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、| !_ 一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的 瞬间,你会发现,原本费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就这么忘记了..

弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧

BREAK 语言教室四级系列
*(内部资料-四级听力)* (内部资料 四级听力 四级听力)
四级高频词汇,词组( ) 四级高频词汇,词组(1) 学生与学生关系 Classmate, Building, Floor, Multi-media classroom, Having class, Have a break/rest, After school, Refectory/dining hall, Stand in line/queue, cafeteria(餐厅),do laundry,Students’ union, Student centre, cheer lady, parade, mobil phone, cell phone, computer, desk top, lap top, Mp3

宿舍与学生关系 Dormitory, Dorm, Apartment, Roommate, Basement, Washer, Dryer, Shower, faucet, toilet, vaccum cleaner, bed sheet, pillow, quilt. 考试 Midterm, finals, count for 50%of your score, exam. 选课与课堂 Professor, course, required/compulsory(必修), elective/selective/optional (选修), seminar(研讨), elementary(初级的), intermediate(中级的), advanced(高级的), excellent reputation, drop a course(退课), skip class(逃课), attendance(出勤), fill sb in(替代某人), clarify the misunderstanding. 作业与论文 Such a heavy load, paper extended to the next week, wait till the last minute, miss a pretty important class, check the notes, explore the topic, published

resources, reference, plagiarism(剽窃), get an early start. 图书管理员与学生关系 Magazine, periodical, journal, reference book, bibliography(文献学), stacks (一大堆) author, writer, catalogue, renew, make the photocopy, return , the books. 营业员与顾客的关系 On sale, elevator, bargain, prices are soaring, jeans, tip, coffee pot, freezer(冰 箱), leather, plastic, pullovers(套衫), cashier, check-in, check-out, stand, pie, pizza, salad, hamburger, sandwich, French fries, soup, ice-cream, dessert, soft drink, beer, ribs, mutton, chef, waiter,waitress, menu,preserve, book, order, steaks, raw, medium, well-done, poultry, soy sauce 酱油) vinegar, appetizer, ( , cocktail, treat sb, special dish(特色菜), go Dutch(AA 制), paper napkin. Restaurant 医生与病人 Lose weight, gain weight, worried about, come down with illness, Flu (流感) , fever, blood pressure, patient, clinic, health centre, diagnose, take temperature, prescription, ward, injection, take the pill/tablet /drug(吃 药 ), headache, stomachache(肚子痛), dentist(牙科医生). 修理工与顾客 Repairman, customer, plumber, carpenter, electrician, check the oil, gasoline, meter(速度表,水表等), pump, tire, flat tire, brake down. 娱乐 Go on a picnic, hiking trip, camping trip, go to a concert, see a movie, play the ball, I am counting the days, take a break, relax, a night-out, take your mind off your test.. 天气 Nice weather, clear up, cold enough for skating, snow too much to fly. 兼职 Teaching assistant, research assistant, lab assistant, administrative assistant, nanny(保姆), babysitter, dishwashing, food delivery, applicant(申请人), reference letter(推荐信), salary, wage, demand physical endurance, pre-career training, permanent employment, part-time job. 居住 Apartment, basement, flat, deposit, live in/off campus, sublet( 转 租 ), temporary, accommodation(临时住处), landlord(房东), land lady, messy, a leaky faucet, tenant, afford, spacious(宽敞的).

宾馆 Front desk, receptionist, double room, single room, room number, luggage. 机场 Board, gate, terminal (航空站) announcement, duty, duty free, customs(海关), , immigration office, luggage, suitcase, visa(签证), passport(护照),passenger, pilot, air hostess. 数量概念 Spend, cost, pay, miss(错过), price, rent, deposit(存储), saving, loan(贷款), charge(收费), at a price/rate of…(以…的价格), last(持续), dozen(一打), a coupe of, a pair of, around, approximately(大约), roughly, more or less, nearly, almost, over, more than, above. 加减关系 More, less, late, early, fast, slow, before, after Delay, prolong(延长), postpone(推迟,延期), behind schedule(晚于预期的 时间), save, increase, decrease, left(剩下的), the rest(其余的,剩余的) 。 乘除关系 Multiply(乘), divide(除), times(倍), twice, percentage(百分比), half of, double, a quarter of 四分之一) triple ( , (三倍) twice/two times as…as the…of , (是…的两倍). 分数、小数、百分数的表示方法 one and a half 1/3 one third 11/2 1/4 one fourth 4.862 four point eight six two 75% seventy-five percent 0.5% point five 79.03% seventy-nine point zero three percent 多位数表达法 9,743 nine thousand, seven hundred and forty-three. 19,857,242 nineteen million, eight hundred and fifty-seven thousand two hundred and forty-two. 时刻的读法 5:15 a quarter past/after five 或 five fifteen 2:45 a quarter to three 或 two forty-five 7:30 half past seven 或 seven thirty 9:10 ten past nine 或 nine ten 14:00 two pm 00:25 twenty-five past/after midnight 24:00 midnight/twenty-four

日期的读法 1998 年 5 月 7 日 1990 年 2005年 前天 后天 每隔一天 前几天 每隔一星期

may seventh nineteen ninety-eight nineteen ninety two thousand and five the day before yesterday the day after tomorrow every other day 或 every two days the other day 或 a few days ago every two weeks 或 every other week

饭店 Book, reserve, waiter, waitress, a table for two, menu, take the order, drink, soft drink, beverage, whisky, wine, champagne(香摈酒), starter, main course(主菜), dessert, soup, coffee, steak, beef, pay a bill, go Dutch, cafeteria, buffet, pizza, apple pie, tip(小 费), chef(厨师), salt, pepper, mushroom, taste, serve, napkin, snack, worth the money. 宾馆 Check in(登记入住), check out, room, room service, double room, single room, suite(套间), book, make a reservation, reception front desk, restaurant, porter(机场或宾馆的搬运工), laundry(干洗店), registration, housekeeper. 邮局 Stamp, regular mail, registered mail, express mail, air mail, parcel, postage, postcard, postal code, letter, first class, economic class, over weight, telegram. 医院 Doctor, patient, operation, diagnose, diagnosis, medicine, fever, cough, sneeze, take one’s temperature, pill, tablet, symptom, prescription, injection(挂点滴), X-ray examination, surgery, surgeon(外科医生), physician(内科医生), emergency room, a sore throat, high blood pressure, heart disease, appointment, physical exam, painkiller(止痛片)depressive, blue mood, down. 学校 Campus, course, academic, assignment, homework, exam, grade, credits, failure, pass, Bachelor’s degree(学士学位), MA, phD, dormitory, require/compulsory course, elective/optional course, diploma(毕业证书), certificate, blackboard, whiteboard(白板), classroom, professor, teacher, student, term, semester(学期), an academic year(学年), department, faculty(全体教职员工), dean(院长), major, minor, tuition, curriculum(课程设置) first year, second year, fresh man, sophomore, junior, senior, undergraduate student, graduate student, term paper, scholarship. 图书馆 Catalogue, due, overdue, renew(续借), fine(罚款), fiction(小说), journal(期

刊,报刊), periodical(周期的,定期的,杂志), circulation desk, reference book, library card, publication, book shelf. 银行 Cash, balance, open an account, withdraw, deposit, cheque, foreign currency, exchange rate, save, savings, loan, interest rate, service charge, bank clerk. 商店 A special sale, on sale, groceries, food, fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, drinks, bargain, brand, fashion, cash, cashier’s desk, counter, check, expensive, cheap, changes, discount, medium size, tight, loose, out of stock, receipt(收据), invoice(发票). 书店 Book, bestseller, map, page, price of a book, stationary. 选课场景: 选课场景: drop class, class meets, course, hard to follow

take a course,

choose course, high requirement, optional

听课场景: 听课场景: Late for class , miss/attend the lecture , presentation , briefing, assignments, interesting, boring, topic , copy 作业场景: 作业场景: collect data, report, deadline, draw near, ask for extension, finish, due, submit, project proposal , search, research 考试场景: 考试场景: Pass, credits, exams, fail, congratulations, cheer up 买书、读书、借书场景: 买书、读书、借书场景: out of print, read selectively, novel hard to follow, reference books, check out ,return a book, lend textbooks 谈论学习场景: 谈论学习场景: partner, project, apply theory to program, article, earn a lot from class, make a lot of senses, present 购物场景: 购物场景: Reasonable price, discount, expensive, a good buy, a real bargain 外出就餐场景: 外出就餐场景: waiter, waitress, menu, serve, order, reserve a table, dining hall, make a reservation, a table for four, dine out

日常生活场景: 日常生活场景: 场景 apartment, sink, leaking, fix, maintenance, failure of electric heater, lock one’s keys, install, shower, shelf, furniture 组织和参加活动场景: 组织和参加活动场景: School radio station, poster, competition, club member, seminar, win, run for chairman, dance 看戏、看电影、听音乐会场景: 看戏、看电影、听音乐会场景: Concert, ticket, art gallery, play, show, no ticket left 旅行场景: 旅行场景: 场景 Trip, flight, switch , see sb. off, departure time, fly, gate, safety, pose for a picture, run out of film, visit, seaside, cancel the plan, change 谈同事、谈工作的场景: 谈同事、谈工作的场景: Late for job, employee, employer, boss, manager, client, have a meeting ,boring, unfit for a job, complain about one’s job 求职场景: 求职场景: Interview, nervous, application letter, company, job opportunity, give a good impression, take a new job, feel confident, confirm an appointment, dress up 社会交际场景: 社会交际场景: Call in ,drop by, invite, party, gift, birthday, dinner, meet sb., phone afriend. 关于保持健康: 关于保持健康: Exercise, lose weight, doctor, quit/give up smoking, check up, appointment 租房和搬家场景: 租房和搬家场景: Two-bedroom apartment, furniture, furnished, rent a house, available, noise 关于汽车: 关于汽车: emergency brake, fix, paint, park, parking lot, roll, run, used 关于教育: 关于教育 Term paper, assignment, computer games, review one’s lessons

A while back Anything but At any time After all As far as I know At sb’s service

Back up Be enthusiastic about Be sick /tired of Between you and me Brush up (on) By all means Can’t help / cannot help Carry out Come around /come round Come up with

Be about to Be myself Be up /stay up Boil down to Bump into Call for Care for Clear up Come down with (disease) Count in

What does the man /woman imply? What did conversation most probably take place? Make a reservation for Make up One in a million Out of the question Round the clock Run out of Take it easy Turn down You are telling me Can I take your order? How’s your exam going? Drop in/by/on Enjoy oneself(玩的高兴) Do sb a favor(帮忙) Make ends meet Make up (one’s) mind Out of business Result in Run /have /get a temperature Rush hour The other day Turn out You bet How are you doing? Oh, just so so. End up drop out(辍学) Come across(偶遇)

BREAK 语言教室四级系列
*(内部资料-四级听力)* (内部资料 四级听力 四级听力)
四级高频词汇、词组( )需掌握指数: 四级高频词汇、词组(2)需掌握指数:★★★★★ Around the corner // Christmas is around the corner。 Speeding // The taxi driver must have been speeding。 Achieve // Achieve happiness/achieve success。 Have no idea // I’ve no idea where the ideas come from。

Come up with // How did you come up with the names of your characters。 Impact // Have a direct impact on your body。 Elementary and middle school student。 Rate // Rate the students into different levels。 Recall // Renew // Recall old things/old material; renew the contract. Take into consideration // They didn't take weather into consideration。 Turn upside down。 Distracted by noise。 Crashed into a tree。 Reluctant // willing // He was reluctantly to do that。 Take place // Great changes have been took place。 Ban // The laws ban the driver from using cellphone。 Audience // In front of large audience。 Transmit // Transmit knowledge from one generation to another。 Restriction // Strict restriction。 Catch cold。 Cold virus/computer virus。 Remedy for cold。 Symptom of cold。 Taking medicine。 Running temperature。 Exception // English is no exception / there is no exception。 Reference book / reference letter。 Be bound to do sth // There are bound to be some words and phrases that belong in the formal language and others informal. / the weather is bound to get better tomorrow。 Resume // We receive your resume last week.。 Financial // Stock // Bond // We’re a small financial company, trading mostly stocks and bonds。 Put up with // might as well // If you can put up with the noise you might as well live

here. In charge of // In charge of a team of eight brokers。 Client // We buy and sell stocks in the stock market for major clients worldwide.。 Candidate // You are candidate for this position / president candidate。 Human resource / Personnel Department / R & D Department。 Philosophy // psychology // I want to do philosophy rather than psychology。 Talk sb out of doing sth // Persuade // My father talked me out of choosing Business Management。 Prospect // my job prospects would have been pretty limited。 Resist // But Greek church resists this practice。 Support // My father support carrying out the policy。 Look up to // admire / John admires his sister。 Schedule // time schedule // bus schedule // plane schedule。 Adjust // Adjusting to countryside life。 Industry // food industry // tourism industry //entertainment industry。 How is the project going。 Come along // Everything is coming along really well。 Competition // competitor // competing with。 Result in // These investment will result in great losses。 Degree certificate // teacher certificate // birth certificate。 Physically, mentally and emotionally shocked. Surgery // operation。 Emergency room。 Ambulance。 High blood pressure。 Heart attack // heart disease。 Cancer. Stomach bleeding // Organs。 Bed reaction。

Injury。 Only child 。 Family planning policy。 Spoiled 。 Self-center。 Shift from...to… // When my interest shifted from space to the sea, I never expected it would cause such confusion.。 Underwater exploration // space exploration。 Surviving skills。 Cold-blood creature // warm-blood creature。 Species // bird species。 Hate to do sth // I hate to tell you this, but I can’t seem to find them。 Out of the way // don’t you think that cinema is a little out of the way?. Go ahead // go right ahead. // can I borrow your bike? Go ahead! Go through // you might go through their indexes to see what you wanted。 Press conference。 Take part in // participate // take part in the contest。 Engagement // marriage propose // wedding ceremony // diamond ring。 Bride // bridegroom。 Maintain // maintain a given body weight。 Drop a class // drop out of school // quit school // I’m going to drop my Information Science class。 Drop by // stop by // I’ll drop by on Sunday。 Go over // I’ve got to go over my notes for tomorrow midterm。 More or less // the scores are more or less the same。 Flat=apartment // I’m ringing about the flat。 Dive into // he dived into the river to save the boy。 Rescue // Michel has rescued more that twenty people in this river。 Alcohol abuse // brain cell // cell phone。

Alcohol abuse kills brain cell。 Investigate // we have investigate a range of different models to see which is the best。 Be familiar with // people who are familiar with different cameras。 Assess // evaluate // valuation // assesses the impact of typhoon。 Run into // I ran into one of my old friend on the street。 Too…to… // too busy to call you。 Suffer from // suffering from high blood pressure。 Distance learning course。 Make sense // what you say make no sense。. Be curious about // be curious to do sth // I’m curious to know what she said。 Indispensable // their service were indispensable to the nation. Film // can you take a picture of me? I’m afraid I’ve run out of the film。 If only // the food in this restaurant is horrible. If only we’d gone to the school dinning hall。 Give sb hand = do sb a favor // can you give me a hand, Mike? Adequate // inadequate //pritective services are inadequate。 Break into // A chief has broken into the house。 Oversea student // international student。 Complicated // simple // Jackson was too complicated to understand。 Peaceful life // stressful job。 Complain about // complain that // Susan always complains these and that。 Tend to ----//----Isolate oneself from sth The non-readers tend to isolate themselves from the community. Attempt to do sth // Editors and publishers are attempting to win old reader. Help do sth // this will help overcome the time problem. Represent // each tree ring represents a year of growth. Be under the impression of / that --A: I heard there are seats left the show tonight. B: really, I was under the impression that the tickets were sold out a long time age.

Lose one’s temper // I gradually lost my temper. Shocked // She was shocked the air crash. Once in a while // such thoughts may have crossed your mind once in a while. Regardless of // regardless of your height, age and distance. Change // hi, Jane, do you have some change? I have to make a call on the pay phone. Stimulating // teaching is stimulating job. Wear sth/sb out // they were worn out after a long day.