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2013-2006 陕西省高考英语短文改错题

2013-2006 高考英语短文改错题(陕西卷)
My grandfather and I enjoy fishing. One Sunday morning we go fishing at a lake. We took ours fishing poles and headed for the lake. As soon as we arrived, so we dropped the lines into the water. Before waiting for about half an hour, I was beginning to get impatiently. I wanted to give up, and my grandfather told

me to wait a little longer. Finally, there were a sudden pull at the pole and fish was caught . Within the next few minute, my grandfather also caught a fish. Felt hungry, we built a fire by the lake and barbecued the fish. It was delicious.

My father and I stayed at the South Lake Hotel for a week when we visit Beijing last month. It is in the downtown area, but it is easy to go to anywhere from the hotel by public transport. We lived in a comfortably double-room with a big bath. What I liked

best were the free high-speed Internet connection in the room. I checked my email messages every day. I also shared for my friends many photos taking in Beijing. The food was wonderful with reasonable prices, and we enjoyed several local dish. It is such great hotel that I would

recommend it to any friend of me who is going to Beijing.

Last Sunday morning, when I was having a walk in the park near my home, I came across a crew make a new film with one of my favourite actor. I didn’t have my camera with me at that time, but I rushed back home to get. Unfortunately, by the time I got back, they have finished the scene and the actor couldn’t be seen everywhere. I was really disappointing and about to leave when

he walked out a building. He was right there in the front of me! I couldn’t believe my luck-not only did I had my photo taken with him, but he signed his name on my shirt!

My sister saw a lovely cup when we are shopping the other day. She liked it at once. Then she bent down and picked up to look at a price on it. As she did this, lots of tea splashed on his T-shirt! I had to try hardly not to laugh at her shocked face! My sister wanted get out of the shop as fast as she could when a shop assistant came over to us. It was turned out to be her own cup, that she’d left on the shelf by mistake. The assistant was clearly as embarrassing as my sister, for I just thought it was funny!

My classmate, Joseph, is at present in hospital with a breaking leg. He was walking to school the other day when he let a bicycle ran right into him . He never 76. 77.

watches where he is going, so he often gets into the trouble. 78. But he is having a nice time there. He has a comfortable. room, patiently nurses, and a great deal of time to read. 79. 80.

Some friends of his go to see him every day, they take him 81. lost of good book and fresh fruit. He is not losing any time 82. from school because he is busy study what he has 83.

missed in classes. The doctor says he is recovering fast than 84. expected and will be out of hospital a few weeks. 85.


John Brown is a London taxi driver who love going to the Theatre .Last week his mother gave him two tickets for a play. The tickets were on Sunday evening. Then John read some reviews of the play, which all said it was a terribly one! He wouldn’t go to see a play that no one liked it , So two hours Before the play started, he left the ticket ton the back seat of his taxi, Perhaps someone who wanted see the play would take them. However, while John went back home, the tickets were still there. In the fact ,there were four tickets on the seat. Someone has placed another pair of tickets on top of them!

76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82._______ 83. 84. 85._________

Are the years you spent at school best years of your life? 76. ____

Personally, I found most lesson rather uninteresting. We had to 77. ____ sit at our desks in silence and paid attention to what the teachers78. ____ were saying. They were used to write on the blackboard and ask79. ____ us difficult questions. We also had to do plenty of homework, and80. ____ hand it on time. We had to wear school uniforms and obey lots of81. ____ rules. I left school as soon as I can and started work. I read books 82. ____ at the public library, and late I decided to attend college. Now I really enjoy study because I’m growing old and know what I want it. When I was at school. I was just the wrong age! 83. ____ 84. ____ 85. ____

Dear Anish,

Here are the information about Manchester University.

76. _______

It is about 200 miles far away from London, and it

77. _______

has a very big schoolyard. You can live in the school

78. _______

or near the school. They have all sorts of course.

79. _______

I’m sure you will find one you like it. I know you

80. _______

are particular interested in Human Rights. So I will see that there is anything on their website(网址).

81. _______ 82. _______

I’ll send my friend Charlie meet you at the airport

83. _______

when you arrived. You met him a few years ago, but he

84. _______

has changed a lot since them. Both your aunt or I look

85. _______

forward to seeing you again.

See you soon.

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