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【创新设计】2015高考英语(译林版)一轮活页练习:模块2 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained(含答案解析)

模块二 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Her exam results were ________(失望)but she tried to put a brave face on it. 2.His wet coat was ________(证据)that he had been outside. 3.I

never consider the ________(可能性)of going to the United States. 4.We had better do some market ________(研究)before we produce this car. 5.It is said that human beings came into ________ (存在)about millions of years ago. 答案 1.disappointing 2.evidence 3.possibility

4.research 5.existence Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.根据最近一份调查报告表明,学生将一半以上的业余时间花在做作业上。(according to) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2.警察忽视了那个男孩被他继母谋杀的可能性。(ignore the possibility) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 3.她听到有人在向她哥哥的床边走去。(hear...do) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4.他做这件事情的原因并不是很令人信服的。(be convincing) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5 .这个男孩在过去的一个学期几乎没有取得什么进步 ,他的父母对他很失望。 (be disappointed with) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.According to a recent survey,students spend more than half of their spare time doing homework. 2.The police ignored the possibility that the boy had been murdered by his stepmother. 3.She heard someone make his way to her brother's bed. 4.The reason why he did it is not very convincing. 5.The boy made so little progress in the last term that his parents were very disappointed with him.

Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Having sent several emails to apply for jobs,the college graduate waited for a reply, but________came. A.none B.neither C.nothing D.no one 答案 A [考查代词的用法。句意:发出几封求职邮件后这位大学毕业生等着回复,但

是一个也没有。这里指的是没有“回复”,指物,故选 A。] 2.It didn't occur to me ________ there'd be a big festival on at the same time as my holiday. A.when B.that C.how D.which 答案 B [句意:我从未想过在我度假时会遇上盛大的节日。It occurs to sb that...“某人突 然想起……”。] 3.Harry Potter is said ________ into over twelve languages by the end of last year. A.to be translated B.being translated C.having been translated D.to have been translated 答案 D [句意: 《哈利· 波特》据说到去年末已经被译成超过 12 种语言了。此句用的是 sth is said to do 句式,而且“translate”发生在“is said”之前,所以要用不定式的完成式“to have been translated”。] 4.As far as I see,________is no possibility________he will win the tennis match this time. A.it;that B.there;that C.it;where D.there;whether 答案 B [考查同位语从句的用法及 there be 句型。此处 that he will win the tennis match this time 是 possibility 的同位语。] 5.—Is there an express to Beijing tonight? —There ________ be,but you'd better call the booking office to make sure. A.can B.might C.will D.must 答案 B [考查情态动词。根据“你最好给订票处打电话确认一下”可知,此处表示“较小

的可能性”, 用 might。can 表示“可能(指客观上的可能性)”;will 表示“要,会”;must 表示“务 必,一定”,都与语意不符。] 6.He is willing to do whatever he can________his beloved family.

A.support B.supporting C.to support D.be supported 答案 C [句意:他愿意做任何他能做的事情,来供养他所钟爱的家庭。根据句子结构可 知, whatever he can 为宾语从句, 后面省略了 do, 而动词不定式短语 to support...作目的状语, 故选 C。 ] 7.Can you pick________a suit that most fits me?I have a party to attend tonight. A.out B.off C.up D.in 答案 A [句意:你能挑一套最适合我的衣服吗?我今晚要参加一个聚会。pick out 意为 “精心挑选”。] 8.Jack had no experience,so he was ________a possible candidate for the position. A.taken B.shown up C.left behind D.ruled out 答案 D [句意:杰克没有一点经验,因此被排除在了这一职位的可能候选人之外。A 项 意为“带走,拿走”;B 项意为“到达,露面”;C 项意为“留下,使落后”;D 项意为“排除”。 根据句意可知选 D。] 9.Why don't you just ________your own business and leave me alone? A.make B.open C.consider D.mind 答案 D [句意:你为什么不少管闲事,不打扰我好吗?mind one's own business 意为“少 管闲事”。] 10.He lost some of the ________in his muscles after he stopped exercising. A.strength B.force C.energy D.power 答案 A [句意: 他停止了锻炼后, 肌肉就失去了一些力量。 A 项指“人或物内部的力量”; B 项指“外界的力量或武力”;C 项指“能量”;D 项指“威力,势力,权力”。根据语境可知应 选 A。] 11.After the explosion,the policemen have appealed to ________to come forward. A.directors B.views C.applicants D.witnesses

答案 D [句意:爆炸发生后,警察呼吁目击者主动提供信息。witness“目击者”,符合句 意。] 12.—You didn't lose the train ticket,did you? —________.I know it's not easy to get another one now. A.I am afraid not B.I think no C.I hope so D.I hope not 答案 D [答语提到现在再得到一张火车票不容易,由此可知答话人不希望这样。I hope not 表示“我希望不是这样”。] 13.Highspeed trains travel at 300 kilometres an hour,which is about ________normal trains. A.four times the speed as B.the speed four times of C.four times as the speed of D.four times the speed of 答案 D [A is four times the speed of B 意为“A 的速度是 B 的四倍”。] 14.After playing in the park for a few hours,the pupils gathered under trees ________shade and ________down to eat their picnic. A.provided;sit B.providing;sitting C.providing;sat D.provided;sat 答案 C [考查非谓语动词和谓语动词的用法。句意:在公园玩了几个小时后,那些小学 生们聚集在树荫下,坐下来吃野餐。第一空处表“提供阴凉的树”,逻辑主语 trees 与 provide 为主谓关系,应该用现在分词短语作定语;第二空处“坐下来吃野餐”与“聚集在树荫下”是并 列的谓语。] 15.It seems that living green is ________easy and affordable.A small step makes a big difference. A.exactly B.fortunately C.surprisingly D.hardly 答案 C [ 句意:绿色生活似乎是出乎意料地简单可行,迈出一小步,产生大不同。

exactly“准确地”;fortunately“幸运地”;surprisingly“惊讶地,出乎意料地”;hardly“几乎不”。] Ⅳ.阅读理解 Parents often believe that they have a good relationship with their teenagers.But last summer, Joanna and Henry noticed a change in their older son:suddenly he seemed to be talking more to

his friends than to his parents.“The door to his room is always shut.I don't know what he's doing inside,” Joanna noted. Tina and Mark noticed similar changes in their 14yearold daughter.“She used to cuddle up(蜷伏) with me on the sofa and talk,” said Mark.“Now we joke that she does this only when she wants something.Sometimes she wants to be treated like a little girl and sometimes like a young lady.” Before age 11, children like to tell their parents what's on their minds.“In fact, parents are first on the list,” said Michael Riera, author of Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers.“This completely changes during the teen years, ” Riera explained.“They talk to their friends first, then maybe their teachers, and their parents last.” Parents who know what's going on in their teenagers' lives are in the best position to help them.To break down the wall of silence, parents should create chances to understand what their children want to say, and try to find ways to talk and write to them.And they must give their children a mental (精神上的) rest, for children also need freedom, though young.Another thing parents should remember is that to be a friend, not a manager, with their children is a better way to know them. 【语篇解读】 本文为说明文,介绍了处于青春过渡期的少男少女成长发育中发生的一些 心理变化及父母亲的应对方法。 1. “The door to his room is always shut” suggests that the son ________. A.is always busy with his studies B.doesn't want to be disturbed C.keeps himself away from his parents D.begins to dislike his parents 答案 C [细节理解题。根据第 1 段 I don't know what he's doing inside 可知儿子不想让父 母了解自己的行为和思想。故 C 项正确。其他各项没有依据。] 2.Before age 11, children like to ________. A.be treated like adults B.tell their parents what they are thinking about C.watch TV sitting on the sofa D.write to their parents 答案 B [细节理解题。 根据第 3 段 Before age 11, children like to tell their parents what's on their minds 可知不到 11 岁的小孩子喜欢与父母谈论自己的想法。] 3.Which of the following best explains “the wall of silence” in the last paragraph?

A.Teenagers talk a lot with their friends. B.Teenagers do not want to understand their parents. C.Teenagers do not talk much with their parents. D.Teenagers talk little about their own lives. 答案 C [词义猜测题。 根据第 4 段 To break down the wall of silence, parents should create chances to understand what their children want to say,and try to find ways to talk and write to them 可以判断 the wall of silence 指的是“子女与父母缺少交流和沟通”,故 C 项最佳。其他 各项没有依据。] 4.What can be learned from the passage? A.Parents are unhappy with their growing children. B.Parents have suitable ways to talk with their teenagers. C.Parents should be patient with their silent teenagers. D.Parents should try to understand their teenagers. 答案 D [推理判断题。 根据第 4 段 And they must give their children a mental rest, for children also need freedom,though young.Another thing parents should remember is that to be a friend, not a manager,with their children is a better way to know them 等内容可知父母应该要理解处 于青春期的孩子们。]

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