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高中英语必修一 unit5 warming up and pre-reading

Unit 5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero
Warming speaking and pre-reading

Words about qualities:
active 积极的,活跃的 careful 办事仔细的 confident 有信心的 easy-going 随和的 devoted 忠实的 friendly 友好的 strong-willed 意志坚强的 tireless 孜孜不倦的 calm镇静的 lovely 可爱的 handsome 帅气的

hard-working 勤劳的 honest 诚实的 intelligent 理解力强的 wise 明智的 warm-hearted 热心的 brave 勇敢的 selfless无私的 generous 慷慨的 reliable 可信赖的 responsible 负责的 sincere 真诚的 willing to help 助人的 determined 坚定的

lazy 懒惰的 cruel 残酷的 mean 吝啬的 unkind刻薄的 stubborn顽固的 selfish 自私的

Q1: What kind of people do you think are they?

They are________ people

They are__________ people

Famous people are aso great people ? great famous Great people are also famous people ?

Jay Chow


林浩 (救灾小英雄) 男,9岁半 汶川县映秀镇渔子溪小学学生 在汶川大地震发生的那一刻,9岁的林浩 临危不惧,他爬出废墟后并没有逃离,而 是再次钻到废墟里开始救助自己的同学。 他艰难地把两名同学背出了废墟,自己也 受了伤。他的班上共有10人被救,其中两 个是他救的。

被问到为什么要这么做时,林浩说: “我是班长。如果其他同学都没有了,要 你这个班长有什么用呢?” 6月27日,林浩被授予“抗震救灾英雄少 年”的称号。 8月8日北京奥运会开幕式上,中国代表 团旗手姚明的身旁走着另外一位小“旗 手”——来自四川地震灾区汶川县映秀小 学的学生林浩,他的头上,还有地震带来 的伤痕。


出教室,所幸学生安然无事。之后, 他“洋洋自得”地在天涯论坛上发表 了一篇《那一刻地动山摇》的帖子, 而且在文章最后表白:“在这种生死 抉择的瞬间,

我,其他的人,哪怕是我的母亲,在这 种情况下我也不会管的。” 此文一出,引来一片哗然,大部分网友 骂毕业于北京大学历史系的他是地震中 “最无耻教师”,应该除名,并讥讽他 为“范跑跑”。少部分网友则认为这是 他的自由,不应该开除。

学校校长卿光亚承受着外界巨大压力, 在是否开除“范跑跑”的问题上,仍没 有做出最终决定,只是让他停课在家。

What’s difference between famous people and great people?
What did they do? (1) go through many struggles and difficulties (2) selflessly give up something (3) make great contributions(贡献) to society (4) sacrifice to fight for the freedom or the rights

A great person is someone who_______ his/her life devotes to helping others A famous person is a well-known person who works harder at their jobs and makes a huge success. Most great people are also famous people, but famous people may not be great People.

Is he a great person?

Q1: What makes you think that are great? What qualities does a great person have? (品质)
(1) never lose heart when in great trouble (2) be willing to do public service (3) be active in social activities ….

Q2: What adjs would you use to describe a great person?
hard- working lazy friendly cruel warm- hearted mean active generous easy- going reliable unkind brave selfish stubborn selfless devoted handsome nice honest famous calm lovely

I think ….. I believe…..

Giving opinion

In my opinion, …… To my understanding,

selfless determined generous

hard-working brave qualities confident of the great devoted kind people easy-going helpful

warm-hearted responsible honest independent broad-and-open minded

Read the information about these six men . Discuss if they were/are great men. Give reasons.

Asking for opinions
● What

Giving opinion

do you think of ….? ● What is your opinion ? ● What are you ideas? ● Do you have any thoughts on that? ● How do you feel about that ?

think/ I don’t think ….. ● I believe/ I don’t believe…..

feel that…/I don’t feel that. ● In my opinion, ……
● To

my understanding,

A: What do you think of these men? B: In my opinion, _______ is a great person, because he ________

Who can be called a great person?
A great person is someone who is devoted to helping In my opinion… others. I think …

To my understanding… I feel that…

Are these famous people also great people?








He wrote the Bible in English so all could read it. He died for his ideas but his work was is still used in the official Bible today.
William Tyndale (1494-1536), Britain

William Tyndale believes that the Bible should be able to be read by everyone. So he made it his life’s work to translate the Bible from ancient Greek and Hebrew into easily readable English for the people of his time. But he was caught and put into prison and died for this ideas and beliefs.

After his death, the Bible was published in English and 80% of it was the work of William Tyndale.

Norman Bethune

He fought against the German Nazis and Japanese invaders during World War II

He saved many Chinese soldiers.
fight against: 为反对….而战

Norman Bethune was a Canadian, a Communist, and also a doctor. He supported the Chinese and went to help their army as a doctor and to train other doctors. He invented mobile field hospital units. Unfortunately, he got blood poisoning while working in China and died there.

Sun Yat-sen

He founded the first Republic in China .He believed in the three principles.

He founded the first Republic in China in1911 after many years’ fighting.

He strongly believed in the
three principles: nationalism(民族); people’s rights;(民权) people’s livelihood(民生). (1) found : 建立 (2) believe in : 信任

(3) principle :原则

basic general truth

He gave up a rich life for his ideas and fought for his country to be free from the UK in a peaceful way.
(1) give up :放弃

(2) fight for:为….而战
(3) peaceful : 和平的

Nelson Mandela , South Africa
He fought for the black people and was in prison for thirty years. He helped the black people to get the same right as white people.
be in prison:在监狱里

1.He was chosen as the first black president of South Africa.

2.He was sentenced to imprisonment because he fought for black people.
3. He was given the Nobel Prize for peace in 1993.

a modern hero

让所有人得享正义。 让所有人得享和平。 让所有人得享工作、 面包、水、盐分。

Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.

He was the first man to land on the moon in July 1969 "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong

Yang Liwei
He is an astronaut(宇航员)in China. He is the first astronaut piloting a spacecraft (航天器), traveling in the space on board Shenzhou-5 in 2003.

Read the information about these six men . Discuss if they were/are great men. Give reasons.
Names Tyndale Bethune SunYat-sen Gandhi Mandela Armstrong What he did His qualities Is he a great man?Why?

Discuss the topic in groups: What will you do in order to be a good student?

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