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【教材全解】2014-2015学年高中英语外研版选修六训练营:M2 黄金单选]

外研版 第六册 模块 2 黄金单选 1 21. ------- “I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her.” ------“_______. It was her fault.” A. No way B. Not possible C. No chance D. Not at all 22. ______was kn

own to them all that William had broken his promise______ he would give each of them a gilt A. As, which B. What, that C. It , that D. It , which 23. “Oh, how fat he is!” “But I think he is __________than fat.” A. short B. shorter C. more short D. shortest 24. We were just about to leave_______ it started to snow. A. when B. before C. after D. since 25. The dish_____ nice , but the milk _____ sour. A. is smelt , is smelt B. is smelt , smells C. smells , is smelt D. smells , smells 26. I offered Susan the medicine for cough , but perhaps I ______ to take it. A. had to tell her B. must have told her C. ought to tell her D. should have told her 27. _________the year 2008 draws near, the construction of Olympic sites is catching the attention of the public. A. So long as B. As C. Once D. Whether 28. Certainly , you can get ______you are after by hard work. A. that B. where C. what D. some 29. My money ______. I’d better go to the bank to draw some of my savings out in case I have none in hand. A. has run out B. is running out C. has been run out D. is running out of 30. ------ When shall we start? ------ Let’s _____ it 8:30. Is that all right for you? A. set B. meet C. make D. take 31. ----- What’s made you so upset ? ---- ______ three tickets to the pop music concert.. A. Lost B. Losing C. Because of losing D. Since I lost 32. In western countries , oranges and apples are sold by____ weight while eggs are usually sold by_____ dozen. A. the ,the B. \ , a C. \ , the D. the , a 33. ---- Are you sure he is able to do the job well? ---- _____he would give his mind to it. A. In case B. Until C. If only D. Unless 34. ---- Was ______Jane? ---- Yes, it was_____ who phoned.. A. she , her B. it , she C. that , her D. her , she 35. So difficult _____ it to live in English-speaking country that I determined to learn English well. A. I have felt B. have I felt C. I did feel D. did I feel 参考答案 ACCAD DBCBC BCCBD 外研版 第六册 模块 2 黄金单选 2 21. Lianzhan said that people in Taiwan and Mainland must try hard to understand each other, and ______ misunderstanding. A. do away B. do up C. clear away D. clear up 22. _______ of us is perfect; we all may make mistakes.

A. Both B. None C. Neither D. All 23. He narrowly missed being seriously hurt, if not______, by the explosion. A. killed B. being killed C. be killed D. to be killed 24. Susan ______for three years to be a computer analyst but found her progress discouraging . A. has worked B. worked C. had worked D. was working 25. Few people paid full attention to their health conditions _____ they were seriously ill. A. when B. if C. until D. before 26. As ______ humorous people, _______ British like playing a joke on others. A. the; 不填 B. 不填; the C. a; the D. the; the 27. I have to collect ______ about the topic before I start writing the book. A. a few more materials B. a few more material C. a little more materials D. a little more material 28. No one can walk the wire without a bit of fear unless ____ very young. A. having been trained B. trained C. to be trained D. being trained 29. By using your eyes you can tell the direction _____ light comes. A. in which B. from which C. with which D. on which 30. --- Could you tell me what he said just now? --- Sorry, I ______ what was going on outside. A. had thought B. was thinking C. thought D. think 31. -- Has Mary finished writing her article? -- No, and it _____ before class was over. A. should be finished B. should finish C. should have finished D. ought to have been finished 32. As is generally agreed, a family without love is not _____ a family as a body without soul in a man. A. such B. as much of C. so much of D. much of 33. --- I want to be alone right now! Get the picture? --- _______. A. Yes, I like it very much B. Fine! I’ll leave, then. C. That’ll do. D. Yes, I’ll take it. 34. Only after the second tower of the World Trade Centre did people know it was not an accident, but an attack of some kind. A. had hit B. did fall C. was hit D. was fallen 35. The villagers, _________ had been damaged by the flood, were given help by the Red Cross. A. all of their homes B. all their homes C. whose all homes D. all of whose homes 参考答案 21-25 DBACC 26-30CDBBB 31-35 DCBCD

外研版 第六册 模块 2 黄金单选 3 21. — I'd rather go to the Blue Moon Restaurant because I prefer soft music while eating. — _________ Loud music makes me tense. A. My pleasure. B. How so? C. At your service. D. Me too! 22. Signnatel Inc, ______ world's largest maker of controller chips for MP3 players, is set to establish _______ new R & D centre in Hong Kong and open two sales offices on China's mainland. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; a 23. It is reported that some mainland visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland didn't _______ the park rules and behaved improperly.

A. get across B. keep to C. take up D. make up 24. The main cause of HIV / AIDS infection in China is drug abuse, ______ is very serious in Yunnan. A. what B. who C. that D. which 25. The _____, I think, he drew from his simple experiment is not scientific. A. conclusion B. charge C. promise D. relation 26. The man ____ of shooting 16 schoolchildren was returned to Anhui Province police on Friday following his arrest by Beijing police, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday. A. suspected B. suspecting C. being suspected D. to be suspected 27. In1994, China began collecting income tax from citizens earning more than 800 Yuan per month but only 1% people were earning more than _______; now about 60% earn the amount. A. this B. these C. those D. that 28. Scientists photographed for the first time ever _____ wild gorillas used a stick to test the depth of a pool before getting into it, according to a recent study. A. which B. what C. that D. when 29. — Is the man our sales-manager? — No, it ______ not be him he never plays cards. A. must B. can C. will D. may 30. — What do you think of Zhang LiangYing's English songs? — Very attractive and lively. Almost no other Super Girls can sing _____ at present, I think. A. well B. best C. better D. the best 31. — Ten dollars, please! — How terrible! I ______ bringing my wallet with me. A. was forgetting B. forgot C. had forgotten D. am forgetting 32. — Did you know any Chinese, Joyce, before you arrived in Beijing? — In fact, never _______ it. A. have I learned B. I have learned C. had I learned D. I had learned 33. There's no bus now, and we can't get home _______ by taxi. A. rather than B. other than C. more than D. less than 34. It ______ quite correct that happiness comes from thinking about things in a positive way. A. has turned out B. has been turned out C. is turning out D. is turned out 35. In the 19th century the government _____ land to settlers willing to take care of it. A. advocated B. separated C. divided D. distributed


21.D 考查交际用语。从空格后的答语知答话人也喜欢轻音乐,两人有共同的爱好,即都喜 欢轻音乐,故选 D 项。 22.A 考查冠词。Sigmatel Inc 是世界上最大的 MP3 控制芯片制造商,最高级形容词前应用 the;后一空指将要于香港创立一个新研发中心,散用不定冠词 a。 23.B 考查短语动词.A 项为“传播,使理解”,B 项为“遵守”;C 项为“从事,拿起,占据”: D 项为“组成,弥补,化妆”。结合题意知 B 项符合语境要求。 24.D 考查定语从句。which 引导一个非限制性定语从句。原句出自 China Daily。 25.A 考查名词区别及动词搭配。这里构成“draw a conclusion”短语。 26. A 考查非谓语动词。 过去分词短语 suspected of shooting 16 schoolchildren 作 the man 的后 置定语. 27.D 考查代词。原句出自关于中国将提高个人收入所得税起征额的一则新闻报道。用 that 指代前文出现的金额——800 元。句意为:“中国于 1994 年起征个人收入所得税,当时仅有 1%的人月收入超过 800 元,而今有 60%左右的人月薪超过 800 元。” 28.C 考查名词性从句。以 that 引导的宾语从句,充当 photographed 的宾语。科学家近期首 次发现野生大猩猩在进入水池之前先用一根木棒测量水的深度,科学家拍摄到了这些场 面。 29.B 考查情态动词用法。这里表否定推测,故用 can。 30.C 考查副词比较级。这里把张靓颖与其他超女比较,故用比较级,因前有否定词 no,整 个句子表达最高级含义。 31.B 考查动词时态。从“How terrible!”知忘记带钱包了,故用过去时态。 32.C 考查倒装句及时态。 33.B 考查副词短语.B 项意为“除……外”,符合题意。 34.A 考查短语辨析动词。turn out 这里作连系动词用,是不及物动词,故不用进行时态, 也不能用被动语态。 35.D 考查动词辨析.distribute 意为“分发、分配、分送”.

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