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一、单项选择(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.—How was film? —It was great fun! It’s a pity you weren’t there. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; the D. the; / 2. Though bought several years ago, the car is still in good . A. situation B. condition C. standard D. position 3.Edward, you play so well. But I you played the piano. A. didn’t know B. hadn’t known C. don’t know D. haven’t known 4.Everyone fails now and then. It’s how you react that makes a in life. A. development B. difference C. progress D. point 5.The discovery of new evidence led to . A. the thief having caught B. catch the thief C. the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 6.Don’t bother to —it’s really an informal gathering. Come as you are. A. take up B. give up C. pick up D. dress up 7.After he was knocked down by a bike, he struggled his feet. A. over B. to C. for D. against 8.A library with six thousand books to the school as a gift. A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered 9.If you just stay in this city for few days, we can give you a library card and you can still make use of the books in the city library. A. terminal B. temporary C. regular D. common 10.They demanded that the books to the school library at once. A. return B. should return C. be returned D. would be returned 11. , you’ll never be able to persuade him. A. However hard may you try B. Try however hard you may C. However hard you may try D. Try hard however you may 12.The growing speed of a plant is influenced by a number of factors, are beyond our control. A. most of them B. most of which C. most of what D. most of that 13.It is his strong sense of humor, as you know, makes him popular with teachers and students. A. which B. that C. why D. how 14. The message is very important, so it is supposed as soon as possible. A. to be sent B. to send C. being sent D. sending

15.—Shall we go out in the open air tomorrow? — . I want to relax, for I’m tired these days. A. Of course we can B. It couldn’t be better C. If you like D. It’s up to you 二、完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 Practice, practice, and practice! That’s 16 Tiger Woods became a champion golfer. Tiger Woods 17 golf when he was very young. 18 with other children of his age, he showed special interest in golf. Finding that his son had a 19 for this game, Tiger’s father decided to 20 him on his own. To his father’s surprise, Tiger was a (n) 21 golfer even at the age of 6. However, being a child, Tiger couldn’t focus all the time, 22 he never gave up. Tiger listened to soft music to improve his 23 . his father helped him learn to focus in spite of the 24 . sometimes his father stood in front of Tiger and said, “I’m a tree in your way. ” He would have to hit the ball 25 his father. Sometimes his father would dance and sing when it was Tiger’s turn to hit and Tiger had to focus on the 26 . The training helped him. Once a 27 made a loud noise while Tiger was playing. He said he never heard the broadcast because he was so 28 on the game. Tiger cannot 29 losing. If he loses, he will go out and 30 even harder in order not to make the same mistake. In the year 2000, when he was 24 years old, he 31 four major golf competitions—the US Open, the US Amateur, the British Open and the British Amateur. But during the 2008 season it became clear that Tiger was 32 pain in his knee. In April his left knee was operated on and he 33 the PGA tour season. After an eight-month period of 34 he returned to play again in February 2009. He didn’t make his fans 35 . He won again. He is so much better than the other golfers that some say he is the greatest golfer to ever play the game. 16.A. how B. when C. where D. because 17.A. looked up B. set up C. took up D. gave up 18.A. Mixed B. Compared C. Living D. Competing 19.A. trick B. plan C. skill D. gift 20.A. train B. save C. stop D. raise 21.A. lucky B. common C. amazing D. careful 22.A. and B. but C. so D. as 23.A. confidence B. strength C. patience D. energy

24.A. failure B. carelessness C. determination D. disturbance 25.A. against B. under C. onto D. over 26.A. music B. ball C. coach D. ground 27.A. teammate B. teacher C. radio D. fan 28.A. curious B. quick C. serious D. focused 29.A. stand B. forget C. understand D. recognize 30.A. cry B. practice C. think D. argue 31.A. judged B. watched C. conducted D. won 32.A. examining B. avoiding C. suffering D. reducing 33.A. missed B. offered C. escaped D. joined 34.A. research B. traveling C. learning D. rest 35.A. worried B. troubled C. surprised D. disappointed 三、阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项 A、B、C、D 中,选出最佳选项。 A Angela Chang didn’t know it would be so hard to turn her singing hobby into a career. Her agent used to take her to lots of auditions(试唱)at different recording studios but the Taiwanese girl was always turned down for looking too young and small. Chang’ s talent was finally recognized in 2002 by the Decca Record Company. When she was offered a contract she burst into tears. Two years later Chang, 21, is a star. With the release of her debut album “Over the Rainbow” this year, she won the “Most Promising New Artist in Taiwan” at the CCTV-MTV Music Awards in July. In September she won the “Best New Artist” in the Fourth Chinese Music Billboard Awards. “You just can’t believe that such an amazingly powerful voice comes form such a small body,” said musicians after hearing Chang sing “Over the Rainbow.” “It’s such a special voice. You cannot forget it.” Chang can hit very high motes(高音)clearly and beautifully. Her tunes make Chang stand out from the numerous newcomers in the music world. But mainland fans also know her for her girl-next-door performances in Taiwanese TV dramas, “My MVP Valentine” and “At Dolphin Bay”. But few people know that while filming her first TV series, Chang acted so badly that the director wanted to fire her. At one time it took her a record of 27 attempts to shoot one scene. “I cried my heart out when I went back home.” Change said, “But I know that defeat is often a temporary condition. By giving up you remain defeated.”

Though she looks very girlish, Chang said she has a boy’s personality. “The way I release pressure is to have a sound sleep. When I wake up, everything is new.” 36.The first paragraph mainly tells us . A.Chang’s hard way to success B.Chang’s appearance C.Chang was looked down upon D.Chang has no talent in singing 37.When Chang’s talent was recognized, she . A.felt doubtful B.was too astonished C.was full of sadness D.was mixed with various feelings 38.What musicians said shows . A.Chang has a common voice B.Chang isn’t suitable to sing C.they think highly of Chang D.they will give Chang some direction 39.The author thinks Chang . A.should take up singing instead of acting B.begins to be familiar to audience in the mainland by her performances C.has made some achievements in acting D.takes pride in her talent in singing and acting 40.The underlined sentence shows Chang . A.had some pleasure on the way to acting B.made the director disappointed C.worked hard D.based her success on continuous efforts B Dana Cummings was in his thirties before he first went surfing. That is older than most first timers. But, even more interesting is that Dana Cummings chose to learn the sport after losing a leg in a car accident. Now, nine years later, he helps other disabled people learn how to ride the waves in AmpSurf. On the coast of Maine, he is working with 27-year-old Matthew Fish, who is partly blind. Cummings takes hold of Fish and leads him into the ocean. After a few attempts he is up and riding all the way back to land. “That was a thrill,” Fish says. A car accident in 2002 took his leg. Dana Cummings says the crash changed him more than just physically. “It took me to lose my leg to realize how precious life is and get off the couch and start living. I do more things now than I ever did before. Next week I am going to compete in a contest in Hawaii, ” Dana says. One year later, Dana Cummings formed AmpSurf. AmpSurf is a none-profit group that holds surfing classes and events for people with all kinds of disabilities.

Recently, AmpSurf took its training programs to the East Coast. Eleven students attended the class in Maine. They had come from all over the northeastern United States. Dana Cummings thinks AmpSurf can change the way a disabled person thinks. “For most people with disabilities, everybody focuses on their disability during their whole life, and we want them to see what they can do. Who cares, you lose your leg or you are blind, whatever. Have fun. Just enjoy life. Take the most advantage of it you can,” Dana says. 41.We can know that Dana Cummings learnt surfing A. before he had a car accident B. at an older age than anyone else C. in Iraq during the 1990 Gulf War D. after he became a disabled man 42.When did Dana Cummings form AmpSurf? A. In 2002. B. In 2003. C. In 2008. D. In 2011. 43.AmpSurf is aimed at teaching disabled people how to . A. ride the waves on the sea B. overcome fears and worries C. realize dreams and ambitions D. compete in the surfing contest 44.Dana Cummings thinks the classes and events for disabled people can . A. shift their attention on themselves B. benefit their health and lifestyle C. change their attitude towards life D. get a good knowledge of their life 45.What is the best title for this text? A. Dana Cummings — A Great Surfer B. Dana Cummings and AmpSurf C. Disabled Surfers Took Special Training D. Surfers Learnt Surfing in AmpSurf C It is quite reasonable to blame traffic jams, the cost of gas and the great speed of modern life, but manners on the road are becoming horrible. Everybody knows that the nicest men would become fierce tigers behind the wheel. It is all right to have a tiger in a cage, but to have one in the driver’s seat is another matter. Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense too. It takes the most cool-headed drivers great patience to give up the desire to beat back when forced to face rude driving. the other hand, a little politeness goes a long way On towards reducing the possibility of quarrelling and fighting.A friendly nod or a wave of thanks in answer to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of good will and calm so necessary in modern traffic conditions. But such behaviors of politeness are by no means enough.Many drivers nowadays don’t even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it. However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous.Typical examples

are the driver who waves a child crossing the street at a wrong place into the path of oncoming cars that may be not able to stop in time.The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they want to. An experienced driver, whose manners are faultless, told me it would help if drivers learnt to correctly join in traffic stream without causing total blockages that give rise to unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, modern drivers can’t even learn to drive, let alone master the roadmanship. Years ago, experts warned us that the fast increase of the car ownership would demand more give-and-take from all road users.It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart. 46.The passage mainly talks about . A.road politenessB.traffic jams C.good manners D. modern drivers 47.Troubles on the road are often caused by . A.traffic jams B.the behavior of the drivers C.great speed D.terrible road conditions 48.According to the writer, a good driver should . A.beat back when forced to face rude driving B.be able to recognize politeness when he sees it C.encourage old ladies to cross the roads whenever they want to D.join in traffic stream quickly however other people feel 49.The following statements are right EXCEPT that . A.some modern drivers are not good at driving B.road politeness is good sense as well as good manners C.it is also right to have a tiger in the driver’s seat D.a friendly driver should nod or wave thanks in answer to an act of politeness 50.It is not always right for drivers to . A.master roadmanship B.recognize politeness when they see it C.wave a child crossing the street at a wrong place into the path D.give a friendly nod in answer to an act of politeness D Do you know how much tropical rainforest(热带雨林) is being destroyed each day around the world, and for what purpose(s)? Putting down exact numbers is nearly impossible, but most experts agree that we are losing upwards of 80,000 acres of rainforests daily. Along with this loss and degradation (恶化), we are losing some 135 plant, animal and insect species every day— or some 50,000 species a year— with the forests′fall. According to researcher and writer Rhett Butler, tropical rainforests play a key role in the basic functioning of the planet. They help keep the climate normal by regulating atmospheric gases and rainfall.

Rainforests are also home to some 50 percent of the world’s species, making them an outdoor biology library. Environmentalists also point out that a quarter of our modern pharmaceuticals are got from the rainforest, but only less than one percent of the trees and plants in the tropics have been tested for curing diseases. Sadly, then, we don’t really know the true value of what we’re losing as we cut down and burn them. Overall tropical degradation rates during the past 10 years are 8.5 percent higher than those during the 1990s. This figure is for all forests in the world’s tropics, but researchers believe the loss of ancient rainforests has increased by as much as 25 percent. Although the public is paying more attention to the importance of tropical rainforests, deforestation(毁林) rates are actually on the rise, mostly due to activities such as cutting, developing agriculture, animal raising, construction and mining. Indeed, as long as money-seekers are allowed to enter these areas, and as long as the population of poor people continues to increase, tropical rainforests will continue to be destroyed. We can not make the poor rich quickly, but we can at least stop businessmen setting foot on these areas through laws. 51.According to Butler, tropical rainforests are good for the climate . A. because they increase rainfall throughout the whole world B. because they regulate atmospheric gases and rainfall C. because they receive extra heat from the earth D. because they prevent soil losses 52.The underlined word “pharmaceuticals” in Paragraph 3 is the closest in meaning to “ ”. A. medicine B. food C. diseases D. plants 53.According to the passage, we know that . A. rainforests contain 50 percent of the world’s plants B. 80,000 acres of tropical rainforests are lost every year C. about 50,000 species disappear yearly due to the destruction of rainforests D. the loss of ancient rainforests has increased by 8.5% compared with that during the 1990s 54.According to the passage, what can we do to solve the problem of deforestation now? A. We should move populations away from these areas B. We should let most of the people in these areas become rich. C. We should limit the increase of the population of country people D. We should make laws to forbid businessmen to destroy these areas. 55.What would be the best title for the passage?

A. Tropical rainforests, heart of the earth B. Tropical rainforests are calling for help C. How can we save tropical rainforests? D. Rainforests, good for all


非选择题 共 45 分

第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 一、阅读下面的短文并回答问题,然后将答案写在相应的位置(请注意问题后的字数要 求) 。 [1]Busy people including you are always on the go or in a hurry. Being very busy with work should not be your excuse for not having time to eat healthy foods. However, if you think you are too busy to come up with ways on how to eat healthily with your schedule, the following things are how to do it. [2]Even if you are always on the go and have no time to prepare healthy meals you can bring wherever you go, what you can do is bring a cooler stuffed with healthy foods in your car. Healthy foods like raw nuts, crackers (饼干), fruits and vegetables that are quick to pack and eat in between your busy schedule are what you can put in your cooler. [3]Don’t give in to the invitation of fast foods. Head for the supermarkets instead and buy dried and fresh fruits and vegetables. Most supermarkets now have salad bars and even grilled chicken and salmon. There are also healthy sandwiches . [4]Parties and social gatherings may tempt you to eat unhealthy foods but it is also unfriendly to turn down invitations. What you can do is offer to bring some foods to the party. This is your way of politely saying no to the unhealthy foods and also a chance for you to influence your colleagues and friends in eating healthy foods. [5]Going out on a trip shouldn’t stop you from eating healthy foods. What you can do is go to the stores near the place you are visiting that sell healthy foods. It is not also good to deprive yourself of the great tasting food. Of course, you can also pack some healthy foods with you like carrots, broccoli, almonds, walnuts, etc. 第二节 写作(满分 30 分)


密 封 线
后的字数要求) 。

非选择题 共 45 分

第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题,每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 一、阅读下面的短文并回答问题,然后将答案写在相应的位置(请注意问题 1.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 1 probably refer to?(No more than 6 words.) 2.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 3 with proper words. (No more than 4 words.)

内 不 得

3.Complete the following statement with proper words. (No more than 5 words) In some situations, people can also influence to eat healthy foods by performing in their own styles. 4.List three suggestions given by the author according to the text.(No more than 20 words.) ① ②


答 题

③ 5.What is the purpose of this text?(No more than 8 words.)


第二节 写作(满分 30 分) 假设你是李华, 你远在美国的笔友 Jack 对中国的春节很感兴趣, 他来信 向你询问有关情况。请你给他回一封电子邮件,简单介绍春节以及中国人是 如何过春节的。应包括如下要点: ●春节在中国的地位; ●春节来临之前人们…… ●春节期间人们…… ●春节持续的时间; ●除夕之夜人们…… ●你对春节的态度。


注意:1.词数 120~150; 2.可适当发挥,以使行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 4.参考词汇:春节联欢晚会 Spring Festival Gala


Evening Dear Jack, Thanks for your e-mail.

How do you like the Spring Festival? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours, Li Hua


1 — 5 D B A B C 6— 10 D B A B C 11—15 C B B A B 16— 20 A C B D A 21—25 C B C D D 26— 30 B C D A B 31—35 D C A D D 36— 40 A D C C D 41—45 D B A C B 46— 50 A B B C C 51—55 B A C D B 56.Eating healthily with people’s busy schedule. 57.available in the supermarkets / offered by the supermarkets 58.their colleagues and friends 59.①make your car your refrigerator; ②make the supermarket your fast food stop; ③be the bearer of good food; ④find the healthy places all over the world 60.To guide busy people how to eat healthily. 【写作】 Dear Jack, Thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad to tell you something about China’s Spring Festival. As you know, the Spring Festival is the most important festival in China, just like Christmas in the west. It falls on the last day of the lunar year and lasts until the Lantern Festival. Before the festival comes, people clean and decorate their houses to welcome the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, people usually get together to watch annual Spring Festival Gala Evening on TV while eating delicious food. During the festival, people go from house to house to pay a New Year visit to their relatives and friends. As a child, I like the Spring Festival very much because I can set off firecrackers and get pocket money from my parents and relatives as well. How do you like the Spring Festival? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours, Li Hua


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