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Reading Tips
阅读时,可根据阅读任务的不同, 综合运用略读(skimming)与扫读 (scanning) 。提高快速阅读水平。

通过略读把握文章大意 略读(skimming)只看文章标题、下标 题以及每个部分或者段落第一行,关注 文章中反复出现的关键词。 略读时,要用充足的时间读懂段落的 第一句和第二句,因为第一句往往是该 段的主题句(topic sentence),而第二句 往往是对前句的延伸(extension)或进一 步的解释(explanation)。

通过扫读寻找特定信息或特定词组 运用扫读(scanning)迅速浏览从第三句开始 的后面部分,搜寻作者对开头两句的支持句 (supporting sentences),并同时注意文章中间 是否有转折词(transition),因为这些词常常 会把文章的思路逆转或加入其它重要的信息。 当读到段落的最后一句时,我们又要使用略 读,这时必须再次放慢速度(slow down your pace)直到完全消化作者对段落的小结 (conclusion),因为该小结有可能与主题句截 然相反或引导读者进入下一个段落。

a general idea

certain information

titles and headings

Scan the text for key words and the first and last sentences of paragraphs phrases, dates, etc. the first and last paragraphs Do not need to read the whole pictures and charts text.

Understanding headings

appear before each section of a text
show how a text is organized give an idea as to the contents of each section Can you figure out how the text on Pages 2-3 is organized? (Skimming)

How this text is organized?
Early history of TV TV (in order of time)The modern age: satellite TV

Early history of sound Sound & video recorders recorders Sound and video recorders (in order of time) Sound and video go digital

The future

Skimming for general ideas


Reading Comprehension I

The information in this article is organized _________. A. by paragraphs B. in order of place C. by concepts D. by sub-topics
team work

Scanning for specific information


Reading Comprehension II

1. Who developed the system used for most early TV broadcasts? John Logie Baird. 2. Who made the first recording of a human voice? Thomas Edison. 3. What were developed by the late 1960s? Portable cassette players and video recorders.


1. Colour TV became popular within just a few
years after it was invented. 2. People without satellite dishes do not benefit at all from satellite TV broadcasts.

3. Some of the first tape recorders used plastic tape to record on. 4. Records and cassettes do not offer as good a sound quality as CDs.
5. New technology will soon make many of the things talked about in the article out of date.


Reading Comprehension III

1. Colour TV became popularuntil within wasn’t popular 1938 just a few years after it was invented. 2. People without satellite dishes do stillnot benefit at all from satellite TV broadcasts.

3. Some of the first tape recorders used plastic tape to record on. steel tape or paper tape

4. Records and cassettes do not offer as
good a sound quality as CDs.

5. New technology will soon make many
of the things talked about in the

article out of date.

Work out the timeline for the development of video and sound devices.
Year Event
1877 The first recording of a human voice was made.

Emile Berliner invented a record player that used discs to record on. 1925 The first public TV broadcasts were made, in the USA.

1929 1938 1962 1967 1982

Regular public broadcasting began in London. The first colour TV programme was broadcast. Satellites were used to broadcast TV. Regular colour TV broadcasts began in the UK. The first CDs were made available. The VCD was born.


The DVD was invented.

Undoubtedly, both TV and audio devices will play an increasingly important role in our future life. What other functions would you like them to have in the future?

c n e r e f re


Do you think we may have a TV-wall in the future?

1. You can obtain information quickly in a text by understanding the headings. 2. Think about the meanings: evolution, drawback, principle, delay construct, distribute, receiver, tube wind up, keep pace with, text massage keep in touch with, satellite dish

Now 2 mins to test your spelling. 1. English-Chinese wind up, receiver, component, portable, digital, cassette, adaptation 2. Chinese-English 演变,缺点,制造,存储,专利权, 转 播,怀疑的,百分比,预见 When finished, exchange your papers to see who does the best.

请点击 word图标

Quiz I: Fill in the blanks with words given in the box. (P5 Part E) constructed drawbacks percentage eventually delayed receiver foresaw

With the patent of the telephone in 1876, people could now have a conversation with each other over a long distance. Many foresaw that it would be engineers (1) _______ possible to send electrical signals through the atmosphere without relying on

telephone wires. Some important breakthroughs in the development of radio were made by Nikola Tesla in the USA in 1891. However, Tesla’s work had many (2) ___________. drawbacks The first real radio was (3) ____________ constructed by Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian, in 1896. Early radios just sent signals made up of dots and dashes. It was not until 1906 that adaptations were made so that radio could relay conversation and

music. Since people were sceptical that the public would want to hear radio broadcasts, the building of radio stations was (4) ________ delayed . Only a very small (5) __________ percentage of radio stations were built before 1920. however, most people had access to a radio (6) ________ receiver by the late 1920s and early 1930s. (7) __________, Eventually radio became the primary means of getting news and entertainment.

Quiz II: 认真阅读课文的Reading部分,并 根据所读内容在空格处填入最恰当的单词。 每空一词。 The evolution of video and sound devices Television Early history of TV ?In 1925, the first public TV broadcasts were made in the USA. ?In 1928, the first long-distance TV broadcast was made.

?Many people made (1) contributions ___________ to the development of TV. ?The years between 1928 and 1951 (2) __________ witnessed the development of color TV.
The modern age: satellite TV ?In 1962, satellites were used to broadcast TV. ?People who live far away from cities have (3) ________ access to TV signals with the help of satellite dishes.

Sound and video Early history of sound recorders ?In 1877, Edison first (4) recorded _______ a human voice. ?Emile Berliner invented a record player alternatives to tubes. using discs as (5) ____________
Sound and video recorders ?In 1928, the first tape recorders were made in Germany.

?In the early 1950s, tape recorders began using plastic tape instead of (6) ________ or steel paper tape.

Sound and video go digital ?In 1982, the first CDs were made (7) _________. available ?In 1993, the VCD was born and the DVD was invented in (8) _________. 1995

The future ?Nowadays sound and video can be stored on a PC, on the Internet, or using some portable storage. form of (9) _________ ?Technology is changing fast, and its beyond our imagination. future is (10) ________

Quiz III.根据短文内容和所给首字母提示, 补全所缺单词。 Thomas Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, on February 11, 1847. He is (1) h________ honored by people as “king of the invention of the world”. It is (2) e_________ extremely difficult to find anyone living today who has not (3) b________ benefited from his inventions. Almost everyone has at least seen an (4) electric e_________ light.

In the summer of 1869, the Western Union Telegraph Company asked Thomas Edison to improve a (5) d________ that was used to device send financial information. After he made improvements to the device, the several (6) i_____________ company paid him 40,000 dollars for his effort. This large (7) amount a________ of money (8) p________ Mr. Edison to start his own permitted company. He announced that the company would improve existing devices and also work on new inventions according to orders.

Edison was (9) o_________ occupied in thinking and creating new things all his life. It was all his hard work and great (10) a____________ that helped him win honor achievements from people all over the world.

Preview Word power about electronic and electrical goods on Pages 6 and 7 Preview Grammar and usage on Page 8

Homework 1. Read the passage again and review the new words and expressions. 2. 发挥想象,连词成文(50-100字). evolution, drawback, principle, delay, distribute, wind up, component, portable, digital foresee, patent, sceptical

Skimming and scanning

Skimming and scanning are two fast reading skills to help to browse text and extract the key points. The skills require practice, but once you have got the hang of them you’ll find you can get through a substantial amount of reading in quite a short time. These reading methods make it easier for you to grasp large amounts of material, especially when you're previewing. They are also useful when you don't need to know every word.

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