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(模块三 Unit 1)
一、根据句子意思选择方框内合适的词组,并用其正确形式填空。 in sight; wish for; reach out; the North Pole; roll up; pay back; come to one’s aid; mistake…for…; watch out for; reach into .

1. She had an accident and was trapped in her car. Luckily two passers-by 2. She is thinking how 3. Paul 4. You must be 5. 7. Mother 8. She 9. It’s no use her (=repay) the support from her friends. his pocket to get the cell phone. her sister. They are twins. . (=mind) the stairs – they are rather narrow and steep. her hand to wipe the tears on my cheek. her sleeves and began to wash clothes. the impossible. .

6. If you take the kids to the park, always remember to keep them

10. Polar bear, a big white bear, lives near

二、根据句意, 选用方框内所给动词的适当形式填空。(注意时态、语态、非谓语动词) hesitate; attach; confuse; forecast; approach; grasp; roll; glance; stare; hold 1. With spring 2. I’m totally 3. They’ve 4. Mary appears / seems mind. 5. Please 6. You have to 7. The dog enjoyed himself 8. The bus didn’t arrive on time. Tony waited, 9. The man 10. a photo to your application form. (=seize, take hold of) the rope with both hands. on the grass. at his watch from time to time. the door open as he noticed an old woman came up behind him. into the distance for a while can make the eyes feel relaxed. (=lower≠increase) the rent by ten per cent. [(吸着气)闻,嗅] the cool and fresh (小声说,低语) about over there? (惊慌). We’ll soon get you out of there. (观察) that 40 percent of patients had high blood pressure. (流汗) like a pig after the marathon. (鲨鱼) with great (颌,嘴) on the (柱子,杆) and stopped. , the weather is getting warmer and warmer. . Can you explain that again? (=predict) fog tomorrow morning. about this matter. She can’t make up her

三、根据句意、首字母、或中文提示填词,要求意思通顺,语法搭配正确。 1. To our surprise, the landlady r 2. While walking in the woods, I morning air deeply. 3. What are you two 4. Don’t 5. It was 6. I was 7. I dislike the design of a __________ (花瓶). 8. The (<英>卡车=<美>truck) hit a lamp1

9. I attended a friend’s funeral in a black 10. Kate remained and 11. He turned as someone 12. A 13. I tried to keep 14. The

(一套衣服). (自愿) for the clean-up after the party. (轻拍=hit or touch lightly) him on the shoulder.

(十字路口) is a place where roads cross. (镇静) and just (售票员) says the bus (不理会, 对…视而不见) him. (票价) have gone up by 20%. (相反的=opposite) to the public interest. (珠宝). (三角形) and a pair of ___________ (闪电) frightens me. (人行道=sidewalk) outside (大衣) for the new year.

15. The government’s actions are 16. The diamond ring is my most valuable piece of 17. You need to use a ruler to draw a (圆规) to draw a circle. 18. I don't mind her house. 20. My parents bought me a pair of 四、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. She asked me the question with a 2. He spent two nights under close 3. during the weekend. (like) (雷), but 19. A small group of journalists waited on the

(靴子) and an

expression on her face. (puzzle) in hospital. (observe)

most of the teachers, our English teacher never gives us any homework loss in some teenagers. (hear) . (dark) . . (distant)

4. Listening to loud music at rock concerts has caused 5. The lamp suddenly went out, leaving us in (disabled) 7. She watched the train until it was only a 8. I gave a sigh of 10. Shopping via the Internet is an 11. The job involves gathering and 12. Science graduates are facing less 13. The weather forecast said it would be 14. I am 15. We are 9. Lake Green is one of the biggest tourist

6. In this school special courses are offered to those with sight/hearing/speech (点, 小圆点) in the in this country. (attract) idea for most young people. (attract) data. (analysis) pressure than arts graduates. (employ) the next morning. (fog)

when I heard that he came back safe and sound. (relieve)

about losing my job. (anxiety) that we can find a solution to the problem. (hope)

五、根据句意,选择合适的单词填空。 mist; sign; nowhere; overhead; wave; flesh; wherever; grateful; soldier; beard 1. The mountains were hidden in . 2. (=no matter where) you go, I will follow you. 3. The poor old woman has to live. 4. A plane flew . 5. A has been set up by the lake, saying ‘No swimming’. 6. He sat on a stone and watched the breaking on the shore. 7. A fat person has a great deal of . 8. As we approached the city, a policeman told us that all

to the airport

were blocked. 9. Two British were wounded in the fighting. 10. Some Japanese men like to wear moustache instead of 六、同义表达,每空一词。 1. He set his dog loose, and now he can’t find it anywhere. He encouraged me a lot. I am very care and _______________ . (=thankful) to my English teacher his dog, and now it is to be



2. I can never express my thanks to my English teacher, who cared about me very much and giving me much

3. When we learn English, we should pay more attention to the different meanings of the same word. We can never word I’m It was at the crossroads It is highly too much importance to the different meanings of the same learning English. convinced that these pills will I you of your headache.

4. I’m quite sure that these pills will provide pain relief for your headache. 5. I ran into my former class teacher at the crossroads yesterday. across my former class teacher yesterday. about the matter. 6. He probably knew nothing about the matter. that he was kept in the

七、单项选择题 1. The film star wears sunglasses. Therefore, he can go shopping without ______.(2014 北京卷) A. recognizing B. being recognized C. having recognized D. having been recognized 2. Alexander tried to get his work _______in the medical circles. (2009 辽宁卷) A. to recognize B. recognizing C. recognize D. recognized 3. I was surprised by her words, which made me what silly mistakes I had made. (2005 湖南卷) A. recognize B. realized C. to know D. understanding 4. In peace, too, the Red Cross is expected to send help there is human suffering. (2006 江西卷) A. whoever B. wherever C.whatever D.however 5. Facing up to your problem rather than running away from them is the best to working things out. (2014 浙江卷) A. approach B. means C. method D. way 6. —How about eight o' clock outside the cinema? —That _______ me fine. (2004 全国卷) A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits 7. When she , she found herself in the hospital. A. woke up; laying B. woke up; laid C. came to; lying D. came to; lay 8. Her shoes ______ her dress; they look very well together. A. suit B. fit C. compare D. match 9. _____him and then try to copy what he does.(1999 全国卷) A. Glance at B. Stare at C. Glare at D. Watch

10. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was _______. (2008 天津卷) A. out of sight B. out of reach C. out of order D. out of place 11. ________ twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog. (2009 北京卷) A. Being bitten B. Bitten C. Having bitten D. To be bitten 12. Thousands of foreigners were _______ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. (2010 江苏卷). A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached 13. Parents and children should communicate more to ________the gap between them so that they can understand each other better. (2012 天津卷) A. open B. narrow C. widen D. loosen 14. His writing is so that it’s difficult to out what it is he is trying to express. (2011 安徽卷) A. confused, point B. confused, find C. confusing, pick D. confusing, make 15. Last week a tennis ball hit me on the head, but I tried to _______ the pain, believing that it would go away sooner or later. (2014 浙江卷) A. reduce B. tap C. ignore D. overlook 16. The final score of the basketball match was 93-94.We were only ______ beaten.(2007 天津) A. nearly B. slightly C. narrowly D. lightly 17. Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and ________ to ruins, the city took on a new look. (2013 江苏卷) A. reducing B. reduced C. being reduced D. having reduced 18. —Don’t worry, Mum. The doctor said it was only the flu. — ________! I’ll tell Dad there’s nothing serious. (2012 江苏卷) A. What a relief B. Congratulations C. How surprising D. I’m so sorry 19. Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still__________ the traditional customs. (2008 湖北卷) A. perform B. possess C. observe D. support 20. Having worked for a whole day, he was very tired. in bed, he fell asleep. A. As B. Once C. If D. Unless 21. It suddenly occurred to him he had left his keys in the office. (2012 江西卷) A. whether B. where C. which D. that 22. Everyone in the village is very friendly. It doesn’t matter ________ you have lived there for a short or a long time. (2012 湖南卷) A. why B. how C. whether D. when 23. Having checked the doors were closed, and _________ all the lights were off, the boy opened the door to his bedroom. (2007 湖南卷) A. why B. that C. when D. where 24. One reason for her preference for city life is she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. (2010 上海卷) A. that B. how C. what D. why 25. The notice came around two in the afternoon _______ the meeting would be postponed. (2012 江苏卷) A. when B. that C. whether D. how


(模块三 Unit 1)

一、1. came to her aid 6. in sight 二、1. approaching 7. rolling 三、1. reduced jaws, vase calm; ignore compasses 2. to pay back 3. reached into 4. mistaking…for 5. Watch out for 8. rolled up 3. forecast 9. wishing for 4. To be hesitating 10. Staring 6. sweating 7. shark, 13. 10. the North Pole 5. attach 6. grasp 7. reached out 2. confused

8. glancing 2. sniffed

9. held (使保持某种状态)

3. whispering 4. panic 5. observed 9. suit

8. lorry, pole

10. volunteered 11. tapped 12. crossroads 15. contrary 16. jewellery

14. conductor; fares 18. thunder; lightning

17. triangle,

19. pavement 20. boots, overcoat 4. hearing 5. darkness 6. disabilities

四、1. puzzled 2. observation 7. dot; distance 12. employment 五、1. mist 8. relief 13. foggy

3. Unlike

9. attractions 14. anxious

10. attractive 15. hopeful 5. sign

11. analysing/ analyzing

2. Wherever

3. nowhere 9. soldiers

4. overhead 10. beard

6. waves

7. flesh

8. approaches (主要)通路 六、1. loosed, nowhere, found 4. firmly, relieve

2. grateful, for, encouragement 6. likely, dark

3. attach, in

5. that, came

七、1—5: BDABA 6—10: DCDDA 11—15: BCBDC 16—20: CCACB 21—25: DCBAB (21—25 考查本单元语法——名词性从句)


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