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1.equal adj. 相等的;平等的

equally __________ adv平等地,同等地 equality __________n.平等,同等

______________ 与…相等,胜任--be equal to doing

1) Are you equal to (doing) the task? 胜任 (2) Yao Ming is a basketball player without

equal in China. 比得上
(3)All people are born equal. 平等的

be equal



be equal with 与……平等
be equal to sth./ doing sth. 胜任某事/ 做某事

be without equal/have no equal 无与伦比

⑴ Bill is equal ___running the company. to ⑵ My uncle believes that all men are

equal born _______ (equal).

2.Will 将,愿意 n.意志;遗嘱

willing ____________adj.愿意的
willingly ____________adv.愿意地 ____________adj.不愿意的 unwilling

3.devote vt.(与to 连用) 献身,专心于
_________ adj 忠实的,深爱着的 devoted _________ n. 奉献;忠诚 devotion ___________ ... 把……用在/献给…… devote ... to ___________ to 专心于,忠诚于,热爱; be devoted


提示: to是介词,后接名词或动名词。
I’m devoting all my time and energy to being
a mom right now.

She has devoted herself to caring for the poor.

Miss White,a _________(devote) devoted friend of mine,devoted all her energy

___ her career and her _________ to devotion
(devote) to the children made us vote for her .


4.educate vt.教育;训练
___________n. 教育家;教育工作者 educator ___________adj.教育的 educational
___________n. 教育 education

be well educated 受良好教育 _________________

⑴ She was educated(educate) in England in __________ the 1930s. educator ⑵ An__________ (educate) must first educate himself.
⑶ She has had a good__________ (educate). education

5.quality n.质量,品质,素质 比较:quantity n.数量
⑴ 他是一个很有素养/素质的人。

He is a man of ______________.
⑵ 质量比数量更重要。 quantity __________matters more than ________. Quality

good quality

6.active adj.积极的;活跃的 be active in ...在某方面很积极,很活跃

派生:act v.& n.行动 actively adv.积极地;活跃地 activity n.活动 actor n.男演员

运用:根据句子意义完成下列句子。 active ⑴ He lives an ________ (act) life.
in ⑵ Abraham Lincoln was active___ politics.

7.vote vt.& vi. 投票;选举

vote for sb. 投票支持某人

vote on sth. 投票表决某事
vote against 投票反对

⑴ We couldn’t decide who to be given the prize,so we had to vote on (投票表决)it. _______ ⑵ Please __________ (投票支持)Tom,a vote for good citizen.

⑶ The citizens _____________ (投票反对) voted against his being president.

8.escape vt .& vi.逃跑,忘掉 n. 逃跑
escape from sth.从……中逃脱 escape sth./doing sth.避免了做…… have a narrow/near escape 九死一生

运用:用适当的词填空或按提示完成句子。 from ⑴ Two of the prisoners have escaped ____ the prison.
⑵ He escaped _______________ (punish). being punished ⑶ 恐怕一时我想不起你的名字。 I’m afraid your name __________ now. escapes me

(4)他险些被淹死。 He narrowly(勉强地) ____________________. escaped being drowned

He narrowly ____________________ in the escaped being hurt accident.

8.reward n.报酬,奖金 vt. 酬劳;奖赏
reward sb. with sth.奖给某人某物

reward sb. for (doing) sth.因---奖赏某人
sb. be rewarded for (doing) sth.某人因做某

in reward for 作为……的报答

运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 老师奖给优胜者一些糖果。 The teacher _____________________ rewarded winners with some sweets. ⑵ 他因帮助他们而获得一笔酬金。 He got a reward ___ helping them. for It is unfair that he gets very little in reward

for his hard work.

in reward (for…)= in return (for…)

reward sb. for (doing) sth. 因…报答/奖赏某人 reward sb. with sth. for sth./doing sth. 用……报答/奖赏某人 ★ ★拓展★ ★

award vt. 授予, 奖给 n.奖品 award sb. sth.授予, 奖给某人--sth. be awarded to sb. 某物被授予某人

reward (1)Is this how you ________ me for my help? (2)He received a medal in reward for

his bravery.
(3)He was ________ the first prize.(授予) awarded

9.sentence n. 句子;判决,宣判


He received a heavy sentence.他受到很重的刑罚。

be sentenced to...被判(in prison/death/3 years)


He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his
part in the crime.

10.out of work 失业(=out of a job/without a job) (1)我担心自己会丢掉工作。

I am worried about whether I
will be out of work/lose my job . (2)他失业两年了。 He’s

been out of work

for two years.

提示:out of work是介词短语,lose one’s job是


11.as a matter of fact 实际上;事实上=in fact=actually=in effect=in truth=in reality
翻译: 事实上,你完全有理由拒绝他的无理要求。 ___________________,you have enough reasons to refuse his unreasonable requests.

As a matter of fact

12.in trouble 处于困境中 ⑴ The poor country__________________ has been in trouble (陷入困境) for 9 years. ⑵ 那个男孩总是惹麻烦,现在他真有麻烦 啦。 The naughty boy is always making trouble ____________, in trouble but now he is really___________ .

13.turn to 求助于;致力于;翻到……页

⑴ If you have trouble,you can________ turn to Your dictionary for help ________________________(求助于字典). turn to us ⑵ Don’t hesitate to___________ (求助于我 们) if you are in difficulty.

⑴ turn _______出现;声音;光等调大、变强 up ⑵ turn _______ (音量)调低;拒绝 down ⑶ turn around 转过身来 _______ ⑷ turn _______ 结果是,证明是--out

The man you turned from London yesterday. A. to; comes B. for; comes C. to; came D. up; is come

14.blow up 观察下列句子,并说出blow up的含义。 (1)I have to get my front tire blown up. 使充气 (2)The terrorists blew up the government buildings. (使)爆炸;炸毁

(3)When he asked the day off,the manager
blew up.


15.lose heart(=be discouraged) 灰心;泄气 lose one’s heart to sb(=fall in love with sb.)爱上

⑴ What impressed us most was that they never lost heart _____________ (灰心丧气).

lost his ⑵ At the first sight of Mary,Tom____________ heart to _________her.(喜欢)

联想:put one’s heart into 一心扑在……上

联想: with all one’s heart 全心全意地 break one’s heart 使人难过

heart and soul 全心全意地

A mother loves her
baby with all her heart .

16.come to power=come into power当权;执政 be in power 执政;掌权 lose power 下台
翻译:1933年,爱因斯坦在阿道夫· 希特勒 掌握了大权时离开了德国。 Einstein left Germany when Adolph Hitler _______________________. came to power in 1933

17.set up 设立;建立

⑴ 他们为这位英雄立了一座纪念碑。
They ________ a memorial for this hero. set up

⑵ 新政府于战后成立。
The new government __________after the was set up



set off 出发;动身;使爆炸
set down 记下;放下;登记 set out to do 开始做某事

set about doing 开始/着手做某事

18.原句:Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.(L27,P34) 句型:Only + 状语(副词、介词短语或状 语从句)+部分倒装

⑴ 只是在那时我才明白学习英语的重要性。 did I realize Only then ____________ the importance of learning English.

⑵ 只有努力,我们才能成功。 with hard work/by working hard Only ________________________________ can we succeed.

⑶ 只有当你对未来充满信念时,你就会忘 记困难和挫折,并朝着你的目标不断努力。

Only when you hold a strong belief towards ______________________________
future __________ will you forget all the hardships and setbacks and struggle ahead towards your aim.

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