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松江二中 2013 学年第一学期期中考试高三英语
II. Grammar & Vocabulary (26%) Section A Directions: Read the following passages. Fill in each blank with one proper word or the proper form of the given wor

d to make the passage coherent Make sure that your answers are grammatically correct, (write the answers on the answer sheet) 16% (A) It was at least two months before Christmas when nine-year-old Rose told her father and me that she wanted a new bicycle. As Christmas drew __25__(near), her desire for a bicycle seemed to fade, or so we thought. We bought the latest rage, Baby Sitter's Club dolls, and a doll house. Then, much to our surprise, on December 23rd, she said that she "really wanted a bike more than anything else." It was just too late, as we were busy with all the details of preparing Christmas dinner and buying last-minute gifts,_____26__ ( take) the time to select the "right bike" for our litter girl. So here we were Christmas Eve around 9 p.m., with Rose and her six-year-old brother, Dylan, nestled snug in their beds. Now we__27___ only think of the bicycle and the disappointment of our child. "_28____ ______ I make a little bicycle out of clay (泥) and write a note that she could trade (互相交换) the clay model in for a real bike?" Her dad asked. "This is an expensive item and she is 'such a big girl,' it would be much better for her to pick it out." So he spent the next four hours painstakingly __29____(work) with clay to make a tiny bike. ___30____ Christmas morning, we were excited for Rose to open the little hear shaped package with the beautiful red and white clay bike and the note. Finally, she opened it and read the note aloud. "Does this mean that I trade in this bike that Daddy made me for a real one?" __31____(smile), I said, "Yes." Rose had tears in her eyes when she replied, "I could never trade in this beautiful bicycle that Daddy made me. I'd rather keep this than get___32___ real bike." At that moment, we would have moved heaven and earth to buy her every bicycle on the planet! 25. nearer 26. to .take 27. could 28. What if 29. working 30. On31.Smiling 32. a (B) Hunger is the number one problem worldwide, Many believe that starving people are in dire straits (极太的困境___33__food supplies are insufficient. In reality, there is enough food in the world to make most people fat. The problem is __(34) __people in famine-stricken areas are too poor do buy the food that their nations produce. Often these necessities___ (35)___(export), with the proceeds(收入,获利) going toward their nation’s foreign debt. Another reason why some developing nations are still poor is that they are the mercy of Mother Nature. ____36___this is true in part, it does not take into account the fact that most of the arable(适于耕种的)poor countries is controlled by a powerful few. This makes the poor more vulnerable to the whims (一时兴起)of nature than ever before. A widespread solution is that wealthy nations should give more assistance. History has shown that the assistance__(37) _____(intend) to help those in greatest need often does not reach them. If the help __(38)___ (come) in the form of debt relief instead of famine relief- poor countries would be better off and then they would be able to use more of their own resources to fund health care and anti-poverty programs rather than simply paving part of the interest on their foreign loans. By truly helping_(39)____in need today,. future generations might one day live in a world
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__40__no one goes to bed hungry. 33. because 34. that 35. are exported 36. While/ Though 39. those 40. where 37 intended 38, came

Section B (10) Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need A adequate B. exploring C updates D refunds E. unfortunate F. insult G. original H. remain I. inspecting J. submit K. unconvincing. The Internal, Revenue(美国国税局)plans to delay the tax-filing season up to two weeks as a result of the 16-day government shutdown that ended last week. The move could have an adverse impact on taxpayers who rely on timely __41__ to make ends meet, as they would have to wait longer to __42____their information for a check. The delay was necessary to allow ___43___ time to program and test tax processing systems, after the partial government closure. The IRS is __44____ options to shorten the expected delay and will announce a final decision on the start of the 2014 filing season in December. The ___45___ filing season was set to begin on Jan, 21, It would begin no earlier than Jan. 28 arid no later than Feb. 4 with the delay. The usual April 15 filing deadline- will __46___in place as a matter of federal law. The IRS __47__ its systems' annually to reflect new tax law and to make programming changes. Some Republican lawmakers have expressed doubts about whether the IRS delay is past years without delay, its reasons are __48___ This is yet another __49 ____effect, of a shutdown that Republicans should have never caused. The entirety of the shutdown’s harmful impact won’t be known for months, if not longer. But 'what is already clear is that it has cost our economy tens of billions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs. This tax-filing delay just adds __50___ to injury for Americans hoping to get a jump start on their tax refunds in January. 41.D 42.J 43.A 44.B 45.G 46.H 47.C 48.K 49.E 50.F III. Reading Comprehension. Section A (15) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context . During recent years we have heard much about “race”: how this race does certain things and that race believes certain things' and so on. __51____,the whole phenomenon of race consists of a few surface indications. We judge race usually __52___ the coloring of the skin: a white race, a brown race, a yellow race and a black race, But if you were to remove the skin you could not __53____anything about the race to which the individual belonged. There is nothing in physical structure, the brain or the internal organs to __54 ___a difference. There are four types of blood.; All types are found in every race and no type is _55___ to any race. Human brains are the ___56___ . No scientists could examine a brain and tell you the
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race to which the individual belonged. Brains will __57__ in size, but this occurs within every race. Nor does ____58 ___have anything to do with intelligence. The largest brain ever examined belonged to a person of weak __59__.On the other hand, some of our most distinguished people have had__60 ___ brains. Mental tests which are reasonably accurate show no differences in__61 ____ between races. High and low test results both can be recorded by different members of any race.__ 62 ___.equal educational advantages, there will be no difference in average standings, either on account of race or geographical location. Individuals of every race __63___civilization to go backward or forward. Training and education can change the response of a group of people, and___64___them to behave in a particular way The behavior and ideals, of people change according to__65___ , but they can always go back or go on to something new that is better and higher than anything in the past. 51. A. Thus 52. A. in 53. A. speak 54. A、estimate 55.A. distinct 56 A. same 57.A. remain 58.A.blood 59.A.health 60.A.big 61.A.dilligence 62.A.provided 63.A.advance 64.A.enrich 65.A.circumstance B, Besides B. from B. talk B. indicate B. extinct B. unique B. increase B quality B body B small B personality B Judging B cause B enable B races C. Then C. at C. tell C. expose C. native G. general C. decrease C size C mind C special C prediction C given C promote C engage C statistics D. Yet D. on D. mention D. appear D. sensitive D. specific D. vary D quantity D. strength D. major D intelligence D. following D turn D ensure D religions

51-55, DBCBA 56-60. ADCCB 61-65. DCBBA Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) Burn rate is the speed at which a startup business consumes money. My rate was $ 75,000 a month. Four months after my company was set up, I had only a quarter of the starting capital left in the bank. Looking for guidance, I went to talk to my friend, Arthur Walworth about my new venture." Times of great change always bring out the risk-takers," he said. "And they leave winners and losers. My grandfather invested a lot of money in a project of Thomas Edison’s that ended up in failure. " I was lost in thought at the notion of a Thomas Edison project ending in failure. Damn. It could happen to anybody! I must continue.
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At that time CD-ROM sales had bombed, so investors were fleeing from the field. I didn’t turn away from mine entirely, but instead linked it to the internet. My plan was to offer consumers descriptions of home-design products by using a special software and let them modify the designs. Then we can enable them to get online professional and constructional help to have their houses built, decorated and furnished according to their own choice. To realize my plan I needed investors, so 1 continued to meet regularly with venture capitalists. One said I had a great idea. But I needed to test it. Get the money somewhere. To get this money from a VC is going to cost my wife and my children! He turned down my request. Wife? Children? I barely remembered them. I was working nonstop--struggling to turn the key in the lock, to find the right way ahead. The pressure was terrible. It was just at this time that my parents and sisters stepped up. Two hundred thousand dollars. A lot of money to them, invested in this crazy son and brother without a moment's hesitation. Dad and Morn had driven out from Chicago and seen the passion in my little office and the trouble at home. With their help my company survived and has been prospering ever since. 1. When the author' s company started operation, he had_____. A. $ 450,000 B. $ 400,000 C. $ 350,000 D. $ 300,000 2. Arthur implies that to start a business in limes of change, people have to_____. A. rely on famous people all be time B. invest as much money as possible C. face the risks of possible failure D. think about nothing but success 3. The author's company was engaged in_____. A. furniture design and production B. online home-design service C. traditional home designing D. home decoration business 4. Faced with a very unfavorable market situation, the author decided_____. A. to improve his service B. to start a new business C. to withdraw his money D. to reduce his investment 5. It is implied that venture capital is often _____. A. risky B. timely C. secure D. abundant 参考答案及解析: 1.B 推理题。本题需要就第一段提供的数据进行计算。作者说每月花 75,000 美元,四个 月之后账户里只剩下四分之一的资金, ,由此我们用 75,000 乘以 4 得到的 300,000 美元应 该是总共用掉的钱.这个数额占总资金的四分之一,计算可得总资金是 400,000 美元。故 选 B。 2.C 细节题。从第 1 段 Arthur 所说的话“they leave winners and losers(不是成功就是失败)” 可以看出前面所说的事情是有风险的。故选 C。 3. B 推理题。从文章第六段第一句话 “. . . offer consumers descriptions of home—design products. . .”以及后面的“. . .have their houses built.decorated and furnished…”可知,选项 A、D 都只是公司业务的一部分,C 项文中没有提及,只有 B 项才是完整的答案。 4. A 细节题。 由文章第五段第二句“I didn’t turn away from mine entirely, but instead linked it to the Internet.”可知,作者没有放弃而是开辟了新的路径,这与 A 项表述一致。 5.A 推理题。由文章倒数第五段倒数第二句“. . .to get this money from a VC is going to cost
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my wife and my children!”可知,作者如果向投机资本家借钱的话就会失去自己的妻子和孩 子,由此可推测向投机资本家借钱有很大的风险。故选 A。 (B) When should people be made to retire? 55? 65? Should there be a compulsory (强制的) age limit? Many old people work well into their 70s and 80s, running families, countries or corporations. Other people, however, despite being fit and highly talented, are forced to retire in their fifties or even earlier because of the regulations of a company or the nation. This essay will examine whether people should be allowed to continue working as long as they want or whether they should be encouraged to retire at a particular stage. Some people think there are several arguments for allowing older people to continue working as long as they are able. First of all, older employees have an immense amount of knowledge and experience which can be lost to a business or organization if they are made to retire. A second point is that older employees are often extremely loyal employees and are more willing to carry out company policies than younger less committed staff. However, a more important point is regarding the attitudes in society to old people. To force someone to resign or retire at 60 indicates that the society does not value the input of these people and that effectively their useful life is over. Age is irrelevant to a working life, surely if older employees are told they cannot work after 60, this is age discrimination. That they become old does not necessarily mean they are going to be sick. Old people could be more aware, experienced and committed than some youngsters. Others, however, think that allowing older people to work indefinitely is not a good policy. Age alone is no guarantee of ability. Old people are only ambitious workaholics who are too selfish and egocentric to believe that a younger person could do better. Actually, many younger employees have more experience or skills than older staff, who may have been stuck in one area or unit for most of their working lives. Having compulsory retirement allows new ideas in an organization. In addition, without age limits, however, many people would continue to work purely because they did not have any other plans or roles. A third point of view is that older people should be rewarded by society for their life’s labor by being given generous pensions (养老金) and the freedom to enjoy their leisure. We now have youngsters who can’t find jobs because old people are choosing not to retire. Old people are not retiring because this new generation of “old people” think they will never die due to modern advances in medicine. With many young people unemployed or frustrated in low-level positions, there are often calls to compulsorily retire older workers. However, this can affect the older individual’s freedom and right to work and can deprive society of valuable experience and insights. I feel that giving workers more flexibility and choice over their retirement age will benefit society and the individual. 72. What is the purpose of this passage? A. To explain the compulsory age limit. C. To examine people’s working life.

B. To discuss the retirement age. D. To introduce a particular stage.

74. It can be inferred in the fourth passage that ______. A. the young people have more creative spirits
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B. Pensions and freedom are not given to the old now C..Modern advances in medicine make old people never die D. old people believe that a younger person could do better 75. The passage is arranged as follows: A
? ?

(C) Angry Birds is a video game developed by Finnish computer game developer Rovio Mobile. Inspired primarily by a sketch of stylized wingless birds, the game was first released for Apple’s mobile operating system in December 2009.Since then, over 12 million copies of the game have been purchased from Apple’s App Store. With its fast-growing popularity worldwide, the game and its characters---angry birds and their enemy pigs---have appeared in television programs throughout the world. THE Israeli comedy A Wonderful country ,one of the nation’s most popular TV programs, satirized(讽刺) recent failed Israeli-Palestinian peace attempts by featuring the Angry Birds in peace negotiations with the pigs. Clips of the segment (片段)went viral, getting viewers from all around the world. American television hosts Conan O’Brien, Jon Steward , and Daniel Tosh have referenced the game in comedy sketches for their programs, Conan, The Daily Show, and Dash. O. Some of the game’s more famous fans include Prime Minister David Cameron of UK, who plays the iPad version of the game, and author Salman Rushdie, who is believed to be “something of a master at Angry Birds.” Angry Birds and its characters have also been featured in advertisements in different forms. In March 2011, the characters began appearing in a series of advertisements for Microsoft’s Bing search engine. In the same year, Nokin produced an advertisement in Austin, Texas that included the game’s characters on a downtown building for its new mobile phone. Later, a T-Mobile advertisement filmed in Spain included a real-life mock-up(实物模拟)of the game in a city center. Nokin also used the game in Malaysia to promote an attempt to set a world record for the largest number of people playing a single mobile game. Angry Birds has even inspired works of philosophical analogy (哲学类比) .A five-part essay with the title” Angry Birds Yoga”---How to Eliminate the Green Pigs in Your Life” was written by Giridhari Dasar in Brazil ,utilizing the characters and game play mechanics to interpret various concepts of yoga philosophy. The piece attracted much media attention for its unique method of philosophical presentation. 74. What is the purpose of the passage? A. To explain how the video game Angry Birds was devised.
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B. To investigate why Angry Birds has quickly become well-liked. C. To introduce Angry Birds characters in TV programs and advertisements. D. To report on the spread of Angry Birds in different media around the world . 75. Which of the following is closed in meaning to the word “viral “in Paragraph 2? A. apparent B. popular C. exciting D. disgusting 76. According to the text, which of the following persons is good at playing Angry Birds? A. Salman Bushdie B. Conan O’Brien C. Giridhari Dasar D. Daniel Tosh 77. Which of the following is TRUE about the use of Angry Birds according to the text? A. It has been used by UK Prime Minister to explain political issues. B. Its characters are used in advertisements mainly for Apple’s products. C. It has been developed into a film about the life of a Brazilian yoga master. D. Its real-life mock-up has appeared in an advertisement for mobile phones. DBAD 试题分析: 【小题 1】推理题,由第二段第二行 have appeared in television programs throughout the world. 和第三段第一句 Angry Birds and its characters have also been featured in advertisements in different forms 可以推出答案,故选 D。 【小题 2】推理题。由后面的句子 getting viewers from all around the world 可以推出答案,. 所以选 B。 【小题 3】细节题,由第三段倒数第三行 Conan, The Daily Show, and Dash. O. Some of the game’s more famous fans include Prime Minister David Cameron of UK, who plays the iPad version of the game, and author Salman Rushdie, who is believed to be “something of a master at Angry Birds.可以知道选 A 【小题 4】 推理题, 由倒数第二段倒数第二行 a T-Mobile advertisement filmed in Spain included a real-life mock-up(实物模拟)of the game in a city center 可以推出答案,所以选 D 考点:本篇是一篇说明文文 点评:本文说明了愤怒的小鸟游戏很流行。推断题测试考生在阅读基础上的逻辑推理能力, 要求考生根据文章所述事件的逻辑关系, 对未说明的趋势或结局作出合理的推断; 或根据作 者所阐述的观点理论,对文章未涉及的现象、事例给以解释。考生首先要仔细阅读短文,完 整了解信息,准确把握作者观点。 Section D Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. Frogs, toads and salamanders usually make us think of green, slimy little monsters. These monsters actually belong to a very special class of animals called the amphibians. Amphibians can live both on land and in the water. They commonly inhabit ponds, rivers, marshes and other wetlands. Today, amphibians are becoming extinct very quickly from all the six continents where they are found. More than 25 countries are reporting sharp drops in the populations of amphibians. In some places, embryos (胚胎) are dying; in others, adults are missing. Why are they dying off? Scientists blame human interference. Industrial waste and toxic gases given out by factories, manufacturing plants and cars are steadily poisoning the breeding grounds of amphibians. Chemicals such as sulphur dioxide rise high into the atmosphere and mix with rain. This makes
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the rain acidic and thus kills off delicate amphibian embryos. More rare species of amphibians are already gone. Costa Rica’s Golden toads have not been seen since 1989. The Australian Gastric Brooding frogs are extinct. Leopard frog numbers are dropping in the Rocky Mountains. Leopard frogs live in the wetland regions in these areas. The wetlands are being drained to make way for highways, industry and new housing. Another threat to the amphibians is the increased ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays come from the sun and are extremely harmful to living things. They can cause skin cancer in humans. Luckily for us, ultraviolet rays are blocked by a thick layer of ozone above the earth’s atmosphere. Ozone is a special kind of oxygen which absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Now, the ozone layer is being destroyed by chemicals called CFC’s which are given off by factories. A hole in the ozone layer was discovered over Antarctica in the late 1980’s. As a result, more ultraviolet rays are reaching the earth and more amphibians are dying. Just as the emergence of new infectious diseases such as Bird Flu are a threat to human and animal populations across the world, amphibian species are also facing their most significant threat from a little understood disease. A chytrid fungus is understood to be of the major causes of frog death across the world. (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN TWELVE WORDS) 78. _____________________________________indicate that amphibians are dying out quickly. 79. What’s the destructive force of acid rain? ____________________________________________________________________. 80.The ozone layer protects people by _____________________________________________. 81. List at least two major factors that lead to the extinction of amphibians. 78.the sharp drops in the populations of amphibians from over 25 countries 79. It kills off delicate amphibian embryos. , 80. absorbing/ blocking the (harmful) ultraviolet radiation 81. Human interference, increased ultraviolet radiation and new infectious diseases I. Translation: 1.这是他第一次夸奖我的衣着。(compliment) This / It is the first time he has paid a compliment / has complimented on my clothes. 2.在这次慈善义卖中所筹得的 20 万美元都捐给了一个偏远山区的小学。 (donate) All the 200 thousand dollars collected in the charity sale was / has been donated-to a elementary school in a remote mountainous area. 3.住在这个小区的优势之一就是能免费使用这里所有的运动设施。(access) One of the advantages of living in this neighborhood is the free access to all the sports facilities here. 4.面临着巨大的挑战,她一点都没有觉得害怕,反而比以往更有动力。 (face) Faced with huge / great / tremendous challenges, she didn’t feel frightened / scared at all;instead, she felt more motivated / inspired than ever before. 5.到看到自己的活动给自然造成的负面影响后, 人类才意识到保护珎境人人有责。 (Not until) Not until human beings have seen the negative effect on nature do they realize that everyone has to play their part in protecting the environment, / it is everyone’s duty to preserve 1he
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