to attend a meeting. (天津 2005) A. will leave B. leaves C. will have left D. left 1-5 CDACA 6-10 BDABD 11-15 DAABC Unit 20 New frontiers Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence 学案 【课前导学】 (相信你能够做好!查完了别忘了读一读记一记哦 ~~) Word Bank 1.主持 v. n. 主持人 n. 2 电脑程序编制员 n. 程序 n. 3.创造 vt n._____ 有创造性的 adj. 创造者 n. 4.官员 n.________ 办公室 n.______ 5.投资 v. n.________ 投资商 n. 6 同事 n.________ 7. 冬眠 vi. n.________ 8.拯救 vt.____ n. 9.出口 n._____入口 n. 10.切断 vt. n.______ 连接 vt. n. 11.起初的 adj. adv. n. ___________ 12.教练 n.____ 指导 v. _____ n. Phrase bank 1 泄露(秘密) 2.接收____________ 3. 提前 4.按要求 5..换句话说 6.以一种严肃的声音 7.转折点 8.理解 9.接管 【重点注解】 (善思才能善学!学会观察,学会总结!不知不觉间你在进步唉! Take back /down/in/off/on/over/to/up/after 【典型例句】(请同学们翻译出每句话里边的 take 短语) 1.It’s hard to take back the spilled water. 2.He took down everything the teacher said. 3.They decided to take down the dangerous bridge. 4.So he took in the boy wandering around for days. 5.The list takes in everyone. 6.We find it difficult to take in what he teaches. 7.Don’t be taken in by his promises. 8. He took off his glasses and looked up.

9.When did the plane take off? 10.His career took off shortly after he obtained precious experience. 11.Can you take five dollars off the price? 12.I want to take a day off (from work). 13.The company decided to take on a new secretary. 14.This word had taken on a new meaning. 15.Would you like me to take over the driving for a while? 16.He took to Mary as soon as they met. 17.He soon took to drinking again. 18.He dropped medicine and took up physics. 19.This chapter takes up where the last one left off. 20.The work took up all of Sunday. 21.If Alex took after his father he’d be a real handsome guy. 即学即用:用适当的介词或副词填空 1.How many days will people take during the Thanksgiving Day season? 2.The police took his answers to their questions. 3.After the National Farmers’ Sports Meeting the city of Nanyang took a new look. 4.When his father retires, he's planning to take _____ his factory in Beijing. 5.Our plane took ____ 2 hours late! 6.Why do so many men take ____ golf when they retire? 7.Robert gets angry a lot, and he takes _____ his father. 8.When I heard she was pregnant, I couldn't take it _____ at first. 9.I was completely taken ____ when he told me he was working late at the office. 【课本处理】 Exs 7&8 Page 23 【巩固练习】 (高楼大厦平地起,你能很耐心地学习基础知识,真棒!再接再厉! 一、佳句必背 1.What I’m trying to say is that we sent the questions in advance. 2.What I’m getting at is how you gather the news so quickly? 3.I have seen it 3 times 二、单词拼写根据句意及汉语提示写出单词 1. The Indians were the (最早的) inhabitants of North America. 2. You should find the urgent (出口) the moment you come to a hotel. 3.She received several (官方的)letters this morning. 4. My (指导老师)advised me to carry out a new project. 5. I won’t (投资)my money in his company. 6.The (起源)of the custom is unknown. 7. This machine doesn’t (运转)smoothly. 8. The result of this survey can be divided into three main (类别).

9. This is the one major (弊端) of the new system. 三、单项选择 1. The new tax policy only affects people with yearly income over ¥120,000, the very rich. A. by the way B. as a result C. in other words D. as a manner of 2. “As long as you pay we can’t charge for delivery , ”the shopkeeper said to the customer. A. in advance B. in case C. in fact D. in detail 3. Some insects the color of their surroundings to protect themselves. A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take out 4. Don’t be by products promising to make you lose weight quickly. A. taken off B. taken put C. taken away D. taken in 5. More and more rich people have promised to their wealth after death to help the poor and the disabled. A. give away B. give up C. give out D. give off 6. The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit was on the radio yesterday. A. turned out B. found out C. given out D. carried out 7. He got up late and hurried to his office, the breakfast untouched. A. left B. to leave C. leaving D. having left 8. Do you wake up every morning energetic and ready to start a new day? A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. felt 9. —Where are the children? The dinner’s going to be completely ruined. —I wish they always late. A. weren’t B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be D. wouldn’t have been 10. I didn’t go to the party, but I do wish I there. A. was B. were C. had been D. went 11.It’s demanded that all the goods on demand. A. deliver B. delivered C. being delivered D. be delivered

12.The books by Mo Yan are quite popular; they are in great ___throughout the country.
A. quality B. progress C. production D. demand 13.She packed up her possessions slowly and as if what was going on had nothing to do with her. A. definitely B. deliberately C. desperately D. defensively 14.He was too trusting—or, to it another way, he had no head for business. A. make B. take C. put D. get 15. The committee will its final report to Parliament in June. A. prevent B. preserve C. protest D. present 16.—Do you think their table tennis team will win the first place at the coming Asian Games? —________. Ours is much stronger than theirs. A. Of course B. It depends C. Don't mention it D. By no means

Keys: 单词 1.original 2. exit 3. official 4. instructor 5. invest 6.original 7. operate 8. categories 9. drawback 单选 1-5 CACDA 6-10 CCCAC 11-16 DDBCDD

Unit 20 Lesson 3 Scientific Breakthroughs Period 1
【课前导学】 (When meeting with difficulties, you should learn to consult your dictionary.) Word Bank 1. 困境 n. ______________ 2. microscope n. _____________ telescope n. ___________ 3. 步骤 n. ______________ 4. 捐献 vt. _______________ n. ____________________ 5. 器官 n. ______________ 6. 通信;符合 vi. _____________ n. _________________ 7. 同时 adv. /n.__________ 8. 分开,分离 vi.______ (过去式)_______ (过去分词) _______ 9. outspoken adj. __________ 10.最重要的 adj. ___________ 11. mist n. _______________ 12. 后果,结果 n. _______ 近义词 r________ c___________ 13. 治疗,治愈 vt. _______ 治疗,治愈;疗法,药物 n. _______ 14. circuit n. _____________ 15. microwave n. _____________ 16. patent n. ______________ 17. 努力解决;摔跤 vi. ____________ Phrase Bank 1. 处于困境 be _____ a dilemma 2. 在……范围内变化 ________ from … to … 3. 更不用说, 且不说 not to _______ 4. 计算出; 理解 figure _______ 5. 单独挑出 ________ out 6. 捐……给…… ________ sth. _______ 7. 依据 according ______ 8.努力解决难题 wrestle ______ 9. 关掉 turn ______ 10. (灯或火) 熄灭 go ______ 11. 错误地,无意地 _______ mistake 12. 向某人求助 turn ____ sb. 【课文理解】 (Read more and you will gain a better understanding of the text.) Step 1. Fast reading: read fast to match the discoveries or inventions with how they came about. 1. E = mc2 a. Scientists worked together as a team 2. penicillin b. There was a lucky accident 3. the first computer c. A scientist did research for many years 4. other galaxies d. a scientist was inspired Step 2. Careful reading: read the text again to get some main ideas. 1. The passage is mainly about ____. A. Scientific discoveries B. Pioneers of Science C. Scientific discoveries in the 20th century D. Pioneers of science in the 20th century 2 2. What was Einstein doing when E = mc was born? A. He was looking after his baby. B. He was working out a physics problem. C. He was doing housework. D. He was playing with a rock. 3. What did Edwin Hubble discovered? A. galaxies B. universe C. small areas of mist D. space 4. What is the function of penicillin? A. to cure people of any disease B. to kill bacteria C. to reduce pain caused by disease D. to prevent the attack of serious diseases 5. Why did Eckert and Mauchly produce the first computer? A. to help the US navy to improve the accuracy of their missiles B. to provide more advanced techniques for scientific researches C. to earn money to make a living D. to meet the demands of consumers 【巩固练习】Summary

The past century has 1.__________ (见证) many important discoveries all over the world. Amazing discoveries were made in many fields, 2._______ ______ _________ (更不用提) our knowledge of the world and space. Medical advances 3.____________ (分布变化) from discoveries the causes of diseases to surgical procedures. The way we 4.___________ (通信) went from writing letters to emailing. It is possible to 5._______ ______ (单独挑出) a few 6.__________ (最重要的) pioneers of the 20th century. In 1905, Albert Einstein, an 7.___________ (直言的) young man was rocking his baby 8. ___________ (这时候) he was inspired to bring up the idea of E = mc2 . After World War I, Edwin Hubble was devoted to 9. __________ (探索) the galaxy. He finally made astronomy’s greatest 10._____________ (突破) of the 20th century for he proved the universe was vastly larger than had 11._____________ (之前地) been thought. In 1929, Alexander Fleming found the penicillin 12._____ accident (偶然地). A few years later, penicillin was being 13._______________ (大规模生产) and help to save million lives. However, he 14.____________ (保持) modest about the amazing 15.___________ (结果) of his discovery, which was first helping 16.______ _____(治愈) people during the World War II. At the same time, the US navy turned 17._____( 向 …… 求 助 ) Eckert and Mauchly to 18._________ ________(努力解决) a problem so that the two scientists could produce a machine to improve the 19.__________ (准确率) of their missiles. The huge machine was the world’s first computer. These pioneers were all 20._____________(致力于) to improving the quality of human life on earth. There is no doubt that the world would have been completely different without these

Period 2
【课前预习】 完成课本 P.25 Ex. 4& 5 【重点注解】 I. meanwhile; figure out (Learn to analyze and summarize on your own.)

【原句回放】We started flying around the world and meanwhile, scientists figured out how to split the atom, previously thought to be the smallest particle of matter in the universe.

I went to college. Meanwhile/In the meanwhile/In the meantime, all my friends got well-paid jobs.
【用法总结】 【例句展示】figure out

1. I can’t figure out/outstand why she said so. 2. It took me hours to figure out/work out these maths problems.
【用法总结】 【即时训练】 The police were trying to _______ the suspect’s motive of killing his friend. A. single out B. catch on C. stop off D. figure out 2. 翻译。The flight will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please remain seated.

II. cure

【原句回放】During the Second World War, when Fleming’s discovery was first helping to cure people, the US navy was looking for ways of improving the accuracy of their missiles.
【例句展示】cure 1. The doctor cured her of her disease. 2. He was cured of his habit of drinking. 3. The doctor cannot guarantee a cure. 4. He has tried all sorts of cures, but without success. 5. Is there a certain cure for cancer yet? 【用法总结】 【拓展】 treat sb. for a disease 为某人治病(强调过程,不涉及结果)a treatment for a disease 疾病的疗法 【即时训练】 1. 父母努力纠正孩子的不良习惯。Parents try to ___________ their children ______ bad habits. 2. The doctor _______ his headache with a new drug but didn’t ______ him. A. treated; cure B. cured of; treat C. treated; cure of D. cured; treat 【例句展示】vt. +sb. of sth. 1. The story reminds me of my past. 2. The robber robbed him of his money. 3. The man cheated the old lady of all her money. 4. He informed me of his safe arrival at USA. 5. This medicine cured him of his headache. 6. We warned him of the danger. 7. He tried to persuade me of his honesty. 8. The teacher accused me of being late. 9. He tried to convince me of his innocence. 【用法总结】 【即时训练】 1. 改错。 (1) He reads newspaper every day to keep himself informing of the latest information around the world. (2) The professor has been accused with stealing his student's ideas and publishing them. (3) He put up a picture of Kobe to remind himself his dream of becoming a superb basketball player. 2. 翻译。 (1) 他试图使我相信他的故事。_____________________________________________________ (2) She has been warned of the danger of driving the car in that case. ___________________________________________________________________________________ _ (3) I was convinced of her honesty. ______________________________________________________ III. measure

【原句回放】 It measured 100 feet long by over 10 feet high and weighed over 30 tonnes. 【例句展示】1. Can you measure accurately with this ruler? 2. It's hard to measure his ability when we haven't seen his work. 3. The room measures 10 meters across. 4. The government has promised to take measures to help the homeless.
【用法总结】 【拓展】(1) measure up to 符合(期望);达到(标准) His performance didn't measure up to my expectations. 翻译: make sth to one’s measure 根据尺寸制作….

我量体裁衣做了一些新衣服。_____________ ___ beyond measure 非常地,极其 Her joy _ _.她非常高兴。 (2) weigh vt. 称重 He weighed the stone in his hand vi. 重量(有……) She weighs 50 kilos. n. weight 重量 The two boys are_____ _体重一样 【即时训练】 1. Last month,an earthquake ? ? _______ six on Richter scale happened in the northern part of ?? Indonesia. A. measured B. to measure C. to be measured D. measuring 2. Mum made a new coat _________ little Tom's own measure. A.with B.for C.to D.by 3. The president said that the government would take tough ______ to solve the problem. A. ways B. measures C. methods D. means 4. 改错。A full-grown elephant weighed over 6,000 kilograms looks huge. 【巩固练习】 (Practice makes perfect. The more your practice, the greater progress you’ll make. ) 一.佳句必背。 1. We students have access to activities ranging from various sports to literature appreciation. 2. It is possible to single out a few hardworking students in our class. 3. Tom was reading English aloud when the bell went off. 4. Top student as he is, he remains modest. 5. The first computer measuring100 feet long was clumsy. 6. Without his generous help, I couldn’t have finished the work on time. 二. 单词拼写。 1. Mary is facing the _______ (困境)of obeying her father or choosing the job she loves. 2. The great scientist are _____________ (献身于) to the advance of science and technology. 3. The manager was w____________ with the difficulty that his company was faced with. 4. Last year, he d__________ (捐) $1,000 to cancer research. 5. A certain __________ (疗法) for this illness is not found yet. 6. This kind of machine is protected by _________(专利). 7. Searching hand luggage at airports is now a standard __________(步骤). 8. The two partners s ___________ (决裂) after a quarrel. 9. His work on the cause of the disease is of _________ (最重要的) importance to the whole world. 10. We’ve _____________ (通信) with each other for years but I’ve never actually met him. 三. 改错。 1. The three parties will meet next month to work out the remained differences. 2. The first computer man made was measured 100 feet long by over 10 feet high. 3. The computer is one of the most important invention in the 20th century. 4. Every one of us is prepared to make a contribution for our motherland. 5. He was cured with the harmful habit of smoking. 6. He called me immediate he arrived in Beijing. 7. When Tom couldn’t answer the teacher’s question, the boy found him in an embarrassing situation. 8. The bad weather put us at a dilemma. 9. I wish I could figure how my girlfriend’s mind works. 10. He spent the whole morning split the wood. 四. 单项选择。 1. When Mr. Brown, the sales manager, goes abroad, I think Carl will _____ the sales department. A. set up B. take over C. call for D. bring in

2. After the long journey, the three of them went back home, ______. A. hungry and tiredly B. hungry and tired C. hungrily and tiredly D. hungrily and tired 3. The flight will be announced soon. ________, please remain seated. A. When B. Meanwhile C. As D. Before 4. He _______ a large amount of money to the charity, which earned him a good reputation. A. donated B. contributed C. gave away D. all of the above 5.—Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. —I ___ it, but I was busy preparing for an exam. A. attended B. had attended C. would have attended D. would attend 6. _______ in the chimney for five hours, the thief looked very pale and tired. A. Having been trapped B. Being trapped C. Trapping D. Having trapped 7. I can speak French, German and Russian, _______English. A. not mention B. not mentioning C. not to mention D. without being mentioned 8. He is clever and hard-working, _______ he often gets the first prize. A. no doubt B. no wonder C. there’s no doubt D. there’s no wonder 9. __________ our rules, the books you have borrowed should be returned to the library now. A. Owing to B. According to C. In spite of D. In case of 10. I had just stepped out of the house_______ I heard the steps. A. while B. when C. since D. after 11. My grandpa has many hobbies which ____ from collecting stamps to planting flowers. A. range B. ranged C. vary D. varies 12. He _______ turn off the light to sleep when the telephone rang. A. was about to B. was going to C. would D. was to 13. The way ______ they express their agreement is quite different from other parts of the world. A. that B. in which C. / D. all of the above 14. The stone _______ as much as tow tons. A. weighs B. measures C. is weighted D. is measured 15. Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of _________. A. power B. force C. energy D. strength keys:二 dilemma 2. dedicated 3. wrestling 4. donated 5. cure 6. patent 7. procedure 8. split 9.premier 10. corresponded 三 1.remained-remaining 2. 去掉 was 3.invtion-inventions 4. for-to 5. with-of 6.immediate-immediately 7. him-himself 8. at-in 9. how 前加 out 10. split-splitting 四 BBBDC ACBBB AADAC

Unit 21Human biology CCB
Period 1 【课前导学】
(When meeting with difficulties, you should learn to consult your dictionary.)

Word Bank
1.每周一次 ________ 每月一次 ________ 每年一次 ________ 2.临时的,短暂的 adj. ______ (反义词)永久的 adj. ______ 3.使丧失, 抢劫 v.____过去式_____过去分词_______强盗, 盗贼 n __________ 抢劫 (案) ______ n. 4.致命的,晚期的 adj._________终点,末端 n._______ 5.最低的,最小的 adj. /最低,最小 n.______ (反义词)最大量的 adj. /最大量 n. ______ 6.无条件地 adv._____________有条件的,假定的 adj._____________条件 n._____________ 7.装备,配备 v.________过去式________过去分词________装备,设备 n .________ 8.商行,公司 n.__________ 坚固的,坚定的 adj. ________ 9.巨款;机会,运气 n .________幸运的 adj.________ 不幸地 adv.________

10.提交 v.________过去式________过去分词________现在分词________ 11.延期,扩大,伸展 n.__________ 伸展,延长 v.________扩大的,广阔的 adj. ________ 12.有关的事; 关心, 忧虑 n.__________与……有关; 使参与; 使关心 v.________有关的,涉及的, 忧虑的 adj. ________ 关于 prep. ________ 13.不合理的,谎谬的 adj. ________近义词________反义词________14.神圣的 adj. ________ 15.团体,公共机构 n .________ 不完全地 adv.________询问 n .________ n/v 投票 .________ 16.截止日期,n .________ 情况,情形,n .________ 下降 v.________ 怀疑的 adj. ________ 17.numb adj. ________ helmet n .________ rate n .________ appendix n .________ 18.tractor n .________ spade n .________ tin n .________ belly n .________

Phrase Bank
1. live on ____________ 2. fall into a coma_____________ 3. rob sb ____sth 使某人丧失 4. on top of this ___________ 5. ___________ 恢复正常 6. ____________ 亲密的家庭成员 7. ______________ 无论如何;至少 8.____________ 错过最后期限 9.be _____ 7th 名列第七 10._________________ 中药 11. ______西药 12.clear_____打扫,清理; (天气)放晴,澄清 13.for good _________ 14.______________引起严重的副作用 15. __________________ 在……中起作用 16. first of all _________ 【重点注解】 (Learn to analyze and summarize on your own.)

I. rob
原句回放 Terri had fallen into a coma in 1990 when a heart attack robbed her brain of oxygen causing permanent harm. P40 翻译: . 【例句展示】 1.The tomb has been robbed of its treasure. 2. The accident robbed him of his health. 3. You have robbed me of my happiness. 【用法总结】 1. 【即时训练】完成句子 2. She is a thief and often money.

money from others, but this time she

her own

原句回放 There is no doubt that this will equip us to cure all sorts of illness.P137 翻译:________________________________________________________. 【例句展示】 1. We should equip our children with a good education. 2. Your training will equip you for (doing)your future job. 3. Our company is equipped with modern technology and advanced facility. 4. The climbers strapped on a variety of equipment. 【用法总结】 【即时训练】 1.A good education should equip you for life. (翻译) 2.Please equip yourself with a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam. (翻译) 3.As far as I am concerned,education is about learning and the more you learn,__________. A.the more for life are you equipped B.the more equipped for life you are

C.the more life you are equipped D.you are equipped the more for life Ⅲ.fortune 原句回放 …there are some firms that do this and charge a fortune to keep the bodies frozen….P137 翻译:________________________________________________________. 【例句展示】 1. He made a fortune by selling used car. 2. She can tell your fortune by examining your hands. 【用法总结】 【即时训练】完成句子 1.She is fortunate in having a good husband. =She is fortunate______ ______ a good husband. =______ ______fortunate______ she has a good husband. =____________, she has a good husband. 2.这个青年有通情达理的父母,真幸运。 (翻译) Ⅳ.decline 原句回放 It’s generally agreed that a patient's chances of recovery decline the longer they stay in a coma. P40 翻译:________________________________________________________. 【例句展示】 1. Unemployment declined to 4 percent last month. 2. The arts of China have not declined in spite of Western influence. 3. As one grows older one's memory declines. 4.I offered to give them a lift but they declined with thanks. 5.She declined our invitation, saying that she wasn't feeling well. 6.There is a decline in real wages. 【用法总结】

【即时训练】完成句子 1.His health rapidly.他的健康状况迅速恶化。 2.There is in population.人口急剧下降。 Ⅴ.submit 原句回放 You were supposed to submit it on the 14th June.P137 翻译:________________________________________________________. 【例句展示】 1.I submitted my papers to the examiner. 2. We'll submit ourselves to the court's judgments. 3.I submit that this should be allowed . 4.She refused to submit to his control. 【用法总结】 【即时训练】完成句子 1.Please your reports 2.He

me before .请在截止日期前将报告交给我。 a search by the guard.他只好让士兵搜查。


1.I invited her to join us ,but she d . 2.The class needs a m of 6 pupils to continue. 3.This arrangement is only (暂时的). 4.In India the cow is (神圣的)a animal. 5.The e of the garden will take several weeks. 6.Black people could not (选举)or choose their leaders. 7.He is well (使有准备) for his future life. 8.I have s the reports to my boss. 9.After months of e we finally discovered the truth. 10.But in fact, this kind of c .did not happen.

Period 2 【巩固练习】
(高楼大厦平地起,你能很耐心地学习基础知识,真棒!再接再厉哟! )

I. 佳句必背 1. It’s generally agreed that a patient's chances of recovery decline the longer they stay in a coma. 一 般认为病人昏睡的时间越长,康复的机会就越小。 2. …after 15 years it was very unlikely that Terri would ever recover. 特瑞不太可能恢复。 3.It's evident that our knowledge of the human brain will increase.很明显, 我们对人类大脑的知识会 增加。 4.There is no doubt that this will equip us to cure all sorts of illness.毫无疑问,这可以使我们治愈各 种疾病。 5.It's totally off the map.那是绝对不可能的。 II. 单词拼写 1. 1.Her is h poor,that is to say, she is rather deaf. 2. 2.They planted trees in the i between the houses. 3. 3.The speaker had got confused, and started c himself. 4. 4.This is a (有争议的) book. 5. 5.How can you (容忍) that awful woman? 6. 6.It required a (极度的) effort of will to stop myself from laughing. 7. 7.We o (反对)the government on this matter. 8. 8.These finding appear to (违反)the laws of physics. 9.This is a magazine c to the interests of adults. 10.Francis felt p to work for such a man. 11.I s the page quickly for her name. 12.There is a board at the gate, reading ―No e !‖ 13.A small piece of cake will be a .Thank you. 14.You should t them with more consideration. 15.The match was p to the following Saturday because of bad weather. 16.Let's give the room a (彻底的)cleaning. 17.She came from a (享有特权的) background. 18.His illness is t ;he is going to die. 19.The law p tobacconists from selling cigarettes to children. 20.After his divorce, he had to (重建)his life completely. Ⅲ. 单项填空 1.1.I can't say which wine is the best,It's a(n) of personal taste.

A. affairs B. event C. matter D. variety 2.In the character—training of children, what really much is what their parents say and do . A. matters B. cares C. considers D. minds 3.She got down to the report as soon as she sat down. A. work on B. work out C. working on D. working out 4.It has been reported that some government leaders their authority (权利)to get illegal profits for themselves. A. employ B. take C. abuse D. overlook 5.The thief tried to open the locked door but . A. in no way B. in vain C. without effect D. at a loss 6.Some parent's can't their children, which often sets off the conflicts of feelings between two generations. A. find out B. turn to C. relate to D. take in 7.I don’t think that your lecture the audience, for they appeared quite puzzled. A. got across to B. get close to C. got away with D. got along with 8. by his grandparents, Jimmy wasn’t used to living with his parents. A. To bring up B. To be brought up C. Brought up D. Being brought up 9. to the assistance you gave to that disabled student, mine is not worth mentioning at all. A. Compare B. Comparing C. Compared D. To compare 10.You are responsible the manager the project. A. in ;to B. to ;for C. in ;for D. from ;for 11.He found it worthless to fame. A.get B.seek C.make D.look for 12.There is no in pushing children unless they are talented and they enjoy it. A. wonder B. need C. point D. doubt 13.There is no need !I'm not deaf! A. shout B. shouting C. shouted D. to shout 14. is very little point .It won't help much. A. It ;in protesting B. There ;in protesting C. It ;to protest D. There ;to protest 15.You must try to the memory of these terrible events. A. concel B. wash C. wipe out D. put down 16.The discovery of gold in Australia led thousands to believe that fortune was to be made. A. the B. / C. a D. an 17.How can you Paul?He is so rude. Which of the following is WRONG? A. tolerate B. stand C. bear D. keep 18.The President giving military aid to this country. A. is opposed B. objects C. opposes D.against 19.Shops in Britain are from selling alcohol to people under 18. A. discouraged B. warned C. prohibited D. forbade 20.He had his wallet at the entrance of the Agricultural Bank of China at 5 p.m. yesterday. A. robbed B. robbing C. robbed of D. robbing of 21.The explorers were told to themselves with everything they would need for their voyage. A. communicate B. feed C. equip D. associate

22. himself with necessary knowledge and skills, the young man went to the job market with much confidence . A. Equipped B. To be equipped C. Being equipped D. Having equipped 23. with necessary knowledge and skills, the young man went to the job market with much confidence . A. Equipped B.To be equipped C. Being equipped D. Having equipped 24.The party called on us to rescue the people in the earthquake-hit area . A. off the map B. at all costs C. up to D.cater to 25.What the public is ________ about is whether medical workers and scientists will be able to find a cure for the new disease in a short time. A. concerning B. Concern C. concerned D. to concern 26.In recent years________global warming is becoming________concern for people all over the world.A. the;the B./;/ C./;a D.the;/ 27._____ about the student, the teacher called his parents to find out why he was so often absent from class.A. Concerned B. Concerns C. Concerning D. Concern 28. The speech he made _______ the football match yesterday was boring. A. concerning B. to concern C. concerned D. Concern 29.Applied science is________ discovering ways to use the knowledge of theoretical science. A. concerned about B. concerned with C. focused on D. combined with 30.The teacher spends an hour and a half________ his students homework every evening. A. going through B. going on C. going over D. going against Keys:1-5CACCB 6-10CACCB 11-15BCDBC 16-20 CDCCC 21-25 CDABC 26-30CAABA (本部分还有什么值得待改进的地方?在下面动笔写写吧,好题、难题、易错题题题在手,考试 无忧!加油)


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