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2014 黄埔二模语法 (A) Since my retirement from teaching music in 2001, I have spent a good deal of time 25. ______ (paint) as an artist. I actually began drawing in the summer of 1995 when my father died, so perhaps I was trying to recover 26. _____ the loss of my father, or maybe it was just paintings 27. _____ brought back memories of him. In any case, I drew pen and ink animals and landscapes much influenced by Krenkel and St. John for five years. For some strange reason, I had been waiting until my retirement to start doing watercolors again, but 28. _____ _____ ______ I walked out of the school door for the last time, I picked up my brushes and rediscovered Andrew Wyeth, who quickly became my favorite artist. I had looked through all the art books I had on my shelves and found his watercolors to be 29. _____ (close) to how I thought good watercolors should look. So I painted landscapes around Minnesota for three years and tried out many other types of painting. However, watercolors remained my first choice, and I think I did my best work there, 30. _____ (display) my paintings at a number of art shows.

It is wonderful to have some time doing 31. _____ I want to do. As Confucius once said, ―At seventy I can follow my heart‘s desire.‖ (B) In the last decade, research 32. _____ (show) that resistance exercise can help numerous disease states, including depression. You can improve your overall health just by watching your weight and taking walks in the neighborhood. But 33. _____ you want to improve your fitness — look better, maximize health, have more energy, prevent injuries — you need to do more. In recent years, emphasis has shifted to a type of resistance training 34. _____ builds muscles used in day-to-day tasks, helping avoid injury or re-injury. 35. _____ (call) functional strength training, it helps with tasks such as lifting infants in and out of car seats or lifting garage doors. Another goal is 36. _____ (reduce) the risk factors in patients with long-term diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. ―Part of my job is trying to convince that 85-year-old woman that she really 37. _____ start weight lifting. 38. _____ who need persuading are women recently treated for

breast cancer.‖ says Dr. Dennis Kerrigan, at Henry Ford Health System‘s Center for Athletic Medicine. ―Friends and family tell them, ?Take it easy,‘ but chemotherapy (化疗) can reduce muscle mass, leaving body fat that is linked to cancer returning,‖ he says. ―My suggestion? Strength training. It‘s taken a long time for women to realize 39. _____ important strength training is, but once they try it, they 40. _____ (hook).‖ 2014 闵行二模 (A) Walking down a path, I saw a small pool of water ahead on the path. I angled my direction to go around it on the part of the path (25)______ wasn‘t covered by water or mud. As I reached the pool, I was suddenly attacked! Yet I did nothing for the attack. It was so unexpected. I was surprised as well as unhurt though I (26)______(strike) four or five times. I backed up a foot and my attacker stopped (27)______(attack) me. I found it amusing. And I was laughing. After all, I was being attacked by a butterfly! Having stopped laughing, I stepped back (28)______(look) the situation over. My attacker moved back to land on the

ground. That‘s when I discovered why my attacker was charging me only moments (29)______(early). He had a mate and she was dying. Sitting close beside her, he opened and closed his wings as if to fan her. I could only admire the love and courage of that butterfly in his concern for his mate, even though she was clearly dying and I was so large. He did so just to give her those extra few precious moments of life, (30)______ ______ I was careless enough to step on her. His courage in attacking something thousands of times larger and heavier than himself just for his mate‘s safety seemed admirable. I couldn‘t do anything other than (31)______(reward) him by walking on the more difficult side of the pool. He had truly earned those moments to be with her, undisturbed. Since then, I‘ve always tried to remember the courage of that butterfly (32)______ I see huge barriers facing me. (B) You‘ve probably seen athletes who take their own successes too seriously. They celebrate a goal with a very long victory dance or continually talk big about their abilities. This is the exact opposite of (33)______ sportsmanship is all about.

Everyone feels great when they win, but it can be just as hard to be a good sport(有运动家品格的人)when you have won a game as when you have lost one. Sportsmanship takes courage — when you work really hard at a sport, it‘s not easy (34)______(admit) you made a bad play or someone has more skills than you. In competition — as in life — you may not always win but you can learn (35)______ from losing, too. It‘s pretty tough to lose, so it is definitely annoying if someone continues making fun of you or your team (36)______ the competition is over. Sometimes it‘s hard to swallow your pride and walk on. But there‘s always the next match. When you do lose—and it will happen—lose with class (风 度). (37)______(be) proud of how you performed, or at least realizing things you need to improve for next time, is the key. When it comes to losing, sportsmanship means congratulating the winners willingly. Also, it means accepting the game result without complaint and without excuses, (38)______ ______ you sometimes might doubt the referees(裁判员)made some questionable calls. When you win, the good way is to be a polite and

generous winner. Sportsmanship means admitting victories (39)______ putting your opponents to shame and letting victories speak for themselves, that is, being quietly proud of success. Despite the fact (40)______ you have a massive win, sportsmanship means still finding ways to praise your opponents. 2014 崇明二模 (A) Senator Jeff Flake, an adventurous politician, went on a four-day Robinson Crusoe style holiday with his two sons, (25)_____ of whom are teenagers, to a remote, uninhabited island in the North Pacific Ocean. They traveled 5,200 miles from Phoenix, Arizona to the island of Biggarenn. They didn‘t carry any food or water. The island is part of the Marshall Islands. It offered no basic facilities, (26)_____ the Flakes had to catch and cook their own food and purify their water. Their diet (27)_____(make) up of coconuts( 椰 子 ), fish and other seafood. They captured the fish and other sea creatures themselves and cooked the food over an open fire (28)_____(start) with a magnifying glass(放大镜).

The Flakes brought along a lobster(龙虾) trap in hopes of having some delicious treats, but it was lost within the first few hours after (29)_____(attack) by a shark. They also carried two pumps to remove salt from ocean water. It took them hours each night (30)_____ (pump) for just a small amount of fresh water. One of the most memorable moments of the trip, the father said, was (31)_____ he and his 15-year-old son were chased by sharks after catching a fish in the ocean. Still, it was quite (32)_____ enjoyable holiday for the politician. ―For a dad it was a wonderful thing. No video games around, no television, no texting,‖ Flake recalled. (B) Count to three and rip(撕) it off as fast as you can—this is how most people remove a band-aid(创可贴). (33)_____ _____ _____ fast you do it, it‘s still going to be painful. That‘s for sure. Or is it? A group of American scientists from Boston have just developed a band-aid that can be taken off without causing pain, reports the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Traditional band-aids are supposed to break apart (34)_____ the skin meets the glue, which is what makes taking them off so painful. But the new band-aid has an extra layer that sits (35)_____ the glue and the backing. When you tear off the band-aid, you remove the backing and middle layers, (36)_____(leave) the glue behind. The glue (37)_____ then be simply rubbed off with one‘s fingers or left to fall off naturally. Importantly, this process is pain-free. This is not the first time scientists (38)_____(try) to solve this problem. But methods they tried in the past led to band-aids that were (39)_____(sticky) and therefore didn‘t stay on for long. The Boston study was first aimed at helping babies (40)_____ skin is too delicate for standard band-aids. But adults with sensitive skin might also enjoy the benefits. 2014 奉贤二模 (A) For most people, meat is a necessary part of any meal. But just ask yourself, would you still eat it if you knew that it had come from a cloned chicken or pig?

The European Food Safety Authority has, so far, found no indication(25)______ food products are less safe than ones from normal animals. However, there are still economic and ethical (伦理的) concerns related to (26) ______(eat) cloned animals. That‘s (27) ______ the European Union has launched a proposal to ban the sale and import of food from cloned animals. First of all, cloning is extremely costly. More importantly, cloning has a low success rate. It means that many cloned animals won‘t survive into adulthood, and some (28) ______ die before they are even born. This causes unnecessary suffering among animals and is opposed by animal rights supporters. While it would make it illegal to sell and import cloned animals, the proposal says that (29) ______ sale and import of food from the offspring (后代) of clones would be allowed since they are not considered to be the direct products of cloning. But they are required to be clearly labeled (30) ______ ______customers can choose whether they want them or not. The proposal (31) ______ (put) to the European

Parliament and member states, and it is not expected to come into force until 2016. (B) California has long attracted visitors seeking fortune, fame or both. Way back in 1849, hundreds of thousands started digging (32) ______ gold in the great Gold Rush of California, a historical event that (33) ______ (capture) the American imagination. Nowadays, the state is the most diverse(多元化的)in the entire mainland US – both in terms of the races of its people and the languages that (34) ______ speak. Thus, California is a true example of the ―melting pot‖, so often (35) ______(associate) with the US. But why is it (36) ______ all these different types of people choose to live and work in California? You‘ve probably heard of Silicon Valley. Located outside of San Francisco in northern California, it is home to many of the world‘s most successful technology companies. (37) ______ you ever send texts on an iPhone, e-mail with Yahoo, search on Google or edit pictures with Photoshop, then you have Silicon Valley to thank.

But it‘s not just electronic innovation that inspires people to move to California. Another major draw is one of (38) ______ (old) American dreams — the chance (39) ______ (become) a movie or TV star. People (40) ______ visit California get a special rush from going to Mount Lee in Santa Monica and seeing the famous Hollywood sign, a lasting symbol of the American film and television industries. 2014 闸北二模 A No trip to South Korea is complete without a visit to its fascinating theme parks. For those who assume that amusement parks are just playgrounds teeming with kids, South Korea‘s theme parks are sure (25)______(change) their minds. With their charming garden plantations, hot springs and exciting rides, they offer travellers a romantic and exciting getaway. Within the appropriate driving distance from the Korean capital Seoul, there are three theme parks worth (26)______ (visit)—Lotte World, Everland and Seoul Land.

Everland, the (27)______(large) theme park in South Korea, covering various areas like Festival World, huge Caribbean Bay and Speedway. investing your time there. Lotte World, (29)_____ designer was determined to create a wonderland for fun-seekers, consists of Lotte World Adventure, and movie theatres. You (30)______ also take part in activities such as ice-skating or bowling there. (31)______ travellers want, South Korea is there to provide. Hop on a heart-stopping ride, amuse yourself in one of the theme parks or simply enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath. Come and visit South Korea now! B Founded by Louis Cartier in Paris France in 1847, Cartier is well known in the fashion world. It is recognized as (32)______ of the world‘s most distinguished luxury brands. Most early years of Cartier (33)______(devote) to King Edward VII of serving royal families and celebrities. the king of jewellers.‖ It is such (28)______

park that you will have to plan in advance where you are

England referred to Cartier as ― the jeweller of kings and The company remained under family control (34)______ 1964 when an investment group

bought the business. Many of Cartier‘s famous products were produced (35)______ chance. In 1904, the Brazilian pioneer pilot, Alberto Santos-Dumont complained to Louis Cartier about the unreliability and impracticality of using pocket watches (36)______ flying. In result, Cartier designed a flat wristwatch named ―Santos‖. (37)_____ _____ _____ it was available on the market, the watch was loved by not only Alberto Santos-Dumont but also other customers. It wasn‘t long (38)______ the Santos watch became the most popular men‘s wristwatch then. In 1907, Cartier began to work with a businessman named Edmond Jaeger, (39)______ agreed to exclusively supply the movements for Cartier watches. By that time, It Cartier (40)______(establish) branches in many cities. development into today‘s leading jewelry and watch brand. 2014 浦东二模 (A) One night I decided to spend some time building a happier and closer relationship with my daughter.

was these earliest shops that witnessed Cartier‘s amazing


several weeks she __25__ (ask) me to play chess with her, I suggested a game and she eagerly accepted. It was a school night, however, and at nine o‘clock my daughter asked if I __26__ hurry my moves, because she needed to go to bed; she had to get up at six in the morning. I knew she had strict sleeping habits, __27__ I thought she ought to be able to give up some of this strictness. I said to her, ―Come on,you can stay up late for once. We‘re having fun. ‖We played on for __28__ fifteen minutes, during which time she looked anxious. Finally she said, ―Please, Daddy, do it quickly.‖ ―No,‖ I replied. ―__29__ you want to play it well, you‘re going to play it slowly.‖ And so we continued until suddenly my daughter burst into tears, and admitted __30__ (beat). Clearly I had made a mistake. I had started the evening wanting to have a happy time with my daughter but had allowed my desire to win to become more important than my relationship with my daughter. When I was a child, my desire __31__(win) served me well. As a parent, I realized that it got in my way. So I had to change. (B) While income worry is a rather common problem of the

aged, loneliness is another problem that aged parents may face. Of all the reasons __32__ explain their loneliness, a large geographical distance between parents and their children is the major one. This phenomenon is commonly known as ―Empty Nest Syndrome‖(空巢综合症). In order to seek __33__(good) chances outside their countries, many young people have gone abroad, __34__(leave) their parents behind with no clear idea of when they will return home. Their parents spend countless lonely days and nights, taking care of themselves, in the hope that someday their children will come back to stay with them. The fact __35__ most of these young people have gone to Europeanized or Americanized societies makes it unlikely that they will hold as tightly to the value of duty __36__ they would have if they had not left their countries. Whatever the case, it has been noted that the values they hold do not necessarily match __37__ they actually do. This geographical and cultural distance also prevents the grown-up children from providing timely response __38__ the needs of their aged parents. The situation in which grown-up children live far away from their aged parents __39__ (describe) as ―distant parent

phenomenon‖, __40__ is common both in developed countries and in developing countries. Our society has not yet been well prepared for ―Empty Nest Syndrome‖. The fact that most of these young people have gone to Europeanized or Americanized societies makes it unlikely that they will hold as tightly to the value of duty as they would have if they had not left their countries. Whatever the case, it has been noted that the values they hold do not necessarily match what they actually do.


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