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高考英语 3500 单词配套练习 (2012/6/20) 第 1 课时(abandon—amount) 1. 单词拼写 (1) The captain gave the order to a________ the ship because it was sinking. (2) Plants a________ carbon dioxide and give off oxyge

n. (3) Tim was looking through an old photo a___________, with pictures of Christmas. (4) I’m sorry about breaking the vase; it was an a________; I mean I did not intend to do it. (5) I've opened an a_____________ with the Agricultural Bank of China. (6) He works hard day in and day out; we are all a__________ about his safety. (7) He has never achieved his a________________(夙愿,目标) of becoming a famous writer. (8) She was born without the a____________(能力) to speak. (9) Shelly speaks with a slight a_________(口音). (10) I'd ___________ it if you give me an early reply. (感激) 2. 单项选择 (1) I’d like to do more gardening, but I never seem ________ to find the time. A. about B. able C. active D. accurate (2) Slavery was _______ in the US in the 19th century, and slaves were given equal fights. A. absorbed B. abused C. abolished D. adopted (3) A billion people in the world will not have _________ to clean drinking water. A. action B. advance C. access D. agreement (4) Dana admitted _________ hurt by what I had said. A. to feel B. felt C. having felt D. feeling (5) I couldn’t ________ the rent on my own; I want to find someone to share the room A. aim B. allow C. afford D. advise (6) The couple are unable to have children of their own, but hope to __________ one A. adapt B. adopt C. advertise D. acquire (7) This book teaches you how to _________ what is causing the stress in your life. A. analyze B. affect C. advocate D. admire (8) ____________ music, he also develops a strong love for painting. A. Anything but B. All but C. Apart from D. In advance (9) He is a man full of ____________. He dares to run risks. A. adventure B. adolescence C. accommodation D. anniversary (10) Max is hardworking, cheerful, and _________ honest. A. above all B. after all C. at all D. all in all 3. 词组填空(必要时改变词形) take action, be aimed at, be addicted to, adapt to, be against, agree with, be just about to, add up to, take advantage of, be accused of (1) The children are finding it hard to____________ the new school. (2) The professor _____________stealing his student’s ideas. (3) The numbers ______________exactly 100. (4) Your story doesn’t ____________ what the police have told us. (5) I ________________ the good weather to paint the door.

(6) The use of drugs _______________ the law; it’s illegal. (7) These measures __________________ preventing violent crimes. (8) We ___________________ leave when Jerry arrived. (9) The government must _______________ now to stop the rise in road accidents. (10) Some kids _______________ surfing the Net; they often forget their schoolwork. 4.完成句子 (写到作业本上) (1) Tom ________________________ and was scolded by the manager. (缺席了会议) (absent) (2) _________, Jason seemed to ignore what was happening outside.(全神贯注于工作中) (absorb) (3) Only when you realize the importance of diligence, ______. (你才有可能达到目标) (achieve) (4) With the price of goods going high, the living expenses _______.(增加了人们的经济负担) (add to) (5) I believe that through hard work, I _______________. (我会被重点大学录取) (admit) (6) We should make full use of time to _____________. (把我们所学的东西用于实践) (apply) (7) ______, I hope every family in the world can get together happily. (随着中秋节的来临) (approach) (8) You should _______________ when causing trouble to others. (为所作的事道歉) (apologize) (9) You shouldn't have made him ______________________. (被如此小事所烦恼) (annoy) (10) Students in our school ___________ good resources in the library. (有机会使用) (access) 5. 单词翻译 (写到作业本上) 1.抛弃;丢弃 2.滥用;虐待 6.全神贯注于 7.习惯于做某事 11.沉溺于 12.另外 16.事先 17.登广告 20.(气候、食物等)适合 24.准许 25.总而言之

3.完成 8.达到目标 13.调整 18.提倡 21.帮助

4.准确的,精确地 5.丰富的 9.积极的 10.改编 14.羡慕 15.采纳 19.担负得起……的费用 22.警报 23.活着的

第 2 课时 (ample ~ average) 1. 单词拼写 (1)He made funny faces to a_________ the children. (2)You need to sit down and a_________ (分析) why you feel so upset. (3)My a_________ (祖先) originally came from Ireland. (4)The show attracts an a_________ (观众) of about 20 million. (5)The family are making a_________ (安排) for his birthday party. (6)The tall building was designed by the famous a_________ Frank Lloyd Wright. (7)You should phone his secretary if you want to make an a_________ (8) Ann wants to be an a_________. Does she really like to travel and work in a spacecraft? (9)It was discovered that three of the Olympic a_________ had taken drugs. (10)The couple celebrated their 20th wedding a_________ in January. 2. 单项选择 (1)The government has_________ plans to create 10,000 new jobs. A. answered B. announced C. approved D. assumed

(2)I knocked at the door and nobody_________. A. applied B. apologized C. answered D. argued (3)The bright colors can make a small room_________ much bigger. A. arise B. arrange C. notice D. appear (4)I don’t need any help, but I do _________ your offer. A. apply B. appreciate C. annoy D. appeal (5)Helen left her last job and has yet to find_________. A. else B. other C. another D. extra (6) ---Hello, is _________ home? ---Yes. We’re here. A. anyone B. one C. nobody D. someone (7)Can you do the job alone,or do you want someone to _________ you? A. affect B. assist C. apply D. arrange (8)He decided to adopt a different _________ and teach history through story-telling. A. analysis B. angle C. attitude D. approach (9)The age of the students ranged from 17 to 21 with a/an _________ of 19. A. average B. usual C. normal D. regular (10)Lily hoped she would pass her driving test at the first _________. A. aspect B. attempt C. effort D. attack 3.改变词形 (1)The school carried out an _________ (analyze)of pupils’ needs. (2)There were puzzles and games to keep the children _________ (amuse). (3)Silence,please.Mr. Bennett is about to make an _________ (announce). (4)After an _________ (anxiety) wait, Audrey was told that her son was safe. (5)She rushed into the hotel,_________ (apology) for being so late. (6)Women are more concerned than men about their personal _________ (appear). (7)I broke the vase during an _________ (argue) with my husband. (8)She was rushed to the hospital, but was dead on ________ (arrive). (9)He was one of 30 ________ (apply) for the manager’s job. (10)The young man was accused of _________ (attempt) murder. 4. 选词填空(必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上) atmosphere arrange attracts available ancient ashamed attack attend armed area (1)Man has used the horse since ________ times. (2)The hotel tries to give the restaurant a more family-friendly ________. (3)What ________ me to the job is the salary and the chance to travel. (4)We need someone to work on this job immediately.Who’s ________? (5)A smoker has three times the risk of having a heart ________ than a nonsmoker. (6)After ________ church, the family would go home for dinner. (7)She was so ________ of cheating on the test that she went and told the teacher. (8)If you have a lot of things to do,just make a list and ________ them in order of importance. (9)The crowd ________ themselves with sticks and stones and fought with the police.

(10)The room is 12 square meters in ________. 5. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)他由于粗心驾驶而被捕。(arrest) 3)这项新科技已被应用到农业。 (apply) 5)你为什么不征求他的意见?(ask) 7)她对自己在晚会上的行为感到羞愧。 (ashamed) 9)他企图引起服务员的注意。(attract)

2)他们总是为钱争吵。(argue) 4)他知道真相后感到很惊讶。 (astonish) 6)她对生活态度积极。(attitude) 8)Tom 为自己的迟到而道歉。 (apologize) 10)他不愿意被人当作小孩子。(appreciate)

6.单词翻译 (写到作业本上) 1.雄心,抱负 2.数量 3.分析 4.宣告 5.无论如何 6.除了……外 7.道歉 8.出现;显得 9.适用于 10.任命;委任 11.批准 12.争论 13.由……引起 14.安排;整理 15.逮捕 16.援助,帮助 17.交往 18.大气层 19.达到,获得 20.试图;尝试 21.态度 22.吸引 23.可用的 24.避免,避开 25.平衡 26.意识到 27.讨价还价 第 3 课时 (avoid—blood)

1. 单词拼写 (1)His nose is b________. Call in a doctor; otherwise he’ll lose too much blood. (2)Don’t worry about the dog; he won’t b________. (3)The family have a strong b________ in God; they think God exists. (4)My flat has got a b________, where I can stand and watch the sea. (5)He drank strong, b________ coffee in order to stay up late and watch football. (6)Two pieces of b________ (行李)went missing. (7)I think I'll have a b________ (淋浴)and go to bed. (8)By 9 o’clock the b________ (沙滩)was already crowded with people. (9)His b________ (行为)in school is beginning to improve. (10)She has a degree in b________ (生物). 2. 单项选择 (1)I don’t mind going there on foot. ________, the walk will do me good. A. Beside B. Besides C. Below D.Because (2)Brazil ________ Italy in the final, 2-1. A. fought B. blessed C. beat D. avoided (3)It’s important to understand people from different ________. A. basis B. blocks C. behaviors D. backgrounds (4)The radio stops working because the battery is ________. A. slow B. flat C. below D. behind (5)Bill had done everything he could ________ to me. A. avoid talking B. to avoid talking C. avoid to talk D. to avoid to talk (6)I ________ my balance and fell on my face. A. kept B. 1ost C. recovered D. gained (7)Riding a bike helps develop a child’s sense of____________. A. being B. blank C. balance D. behavior

(8)My leg really hurts —— I'm not sure how much longer I can ________ it. A. bear B. bend C. bless D. betray (9)I _______ the days which I spent in pursuing knowledge and building character. A. benefit B. am beneficial to C. benefit from D. am of benefit to (10)I almost fell over the chair; put it back where it ________. A. belongs B. blows C. bears D. boils 3.词组填空 (必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上) belong to, become of, on the basis of, benefit from, because of, beg for, begin…by, be aware of, be blessed with, believe in (1)Many thousands have ________ the new medicine. (2)Eric was chosen for the job ________ his rich experience. (3)They’re not playing baseball today ________ the rain. (4)The old man went from door to door, ________food. (5)I’ll ________my speech ________ thanking you all for being here tonight. (6)Most people ________ the dangers of drinking and driving. (7)You’ve got to ________ yourself, or you’ll never succeed. (8)Fortunately, we ________ good health. (9)The watch isn’t mine; who does it ________? (10)What ________that student who used to live with you? 4. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)你应该避免再次提及他的错误。(avoid) 3)他被禁止驾驶 6 个月。(ban) 5)这个男孩表现得像个大人。(behave) 7)这个议案将于明年成为法律。(become) 9)这自行车已损坏得无法修理了。(beyond)

2)这噪音吵得大家都睡不着。(awake) 4)她受不了家里有猫。(bear) 6)她低下身吻了那个孩子的头。(bend) 8)许多路被大雪堵塞了。(block) 10)女孩们正与商贩们讨价还价。(bargain)

5.单词翻译 (写到作业本上) 1.忍受做某事 2.(心脏等)跳动 3.弯曲 4.超出 5.空的,茫然无表情的 6.血 7.流血 8.刮风;吹气 9.上(船、飞机等) 10.沸腾 11.使烦恼 12.书;预定 13.鞠躬 14.呼吸 15.简言之 16.负担;担子 17.燃烧 18.埋葬 19.纽扣 20.计算 21.取消;撤销 22.起因 23.小心 24.庆祝 25.性格;人物 26.欺骗 27.支票 第 4 课时(blouse—careful) 1. 单词拼写 (1)You’re so kind; thank you from the b________ of my heart. (2)The Agricultural Bank of China has b________ all over our country. (3)Coke and Pepsi are the most popular b________ of cola. (4)They’ve made a major b________ in the treatment of cancer. It is a great discovery. (5)The b________ got in through the kitchen window and took away the jewelry. (6)There are only three c________ (求职者)for the job. (7)Students complain about the food in the c________ (食堂)of the school.

(8)Today began a c________ (运动) to reduce road accidents. (9)Just point the c________ (照相机)and press the button. It’s very easy. (10)The organization has a b________ (预算)of $35 million. 2. 选词填空(必要时改变词形) breathe, broadcast, borrow, bounce, calculate, boycott, brake, burst, brush, bury (1)The balloon will ________ if you continue blowing it. (2)Tommy! Stop ________ up and down on the sofa. (3)We ________ all products tested on animals. It is so cruel. (4)Relax and ________ deeply; it can keep you calm. (5)The football match was ________ live all over the world. (6)Don’t forget to ________ your teeth twice a day. (7)The great writer died in 1956,and was ________ in the churchyard of St Mary’s. (8)I'm trying to ________ how much money we need to buy a new flat. (9)The driver had to ________ suddenly to avoid a dog in the road. (10)You are allowed to ________ six books from the library at a time. 3. 单项选择 (1)The flight was already fully ________; no more seats were available. A. booked B. borrowed C. canceled D. calculated (2)There’s nothing to do here —— kids get ________! A. boredom B. boring C. bored D. to be bored (3)She ________ in tears when she heard the sad news. A. broke off B. broke up C. broke out D. broke down (4)It was impossible to see everything during our ________ visit to Paris. A. bound B. brief C. brilliant D.bright (5)While she was in prison,friends used to ________ her books and written materials. A. bring B. take C. fetch D. carry (6)The room is three meters long and two meters ________. A. width B. board C. broad D. abroad (7)In my days, children were ________ to respect the law. A. called up B. brought up C. broken up D. built up (8)The students are kept busy ________ for the coming exams in June. A. prepared B. preparing C. to prepare D. being prepared (9)There’s tea and coffee —— you can have ________. A. both B. either C. all D. neither (10)Excuse me, ________ I’m afraid this is a no-smoking area. A. and B. for C. but D. so 4.词组填空(必要时改变词形) (写到作业本上) burn down, build up, call off, call for, call in, call up, care about, care for, burst out, burst into (1)Children _____________ the environment and want to help keep it clean. (2)He thanked the nurses who had _____________ him while he was sick. (3)Police were _____________ to deal with the difficult situation.

(4)The game was _____________ because of the bad weather. (5)The old photos _____________ memories of her childhood. (6)---Our team won! ---This ________ a celebration. (7)The joke was so funny; everyone in the room ________ laughing. (8)Laura ________ tears and ran out of the room. (9)The old town hall was ________ in the 1970s and everything was destroyed. (1 0)Taking exercise will ________ your strength. It will make you strong. 5.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) (1)我不喜欢向朋友借钱。(borrow) (3)她弟弟先天失明。(blind) (5)政府努力降低物价。(bring) (7)请坐在座位上,保持冷静。(calm) (9)小心!别吵醒了宝宝。(careful)

(2)水在 100 摄氏度沸腾。(boil) (4)电话系统瘫痪了。(break) (6)我不想让她为我的问题操心。(bother) (8)他们的报酬是按小时计算的。(by) (10)这教堂是用石块建成的。(build)

第 5 课时(careless—clumsy) 1. 单词拼写 (1)These flowers like sunshine and will not grow in a cold c_____________. (2)I am working as a c_____________ and keep records or accounts in an office. (3)As a result of the American C_____________ War, slaves became free. (4)Fred became a British c_____________ after living there for several years. (5)A c_____________ is held every year to remember those who died in the war. (6)She is fascinated by the ancient c_____________ (文明)of Greece and Rome. (7)The temperature went down to -56 c_____________. (8)A more detailed example will be given in the next c_____________ (章节). (9)The kids are watching cartoons on Disney c_____________ (频道). (10)The church was built in the 13th c_____________. 2.单项选择 (1)Will the government carry _____________ its promise to create more jobs? A. on B. out C. away D. through (2)If you get caught _____________ in some countries,they will cut off your hand. A. steal B. to steal C. stealing D. to have stolen (3) _____________ are kept on the firm for their meat or milk. A. 200 head cattle B. 200 head of cattle C. 200 head cattles D. 200 heads of cattle (4)Teaching young children is a _____________ job. A. challenge and reward B. challenging and rewarded C. challenging and rewarding D. challenged and rewarded (5)There’s always the chance _____________ something will go wrong. A. if B. what C. how D. that (6)Gibbons has been charged _____________. A. with attempted murder B. of attempted murder C. with attempt murder D. of attempt murder

(7)I have a wide range of gifts _________, so I can’t make up my mind. A. chosen B. to choose C. to be chosen D. to choose from (8)When dinner was done and _________, Auntie Lou made some tea. A. cleared away B. cleared out C. cleaned up D. cleaned out (9)We always travel in _____. The seats are more comfortable and the food is better. A. business class B. first class C. tourist class D. economic class (10)Schools ban students from bringing mobile phones, which are used to _____ in exams. A. click B. clarify C. charge D. cheat 3.选词填空 (写到作业本上) celebrate, character, category, choice, casual, carry, carve, clap, cause, chief (1) All tobacco products must _____________ a health warning. (2) It is amazing that the huge statue was _________ from a single block of stone. (3) Jean felt more comfortable in _______ clothes. (4) The results of this survey can fall into three main ___________. (5) Breast cancer is the leading __________ of death for American women in their forties. (6) When the superstar arrived, the audience ________ and cheered. (7) As a result of his good job, he was soon appointed _________ engineer of the company. (8) A person’s __________ is very important to me when I decide who I want to work with. (9) It’s Dad’s birthday and we’re going out for a meal to ________. (10) You have a ___________ --- you can stay here on your own or you can come with us. 4. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)许多国家的警察都带枪。(carry) 3)你知道火灾是怎么引起的吗? (cause) 5)他们肯定会同意。(certain) 7)这次手术成功的可能性很大。 (chance) 9)交作业前先检查一遍。(check)

2)他遇上了雷雨。(catch) 4)你们国家的人是怎么庆祝新年的?(celebrate) 6)红绿灯由红变绿。(change) 8)他们收了 20 英镑的修理费。(charge) 10)这家银行什么时候关门?(close)

第 6 课时 (coach—courage) 1.单词拼写 (1)We got a professional football c_________ to come and help US train the team. (2)They live on a small island off the c_________ of Scotland. (3)He tried to c_________ her by telling her that everything would be all right. (4)Ann became my closest c_________; we spent a lot of time together. (5)The new building is going up at a c___________ of $82 million. (6)He’s on the c_________ (委员会)that controls council spending. (7)She kept the c_________ (内容)of the letter a secret. (8)Didn’t you give a talk at the c_________ (会议) last year? (9)I had to write a c_________ (作文)about the Royal visit. (10)What’s your c_________ (概念)of an ideal society? 2.词形转换 (1) Grandpa has a large __________ (collect) of foreign coins.

(2) I was so _________ (comfort) and warm in bed that I didn’t want to get up. (3) Radio was the pilot’s only means of _____________ (communicate). (4) _____________ (compete) for these jobs is very fierce --- we had over 200 applicants. (5) We’ve come to the _____________ (conclude) that he’s not for the plan. (6) _____________ (congratulate) on your new job, Jenny. (7) There is a __________ (connect) between pollution and the death of trees. (8) A new nuclear power station is now under _____________ (construct). (9) I want to thank everyone who has _____________ (courage)and supported me. (10) I have every _____________ (confident)in you and your ability. 3.单项选择 (1)The news will _____________ as no surprise to his colleagues. A. connect B. come C. conclude D. contain (2)The landlady came around once a month to _____________ the rent. A. collect B. ask C. commit D. confirm (3)I thought I'd go over and _________ her company so that she didn’t feel lonely. A. do B. stay C. remain D. keep (4)___________ to our small flat, Bill’s house seemed like a palace. A. Compare B. Comparing C. To compare D. Compared (5)Meg realized she’d been a ________ fool. A. complete B. commercial C. content D. constant (6) _____________ I’m concerned, you can forget about it. A. As long as B. On condition that C. As far as D. In case of (7) Dress well for a job interview became first impression really do __________. A. count B. correspond C. convince D. important (8) ---She’s moving to Alaska. ---Really? __________ A. And you? B. How come? C. How’s it going? D. How about? (9)He _____________, but he chose to stand and fight. A. escaped B. did escape C. might escape D. could have escaped (10) _____________ me if I'm wrong, but haven’t we met before? A. Correct B. Correcting C. To correct D. Having corrected 4. 词组填空 (写到作业本上) on the contrary, concentrate on, be concerned about, be content with, a couple of, under control, connected to, comment on, consist of, convince…of (1)Turn off the TV, so you can ________ your homework. (2)The police have refused to _________ the investigation until it is completed. (3)Zoo officials ________ the mother elephant, which is badly ill. (4)The International Olympic Committee _______ members from many countries. (5)I __________ my job, my home,and my family. I’m happy and satisfied. (6)Her voice is _________, but she is almost shaking with anger. (7)The government is trying to ___ the local people____ the safety of the nuclear power station. (8)What I need now is a computer _______ the Internet. (9)It wasn’t a good thing; _________, it was a huge mistake.

(10)I'd just like to ask you __________________ questions before you go. 5.句子翻译 (写到作业本上)
1) 他祝贺我取得好成绩。(congratulate) 3) 许多人在竞争这份工作。(compete) 5) 这次调查将会用英语进行。(conduct) 7) 注意不要把质量和数量混淆了。(confuse) 9) 移民在许多方面都对英国文化有所贡献。(contribute) 2) 这兄弟俩没有什么相同之处。(common) 4) 从他的话中我们得出结论:他不赞成这个计划。(conclude) 6) 那个传言后来得到了证实。(confirm) 8) 你有没有考虑过买一辆新车?(consider) 10) 那个错误几乎使他丧命。(cost)

第 7 课时 (course—dig ) 1.单词拼写 (1) The plane had to change c_________ to avoid the storm. (2) D___________ is sweet food served after the main part of a meal. (3) The movie ET is about a c________________ from outer space. (4) It is the c________________ for people to shake hands the first time they meet. (5) The temperature dropped to five d___________ Centigrade. (6) Tom gave the police a d_____________(描述) of his lost car. (7) She hired a d__________(侦探) to find out the true facts. (8) 118 people were killed in the plane c______________(坠毁). (9) Guess the meaning of an unknown word before looking it up in a d___________(字典). (10) The man is a violent and dangerous c__________________(罪犯). 2.单项选择 (1) His book on European history _______________ the period from 1914 to 2001. A. covers B. about C. crosses D. deals (2) In winter, the town is often _______________ by snow. A. cut in B. cut off C. cut up D. cut down (3) At this rate, the forest will be completely _______________ within the next 30 years. A. damaged B. ruined C. spoiled D. destroyed (4) Only a few journalists _______________ the story, which was about the president. A. dared covered B. dare covered C. dare to cover D. dared to cover (5) According to the research, big companies often delay _______________ their bills. A. paying B. to pay C. having paid D. to be paid (6) They demanded that the government _______________ all political prisoners. A. freed B. free C. would free D. was free (7) The young children had difficulty _______________ the theory. 、 A. understand B. to understand C. understanding D. of understanding (8) ---How long are you staying? ---l don't know._______________. A. That’s it B. It depends. C. Here it is D. It’s a deal. (9) Hundreds of soldiers died while _______________ the town. A. defending B. to defend C. defending for D. to defend against (10) ---You really weren’t very nice to her. ---Well, she _______________ it! A. delivered B. declared C. deserved D. determined

3.选词填空 damp cross diet dial deliver damage design describe cycle debate (1) Lyn always seems to be on a __________; she wants to get thinner. (2) I called you last night, but I think I __________ the wrong number. (3) The course is ___________ to help students develop their speaking skills. (4) Could you try and ________ the man you saw? We want some details about him. (5) As a boy,Ralph ___________ newspapers on a bicycle to earn some money. (6) Smoking can severely___________ your health. (7) Don’t put that shirt on. It’s still ________________. (8) He was hit by a car when he tried to ___________ over the road. (9) ____________isn’t only good for the environment; it’s a great form of exercise too. (10) They’re ______________ whether it’s right to test new medicines on animals. 4.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1) 她双手掩面。(cover) 3) 医生,你能治好他这个病吗?(cure) 5) 这一习俗可以追溯到几百年前。(date) 7) 他是你可以信任的人。(depend) 9) 她全力倾注于自己的事业。(devote)

2) 科学家对宇宙是怎样形成的有分歧。(create) 4) 孩子们围成—个圈在跳舞。(dance) 6) 价格下降了 5%。(decrease) 8) 航班延误了两个小时。(delay) 10) 结果与我们所期望的不一样。(different).

第 8 课时(digest ~ electronic) 1.单词拼写 (1) Hawking suffers from a rare d________ of the brain. (2) Compared to other applicants, your main d_________ is lack of job experience. (3) California is often stricken by natural d_________ such as floods and earthquakes. (4) The exam result was not good as he expected;he was very d_____________. (5) Club members get a 15% d_____________,much lower than the regular price. (6) According to the survey, half the marriages in this country end in d__________. (离婚) (7) She was so d____________(醉酒)that she could hardly stand up. (8) Plans to build a chemical factory could threaten the c__________ (生态)of the island. (9) She lives in a really beautiful apartment d____________(市中心). (10) Their apartment is in the Chongwen D____________ (区)of Beijing. 2.词形变化 (1) Eric works as a ___________(direct)and manages a big IT company. (2) David goes to a special school for ___________ (disable)children. (3) A lot of players get ___________ (discourage)and quit. (4) He made the ___________ (discover) that bees can communicate with each other. (5) His wife is the ___________ (edit)of a local newspaper. (6) Parents all hope their children will get a good ___________ (educate). (7) We need more money to buy ___________ (electric) equipment. (8) The delay of the flight was ___________ (disappoint) news for the travelers. (9) The class will be ___________ (dismiss)early today. (10) Dogs were barking somewhere in the ___________ (distance).

3.单项选择 (1) It’s the kind of book you can ___________; you don’t need to read the whole book. A. dip into B. divide into C. put into D. get into (2) My father is a lawyer, and he discouraged me _________ entering the field. A. into B. of C. out of D. from (3) You would be unlucky to see sharks,but these are no problem if you don’t ______them. A. disappoint B. disturb C. discourage D. discover (4) The shy boy dislikes ___________the center of attention. A. is B. to be C. being D. is being (5) You can complain, but I doubt ___________it'll make any difference. A. what B. though C. weather D. if (6) Jack, Helen, and ___________went on holiday together. A. a half dozen others B. half a dozen others C. a half dozen of others D. half a dozen of others (7) Can you ___________the kids while making breakfast? A. wear B. have on C. dress D. put on (8) I can’t wait to get my exam result.All this waiting is driving me ___________. A. mad B. madly C. eager D. eagerly (9) My paper is ___________next Monday;it has to be given to my teacher by then. A. due B. clue C. distant D. direct (10) The house is now worth ___________we paid for it. A. the amount double B. the double amount C. amount double the D. double the amount 4.选词填空 (写到作业本上) drag dry draw drop dive edge direct discover distinguish document (1) Go and ask the policeman——he’ll ___________you to the freeway. (2) Pick up your chairs,children.Don’t ___________them along the floor. 、 (3) Keep away from the ___________of the cliff --- you might fall. (4) We built a fire to get ourselves warm and ___________our clothes. (5) As soon as she saw him,she ___________her suitcases and ran towards him. (6) The sailor ___________off the rock into the sea. (7) Fire officers are trying to ___________the cause of the fire. (8) A baby soon learns to ___________its mother’s face from other adults’ faces. (9) Several secret ___________ went missing from the manager’s office. (10) This made it difficult to ___________conclusions. 5. 句子翻译 (写到作业本上)
1) 他用手指在混合物中蘸了一下。(dip) 3) 我把这个比萨饼分成了 3 部分。(divide) 5) 男朋友叫她穿上最好看的连衣裙。(dress) 7) 我知道你不喜欢她,但请尽力保持礼貌。(effort) 9) 小心,油漆还未干!(dry) 2) 他尊重那些与他意见不一致的人。(disagree) 4) 这些歌曲可以从互联网上免费下载。(download) 6) 他再次当选为美同总统。(elect) 8) 我从未怀疑过她会来。(doubt) 10) 他在美国接受的教育。(educate)

第 9 课时(elegant-favor) 1.单词拼写 1. He was trying to e________ me by asking me questions I couldn’t answer. 2. In an e_________, dial 911 for police, the fire department or an ambulance. 3. You should check all your electrical e_________ regularly. 4. Recycling paper and cans is an easy way to protect the e__________. 5. She tore open the e____________and frantically read the letter. 6. Clothes, the e_____________ (皇帝) thought, made him what he was. 7. The e_________ was unable to explain why the cars were to slow. 8. To my surprise, many police were standing at the main e_______ to the school. 9. It’s your f________ (过错) that we’re late. 10. The e___________ (展览) of works by the new painter opens next week. 2. 单项选择 1. Your choice may make a difference in _________ life. A. someone else B. someone else’s C. else someone D. someone’s else 2. The experts suggest that the new teaching methods be ______ in the classroom. A. employed B. equipped C. existed D. favored 3. How do you enjoy ______ your weekend? A. spend B spending C. to spend D. are spending 4. The woman _______ politics in 1996, and two years later she was made president. A. entered B. explored C. excited D. envied 5. He ______ death in the car accident. A. escaped narrow B. narrowly escaped C. escaped extremely D extremely escaped 6. Families, ______ those with young children, benefit form the program. A. equally B especially C fairly D extraordinarily 7. --- You hate Jim, don’t you? --- __________. I just think he’s a bit annoying, that’s all. A. That’s it B. It’s up to you C. No way D Not exactly 8. The rich woman had nothing to do except ______ money. A. spend B. spending C. spent D. to spend 9. He’s never tried to hide the fact _______ he spent time in prison A. how B. whether C. that D. / 10. Do you expect ___ to be a chance that you can go abroad for further education? A. it B. what C. when D. there 3.选词填空 (写到作业本上) examine exit export evidence fare fade fall explore enjoyable 1. When we camped in the sands, it grew colder as night _______. 2. The Canadian visitors decided to___________ Beijing by bike. 3. Many teachers think games can make learning more________. 4. A one-week holiday in Majorca costs $779 including air________. 5. An ________differs in form from a poem. 6. Do you have ___________that this treatment works? I doubt it.


7. Experts who ___________the painting believe it is real. 8. An emergency _________is a special door used only when there is a fire. 9. Wheat is one of the country’s chief ___________and is mostly sold to Asian countries. 10. Over the years the green paint had________. 4.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)快点,否则你就要迟到了。(else) 3)我们都羡慕他的新汽车。(envy) 5)语言无法表达我高兴的心情。(express). 7)不要让婴儿受到阳光的照射。(expose) 9)不要对我期望过高。(expect)

2)老师鼓励我们多练习。(encourage) 4)其他星球上有生命吗?(exist) 6)他未能履行诺言。(fail) 8)价格降低了 15%。(fall) 10)城里到处有炸弹爆炸。(explode)

第 10 课时 (favorite --- fundamental) 1.单词拼写 1. --- What’s your f_______color? --- I like blue best. 2. Jerry is very thin; she is as light as a f_________to carry. 3. Christmas is one of the main f_______ in Europe. 4. About 40 million f_________visited the US last year; they’re mostly from European countries. 5. As a f_________ business traveler, I have spent many nights in hotel rooms. 6. Mother kissed his f_________ (前额) and cheeks. 7. We do not have the f________to do just what we like. 8. The f_________ (前任的) US president will give us a speech. 9. Many people have trouble sleeping after a long f_________ (飞行) 10. Fifty f___________ (渔民) were killed in the thunderstorm. 2. 单项选择 1. --- I feel so bad about upsetting your plans. --- Oh, _____. It really doesn’t matter. A. come on B. forget it C. go ahead D. it depends 2. Would you mind going to ______ the kids from school? A. carry B. fetch C. take D. obtain 3. We can advise the manger, but in the end, it is he who has the ____________ say. A. female B. fond C. final D full 4. The jacket’s fine, but the trousers ___________. A .are fit B. aren’t fit C. fit D. don’t fit 5. ________ the instructions very carefully when ______________filling in the form. A. Follow B. Following C. Followed D. To follow 6. Because of _________ competition, prices of food are likely to drop. A. federal B. fierce C. friendly D. fundament 7. It __________ wonderful to lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. A. feels B. is felt C. is feeling D. is to feel. 8. It’s ___________ in this house. Can’t I turn on the heating? A freezing cold B. frozen cold C. freezing coldly D. frozen coldly 9. He hopes his wife can come back and make a ____________ start. A. foggy B. fierce C. fresh D. flexible

10. ___________, everything ___________ all right in the end. A. Fortunate; worked out B. Fortunately; worked out C. Fortunate; figured out D. Fortunately; figured out 3.选词填空 (写到作业本上) form fool forecast fear fee fellow field fine firm function 1. Police _______ that there may be further terrorist attacks. 2. The entrance _______ to the park have gone up by 50%. 3. He said a ________ named Leroy was the best pilot. 4. Cole is the most famous expert in the _________ of engineering. 5. The driver was _________ $300 for careless driving. 6. Corey was always a __________ believer in God. 7. You can’t __________ me --- I know he’s already given you the money. 8. According to the weather ___________, it’s going to stay hot for the rest of the week. 9. The alarm system was not _________ when the paintings were stolen. 10. Love and trust should ____________ the basis of a marriage. 4.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)你害怕什么?(frighten) 3)由于政治原因他被迫离开了祖国.。(force) 5)我不能把注意力集中在工作上。 (focus) 7)这个大学由亨利建于 1840 年。(found) 9)他不适合这个工作。(fit)

2)他忘记关灯了。(forget) 4)他把报纸叠起来递给了我。(fold) 6)你们的结婚日期定了没有?(fix) 8)血由他额头上的伤口流出来。(flow) 10)汤姆还没有读完这本小说。(finish)

第 11 课时 (funeral --- harvest) 1.单词拼写 (1) We parked our car in an underground g__________ near the hotel. (2) I feel really g______________ at forgetting her birthday again. (3) After g_______ from high school, Jayne went to engineering college. (4) The fight started when one of the fans made rude g_______________ at a player. (5) My friend offered to pay my plane fare, which was very g___________ of him. (6) The f__________ (葬礼) will be held at St. Martin’s Church. (7) I helped him choose the f___________ (家具) for his house. (8) The boy likes eating h____________ (汉堡包) in KFC. (9) The g_______________ (政府) has promised to cut taxes. (10) Of all the courses, I like ______________ (地理) lessons best. 2.词形变化 1) No pains, no ____________ (gain). 2) ___________ (general) speaking, the more expensive the MP3 player is, the better it is. 3) He is a ____________(gift) musician. 4) The chemicals are ___________________ (harm) to the environment. 5) The guilty man was ____________ (hang) for murder 6) As the weeks passed, I ____________ (gradual) accepted the idea of him leaving.

7) 8) 9) 10)

Money is not the key to ______________ (happy). Vitamins are important for healthy ___________ (grow). I was looking forward to working under her expert ____________ (guide). Ducks, _____________ (goose), chickens and also pigeons were kept on the farm.

3.单项选择 1. --- Do you understand? --- Yeah, we’ve ________ it A. got B. gained C. grasped D. guessed 2. I missed a _____________ opportunity to become a millionaire. A. gold B. golden C. handsome D. generous 3. As the weeks __________, I became more and more worried. A. went on B. went away C. went by D. went out 4. Don’t be hard ________ Jack; after all, he’s a child. A. on B. to C. for D. with 5. Some people find the idea of relativity difficult to ___________. I can’t understand it, either. A. give B. handle C. seize D. grasp 6. Regular exercise is a good habit for kids to ___________. A. develop B. break C. become D. grow 7. Can you give me a ___________? I need some help. A. hand B. game C. harmony D. gift 8. _________ it happens, I know someone who might be able to help you. A. When B. As C. With D. Whatever 9. Her confidence ____________, and soon she was able to go out driving on her own. A. gained B. grew C. greeted D. glared 10. She had _______ sat down when the phone rang. A. nearly B. badly C. generally D. hardly 4.选词填空 (写到作业本上) hand down hand out give away glance at grow up go about hang up grow into get over give in 1) Don’t worry about Henry --- he’ll soon _____ the problem. 2) As the sad news, Sue tried to smile, but her voice ______ her ______. 3) Although I disagreed, I had to ________ to dad --- he’s usually right anyway. 4) The man ____________ his watch and told us the time. 5) The ring was ____________ to her form her grandmother. 6) He was __________ leaflets to members of the audience. 7) At the end of the telephone conversation, I said goodbye and _______. 8) That little girl ________ a lovely young woman. 9) Boys, what do you want to be when you ____________? 10) I want to learn German but I don’t know the best way to ___________ it. 5.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1)这个女孩对音乐有天赋。(gift) 3)小孩紧紧地抓住妈妈的手臂。(grasp)

2)两年前他从这个学校毕业。(graduate) 4)有些人对钱和权力很贪婪。(greedy)

5)我保证你会喜欢这部电影。(guarantee) 7)Jeff 养成了完饭后散步的习惯。(habit) 9)我想把这幅画挂在门旁边。(hang) 第 12 课时(hat-inn)

6)他因没经常去看父母而感到内疚。(guilty) 8)Tom 准时交作业了吗?(hand) 10)你打电话时我碰巧出去了。(happen)

1. 单词拼写 1) We need a new h____________, who will be in charge of our school. 2) There are strong winds and heavy rain in a h___________. 3) The i__________ of the killer is still unknown; the police are trying to find out who he is. 4) ―To be on top of the world‖ is an i___________ that means ―to be very happy‖. 5) His h______ include reading, cooking, and enjoying drama; he enjoys doing many things. 6) Two h__________ (直升飞机) are called into help people trapped on the island. 7) Many overseas scientists are coming back to their h______________ (祖国) 8) There was a shooting i____________ (事件) near here last night. 9) Heavy i______________ (工业) was concerned in the north of the country. 10) People on a high i_____________ should pay more tax. 2.词形变化 1. Mother worry about whether their children are getting a __________ (health) diet. 2. I kept on struggling forward, even though I knew it was ______________ (hope). 3. It is _______________ (help) to discuss your problems with your friends. 4. The job of an air ___________ (host) is to serve food and drink to passengers on a plane. 5. It was a brilliant speech --- clear, precise and ___________ (humor). 6. When it comes to job interview, first ________________ (impress) are important. 7. Nigeria gained ____________ (independent) from Britain in 1960. 8. She was taken to hospital with serious head ____________ (injury). 9. It is __________ (legal) to sell tobacco to someone under 16. 10. Is it lunch time yet? I’m getting ____________ (hunger). 3 单项选择 1. --- Stop walking up and down like that! --- I can’t ________ it --- I’m really nervous. A. hide B. help C. increase D. ignore 2. She had me _________ all kinds of jobs for her. A. doing B. to do C. done D. am doing 3. In the summer of 2006, the city of Chongqing was badly _________ by a drought. A. hurt B. howled C. hit D. hooked 4. India is the _________ of elephants and tigers. A. inn B. house C. host D. home 5. I want to know what you decide, so keep me _________. A. inform B. informed C. to inform D. informing 6. Can you imagine __________ across the big desert? A. Tom going B. Tom goes C. Tom is going D. Tom to go 7. Everyone’s going to the church, __________. A. includes you B. you’re included C. you included D. to include you

8. ________ the head teacher came in, the noisy students stopped talking. A. Immediately B. At once C. Hurriedly D. In a hurry 9. I get the impression _______ we’re not wanted here. A. if B. that C. whether D. what 10. The traffic going into London was very _____________. A. huge B. high C. initial D. heavy 3.选词填空 (写到作业本上) help out hope for hold on head for hear from hurry up be independent of hunt for hold back at home 1. I watched his train into the distance and then __________ my home. 2. Police want to ________ anyone who has any information about the attack. 3. Organizing the school trip will be a lot of work so I need some volunteers to _________. 4. Make yourselves __________. Would you like a cup of coffee? 5. Liam decided to ignore the warning and just ___________ the best. 6. The kids were _________ shells on the beach. 7. If you want tickets, you’d better ___________. There are only a few left. 8. Robert aimed to ________ his parents by the time he was twenty. 9. The sad news came as a shock, but she struggled to _________ her tears. 10. --- Is that Ann speaking? --- Can you _______? I’ll try to find her. 5.句子翻译 (写到作业本上) 1.如果需要帮助, 尽管与我联系。 2.我们抱歉的通知你,你的申请被拒绝了。 3.我们被他的表演所打动。 4.你的观点不会影响我的决定。 5.你没有听我的建议真是太不明智。 6.我一动,腿就疼。 7.如果情况没有好转,就必须做一些变化。8.研究显示,人们的饮食习惯正在迅速发生变化。 9.我从未设法隐瞒我的过去。 10.租船一个星期需要花多少钱? 第 13 课时(innocent – lemon) 1. 单词拼写 1). The teacher encourages his students to watch bees and other i__________. 2). Not all English learners want to become i______________ or translators. 3). IN the i___________ the author explains why he wrote the book. 4). She worked as a j_______ on The New York Times. 5). Jay’s in the k___________ washing the dishes. 6). Johnson is a scientist at the Massachusetts I___________ (学院) of Technology. 7). The country is made up of hundreds of i__________. 8). Some of my aunt’s j__________ has gone. 9). He regularly gives i____________ on modern French literature. 10). He doesn’t have the skills or k________ needed for the job. 2. 单项选择 1). --- I really need to speak to you now. A. invite B. insist C. lead

--- Oh, all right if you __________. D. know

2). If Jo can’t attend the meeting, I could go _______________. A. instead B. though C. latter D. just 3). --- Who knows how to use the new machine? --- Why not follow the _________. A. intention B. institution C. introductions D. instructions 4). The book is ____________ for children aged 5-7, it has many interesting stories. A. instructed B. intended C. learned D. kept 5). We’re sitting over there. Why don’t you ____________ us? A. join B. join in C. take part D. take part in 6). I’d say she’s pretty rich, ________ by her expensive clothes. A. to judge B. being judged C. judging D. to be judged 7). I’ve been really busy _______, so I haven’t been out much. A. late B. latter C. later D. lately 8). He __________ a bunch of flowers at the place where his friend was killed. A. lied B. lay C. laid D. lain 9). _________ coffee is in the form of powder and prepared by adding hot water. A. Instant b. Immediate C. Quick D. Fast 10). We would have arrived much earlier if ________ hadn’t been for the snow. A.that B.this C.it D.there 3. 选词填空(写到作业本上) junior leak learn interview innocent land last keep interrupt 1) Despite the bad weather, their flight ________ safely. 2) Cut flowers will ________ longer if you put flower food in the water. 3) The kangaroo was _________ to the country form Australia. 4) Eat the vegetable as soon as possible --- it does not _______ well for long. 5) While I was giving my report, Tom kept _________ me every two minutes. 6) Water was ___________ from a pipe in the bathroom. 7) She was surprised to __________ that he was a lot older than she had thought. 8) She started to work as a __________ reporter on a local newspaper. 9) We’ve _______ a woman for the job already, but she isn’t very well qualified. 10) The court found him ______________ and he was set free. 4. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1). 他们执意要唱卡拉 OK。(insist) 3). 吃太多糖会导致健康问题。(lead) 5). 这个岛有一座桥与大陆相连。(join) 7). 这些旧房子就要被拆掉了。(knock) 9). 别让他在外边的雨中等着.(leave)


2).这个讲座持续了 3 个小时。(last) 4). Alex 真正的问题是缺乏信心。(lack) 6).依我看,他们都应承担责任。(judge) 8). Nitrous oxide 通常被称为笑气.(know) 10). 100 多名乘客在这起坠机事故中丧生.(kill)

第 14 课时(lemonade– mess) 1.单词拼写 1) You can go to the l ____________ to borrow the books you want. 2) One has to go through some tests to get a driving l ____________.

3) Water is known to exist in three different states as a solid, l ___________ or gas. 4) Hand l ______________ is the small bags you carry with you when traveling on a plane. 5) There was a great summer storm, with thunder, l _____________ and heavy rain. 6) She’s the editor of a popular women’s m ____________. 7) The research shows that one in three m _________ ends in divorce. 8) As many as 3,000 children died of hunger and lack of m ____________ care. 9) It’s hoped that there will be direct flights between Taiwan and the m __________. 10) The writer is collecting m____________ (材料)for his new novel. 2. 句子改写 1). Dave borrowed the CD player from me. = I ________________Dave. (lend) 2). Jerry didn’t tell me the truth. = Jerry__________ me. (lie) 3). Lucy will probably come tomorrow. = Lucy ___________tomorrow. (likely) 4). 50 sailors were killed at sea. = 50 sailors ___________at sea. (lose) 5). There are small shops on both sides=either side of the street. = The street_________ small shops. (line) 6). Most of the students like pop music. = _____________________enjoy pop music (majority) 7). They write prices on the goods. = Goods _______________prices (mark) 8). Nobody cares about what you wear. = It______________ what you wear. (matter) 9). There are 10 doctors in the rescue team. = The rescue team_________________. (make) 10). If you miss the bus, you’ll have to wait another 15 minutes. = Missing the bus _____________minutes. (mean) 3. 单项选择 1. Monkeys show a high __________ of intelligence; they can do things other animals can’t. A. level B. length C. magic D. media 2. The plan sounds great; the difficult ______ finding enough money. A. lead to B. lies on C. lights up D. makes up 3. The concert will be broadcast _______ via CCTV. A. live B. lively C. alive D. living 4. Terry seems to be in rather _______ spirits today. What’s troubling him? A. light B. merry C. lucky D. low 5. John ______ for 15 years. A. and Lily got married B. got married to Lily C. and Lily have been married D. has been married to Lily 6. --- Can I help you? --- I’m looking for a tie to ___ the suit. A. match B. lock C. manage D. master 7. You should clearly state your _____ idea at the beginning of the essay. A. main B. central C. major D. middle 8. --- Need any help? ---No, thanks. I can ________. A. do B. march C. live D. manage

9. If there is nothing more to do, we may as well go to bed. A. should B. can C. would D. may 10. The company says it is unable to ______ the workers’ needs for higher wages. A. meet B. litter C. mention D. measure 4. 选词填空(写到作业本上) memory list litter master mean measure mention mend lift limit 1) The sign says, ―Please do not ____________. We can’t throw the rubbish around the park. 2) He _____________his head to see who was at the door. 3) As you look for material to write about, don’t__________ yourself to other people’s idea. 4) It takes years to _________a foreign language. 5) With children, if you say ―no‖, you have to___________ it and be serious about what you say. 6) The room___________ 6× 6 metres; it is a big room. 7) It’s too far to walk, not to __________the fact that we are all very tired. 8) I called a service engineer in to ___________the lift which didn’t work. 9) Gerry recited Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech from ___________. 10) The names are ___________in alphabetical order. 5. 1) 3) 5) 7) 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 她看到蛇, 发出了一声尖叫。 (let) 2) 那起事故给了我一个永不忘记的教训。 (lesson) 那本书打开着平放在他的桌上。(lie) 4) 这台摄像机与一台电脑相连接。(link) 你看上去没有睡好觉。(look) 6) 我们设法及时赶到了机场。(manage) 说话时嘴里塞满食物是不礼貌的。(manner)

It’s __________to talk with your mouth full.
8) 他绝不是一个卑鄙的人。(mean)

She is ________a mean woman.
9) CEO 是什么意思?(mean) 10) 船速是以节(knots)来测量的。(measure)

第 15 课时 (message - nobody) 1.单词拼写 1).This way didn’t work well; I think we should try again using a different m ____________. 2). A m ___________ is very rich and has at least a million pound or dollars. 3). Tom has been chosen as m ___________ to help the teacher in some ways in class. 4). The m ________ has a few of van Gogh’s early paintings; we can go there to see them. 5). He is talented young m __________; he plays the piano very well. 6). Computers are an essential part of m ____________ life. 7). She was the first British woman to climb the m ___________. 8). She was wearing a diamond n _____________ at the party. 9). One of the n___________ complained about the noise from the party. 10). The application form requires you to state your name, age, and n___________. 2. 词形变化 1). I thought he said 12 o’clock, but I might have been mistaken ____________ (mistake). 2). Only minority ______________ (minor) of people support these new laws.

3). Cultural differences between people from different countries can lead to misunderstandings ___________ (misunderstand). 4). The town is a mixture ________________ (mix) of the old and the new. 5). Fog and rain is common in the mountainous __________ (mountain) regions near the border. 6). He led the civil rights movement ______________ (move) of the 1960s. 7). 11 multiplied ___________ (multiply) by 10 is 110. 8). Things such as floods or earthquakes are natural _______________ (nature) disasters. 9). Is there a good Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood __________________ (neighbour)? 10). Alitalia is the national ____________ (nation) airline of Italy. 3. 单项选择 1). He doesn’t seem to get the message __________ he’s not welcome here . A. which B. what C. whose D. that 2). Don’t your parents mind _____________ out so late? A. you stay B. you staying C. you’re staying D. you to stay 3). The soldier was lucky, the bullet narrowly ____________ her heart. A. avoided B. left C. missed D. moved 4). A woman _______ him _______ a well-known actor, and asked him for his autograph. A. mistook … for B. mixed … for C. mistook … with D. mixed … with 5). _________ she entered the room, she knew there was something wrong. A. At once B. The moment C. In a minute D. The time 6). The engine will need ____________. A. complete checking B. being checked completely C. to check completely D. to be completely checked 7). The street is named _________ the famous South African leader, Nelson Mandela. A. with B. by C. after D. like 8). Thompson had two plans, _______ seems to have worked very well. A. both of them B. neither of them C. both of which D. neither of which 9). I learned ___________ nothing at school --- the teachers were awful. A. next to B. close to C. nearby D. beside 10). For the spoken language, students are taught by __________ speakers. A. national B. native C. natural D. narrow 4. 选词填空(写到作业本上) nature motto minus necessary model miss mild modest murder network 1). A _________ of veins(动脉)and arteries(静脉)carries the blood around the body. 2). I’ll stay up all night, if _________ to get the job finished. 3). She is by ________ a very kind person. We all like her character. 4). The Olympic __________ is ―Swifter, Higher, Stronger‖. 5). 17 __________ 5 is 12. 6). The hotel is on the corner; it is very easy to notice or recognize. You can’t _________ it. 7). We had a ___________ winter last year. It wasn’t that cold. 8). Jason, an Olympic champion, is __________ about his achievement. 9). Wilson is accused of __________ the millionaire.

10). Chris always got to work early and left late --- He is a _________ employee. 5. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)他对考试如此紧张而不能入睡。 (nervous) 3)Tom, 你一定误解我了。(misunderstand) 5)油不容于水。(mix) 7)你是哪一个国家的?(nationality) 9)被谋杀的女人在这个地区很有名气.(murder)

2)在现代社会, 掌握英语很有必要。 (necessary) 4)你介意离家这么久吗?(mind) 6)观众被这部电影深深打动了。(move) 8)你当时没有必要急匆匆的。(need) 10)有消息传来说他出了车祸。(news)

第 16 课时 (nod– pair) 1.单词拼写 1). An________ family usually consists of a husband, a wife and their children. 2). UFO stands for unidentified flying o_________. 3). The Pacific O__________ covers one-third of the Earth’s surface. 4). English is the major o___________ language of the USA. 5). The manager is o__________ and believes good things will happen in the future. 6). Would you prefer rice or n_______________ ? 7). O____________ is necessary for most animals and plants to live. 8). He had put on his o___________ and was pulling the collar up over his ears. 9). With China’s entry into the World Trade O_____________ , more foreigners are coming to Beijing to work. 10). A large p_______________has arrived for you. 2. 单项选择 1). --- Have you got a camera? --- No. I should buy ________. A. it B. any C. one D. some 2). I know what people are saying --- but _______ of it is true. A. none B. no one C. one D. all 3). It’s ______ to feel nervous before an exam. A. ordinary B. common C. normal D. usual 4). She’d looked everywhere for her glasses, but hey were ______________. A. nowhere found B. to find nowhere C. nowhere to find D. nowhere to be found. 5). Dad loves fishing best; the hobby ________ most of his spare time. A. observes B. occupies C. costs D. spends 6). Doctors believe only _________ tiny number of people _______ at risk. A. a; is B. a; are C. the; is D. the; are 7). I can’t do everything ___________ --- You’ll have to be patient. A. all at once B. just for once C. once more D. once upon a time. 8). I arrived only _______ that the others had already left. A. found B. finding C. to find D. having found 9). The government ordered that for every tree cut down, two more _______ planted. A. could be B. be C. were D. to be 10). _____________ a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year.

A. Because

B. As a result

C. According to

D. Owing to

3. 选词填空(写到作业本上) overweight, opposite, outgoing, oppose, outline, optional, nowadays, observe, otherwise, order. 1). Most people _______ are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. 2). One student performs the experiment, while his partner__________. 3). Most bosses are ________ to employees working overtime. They don’t think it’s a good idea. 4). I thought the medicine would make him sleep, but it had the _________ effect. 5). Jamie is friendly, __________ woman; she likes to meet and talk to new people. 6). You’ll have to go now, ______________, you’ll miss your bus. 7). He sat down at a table near the window and __________ a meal. 8). The doctor said I was slightly _______ and that I needed more exercise. 9). Write a short _________ covering the main points before you start on your essay. 10). You don’t have to do the course --- it’s ___________. 4. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)慢一点!我跟不上你。(pace) 2)这位运动员把成功归功于他的教练。(owe) 3)你昨晚不应该熬夜。(ought) 4)他在梦中想到了这个主意。(occur) 5)昨天我要是乘出租车去就好了。(only) 6)他独立完成了这项工作。(own) 7)所有公民都必须遵守法律。(obey) 8)我还没有收拾行李。(pack) 9)Tom 不会游泳,我也不会。(nor) 10)我没有注意到他离开办公室。(notice) 第 17 课时(palace --- poison) 1. 单词拼写 1) Buckingham P______ is the official house of the British Royal Family in London. 2) A p______________ looks like a black and white bear and lives in the mountains of China. 3) The professor told the p_____________ how to make friends with their children. 4) Fortunately, neither the driver nor the p_____________ were hurt in the car crash. 5) All people entering another country will need a p___________. 6) Our car ran out of p______ and we had to walk 10 miles to a garage to buy some. 7) I’m so tired that I’ll be asleep as soon as my head hits the p___________. 8) As with any racial p_______________ (先驱), Davis’ path was not easy. 9) Do you believe that there is life on other p________ in the universe besides Earth? 10) She stood on the p___________ and watched the train until it disappeared into the distance. 2.单项选择 1). --- What’s the secret of their success? --- They’ve certainly worked very hard, but luck has played a _________ too. A. part B. path C. pay D. point 2). In the general election, ___________ voted. A. 80% percent population B. 80% percent of the population C. 80 percent f the population D. 80 percentage of the population 3) --- How is your party preparation? --- Everything is __________.

A. in particular B. in place C. in person D. in panic 4) Everyone in the class is expected to ______ these discussions. A. active in B. take an active part C. participate actively in D. play an active role 5) I could tell him, but what’s the ________? He never listens to anyone. A. piece B. plot C. plan D. point 6) She’s hard to __________. Everything has to be perfect. A. please B. pleased C. pleasure D. pleasant 7) I ________ a few words of Greek when I was there last year. A. pointed to B. picked up C. pointed out D. picked out 8) We’ll have a picnic at the beach, ___________. A. weather permits B. if weather permit C. weather permitting D. to permit weather 9) This is a general criticism, so I hope none of you will take it _________. A. physical B. personal C. physically D. personally 10) I _______ Ann to say sorry to her teacher, but she said no. A. persuaded B. had persuaded C. managed to persuade D. tried to persuade 3. 选词填空(写到作业本上) period phrases pity pass passage parcel park pattern pause perform 1) This morning a ________ was delivered by post; the children couldn’t wait to open it. 2) There were so many cars; we couldn’t find a place to _________. 3) --- I’m taking my driving test today. --- Do you think you’ll _________. 4) We walked down a narrow ________ to the back of the building. 5) Police say that each of the murders follows the same ________. 6) The traveler ______ for breath, then continued up the hill. 7) She still gets very nervous about ______ in public. 8) His playing improved in a very short _______ of time. 9) I’m trying to learn some French ____ for my trip to Paris. 10) It’s a great ______ Tom wasn’t invited. We all like him. 4. 1) 3) 5) 7) 9) 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 他指出酒后驾车的危险性。(point) 一切都严格按计划进行。(plan) 图书馆内部允许使用手机(permit) 这两张火车票花了我 800 元。(pay) 他尤其喜欢科幻小说。(particular)

2) 很高兴认识你。(pleasure) 4) 座位下面放置了一枚炸弹。(place) 6) 电脑能同时做许多任务。(perform) 8) 我没有耐心与小孩一起玩游戏。(patience) 10) 他对这起事故负有部分责任。(partly)

第 18 课时(poisonous --- push) 1. 单词拼写 1). It’s not p__________ to talk with your mouth full. 2). Noise p_________ is loud or continuous noise, which is unpleasant and harmful. 3). Christmas is coming; don’t forget to send your teacher a p_________. 4). George Washington was the first p_________ of the USA.

5). She works in a p____________ school and teaches children between 5 and 11 years old. 6). The football team performs well under p______________ (压力) 7). P_________ hospitals can afford to pay much higher salaries.(私立的) 8). She’s been named the p_________ of English. (教授) 9). Speak as much French as you can, and don’t worry about your p____________ (发音). 10). Jiangsu is one of the 31 Chinese p__________. 2.词形转换 1). She was bitten on the ankle by a __________ snake. (poison) 2). The US has two main __________ parties. (politics) 3). Central London is the most ___________ area in Britain. (pollute) 4). He had sold all his __________ and left the country. (possess) 5). The idea sounds great, but it’s not _____________ (practice). 6). Business training is a good _______ for nay career. (prepare) 7). Parents should teach their children to behave _______ in public. (proper) 8). He takes great _________ in his children’s achievements. (proud) 9). Capital ___________ involves killing someone who has committed a crime. (punish) 10). The scientist says the vitamin C gives _________ against cancer. (protect) 3.单项选择 1). Encourage your kids to try new things, but try not to __________ them too hard. A. push B. pull C. pump D. press 2). The official announced in ____ public that the new museum would be open to ___ general public very soon. A. the; a B. /; the C. the; the D. the; / 30. They say I’m too old, but I’m going to prove them all _______. A. wrong B. are wrong C. being wrong D. to wrong 4). The clinic will provide basic health care __________people in the village. A. with B. of C. for D. from 5). People ______ the site, where a nuclear station was being built. A. prevented to enter B. were prevented to enter C. prevented from entering D. were prevented from entering 6). I’ll try my best to get the tickets, but I can’t promise ________. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 7). Is there a possibility ______ the two murders were committed by the same person? A. whether B. what C. that D. / 8). The father did whatever he could ______ his girl to practice ______ the piano. A. encourage; to play B. to encourage; playing C. encourage; playing D. to encourage; to play 9). Before inviting her friends to dinner, Lily spent all day _______ the meal. A. processing B. preserving C. preparing D. presenting 10). I bought these jeans ______ in the sale. A. with high price B. with low price C. half at the price D. at half price

4.选词填空(写到作业本上) present pretty press predict postage pull adopt position process pronounce 1). The government has _______ a strict no-smoking policy. 2). I’m not sure what I would do if I were in your __________. 3). How much is the ________ for a postcard? 4). A little girl ______ a basket of flowers to the President’s wife. 5). Getting fit again has been a long and slow ______. You have to be patient. 6). Some students find it difficult to _______ the word ―the‖. They can’t make the right sound. 7). The project became so expensive that we had to _______ out. 8). I felt ____ nervous going into the exam, but after I got started, I felt much better. 9). You can ______ the button to restart your computer. 10). It is difficult to _____ when an earthquake will hit our city. 5.句子翻译(写到作业本上)
1)他为自己的伟大发现而自豪。(proud) 3)由于缺钱我们没有把这个计划付诸实施。(practice) 5)Jack 由于抢劫银行而被送进了监狱。 (prison) 9)多大 50 位客人出席了他的生日晚会。 (present) 2)Tom 的勇气受到了老师的表扬。(praise) 4)他故意装作没有看见我。(purpose) 6)SARS 疫情的控制已经取得了巨大的进步。 (progress) 10)太阳镜能保护你的眼睛不受太阳光的伤害。 (protect)

7)眼下这本科幻小说深受青少年们的欢迎。 (popular) 8)他的秘书正在为明天的会议准备一份报告。 (prepare)

第 19 课时(put --- reserve) 1.单词拼写 (1)--- Three q___ of the money was spent on the program. --- 75%? Oh, my dear! (2)Robin will take a general knowledge q_________, and he’ll answer many difficult questions. (3)Tracy works hard and makes r__________ progress in her studies. (4)The PRC stands for the People’s R__________ of China. (5)I have quite a good r___________ with my parents; we are very happy together. (6)Frank’s dream of opening a restaurant became a r_________ in 1987. (现实) (7)Each child had to r____________ a poem to the class. (背诵) (8)Thanks to the R_______ and Opening-up Policy, China’s economy has improved a lot. (改革) (9)We take all the old bottles to be r______________ (循环). (10)He donated money to set up schools in r__________ mountain areas. (偏远的) 2. 词形转换 1) Alice read the letter with a __________ expression on her face. (puzzle) 2) This part of the community needs to be protected from ______ prejudice. (race) 3) Unexpectedly, he came to see me on a cold _______ day in October. (rain) 4) I ______ that you are very busy, but could I talk to you for a few minutes? (realization) 5) Tape ______ are widely used in English classes in China. (record) 6) Be __________! You can’t expect her to do all the work on her own!(reason) 7) Keep the file for future _________; it can be looked at in the future. (refer) 8) My car’s quite old, but it’s still pretty ______________ (rely). 9) It’s difficult to meet all the ________ of the strange customers. (require) 10) Do something _____ before going to be --- read a book or take a hot bath. (relax)

3.单项选择 (1)Lisa! I’m sorry --- I _______ recognize you --- you ________ your hair cut! A. don’t; had B. didn’t; have had C. don’t; have had D. didn’t had (2)The recording was __________. I can know exactly what happened at that time. A. bad quality B. good quality C. of bad quality D. of good quality (3)Buy vegetables _______ small quantities for your immediate use. A. in B. with C. at D. on (4)Tanya, be __________! Our baby is sleeping and you may wake him up. A. silent B. still C. quiet D. noisy (5)It remains ________ whether the operation was successful. A. to be seen B. to see C. seeing D. to have seen (6)Australia’s unemployment ______ rose to 6.5% in February. A. percent B. rank C. level D. rate (7)--- Can you see the sign on the door? --- Yes, it ________ ―No Entry‖. A. reads B. reflects C. registers D. reports (8)We regret _______ you that your application has not been successful. A. informing B. to inform C being informed D. to have informed (9)When the head teacher said someone didn’t obey the class discipline, we all knew whom he was ______. A. replying to B. reacting to C. referring to D. relating to (10)The terrible situation required that the manager ________ present. A. be B. was C. would be D. shall be 4.选词填空(写到作业本上) put recover regular relief replace quit receive reserve react remove 1)She _____ no support from her parents; she had to rely on herself. 2)He’s in hospital, ______ from a heart attack. 3)Our _____ opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. On weekends we close at 5 pm. 4)The old houses will be torn down and ______ with a shopping mall. 5)Emma is not behaving very reasonably nowadays. I think she’s ______ against her teacher’s strictness. 6)I didn’t recognize Tom until he ______ his dark sunglasses. 7)To our ______, the missing boy finally came back home. 8)It’s fairly risky. Or to ________ it another way, don’t try this at home. 9)These seats are _______ for special guests. 10)Doctors have given him six months to live if he doesn’t _______ drinking. 5.句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)价格降低了 21%。(reduce) 2)她拒绝接受他们的邀请。(refuse) 3)现在用动物做实验被认为是很残忍的。 (regard) 4)在律师来之前他一直保持沉默。 (remain) 5)婴儿完全依赖别人喂食。(rely) 6)这首歌曲让我想起了童年。(remind) 7)我还记得爷爷跟我们做游戏的情景。(remember) 8)如果你知道答案, 就请举手。(raise) 9)药品应该放在小孩够不到的地方。(reach) 10)这对夫妻经常为钱而吵架。(quarrel)

第 20 课时 (resign --- security) 1. 单词拼写 1)The teacher gave the children some chocolate to r______ them for behaving well. 2)Let’s go to that r__________ and try some Chinese food. 3)I didn’t bother to cook and just had a ham s___________ for lunch. (三明治) 4)The dustmen collect the r_________ on Wednesdays. 5)He did very well at math and won a s___________ to Cambridge University. 6)We all have a r___________ to protect the environment. (责任) 7)They’re working together to solve the r_____________. (谜语) 8)The r___________ was launched from a space research base. 9)This broadcast comes live via s_______________ from New York. (卫星) 10)She works as a s___________ in a big international company. (秘书) 2. 介词填空 1)Dave didn’t respond ______ any of her emails. 2)He rested his elbows _______ the table and leaned forward. 3)The man retired ______ teaching three years ago. 4)Parents should reward children _______ their good behavior. 5)They aimed to make the country safe _________ terrorist attacks. 6)It is possible to disagree with people and still treat them _______ respect. 7)My suitcase was so full that I didn’t have room ________ anything else. 8)Lost in the desert, Mark went in search ___________ water 9)He reminded me to return the books _______ the library on time. 10)He jumped into the cold river and saved the child _______ drowning. 3. 单项选择 1)Many of the villagers will leave, ____________. A. never to return B. to never return C. never returning D. will never return 2)The workers were lazy and failed to finished the building ________. A. at schedule B. on schedule C. behind schedule D. ahead of schedule. 3)I suppose I’d better ________ now --- we’ve been on the phone for over an hour. A. rot away B. run out C. ring off D. roll up 4)I can’t drive today. Can you give me a ________ back to town? A. sail B. ride C. rise D. return 5)We are still dealing with problems _______ errors made in the past. A. resulted from B. resulted in C. resulting from D. resulting in 6)_________ victims were killed in the recent coal mine accident. A. A score B. Hundred of C. Scores of D. A hundred of 7)The soldier risked ______ by his enemy when he saved the general from danger. A. killing B. killed C. being killed D. to be killed 8)_______ until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.

A. Remain seated B. Remaining seated C. Remain to seat D. To remain seated 9)These gloves were ________ and I bought them at a lower price than usual. A. in sale B. for sale C. in sales D. on sale 10)The manager was glad that sales __________ 20% over the Christmas period. A. raised by B. rose by C. raised to D. rose to 4.选词填空(写到作业本上) run right rough retell satisfy roll scold scene ruin scenery 1)The English teacher asked us to review and ____ what had happened in the text. 2)The best part of the trip is the ___________; you can see beautiful mountains. 3)He ________ his car window down and said hello to me. 4)Peter’s mistake has _________ his chances of winning the championship. 5)She _________ a small restaurant in Boston and was able to make a living. 6)John did badly in the exam; his dad ________ him for it last night. 7)The police soon arrived at the ________ of the crime. 8)The program is designed to __________ the needs of adult learners. 9)I don’t know the ________ word to describe it. 10)The first year was ___________, but things have gotten better. 5. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)Lily 的钻石项链被人抢走了。(rob) 3)我们的汽油在半路上用光了。(run) 5)他忍不住炫耀他的新车。(resist) 7)老师对你的计划非常满意。(satisfy) 9)橙子含有丰富的维他命 C。(rich)

2)农业在我国经济中起着重要的作用。(role) 4)据说这个歌星是个间谍。(say) 6)我扔掉了所有的旧家具。(rid) 8)我买了一个和你的一模一样的手机。(same) 10)警察正在房间里四处搜查那份绝密文件。(search)

第 21 课时(see--small) 1. 单词拼写 1) Can you s______ (缝纫) a patch on my jeans? 2)The lake is not very deep; it's s________. 3) Put the book back on the s__________ when you've finished reading it. 4) She swam and sunbathed, went s____(观光) and relaxed. 5) S____ (鲨鱼) were circling around our boat. 6) Why does the phone always ring when I'm in the s____(淋浴)? 7) S____ (奴隶制) was abolished in the USA in the 19th century. 8) Use a soft cloth to polish the __ (银) necklace. 9) Jerry is wearing a pretty dress with long s____ (袖子). 10) Dad, can we go s____ (滑冰) this weekend? 2.词形变化 1) She is ___ (self) and cares only about herself. 2) The worst part of the divorce was the _________ (separate) from his three children. 3) Many of the earliest ______ (settle) here died from disease and hunger. 4) She bought her husband an electric _____ (shave) as his birthday present.

5) Christmas is the busiest __________ (shop) season in Western countries. 6) Nothing disturbed the___ (silent) of the night. 7) They tried to _______ (simple) the procedure and make it easy. 8) After a few years, he became very _____ (skill) at drawing. 9) The warmth fro the fire made her feel ______ (sleep). 10) The insurance policy is against long-term _____(sick) and injury. 3.单项选择 1) To our surprise, the dinner bill came to ______ pounds. A. several hundred B. several hundred C. a several hundred D. several hundreds of 2) ____, the house needs some work done on it. A. You can see B. As you see C. As you can see it D. Which you can see 3) His new novel _____; very few people would like to read it. A. sells well B. is well sold C. sells badly D. is badly sold 4) Why did she do a thing like that? It doesn't seem to ______. A. set out B. sell out C. make sense D. settle down 5) As a pretty girl, Laura is___ about her weight. A. sensible B. similar C. reasonable D. sensitive 6) According to the contract, all payments _____ be made in cash. A. ought B. shall C. might D. need 7) The accident happened ___ before midday. A. short B. slightly C. shortly D. slightly 8) Try phoning Robert --- he __ be home by now. A. shan't B. will C. can't D. should 9) We came to the UK in 1974 and____ here ever since. A. lived B. are living C. have lived D. had been living 10)She tapped the driver on ____shoulder and signaled him to stop the car. A. the B. a C. his D. \ 4. 选词填空(写到作业本上) settle down out of shape in sight send out set up be sick of take sides sit up serve as shut down 1) There weren't enough beds for guests; the sofa had to _____ a bed. 2) I'm always forgetting to ___ my computer before I go home. 3) I wanted to smoke, but there were no ashtrays (烟灰缸)______. 4) Information was _____ to interested students. 5) A new school has been _______ in what was a wasteland in the past. 6) The old couple would like to see their daughter ____ get married, and have kids. 7) Today the athlete didn't' perform well; he was feeling totally ______. 8) You are always late and I ___ your excuses. 9) I don't mind you two arguing, but don't ask me to _______. 10) Sometimes we just ____ and watch video all night.

5.句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)他们去机场为儿子送行了。(see) 3 英吉利海峡把英国和法国分隔开来。(separate) 5)真遗憾你昨天没有来参加晚会。(shame) 7)他突然转变态度令我们感到吃惊。(shock) 9)汤姆的嗓音布什的很相似。(similar)

2)我好像把钥匙弄丢了。(seem) 4)这只是一个玩笑。别当真。(seriously) 6)我们有共同的兴趣和爱好。(share) 8)学校图书馆眼下缺钱。(short) 10 一看到蛇,她就尖叫起来。(sight)

第 22 课时(smart --- store) 1. 单词拼写 1) The s______________ (聪明) kid got good grades and went off to college. 2) Tommy, go and wash your hands with s_____. 3) You need special s_______ (软件) to view the information in the file. 4) The king lives in a s_______ (辉煌) palace. 5) The criminal was a danger to s_____ (社会). 6) --- How do you s___________ your name? --- SMITH. 7) The boy dreamed of traveling to the moon in a s____ (宇宙飞船). 8) The shopping mall occupies an area of 500 s________ metres. 9) In England doctors have traditionally enjoyed high social s______. 10) An ant has two s_______. One hold the food for itself and the other is for food to be shared with other ants. 2. 词形变化 1) It'll take about three hours if everything goes ________(smooth). 2) To my surprise, he came to see me on one ______ (snow) January day. 3) Unemployment and poor education are the country's serious ________(society) problems. 4) Dr. Smith works at the White House as a ________ (special) in African politics. 5) The professor told me to check my essay to correct ______(spell) mistakes. 6)Her uncle works as a White House_______ (spoke). 7) About 30 million people die of _________ (starve) each year. 8) Thieves can sell _____ (steal) cars for a lot of money. 9) After the conference, the president made a ______ (state) and answered questions. 10) My father is a heavy ______ (smoke) --- he smokes a lot. 3.单项选择 1) --- _______ can you finish the report? --- In about two days. A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often 2) The little thief ran off so fast ______. A. as not to be caught B. as to not be caught C. not as to be caught D. as to be not caught 3) ____ guy called for you while you were gone. A. Several B. Any C. Some D. Someone

4) The bathing product is natural and _______. A. smells well B. smells good C. is smelt well D. is smelt good 5) We put an advertisement in the local paper to look for a ______ secretary. A. spoken German B. speaking German C. German spoken D. German-speaking 6) I can't stand ___ around me when I'm eating. A. people smoke B. people to smoke C. people smoking D. people are smoking 7) ___ modern standards, the computer is very slow. A. By B. With C. On D. In 8) Jack, ____ while I tie your shoes. A. keeps still B. keep still C. keeping quiet D. keep quiet 9) --- What's wrong? --- I've got something ____ in my throat. A. being stuck B. to be stuck C. be stuck D. stuck 10) Who know what will be ____ for human beings on million years form now? A. in store B. on stage C. on the spot D. in spirit 4.选词填空(写到作业本上) spare speed solid sort state stand spot speak space somehow 1. ______ they managed to climb in through the bathroom window. 2. Although he doesn't __ a word of French, Eric loves France very much. 3. The big piano takes up much _____. Let's put it against the wall. 4. The house was in a terrible ________ when we moved in but we cleaned it up. 5. The black schools were crowded, while hundreds of classrooms ______ empty in white schools. 6. The snack bar sells burgers, pizzas, that _______ of thing. 7. It can be hard for even a trained doctor to _______ the symptoms(症状) of lung cancer. 8. Could you possibly __ me a few minutes? I want to have a talk with you. 9. Nancy, if you don't ______ up we won't be there until midnight. 10. The lake was frozen ________. 5.句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1. 总统立即采取措施以阻止争斗。 2. 你听起来好想感冒了。 3. 医生建议我们定期锻炼,以保持健康。 4. 盯着外宾看是不礼貌的。 5. 卡车正以每小时 50 英里的速度行驶。 6. 他把所有的空余时间都用在画画上。 7. 这种疾病在病人中间迅速蔓延开来。 8. 我们学校有 120 名员工。 9. 在我国儿童 7 岁开始上学。 10. 因为堵车所以我迟到了。 第 23 课时(storm--- television) 1.单词拼写 1) --- Where's the station? --- Sorry, I'm a s________ here myself. 2) Before choosing a career you should know your personal s______ and weaknesses. 3) The TV sex educational program is aimed at t________, not adults. 4) Modern t_____ makes it possible for people to live longer than before.

5) Dead leaves floated on the s____ of the water. 6) My possessions were a s__________(衣箱) full of clothes and books. 7) A brief s________________ (概要) is given on a separate sheet. 8) Tom is a regular customer in the s__________ (超市). 9) If you drink some water, it will make the pills easier to s______________(吞咽). 10) These sausages are really t___________ (可口的). Where did you buy them? 2. 介词填空 1) All ______ a sudden, the lights went out. 2) Your computer is far superior _______ mine. 3) No one knows _______ sure what really happened. 4) I have absolutely no sympathy ______ students who get caught cheating in exams. 5) Were you successful ______ persuading him to change his mind? 6) Millions of people are struggling ________ survival. 7) Janet's been _____ a lot of stress since her mother's illness. 8) Tom looked up_____ surprise as Dale walked in. 9) The palace is surrounded ______ a high wall. 10)Why don't you come over_____supper on Friday? 3.单项选择 1) --- What would you like? --- Steak or chicken would _________. A. suit me fine B. be fit C. be suitable D. be good 2) The ______ of this experiment were all men aged 18-35, and they were asked to write down how they felt during the test. A. students B. subjects C. surgeons D. strangers 3) Suddenly an idea _______ me and I found it would be a perfect solution to our problem. A. submitted B. struck C. sucked D. subscribed 4) They suggest ____ to a lawyer before I do anything. A. me talk B. me to talk C. my talking D. I will talk 5) --- You said you'd have finished by today. --- I said __________! A. not a such thing B. such a not thing C. such no thing D. no such thing 6) The health expert ______ the importance of a balanced diet. A. stressed B. strengthened C. struggled D. supported 7) The meeting _______ take place on Tuesday, but we've had to delay it. A. was subject to B. was supposed to C. was sure to D. was suited to 8) Peter was suspected ____ government secrets to the enemy. A. to give off B. of giving off C. to give away D. of giving away 9) As we all know, the dove is a _____ of peace. A. symbol B. system C. sign D. symptom 10) Roger ____ painting for a while, but soon lost interest. A. took on B. took in C. took up D. took over 4.选词填空(写到作业本上)

sweep swear success straight target swing swell tease task strengthen 1) The experiment was a big ____; the professor got what he wanted. 2) The road was dead _______ and it had no bends at all. 3) Our friendship has steadily ___ over the years. 4) I didn't mean to make you mad; I was only__________. 5) Ann had the ______ of preparing the agenda for meetings. 6) I set myself a _________ of learning 20 new words a week. I hope I can achieve the goal. 7) Let your arms __________ as you walk. 8) Put some ice on your injured knee before it ________ up. 9) Thunderstorms _____ the country and caused a huge loss. 10) Dad ___ not to smoke again, but mum didn't believe his promise. 5. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)在学习方面爸爸对我要求很严格。(strict) 2)他们成功找到了治疗头痛的方法。(succeed) 3)爸爸的背不好。(suffer) 4)这场演出不适合儿童观看。(suitable) 5)她在转行进入新闻业之前是一名图书管理员。(switch) 6)Ben 向警察提供了那些涉案人员的姓名。(supply) 7)我们强烈支持你的计划。(support) 8)这孩子在音乐方面有天赋。(talent) 9)他把信撕成碎片,扔到垃圾箱里。(tear) 10)他们谈话的声音很低,我听不到他们说什么。(talk) 第 24 课时(tell--- treat) 1. 单词拼写 1) Water boils at a t___________ of 100 degrees centigrade. 2) The storm brought strong winds, t_______ and lightning. 3) T___is the dried brown leaves that are smoked in cigarettes. 4) Every year we look for buried t_______ and we hope to find valuable things such as gold, silver and jewels. 5) Gerry was born in China and his mother t________ is Chinese. 6) She does some TV work, but t_____ (戏剧)remains her first love. 7) The teacher gave out copies of the new t________ (时间表) in the first class. 8) Luke put out his hand and touched the t_______(微小的)fingers of the baby daughter. 9) There's a huge queue in the ladies' t_________ (厕所). 10) A lot of old t________ (传统) are dying out. 2.词形变化 1) Exercise is the ideal way to reduce _________ (tense) after a hard day. 2) I'll be ________ (thank) for a good night's sleep after the busy week I've had. 3) Many old people are living by ________ (them) and they fell lonely. 4) He wrote a _________ (thrill), which told an exciting story about murder or crime. 5) I've had such a _________ (tire) day. I just want to take a bath and go to bed. 6) He works as a ___________ (translate) changes writing into a different language. 7) It is ___________ (tradition) not to eat meant on Good Friday. 8) We all had to go on a special ___________ (train) course to learn new sales techniques.

9) As a seasoned (有经验的) ___________ (travel), I know the value of being able to speak at lease a few words of the local language. 10) He was __________ (terrify) at the thought of being trapped in the woods. 3.单项选择 1) Only time will _____ if this agreement will bring a lasting peace. A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk 2) The phone was ringing, but by the time she _____ indoors, it ______. A. got; stopped B. had got; stopped C. got; had stopped D. had got; had stopped 3) "I have to go," she said, and with _______ she hung up the phone. A. it B. which C. that D. whom 4) He bought the tickets ______ a friend at the stadium. A. through B. thorough C. though D. throughout 5) Recycling saves energy, ____ acid rain, global warming and air pollution A. so reduces B. so reducing C. thus reduces D. thus reducing 6) --- ______ is it today? --- It's Tuesday. A. When B. What time C. What date D. What day 7) Jack, together with his friends, _____ to climb out of the canyon. A. decide B. has decided C. are to decide D. are deciding 8) ______ exists music everywhere in our life! Shall we sing together? A. There B. Where C. Wherever D. Therefore 9) The room, ____, is pleasant and airy. I love it very much. A. being small B. it is small C. but small D. though small 10) Language are taught by the direct method, ______, without using the students' own language. A. believe it or not B. to tell the truth C. that's to say D. generally speaking 4.词组填空(写到作业本上) for themselves clear his throat even though on top of in total in terms of in theory as though there you are tourist attraction 1) The professor _______ to get our attention before beginning his lecture. 2) It is also good to think ______ what bad things could happen. 3) _________, more competition means lower prices for consumers. 4) _____. I've been looking for you. 5) Pascal went ahead with the experiment _____ he knew it was dangerous. 6) He stared at me ___ I were a complete stranger. 7) There were probably about 40 people present at the meeting _______. 8) The Statue of Liberty is a major _____. 9) ____ everything else, I now have to go to work first. 10) Parents have to teach their children to think ______. 5.句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1)护士给这个病人量了体温。(temperature) 2)他回想起他们首次相遇的那一天。(think) 3)我一进房间电话就响了。(than) 4)你能辨别这两种酒的不同吗?(tell) 5)请把这首诗由中文译成法语。(translate) 6)这个商店周五营业到晚上九点钟。(till)

7)让我们为爱德华干杯,祝贺他工作干得漂亮。(toast) 8)我厌烦电视,我们还是出去散散步吧。(tire) 9)由于交通诸塞我们被困住了。(trap) 10 她深深地被这部小说打动了。(touch) 第 25 课时(treatment --- visitor) 1.单词拼写 1) The island is shaped like a t___________ (三角形) 2) His t________ (裤子) were slightly short. 3) It started to rain, so Tricia stopped to put up her _______. 4) They hired a private t______ to help their son with his English. 5) His elder brother works as a t___(卡车)driver. 6) He studied physics at Oxford U_______. 7) Their most v________ (贵重的) belongs were locked in a safe in the bedroom. 8) The shop sells fresh fruit and v__________. 9) Their 2-1 v______(胜利) over the Australians was completely unexpected. 10) The travelers found the v_____ (村民) in the valley were very friendly 2.词形转换 1) The best _________ (treat) for a cold is to rest and drink lots of water. 2) Tom is a ____________ (trouble) child and often causes problems. 3) We'll never know the ____________ () behind the accident. 4) He doesn't speak much Japanese but he can make himself _____________ (understand). 5) I would have been here an hour ago, but ___________ (fortunate) I missed the train. 6) It's not _______ (usual) to feel nervous before an exam. 7) The jacket is available in ____(variety) colors. 8) There is too much sex and v_____(violent) on TV these days. 9) Times Square attracts more than 30 million _____ (visit) annually. 10)We bought a ___(use) car because we couldn't afford a new one. 3.单项选择 1) Something is wrong with my computer. I've been having trouble ___________ my e-mails. A. check B. to check C. checking D. checked 2) After 21 years, Carl's dream of owning a home of his own finally ____________. A. came true B. to come true C. came truly D. coming truly 3) --- My plant is dying. --- Have you tried ___ it in a sunnier room? A. put B. putting C. to put D. to have put 4) Lemons contain ______ vitamin C as oranges, as well as valuable B vitamins. A. twice the amount of B. the twice amount of C. twice the number of D. the twice number of 5) The possibility of employing more staff is still _____ discussion. A. up B. with C. at D. under 6) I can understand ______ to live a lone and be independent. A. she want B. her want C. her wanting D. her to want

7) I think you should complain --- ____, of course, you are happy with the way things are. A. until B. unless C. however D. therefore 8) Dad and mom are busier; we're eating out more often than we _________. A. use to B. used to C. were used to D. are used to 9) At only $45 a night, the hotel is great ________ for money A. worth B. worthy C. value D. valuable 10) We share the view ________ peace can only be achieved through dialogue. A. which B. what C. where D. that 4.词组填空(写到作业本上) turn off turn out turn up turn down turn over pay a visit to in my view up to true of in vain 1) You can pay weekly or monthly --- it's ______ you 2) The music of the opera is dull, and the same is _______ the acting. 3) They offered her the job, but she ______ it ______. 4) Don't forget to ___ the lights ____ when you leave. 5) It was a difficult time, but eventually things _______ all right. 6) He'll ____ the shop ____ to his son when he retires. 7) I had thought my watch was lost; but eventually it ___________ in a coat pocket. 8) If you have time, _____ the City Art Gallery. 9) ____, the country needs a change of government. 10) John worked very hard, but all his efforts were ________. 5.句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1.孩子们总是耍花招戏弄老师。 3.在买鞋之前要先试穿一下。 5.我试着跟他联系,却没有联系上。 7.有种类繁多的样式可供挑选。 9.他不愿意向我们提供进一步的细节。

2.如果我不能按时完成这件事,我就要倒霉了。 4.直到他开口,我才知道他不是英国人。 6.我不习惯午饭吃那么多。 8.要是我没有记错的话,他昨天回来上班了。 10.我理解现在你心里有多难受。

第 26 课时(visual --- zoom) 1.单词拼写 1) Reading is one of the best ways of improving your v_______. 2) Pompeii was destroyed when the v______ (火山) erupted in 79 AD. 3) The v_____(航海) from England to India used to take six months. 4) For more information, visit our w____ (网站). 5) Adam w____ (吹口哨) happily on his way to work. 6) The girls like playing v_________ (排球). 7) "I've missed you," he w_____ (低语) in her ear. 8) There was w_______ (广泛的) support for the war. 9)We have offices in over 56 countries w_____(在全世界). 10) I love strawberry y________ (酸奶); it tastes good.

2.词形转换 1) Mary works as a ______ (wait) in a restaurant. 2) The children stayed closely together for _____ (warm). 3) Each plan has its strengths and _____ (weak). 4) He left as a poor boy and returned as an extremely _______ (wealth) man. 5) Fruit and vegetables are sold by ________ (weigh) while eggs are sold by the dozen. 6) In the ______ (west) part of Iowa, there's not a whole lot to do. 7) A hundred years ago it was __ (wide) believed that there was life on Mars. 8) Five lucky ___________ (win) will each receive a signed copy of the album. 9) We had a _______ (wonder) time in Spain. 10) He came in with a ______(worry) expression; we knew something was wrong. 3.单项选择 1) Parents should have a _________ in deciding how their children are educated. A. voice B. sound C. accent D. tone 2) Look at the dirty carpet; it really want ____________. A. cleaned B cleaning C. to clean D. being cleaned 3) Peter wasted no time ____ himself; he wanted to know all the guests present. A. introducing B. to introduce C. introduce D. to be introducing 4) There are several different ways _____ we can deal with this problem. A. which B. in that C. of which D. / 5) I could get you a job here if that's _______ you want. A. which B. that C. what D. / 6) ______ I like Carter personally, I don't think what he's doing is right. A. knew B. know C. will know D. to know 7) --- Where on earth have they gone? --- I wish I _____. A. knew B. know C. will know D. to know 8) --- I _______ if I could borrow your car. --- Here's the key. A. wondered B. will wonder C. was wondering D. had wondered 9) The sun was shining. ______ it was quite cold. A. for B. yet C. so D. despite 10) I _____ to apply for a master's degree at your university. My name is Li Ming and I am going to graduate in July. A. wrote B. will write C. was writing D. am writing 4.词组填空(写到作业本上) write back write down wake up wear out win over work on work with write to wash away work out 1) Floods in Bangladesh have __________ hundreds of homes __________. 2) I'll ________ you _________ when it's time to leave. 3) All this shopping has __________ us ___________ and we feel extremely tired. 4) We'll be working hard over the next ten days to __________ the undecided voters.

5) She's just retired after 38 years ____________ children. 6) He has spent the last two years ___________ a book about child care. 7) Don't worry. I'm sure everything will___ in the end. 8) I sent them a card once, but they never __________. 9) This is the address. Do you want to _______ it _______? 10) I'm going to _________ the manager about this. 5. 句子翻译(写到作业本上) 1.对不起,让你久等了。(wait) 2.我警告过你,不要一个人走回家。(warn) 3.他今天穿的是校服。(wear) 4.他们热烈欢迎新来的志愿者。(welcome) 5.这本书非常值得一读。(worth) 6.这个大厅有 18 米宽。(wide) 7.我不担心他, 他照顾好自己。 (worry) 8.我们移居巴黎,在那里我们生活了 6 年。 (where) 9.不管你愿不愿意,我都要走了。(whether) 10.他戒烟后体重增加了。 (weight)

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