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an unforgettable trip

An unforgettable trip!

Yesterday, I went for BBQ with some friends of mine to 洋沙山 which was located in Beilun. That’s a wonderful trip which I would never forget. At about 12:40 pm

, we six persons set out from Ningbo driving a car by an only man. The driving time was tough firstly, because no one had been there and knew the way. The organizer, my former colleague due had to call some people to ask during the way, so did the driver. After more than two hours' jounce, we saw a ni ce scene in front, stretching to the horizon of the sea; people who froliced on the beach; being fenced on the way to barbecue area, ostriches drank water on leisur e…... Then it’s time to BBQ. We paved tinfoil on the stove, then oiled and put the rice with bamboo wrapped and some bunches of beeves on the tinfoil. But a few minut es later, those bunches of beeves were scorched and the tinfoil was burnt carefulle ssly. The experiment was failure. We had to try again and used tinfoil bowl. It see med more successful than the last time, although the week was food cooked slowl y. It’s right suitable for us to have time to play on the beach in turn, one part wen t, the others stayed to cook. The seawater waved from time to time, the seawind blowed lightly, the sun in oran ge color was falling down slowly. We couldn’t help walking along the beach unsho dly and took per photo as memorization. When we came back to BBQ, the others had prepared for us. After finishing eating semi-cooked food, we began to leave. It was about six p.m. An unimaginable thing occurred. Being forgotten turning off the light by the driver, t he car was powered off. Oh, my god! What should we do?! Five girls had to push the car, but it seemed that the driver could not start up. When a car was passed by, we stopped it. Two men got off from that car. They first told us to connect wi res between storage battery in both car to exchange the power, yet we didn’t have the proper ones. Then the two warm-hearted men helped us to try to push the ca r as well, But they failed too. So they had no other way and left. It was about half past six p.m and was dark, there were not any stars twinkled in the sky.The road was quiet. No one can help us at that time. “help! help! I want to go back hom e.”I prayed for the god! The driver then had to call his father to help us from Ning bo starting. During waiting time, we had tried to push the car again, while disappoi nted thoroughly. Around one hour later, the man’s father arrived, taking enough thic k wire. With the way mentioned above, we were saved. The driver then sent us home safly one by one. When I reached home, it was ab out 9:20 p.m. It’s really a wonderful and an unforgettable trip which was the reason why I spent long time writing it to speak out my unusual experience. Hope you can enjoy with my feeling.

The coming National Day holiday reminds me of an unforgettable tri p when I was a high school student. Five friends and I planned to spend our National day holidays in the Little Three Gorges, a place not far away from our hometown. Two guy s, whom most of us did not know before, decided to join us at the last minute. We were all glad because traveling with more guys was fun. It was also a great opportunity for us to make new friends. On the bus going there, we talked about our hobbies, school lives, movies, sports and so on. The two new friends played magic tricks by c ards for us, which was really fantastic! Slowly we got familiar with each other. However, we gradually felt that we still had difficulties in expressin g ourselves well. After we got there, I found later that our guide cared nothing but h er own profit. We were led to a poorly equipped boat. Except for some really exciting things like surfing, all we did were just standing on the bo ard. It seemed to be dull and boring. We did not talk much that day. So metimes the atmosphere was really embarrassing. In the evening, we decided that we should bring this to an end. We went to the room of our two new friends and talked with them quite ho nestly. We talked about our real feelings and asked about each other’s opinions and ideas. The talk went on successfully. All of us felt easier a nd more relaxed after that. We realized that only after communicating ca n we understand people and enjoy our trip. In the day that followed, we take part in a lot of exciting games. All of us enjoyed ourselves to our hearts’ content. On the bus back to school, I noticed that our conversation had beco me deeper, our topics moved to life, value, love and other respects. It w

as not only because that we are much happier, but also that we had kn own others better and were willing to exchange our minds. We got together for a meal after the trip and brought our trip a perf ect ending. We were all very happy because we had experiences the bit terness and fun together.

This is a strange week happened with many strange things.

On Wednesday, I went to Shanghai by air together with all the big bosses, I am the only potato. On the first time of my life, took the business class even though we paid the ticket 50% off. When we came back to Dalian, since the flight we hoped to take have no single ticket left, so we took the first class back, waiting for boarding on the VIP resting room, enjoyed the “free” beverage and foods.

Happy beginnings do not always mean happy endings, we met with a heavy thundering day, the aircraft can not land on the Dalian airport, can not land on the Shangyang airport either, the explanation is Shangyang airport has already been fully occupied by the aircrafts waiting to leave or being used as a subsidiary. The captain told us we have to go directly to Changchun, fortunately I have my laptop to enjoy myself and I have the first class ticket to enjoy the free "food", what a wonderful trip!

Finally we stayed one night at Changchun hotel, and took the first flight back to home, on the morning of Changchun, received the call from Dalian, the weather in Dalian is fine, but Changchun had a heavy snow.

I will remember this trip, the first time I sit in the first class seat, the first time I can not back home directly and have to land on another city, it is also the first time I went to Changchun, in a special way.

In this summer vacation, I went to LiJiang with my mother. LiJiang is located in YunNan province. The city is old and quite b eautiful. The first day, we went to the La shihai in the morning. We felt ve ry well when we were riding a horse in the nature forest ,because the air is fresh, and the view is attractive. We also rowed on the lake. In the afternoon, we went to HuTiaoXia. It is beside JingShangJing an d looks very magnificent. The second day, we stayed in the old town and went shopping,because it was raining on that day. My mother and her friends bought a lot of things, clothing, scarves and so on. The third day, we came to the famous scenery in LiJiang-YuLong Mou ntain. Although there is a little snow in the mountain ,the view is s till exciting. We spent wonderful days in LiJiang. I think I will come to LiJiang again.

An unforgettable trip Last winter holiday,our family travelled to Qiandao Lake with a travel angency by bus.On first day , I was so excited that I got up at 4o ’ clock in the moring.Then we went to the People Square to look for our travel angency ’ s bus and started our three day’s trip. During these three days,we visited a lot of interesting places such as….. And I like a island called” Key Islang ” best.There are thousands of keys on that island.Each keys means that people can key their best wis hes and their wishes would become true.I think that is a good idea.So I bought a key and made a ni ce wish there .Then we visit the Bird Island.There are so many kinds of birds there.They are differ ent.Each of them are lovely and beautiful.I took a lot of photoes with them. It was very cold in Shanghai at that time,but we all felt warmer in Qiandao Lake.It was relaxing to see the huge mountains and clean lakes.I enjoyed myself and had a very good time.When I back t o Shanghai,I write a competation called” An unforgettable trip”.

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