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核 心 语 句 1.The truth is that it is for the bus .(Page 2) 实际情况是雾太大了,公交车去不了那么远。 2.Now she wanted to run,but .(Page 2) 此时她想跑开,但是由于恐惧她站在那里一动也不动。 3.Polly at the face of an old man wit

h a beard.(Page 3) 抬头看去,波莉发现自己盯视着络腮胡子的老人。 4.Why pleasant smells do not reduce pain in men for scientists.(Page 9) 为什么好闻的味道不能减轻男子的疼痛,仍是一个有待科学家们回答的问题。 5.Don't be frightened by sharks:you are to be hit by lightning be attacked by a shark.(Page 18)不要惧怕鲨鱼, 因为人类被闪电击中的几率要比遭受鲨鱼攻击 的几率大30倍。 核心单词 英 译 汉 11.观察;评论 vt. 1.forecast vt./n. 12.靠近;方法 vt./n. 2.nowhere adv. 13.抓紧,抓牢 vt. 3.hesitate vi. 14.焦虑的,忧虑的 adj. 4.grateful adj. 15.减少 vt./vi. 5.volunteer n./vt./vi. 16.认识,承认 vt. 6.analyse vt. 17.距离,远处 n. 7.ignore vt. 18.套装;适合 n./vt. 8.attach vt. 19.吸引 vt. 9.whisper vi./vt. 20.使用,雇佣 vt. 10.loose adj./vt. 汉 译 英 重点短语 1.know of 12.伸手去够 2.wish for 13.偿还 3.watch out for 14.产生影响 4.come to one‘s aid 15.撞进,偶遇 5.free from 16.与……相关 6.find one‘s way 17.充分利用 7.turn around 18.而不是 8.all of a sudden 19.向……启航 9.be applied to 20.可能…… 10.mistake...for... 11.看见
sense n.& vt. 官能;感觉;判断力;见识;……感; 意义;理性感到;理解;认识

【课本原句】 People have five senses:sight,hearing,taste,smell and touch. (P1) 人有五种感觉:视觉,听觉,味觉,嗅觉和触觉。 sensitive adj. 敏感的 sensible adj. 理智的 sensor n. 传感器 make sense 有意义;有道理;讲得通

make sense of 弄懂,理解 in a sense 在某种意义上 in no sense 绝不 common sense 常识 there is/no /little/a lot of sense in(doing)sth (做)某事没有意义/意义不大/很有意义 a sense of beauty/justice/duty/safety 美感/正义感/责任感/安全感 完成句子 ①It was the language that helped shape the way I saw things,expressed ideas,and (了解世界).(2010· 广东卷· 阅读理解A) 单项填空 ②It doesn't make very good ________to buy that expensive overcoat when these cheaper ones are just as good.(2012· 江西临川一中月考) A.difference B.scene C.use D.sense ③Although she didn't say anything,I ________that she didn't like this idea.(2013· 长沙周南中学 A.stared B.feared C.sensedD.watched ④What's the ________of having a public open space where you can't eat,drink or even simply hang out for a while? A.sense B.matter C.case D.opinion

touch vt. & vi.触摸;?使?感动n.接触;联系
【课本原句】 Blind people can read by touching letters in raised dots called Braille.(P1) 盲人通过触摸被称作盲文的突出圆点来阅读。 touching adj. 令人感动的 touched adj. 感动的 get in touch with 和……取得联系 keep/stay in touch with 与……保持联系 lose touch with 和……失去联系 (be)out of touch with 和……失去联系 ① (和我们的朋友一直保持联系)is an important part of friendship.(2012· 湖南卷,SectionC) 单项填空 ②Here is my card.Let's keep in________.(2012· 湖南邵东一中月考) A.friendship B.connection C.relation D.touch ③Numerous people in the world were__________by the ________courage of the disabled Chinese athlete Jing when she physically protected the torch.(2012· 湖南石门一中高三摸底) A.touched;touched B.touching;touching C.touched;touching D.touching;touched
once n.& adv. & conj.一次; 曾经一度;一旦

【课本原句】 Once out in the street,she walked quickly towards her usual bus stop.(P2)一出来 到大街上,她就很快地朝她平常等车的汽车站走去。 at once 立刻 all at once 突然;同时 once again/once more 再次;又一次 once in a while 偶尔,有时,间或 once upon a time 从前

once and for all 一劳永逸 once bitten,twice shy 一次被咬,下次胆小 【提示】 Once out in the street相当于once she was out in the street,once引导时间状语从句。 当从句主语与主句主语一致时,从句可省略主语与be动词。如: First aid,if(it is) properly done,can save a person's life.急救如果做得得法,能拯救人的性命。 I won't go to the party unless(I am)invited.除非邀请我,否则我不会参加这个聚会。 ① (一旦我得到提拔),I'll be happy.(2012· 江苏卷,任务型阅读) 单项填空 ②—According to my grandma,it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold. —________,scientists agree with her.(2012· 浙江卷,单项填空18) A.Sooner or later B.Once in a while C.To be exact D.Believe it or not ③You will be successful in the interview ________you have confidence.(2012· 长沙市一中月考) A.before B.once C.until D.though ④I am sure that Laura's latest play,________staged,will prove a great success. A.since B.unless C.once D.until
observe vt.看到;观察(到);注意到;监视;观测;庆 祝;遵守;奉行

【课本原句】 As Polly observed the passengers on the train, she had a feeling that she was being watched by a tall man in a dark overcoat.(P2)正当波莉打量地铁里的乘客时, 她觉得有一个穿黑 色大衣的高个子男人在注视着她。 Howling is a behaviour commonly observed among a wolf pack.(2011· 湖北卷,阅读理解B) 狼嚎通常是狼群中狼的一种常见行为。 After living abroad for many years,many Chinese still observe traditional festivals. 在国外生活了许多年后,很多中国人仍然庆祝传统节日。 When we observe festivals, we must observe the traffic regulations.当我们庆祝节日的时候必须遵守 交通规则。
(1)observe Christmas/New Year's Day 庆祝圣诞/元旦 观察?到?某人在做某事 ?sb doing sth ? ? ?强调动作在进行? ? observe?sb do sth 观察?到?某人做?过? ? ? 某事?强调动作过程? ?that-/wh-从句 观察到……,注意到…… ? (2)observation n. 观察;注意;监视 under observation 受监视/观察

①However,some people argue that rules may be confusing, (曾观察到)rules change all the time.(2012· 广东卷,完形填空) ② (我注意到这种影响)in my role as a researcher and lecturer in 48 countries on the connection between employee happiness and success.(2012· 江苏卷,任务型阅读)
glance vi.看一下;瞥一眼;匆匆一看;扫视n.一瞥

【课本原句】 While the rest of the passengers were getting out,she glanced at the faces around her.(P2)当剩余的乘客们走出车厢的时候,她扫视了一下周围的面孔。 at a glance立刻;一眼;(只)看一眼 at first glance乍一看;乍看之下 take/show/throw a glance(at sb/sth)

(朝某人/某物)一瞥;看一眼 【联想拓展】 gaze at 凝视,含有“惊叹”,“羡慕”之意 stare at 盯,含有“惊奇”,“傲慢”之意 glare at 怒视 take a quick look at 快速看了一眼 fix one's eyes upon/on定睛地看 ①She turned to admiringly at her English teacher. ②He round the meeting room and then left. ③The angry father at his son,who had just broken his glasses. ④All the workers at the foreigner in wonder. 单项填空 ⑤She ________shyly at him out of the corners of her eyes. A.stared B.glared C.glanced D.watched
likely adj.可能的

【课本原句】 You are 30 times more likely to be hit by lighting than be attacked by a shark.(P18) 人类被闪电击中的几率要比遭受鲨鱼攻击的几率大30倍。 It is (more than) likely that... 极可能;几乎肯定 主语+be likely to do sth 可能做某事 Not likely! 不可能! 【注意】 likely“可能的”,可能性较大,常用句型有:It's likely that...和sb/sth is likely to do...。 It is likely to rain.有可能下雨。(it 指天气,本句不能用possible或probable) 辨析 likely/probable/possible 三者均表示“可能的”,(可能性由大到小依次为:probable>likely>possible),但用法不同。 (1)likely的主语可以是人、物或it,其句型结构为: ①主语(人或物)+be+likely+动词不定式。 ②It is+likely+that-clause,其中it为形式主语。 (2)probable和possible的主语一般只能是it,常用于“It is probable/possible+that-clause”的结 构,此外,possible还可用于It's possible(for sb)to do sth。 【注意】 只有likely作表语时,其主语可以是人也可以是物,其他词作表语时,只能用形式主 语it。 ①That means the price go down because of the competition.那意味着价格有可能因为竞 争而下降。 ② he will succeed.=He is highly likely to succeed.他很有可能成功。 单项填空 ③—It's ________to rain.You'd better take an umbrella. —All right,I'll take one just________.(2013· 辽宁省沈阳二中月考) A.probably;in that case B.possibly;in caseC.likely;in case D.possible;in that case ④Studies show that people are more ________to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours.(2010· 陕西卷,语法和词汇知识22) A.likely B.possible C.probable D.sure

in sight看得到,在视力范围之内

【课本原句】 There was no one in sight.(P2)看不见一个人。 within sight 在视线之内 at first sight 乍一看;初看时 be out of sight 看不见,在视线范围之外 at the sight of 一看见 catch sight of 看见 lose sight of 看不见 lose one's sight 丧失视力 keep sth in sight 使……不从视线中消失 have a good/poor eyesight 视力好/不好 have long/far sight 有远见 ①The furniture,with its modern style and bright colors,suits modern houses and their gardens,but looks________in the garden of a traditional home.(2012· 湖北卷,多项选择25) A.out of question B.out of order C.out of sight D.out of place ②The practice of hanging clothes across the street is a common________in many parts of the city. A.look B.sign C.sight D.appearance ③The old couple looked at the plane with their son on it until it was ________.(2011· 怀化三中月 A.at the first sight B.out of sight C.in sight D.at the sight of
be related to与……有关系

【课本原句】 Scientists are interested in whether the sense of smell is related to pain.(P9) 科学家感兴趣的是嗅觉和疼痛是否有关联。 be related to... 与……有关系 relate...to... 把……和……联系在一起 relate to 有关,涉及;相处 relating to 有关,涉及 in relation to 关于;与……相比 have relation to sth 与某事有关 bear no relation to... 与……无关;与……不符 【联想拓展】 relationship(with/between) 关系;关联 relative peace 相对的宁静 relative values 相对价值 relatively easy 比较容易 relatively speaking 相对来说 ①你能把童年时发生的事情与现在的精神状态联系起来吗?(relate...to) ? ②女性的收入与男性相比仍然很低。(in relation to) Women's earnings are still very low in relation to men's. ③警方与当地居民的关系已经得到了改善。(relationship between) .
reach out伸出?手?

【课本原句】 A few seconds later,a hand reached out and grasped her arm.(P3) 几秒钟后,一只手伸了过来抓住了她的胳膊。 When you need help,reach out to the people who care about you.(2012· 全国) 当你需要帮助时,倾听那些关心你的人的意见。

reach for伸手去拿/够…… reach an agreement达成协议 reach one's understanding让某人理解 beyond one's reach(=out of one's reach)够不着 within one's reach/within the reach of...够得着

①Let's keep to the point or we________any decision.(2013· 安庆一摸) A.will never reach B.hve never reached C.never reach D.never reached ②Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year, ________a record US $ 57.65 a barrel on April 4.(2013· 广东肇庆一摸) A.have reached B.reaching C.to reach D.to be reaching
watch out提防,注意

【课本原句】 Watch out for the step here.(P3)当心这里的台阶。 My parents watched me over day and night while I was ill.我生病期间,父母日夜照看我。 watch over 看守,监视;照顾 watch out 密切注意;当心;提防 be on the watch for 留神;注意…… keep watch 值班;放哨 keep(a)watch on... 监视…… ① (小心)!There's a car coming. ②We'd better post a guard to_ (放哨)while the others sleep. 单项填空 ③When crossing the street,you should always ________the traffic. A.watching out for B.watch out C.watching out D.watch out for

Don't be frightened by sharks:you are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning than be attacked by a shark. 不要惧怕鲨鱼,因为你被闪电击中的几率要比遭受鲨鱼攻 击的几率大30倍。

英语“倍数”表达法 英语中表达倍数时常用once(一倍),twice(两倍),three times(三倍)等,依此类推,意为“是…… 的……倍”或“增加到……倍”。句型如下: (1)...times +比较级+than... The box is five times bigger than that one. 这个盒子比那个大5倍。 (2)...times+as+原形+as... Asia is four times as large as Europe. 亚洲是欧洲的4倍大。 (3)...times+the size/length/depth/width/height/amount of... This hall is five times the size of our classroom.这个大厅是我们教室的5倍大。 (4)The size/height/length/width/...of...is+倍数+that+of... The size of the meeting room is three times that of our office.这个会议室的大小是我们办公室的3 (5)....times+特殊疑问词引导的从句 The production is now three times what it was ten years ago.现在的产量是10年前的3倍。

(6)主语+谓语+by+倍数 Compared with that of last year,our coal output has increased by three times. 跟去年相比,我们的煤产量提高了3倍。 ①In a typical week,high school students will (花两倍的时间)with their peers as with adults.(2012· 上海卷,sectionD) 单项填空 ②The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be________the present one.(2011· 陕西 卷,单项填空17) A.as three times big as B.three times as big asC.as big as three timesD.as big three times as ③Peter's jacket looked just the same as Jack's but it cost________his.(2009· 江苏卷,单项填空27) A.as much twice as B.twice as much as C.much as twice as D.as twice much as
Some people cannot remember something until they have seen it.有些人直到他们看到了才会记起一些事情。 not...until/till...直到……才……该句型通常与非延续性动词(如:come,go,leave,meet, realize,understand,reach,get,arrive at等)连用,强调主句所表示的动作一直到until/till所 表示的时间才发生,主句必须是否定句。如: I hadn't realized the thing was so serious until/till she told me about it. 直到她告诉我,我才意识到这件事是多么严重。 但该句型也可以与延续性动词连用。试比较: We discussed this problem until the manager came back. 这个问题我们一直讨论到经理回来。 We didn‘t discuss this problem until the manager came back.直到经理回来我们才开始讨论这个问 题。 辨析 until/till (1)until引导的状语从句可放在句首,但till引导的状语从句则不能。 (2)until/till用于肯定句时,主句的谓语动词必须是延续性动词(如stay,sleep,work,study等), 表示这一动作或状态一直延续到until/till所表示的时间为止。 He watched TV until/till midnight last night.他昨晚看电视一直看到半夜。 【注意】 (1)该句型的强调句型:It is/was not until+从句/表时间的词(短语)+that+其他。如: ①It was not until 1920 that regular radio broadcast began.直到1920年有规律的无线电波才开始发 射。 ②It was not until we came back from outside that he got out of his bed.直到我们从外面回来他才起 床。 (2)当not until位于句首时,句子要倒装。其结构为:Not until+从句/表时间的词(短语)+助动词 /系动词/情态动词+主语+谓语+其他。而until后引导的从句无需倒装。如: Not until the war was over was he able to return home. 直到战争结束他才能回家。 ①His father didn't come in until the boy began to prepare his lessons. ——(倒装句) . ——(强调句) . 完成句子 ②I three o'clock,but he didn't come. 我一直等到三点钟,但他没有来。 ③The noise of the street midnight. 街上的噪音一直到午夜才停止。


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