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趣味英语 一、常识题

常识 智力题 数学 语文 科普

这类考题一般都应从生活常识的角度去分析和考虑,并不需要作高深的探究,但也不 能被牵着鼻子走。例如: How long does it take to boil two eggs if it takes four and a half minutes to boil one egg? 不少考生的答案是: Nine minutes. 理由是煮一个鸡蛋要 4.5 分钟, 个鸡蛋则需 9 分钟。 2 其实,2 个鸡蛋一起煮也是 4.5 分钟。像这种简单的生活常识题,考生不能让人牵着鼻 子走,否则因把简单的题目看得过于复杂而丢分就太可惜了。又如:How many angles (角) are left if one angle is cut from a square (方形的) table? 此题答案是:Five (angles). 但有同学回答:Three (angles). 根据常识一张方形桌子,切去一个角,应该有 5 个角,而不是 4 - 1 = 3。 二语言知识题语言知识和应变能力有时要从句子本身或字形上分析,有时还涉及会意 如: What is the distance between the first letter and the last letter of “smiles”? 此题答案是: One mile. 问的是 smiles 这个单词中,第一个字母和最后一个字母之间的距离有多长, 即除去第一个和最后一个字母 s, 剩下的是 mile。 又如: What appears once in every minute, twice in every moment, but not once in thousand years? 此题答案为: The letter “m”. 问的 是在 minute 中出现一次,moment 中出现两次,而在 thousand years 中却一次也不出现 的是什么?考生如果仅从字面意思上理解,就会误以为题目是问:每分钟出现一次、 每一会儿出现两次,数千年却不出现的是什么?那问题就复杂了,答案也无从探究。 三、数学推理题 能力竞赛题中常常会出现数学知识(或叫数学推理)题,解题时需要运用到一定的数 学知识。命题形式可能是图表形式,也可能是提问形式。如:How many minutes is it before 12 noon, if 48 minutes ago it was twice as many minutes past 9 a.m.?(2006NEPCS 高二组初赛题) 这是一道难度不小的数学推理题,答案为:44 minutes. 因为 12 点整

的 44 分钟前为 11:16,而 11:16 的 48 分钟前为 10:28;9:00 + (44 ×2) = 10:28. 有时还 要运用到几何或代数知识, Find the ages of Mary, George, Alice, Claire and Stephen if 如: the sum of the ages of two of them all as follows:Mary + George = 33 years; Alice + Claire= 95 years; Stephen + Mary = 72 years; Mary+ Claire= 87 years; Stephen + George = 73 years. 此题可用代数法求出答案,即分别用 5 个字母代替题中的 5 个人写出等式: A + B = 33; C + D = 95; E + A = 72; A + D = 87; E + B = 73 可以求得:A = 16;B = 17; C = 24;D = 71;E = 56。 智力题与英语知识的结合 1.From what number can you take half and leave nothing? 2.what two word have thousands of letters in them? 3.what 5-letter word has 6 left when you take 2 letters away? 4.what kind of dog never bite? 5.where does afternoon always come before morning? 6what is pronounced like one letter,written with three letters,and belongs to all animals? 7.what number gets bigger when you turn it upside down? 8.What day is two days before the day immediately following the day three days before the day two days after the day immediately before Friday? 9. My first in south but not in north.My second is in picture but not in film.My third is in fourth and also in worth.My fifth is in toe but not in sew.My sixth is in life but not in death.what am I? 10. What number gets bigger when you turn it upside down? 1,8 2,dictionary 3,sixth 4,hotdog 5,nowhere 6,eye 7,6 8,Tuesday

9. You a re



1. What letter is a body of water?C(sea) 2. What is it that found in the every center of America and Australia? 3. Why is a river rich? 4. Which letter is very useful to a deaf woman? 5. Which runs faster, heat or cold? Why? 6.下面是一道经典的英语填空题,注意,所有空格均为同一个单词: ____ is greater than God. ____ is more evil than the Devil. The poor need ____. The rich have ____. If you eat ____, you will die. 7. What number should replace(代替)the question mark? AVIATOR=6 FIXTURE=9 WIZARD=1 DIVERSE=? 8. What’s the Chinese for “six of one and half a dozen of the other?” A. 六分之一 B. 人云亦云 C.半斤八两 D.见一面分一半 9. What three letters turn a girl into a woman? A.SUN B. DAB C. EYE D.AGE 10. We don’t want it. It’s “a white elephant.” What is it?一件无用而累的东西 11.What’s too much for two and just right for one?

A. Time B. A secret C. friend D. A room 12. What’s the Chinese for “talk big”?吹牛 13. I know that from A to Z.从头到尾 14. You can’t do it. You can sue to Ann for help. A. ask B. think C. find D. give 15.What’s that? That’s a lily I like it very much. A. girl’s name B. flower C. picture D. cup KEY: 2. R is in the center of America and Australia 3. Cause it has a lot of banks 4. I(eye) 5. because we can “catch 8. C 9. D 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. B 14. A 15. B

cold”,so the answer is heat 6. Gold(money) 7. 1

1."walls have ears" means______. (10 分) A.墙上有洞 B.隔墙有耳 C.震耳欲聋 D.耳聪目明

2.—Who's the boy in the hat? (10 分) A.戴着帽子 B.在帽子上 C.拿着帽子 D.带着帽子

3."Speak like a book." means______ (10 分) A.背书 B.像书一样说话 C.咬文嚼字 D.望文生义

4."Practise in pairs." means______ (10 分) A.两人练习 B.两人表演 C.组成小组 D.三人游戏

5.She's a green hand. "green hand" means______. (10 分) A.老手 B.新手 C.绿手 D.热手

6."ten to one"means______. (10 分) A.很可能 B.不可能 C.有点可能 D.十分之一

7."Like father, like son." means______ (10 分) A.父子一样 B.像父亲,又像儿子 C.有其父必有其子 D.喜欢父亲也喜欢儿子

8."a lucky dog" means______. (10 分) A.幸运狗 B.幸运儿 C.可爱的狗 D.人见人爱

9.He is a yes-man. I don't like him. (10 分) A.说一不二的人 B.唯唯若若的人 C.总有理的人 D.坚强的人

10.Look out!A car is coming. "Look out!"means ______. (10 分) A.白外看! a new stamp B.看呀! 听音判断题 C.看外面 D.小心!

1、There are three planes in the sky.2、Li Lei is at home now. 3、Mary’s father is a doctor.4、Today is Monday.5、The students are in the car. 补全故事 My name _____ Lily. I’m a _____ girl. I’m _____Beijing. I’m in Changjiang Primary ______. I’m in ______1,Grade 6. I like singing and ______. I like ______,too. I ______hard at my lessons. 阅读理解 It’s a sunny day. The sun is smiling. The bird and butterflies are dancing now. My grandma has a book under her arm. She is wearing glasses today. Her shoes are under

the bed. There is a photo over her bed. There are T-shirt on her bed, too. The clock is new. But the vase is old. My cat is sleeping now. The telephone is ringing. Oh, look at, my bag and ruler are on the floor! 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) 。 1、Today is Sunday. 2、My grandma is dancing now. 3、The shirts are on her bed. 4、The clock is new and the vase is old. 5、My ruler is on the floor. 智力题 1、Do you know what letter is a kind of drink? 2、Would you show me the map,please?(找出一种水果) 猜成语 1、Ask for the moon. 2、The apple of parents’ eyes. 3、Love me, love my dog. 英文脑筋急转弯和英文奥数题 1.Have you heard the saying: what goes up must come down? Well what goes up and never goes down? 2.You can see it, but you can't touch it. It may disappear, but has never really left you. It grows throughout the day. 3. What common English verb becomes its own past tense by rearranging its letters?

4. What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? 5. What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in? (

6. Light as a feather, there is nothing in it; the strongest man can't hold it for much more than a minute? 答案: 1.your age 2.shadow3.Eat or Ate 4.a river 5.a keyboard 6.breath ◆here are 49 birds and hares. A bird has two legs and a hare has four. There are 100 legs in all. So there are______birds and _______here 。 ◆下面是一道经典的英语填空题,注意,所有空格均为同一个单词. ____ is greater than God. ____ is more evil than the Devil. The poor have ____. The rich need ____. If you eat ____, you will die.


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