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〖04福建〗It was a pity that the great writer died with ____ his works unfinished. by myself. 〖05全国I〗No one helped me. I did it all _____ by chance. 〖05全国Ⅲ〗We hadn’t planned to meet. We met ______ 〖05上海〗John became a football coach in Sealion Middle School at ______ the beginning of March. by 〖06北京〗— When do we need to pay the balance? — ______ September 30. about 〖06辽宁〗People have always been curious ______ how living things on the earth exactly began. 〖06福建〗Sorry, Madam. You’d better come tomorrow because it’s beyond the visiting hours. _______ 〖06湖南〗Fred, who had expected how it would go with his daughter, on his mind. on one’s mind意为 “某人有心事, 担心” had a great worry _____ 〖06江苏〗This new model of car is so expensive that it is beyond _____ the reach of those with average incomes. in one’s mind在某人心里

对于, 至于, 关于(某事物)”, 如:set/fix a date for sth.确定做某事的日期。

〖07全国Ⅰ〗The manager suggested an earlier date forthe meeting. besides 〖07全国Ⅱ〗Some people choose jobs for other reasons _____ money these days. 〖07北京〗This is a junior school. You should go to a senior school for ___ girls of your age. for在此表示 “适于, 适合 〖07上海〗Leaves are found on all kinds of trees, but they differ greatly in ______size and shape. differ in在……方面不同;differ from与……不同。 〖07江西〗Scientists are convinced of __ the positive effect of on physical and mental health. be convinced of sth.坚信……; laughter_____ the effect on sth.对于……的影响 In 〖07湖南〗 the silence of the pauses, we could hear each other’s breathing and could almost hear our own heartbeats. 〖07四川〗Some students often listen to music between ____ classes to refresh themselves. against my opinion, the old professor didn’t 〖07福建〗Although _____ come up with his own. against one’s opinion反对某人的见解

as a 〖08全国Ⅰ〗Let’s learn to use the problem we are facing __ stepping stone to future success. 〖08全国Ⅱ〗Modern equipment and no smoking are two of the things about I like ______working here. 关于在这里工作, 我喜欢的两件事情是现代化设备 和禁止吸烟 〖08北京〗If you really have to leave during the meeting, you’d better by leave ____ the back door. 〖08安徽〗Fred entered without knocking and, very out of breath, sank into _______a chair. sink into a chair颓然坐在椅子上。 〖08湖南〗—When did you last hear from ____ Jay? on a time and place —He phoned me this morning, and we agreed _____ to meet. hear from收到……的来信;得知某人的消息agree on sth.在……方面取得一致意见 〖08陕西〗Elizabeth has already achieved success beyond _____ her wildest dreams. beyond one’s wildest dreams表示 “大大超出某人的预料” by the way he treats 〖08福建〗A great man shows his greatness ____ by能表示 “通过……方式” little men. with 〖08福建〗You have no idea how she finished the relay race ____ her foot wounded so much. with+复合宾语结构 to 〖08辽宁〗I like Mr. Miner’s speech; it was clear and ___ the point.
to the point中肯, 切题

这个地区的白酒业以一种特殊的方式在发展着, 具有很少的外国所有权。with具有, 带有, 表伴随。

〖09北京〗The wine industry in the area has developed in a special with little foreign ownership. way, ____ by name, 〖10江西〗Nowadays some hospitals refer to patients ______ not case number. 如今有些医院是以姓名来查阅患者的,而不是凭病例编号(去查 询的)。by name按姓名 along the tree-lined 〖10上海〗Sean has formed the habit of jogging_____ avenue for two hours every day. against 〖10天津〗My father warned me______going to the West Coast sb. against doing sth. 相当于warn sb. because it was crowded with tourists. warn not to do sth, 意思是 “警告某人不要干某事” against big tree. 〖10四川〗Tired, Jim was fast asleep with his back________a on 〖10辽宁〗I agree to his suggestion ______the condition that he drops all charges. 条件是, 以……为条件 〖10北京〗Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are ________everyone’s enjoyment. for enjoyment为了寻求乐趣 for 〖10重庆〗The dictionary is what I want, but I don’t have enough with money _________ me. I don’t have enough money with me 意思是我没有随身

【2011北京卷 35】With new technology, pictures of underwater valleys can be take ______ color. In color表示“使用彩色” in 【2011上海卷 25】Graduation is a good time to thank those who have helped you through ______ the tough years. 【2011山东卷 30】I’m sorry I didn’t phone you, but I’ve been very over/in busy_____ the past couple of weeks. 【2011安徽卷 25】Sometimes proper answers are not far to to food safety problem. seek______ 【201 1浙江卷 5】I always wanted to do the job which I’d been trained for ______. for表示目的,意为“为了…” 【2011四川卷 8】Nick, it’s good for you to read some books on ______China before you start your trip there. above 【2011天津卷 11】He was a good student and scored _________ average in most subjects.above average高于平均数;below average低于平均数;on average平均起来,一般说来 【2011重庆卷 24】Shirley, a real book lover, often brings home many from books to read __________ the library.

for 【2012福建卷】33. Nothing is so easy as_______parents raise their expectations of their children too high. 【2012浙江卷】6. of ____all the animals I've ever had, these two dogs arc the most sensitive to the spoken word. 【2012安徽卷】25. You can change your job, you can move house, but for friendship is meant to be ____ life. for life表示“一辈子,终生” 【2012辽宁卷】27. The Well Hotel stands in a quiet place off ___ the main road a t the far end of the lake. off “离开...,隔着...”,表示与……隔着一定 的距离 【2012陕西卷】11.An agreement seems to be impossible because against it. the majority of the committee members are ________ 【2012北京卷】34. Do you think this shirt is too tight across ____ the too tight across ...是固定搭配,“两个肩膀之间太紧”的意思。 shoulders? be across 有“跨过”(两个肩膀)之意 at which water will 【2012全国II】16. 100℃ is the temperature ______ boil.

with Dr. Smith, but I need (2013北京)26. I have an appointment ______ to change it. (2013安徽)22 Before you pay a visit to a place of interest, look in your for local library _________ a book about it. for (2013山东)34. The Smiths are praised _______ the way the y bring up their children. against (2013新课标Ⅰ)34.It was a real race time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it. a race against time是固定短语,意思是“和时间赛跑” (2013 上海)25. — I'm looking for a nearby place for my holiday. Any good idea? within easy reach of the city. — How about the Moon Lake? It is ______ within easy reach of意思是“在…附近,距离…不远”

(2014北京卷)23. Jane is in a hurry because the train to the in half an hour. airport leaves _______ by which you (2014大纲卷)29. September 30 is the day ______ must pay your bill. (2014江西卷)33. It is unbelievable that Mr. Lucas leads a simple despite life _______his great wealth . (2014陕西卷)14. The Scottish girl with _____ blue eyes won the first prize in the Fifth Chinese Speech Contest. (2014浙江卷 )17. People won’t pay attention to you when they for still have a lot of ideas of their own crying _______ expression.

cry for..迫切需要

介词 (1) Bill insisted in staying near the car. (in 改为 on,insist on 为固定搭配) (全国卷) (2) Suddenly we caught sight at a car and some men. (at 改为 of,catch sight of是习语,意为“看见”) (全国卷) (3) When I have free time I go a long walk. (go 后加 for,go for a walk 是习语) (全国卷) (4) When they came down the police were angry to them. (to 改为 with,要表示对某人生气,英语习惯上用be angry with sb) (全国卷) (5) Most people can quickly get for help from a doctor or go to a hospital since they are ill. (去掉 for,因其前的 get 是及物动词) (全国卷)

(6) …and some books, for example, books for history, science, cooking and gardening are also popular. (books for 改为 books on,此处的 on 意为“关于”) (全国卷) (7) I never knew about a ride down a river could be so exciting. (去掉 about 或将 about 改为 that,因动词 knew 后可直接跟宾语从 句,无需用介词) (全国卷) (8) It was very kind for them to meet me at the railway station. (for 改为 of,注意句型 It‘s kind of sb to do sth) (全国卷) (9) In fact, they are planning to visit China in next year. (去掉 in,在由 next, this, last 等构成的时间短语中,一般可直接 用作时间状语,无需加 in, on, at 这样的介词) (全国卷) (10) We practise for three times every week. (去掉 for,在表示频率的名词前通常不加介词) (全国卷)

(11) We must keep in mind that we play for the team instead ourselves. (instead 后加 of,instead of 为复合介词,在此表示“而不是”) (全国卷) (12) Unfortunately, there are too many people among my family. (among 改为 in,in my family 意为“在我家里”) (全国卷) (13) I was happy with any programme but the others spent a lot time arguing…( a lot 后加 of,因 a lot 不能直接修饰名词) (全国卷) (14) Thanks very much on inviting me to your birthday party on Sunday. (on 改为 for,thanks for doing sth 意为“因某事而感谢某人”) (北京春季卷) (15) So I‘m really sorry that I won’t be able to come in this time. (去掉 in,因 this time 可直接用作状语) (北京春季卷)

(16) …but we do not seem to get much time to talk about together. (去掉 about,因 about 后没有接宾语,about 属多余) (全国卷) (17) For instance, on one night he played strong and loud music till four o‘clock in the morning. (去掉 on,因 one night 可直接用作状语) (北京春季卷) (18) I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow. (去掉 at,the moment 在此用作连词,相当于 as soon as) (全 国卷) (19) His parents asked him to spend in more time preparing for the college entrance examination. (去掉 in,spend 是及物动词,其后可直接跟名词作宾语) (安 徽春季卷) (20) I feel sorry to him. (to 改为 for,be / feel sorry for sb 意为“为某人感到难过”) (安 徽春季卷)

(21) Because so much viewing, children may not develop the habit of reading and the ability to enjoy themselves. (Because 后加 of,因 so much viewing 相当于名词) (北京春季卷) (22) On one year the average child will see 25,000 television commercials… (On 改为 In,意为“在一年中”) (北京春季卷) (23) The main problem was in that I always thought in Chinese… (去掉 that 前的 in,was 后是一个以 that 引导的宾语从句,in 是多 余的) (全国卷) (24) I‘m sure they will laugh to me and see me as a fool. So I feel unhappy every day. (to 改为 at,laugh at 意为“嘲笑”) (全国卷) (25) You can find all kinds information in just a few minutes on the Internet. (kinds 后加 of,a kind of 意为“一种……”,all kinds of…意为“各种各 样的……”) (广西卷)

(26) But I have spent lots my money, … (lots后加of,lots / a lot后不能接名词;后接名词时, 要用lots of…,a lot of…) (四川卷) (27) …you will probably want to join in the Stamp Collectors‘ Club… (去掉 in,表示“参加,加入”某个组织,join 后不要再 加介词 in;表示“参加”某项活动时,才加 in) (浙江 卷) (28) We have a lot on common and have a lot to talk about. (on 改为 in,因为 have sth in common 是固定搭配, 意为“有共同的……”) (福建卷)

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