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Book6 Unit1 词汇讲解 答案


Unit1 Art 词汇学案

1. faith n. 信任;信心;信念 E.g Faith can move mountains. 精诚所至,金石为开。 【归纳】 have faith in sb./sth. 对某人/某事有信心 lose faith in 不再信任;对……失去信心 完成句子 (1) I ________________ (相信) his ability to succeed. (2) Though it’s only a small trouble, it made Rose (对……失去信心)success. 拓展 faithful adj. 忠实的 faithfully adv. 忠实地 2 . aim n. 目标;目的 vi. & vt. 瞄准;(向某方向)努力 Eg: What is your aim in life? 你生活的目的是什么? 【归纳】 n. achieve one’s aim 达到目标 v. aim at 瞄准;以…为目的 aim to do sth./ aim at doing sth. 力求/旨在做某事 运用 完成句子 (1)He the gun the enemy officer. 他用枪瞄准了敌教官。 (2)He swim a mile. 他力求游一英里。 3.typical adj. 典型的;有代表性的 Eg: typical examples 典型事例 typical work 代表作 【归纳】 be typical of...是…的代表; It is typical of sb.to do sth.某人做某事是他的特点 【拓展】 typically adv. 典型地;具有代表性地 (1)她这个人就是爱迟到。 (2)下雪是北方的特征。_______________________in the north. 4.adopt vt.采用,采纳,收养 e.g (1)Miss Gao has adopted a new teaching method. 高老师采用了一种新的教学法。 (2)As they had no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 翻译 玛丽采纳了我的意见去收养一个小孩。 ______________________________________________________ 【拓展】 adoption n.采用;收养 adopted adj. 收养的; 领养的 5. possess vt. 拥有;具有;支配 1)He possesses two cars. 2) They are still in possession of the house, so we have to wait for another time. 他们依然拥有房子的产权,所以我们还得等待一段时间。 3) The factory is in the possession of one of my friend, who moved to Australia several years ago. 这家工厂是属于我一个朋友的,几年前他搬到澳洲去了。

【用法】 sb be in possession of sth. 占有某物 sth be in the possession of sb. 为某人所有 【拓展】 possession cn.财产(常用复数) un. 拥有,占有 1)The soldiers the enemy’s base. 士兵占据了敌人的根据地. 2 )The boat was Captain Jack. 这艘船是杰克船长的 6.by coincidence 巧合地 典例 By coincidence, we arrived here meanwhile. 巧合的是,我们同时到这。 拓展 by chance ,by accident 偶然;无意中;不小心地 完成句子 ____________________ (巧合的是), we bought the same skirt. 7 . a great deal 大量 【典例】 1)Thanks a great deal for your help with our work. 非常感谢你给我们工作上的帮助。 2) A great deal of money was used in rescuing the victims in Wenchuan earthquake. 大量的金钱被用于援救汶川地震中的受害者。 【归纳区别】 修饰可数 名词 修饰不可 数名词 many; a few; a good/great many; a large/small number of ; many a +单数名词;more than one +单数名词 much; a good /great deal of ; a large amount of; large amounts of

修饰可数/ a lot of /lots of; plenty of; a large quantity of ; large quantities of 不可数名 词 8. attempt vt.尝试;企图 n.努力;尝试;企图 【观察】 判断 attempt 的词性 They attempted to finish the work within a month. ( ) He made an attempt to pass the exam, but it was too difficult. ( ) 【用法】vt. attempt to do sth. 试图做某事 n. make an attempt to do sth. make an attempt at doing sth. 尝试做某事 at one’s first attempt 某人第一次尝试 翻译 每次我试图说服她, 但都不起作用。 ________________________________________ 9. on the other hand (可是)另一方面 eg: On (the) one hand he has time; on the other hand, he has money. 【归纳拓展】 for one thing, ….for another thing…. 一方面……, 另一方面……. 10. predict vt. 预言;预告;预测 E.g It predicts rain for tomorrow. 预告明天有雨

【用法】It is predicted that...据预测…… (据预测)the food prices will continue to go up in the next few months. 【归纳】 predictable adj.可预测的 unpredictable adj.不可预测的 prediction n. 预测 predictor n.预言家 11. specific adj. 确切的;特定的 Eg: I gave you specific instructions. 我给过你明确的指示。 The money was collected for a specific purpose.这笔钱是为一个特殊的用途而收的。 【拓展】 specifically adv. 特定地;具体地;专门地;明确地 specification n. 明细规范;规格说明(常用复数) 完成句子 你说你住在国家的西部地区,你能说得更具体一些吗? You said you live in the west part of the country. Could you be a bit ? 12. flesh un. 肌肉,肉体 【用法】 in the flesh 活着的,本人 meet/see sb. in the flesh It’s exciting to ____________________________ (见到歌星本人真是太兴奋了。) 13. preference n. 偏爱;喜爱;更喜欢的人(或物) E.g It’s a matter of personal preference. 那是个人的爱好问题。 【归纳】 have a preference for 更喜欢…… give a preference to 给…….以优惠;优待 in preference to = rather than 优先于;而不是 【拓展】 prefer v.更喜欢 preferable adj. 更好的,更合适的 完成句子 因为她有音乐天赋,她更喜欢学小提琴。

一、根据句意及所给单词汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式。 1, This ads is a(n)___________(典型的) example of their marketing plan. 2, New techniques have been ___________(采用)in the project. 3, We may talk of beautiful things, but beauty itself is _________(抽象的) 4, There are various _________(技术)for dealing with pollution. 5. The children were ;laying, jumping on each other ’s ________(影子) 6. The money is to be used for _______(特定的)purposes. 7. The library attracts thousands of researchers and __________(学者) 8. Many elderly people expressed a strong _________(prefer)to live in their own homes. 9. Prisoners were allowed no personal ____________(possess) 10. There’s a new __________(exhibit) of sculpture on at the city gallery. 二、用适当的介词填空 1. This sort of hot food is very typical _____the food in the south of the country. 2. Jennifer got angry with her brother and aimed a heavy book _____his head. 3. The woman always shows a very positive attitude ___ her work. 4. They have accepted Charles _____the representative of the company. 5. Too much work and too little rest often leads ____illness. 6. The public have lost faith ____what the company is doing. 三、根据汉语提示完成句子 1. _________________________(很显然) the company was in serious difficulties. 2. His work has been attracting ______________________________(大量的关注) 3. _________________(我确信) the man was lying. 4. I’d like to eat out, but _____________________ (另一方面) I should be trying to save money. 5. _________________(巧合地),I met my old schoolmate again fifty years later. 6. She _______________(试图打破) the world record and eventually succeeded. 四、 翻译句子 1. 教授的幽默感把许多学生吸引住了。 (appeal to ) ____________________________________________________________ 2. 简(Jane)特别喜欢蓝色。 (preference) _____________________________________________________________ 3. 这个博物馆值得参观。 (be worth + n.) ___________________________________________________________ 4. 显然,现代音乐已经摆脱了旧的传统规则。(It’s evident that…) ___________________________________________________________

14. appeal vi. 有感染力;呼吁;求助 n. 呼吁;恳求 【典例】 Bright colors appeal to small children. 小孩喜欢鲜艳的颜色。 【归纳拓展】 appeal to sb. 对…有吸引力 appeal to sb for sth./to do sth. 为某事向某人呼吁/呼吁某人做某事 appeal for aid/help 请求帮助 运用 完成句子 1) 政府呼吁市民节约用水。 ___________________________________________________________ 2) 由于缺乏经验,这个年轻人请求帮助。 ____________________________________________________________

Book6 Unit1 Art

Because she has a gift for music, she has a preference for violin. 14. appeal 1) The government appeals to the citizens to save the water. 2) For a lack of experience, the teenager appeal for help. 单元词汇练习 一、填空 1. typical 2. adopted 3. abstract 4. techniques 5. shadows

1. faith 1) have faith in 2) lose faith in

3. typical 1) It is typical of her to be late. 2) Snow is typical 4. adopt Mary adopted my advice to adopt a child. 5. possess

?are in possession of
2) in the possession of 6. by coincidence By coincidence 8. attempt v. 尝试,企图 n. 努力,尝试

二、介词填空 1. of 2. at 3. to 4. as 5. to 6. in 三、完成句子 1. It’s evident/obvious/clear that 2. a great deal of attention 3. I was convinced that 4. on the other hand 5. By coincidence 6. attempted to break 四、翻译

10. predict It’s predicted that 11. specific specific 12. flesh see the singer in the flesh.

?The professor’s sense of humor appealed to many students.
2. Jane has a preference for blue. 3. The museum is worth a visit. 4. It’s evident that the modern music has broken away from the old traditional rules.

13. preference

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