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Unit4 Making the news Grammar (Inversion) 自学金牌学案 P41-48 完成预习案 一.Examples in the text Never will Zhou Yang forget his assignment at the office of China Daily. Not only am I interested in photo

graphy, but I (also) took a course at university. Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. Here comes my list of “dos” and “don’ts”. 二、观察句子并判断下列句子是陈述句还是倒装句, 若是倒装句,判断是部分倒装,还是 全部倒装。. 1. The bus comes here. ( ) 2. Here comes the bus. ( ) 3. I had hardly got to the airport when the plane took off. ( ) 4. Hardly had I got to the airport when the plane took off. ( ) 5. Only in this way can you learn English well. ( ) 6. You can learn English well only in this way. ( ) 7. Long long ago, there lived a king. ( ) 8. Long long ago, a king lived there. ( ) 9. Not only did he come there,but he saw her. ( ) 10. He not only came there,but he saw her. ( ) 11. I seldom go to work by bus ( ) 12. Seldom do I go to work by bus. ( ) 13. So unreasonable was his price that everybody startled. ( ) 14. His price was so unreasonable that everybody startled ( ) 小结; 从以上句子可以发现, 如果句子中注语在前, 谓语在后, 属于______________________ (语序) , 而如果谓语或谓语的一部分放在主语之前, 就叫 ____________________结构。 如 果整个谓语放在主语之前,叫_________________________ , 如果只把助动词,情态动词 或 be 动词放在主语之前叫______________ 一、全部倒装 全部倒装是只将句子中的谓语动词全部置于主语之前。此结构通常只用与一般现在时和 一般过去时。常见的结构有: 1) 以 here, there, now, then 等副词或 out, in, up, down, away 等表示运动方向的副词或地点 状语置于句首以示强调,句子要全部倒装,谓语动词常用 come,go, be, lie,run,rush 等 铃响了。______________________________________________________________ 这里有一栋教学楼。____________________________________________________________ 那个男孩走开了。______________________________________________________ 小孩子冲了出来看发生了什么。__________________________________________ 他走开了。____________________________________________________ 她来了。_______________________________________________________________ 当主语是人称代词时主谓不倒装. 2. 表示地点的介词短语位于句首时。 A beautiful lake lies at the foot of the hill. __________________________________________ 树下站着一个小男孩。_________________________________________________ 注意:在上述句子中,如果主语为人称代词,则主、谓不需要倒装。


In he came and back he went again 一只小狗坐在房间外。___________________________________________________ 一座碉楼座落在山顶上。_____________________________________________________ 3 某些表语位于句首,为了强调表语 1)表语为介词短语 Among the goods are Christmas trees, flowers, candles and toys. Gone are the days when they could do what they liked. 我们一起学习的日子已经过去了。______________________________________________ 二’ 部分倒装 把 be/助动词/情态动词 提前到主语的前面 Is am are was were do does did can could would may will might 等 1. 否定副词及介词短语的否定词位于句首时。 高考常考的这类词或词语有:never , not, seldom, hardly, little, nowhere, by no means, in no time 等 。 我从没见过如此美丽的地方。 ______________________________________________________ 我很少去看电影 ___________________________________________________ 我从来没有看过这样的表演 ______________________________________________. 2.在 hardly/scarcely/…when; no sooner…than; not only … but also;的倒装句中,前倒 后不倒. hardly/scarcely/ no sooner 后句子的谓语用 had done, when/than 后句子的谓语用一般过去 时 (1) No sooner had I reached the station than the train moved. (2)他们一走出教室就下雨了 _____________________________________________ 3)他不但对足球感兴趣而且踢得很好 _______________________________________ 我不但有各种知识,我还精通英语。___________________________________________ 3.not until 引导的从句位于句首引起的主句部分倒装 直到他的妈妈回来,他才完成作业。____________________________________________ 等到孩子睡着了, 妈妈才离开房间. ________________________________________________ 当 Not until 引出主从复合句,主句倒装,从句不倒装。 4.only 所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句放在句首时, 要进行部分倒装,如: Only then did I realize the importance of learning English. 只有用这种方式,我们才能取得进步。____________________________________________ 只有在你生病的时候,你才会意识到健康的重要性。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 注:only 修饰主语,仍用自然语序,如: Only socialism can save China. 5.so...that; such…that 放在句首时, 要进行部分倒装 So hard does he work that he has made great progress in English. 我们有如此多的作业要做以至于我们没有时间放松。 ____________________________________________________________ 她是一个如此可爱的小孩以至于大家都喜欢她。 ____________________________________________________________ 6.用于 so nor neither 开头的句子

此类倒装用于重复前句部分内容 前句是肯定句用 SO 某人/某事也是 前句是否定句用 neither nor 某人/某事也不是 倒装句中的谓语应与前句的谓语时态形态一致 He has been to Beijing. So have I. Tom can’t answer the question. Neither /Nor can I . So +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 某人也是如此 Nor/neither +be/助动词/情态动词+主语 某人也不是如此 他喜欢跳舞,他妹妹也喜欢。_______________________________________ 如果你不去,我也不去。_________________________________________ So +主语+be/助动词/情态动词 某人确实如此 Betty is a nice girl. So she is . 1). 他喜欢读书,我也是.__________________________________________________ 2). 我从来没有去过广州大学,他也是.______________________________________ 7、as/ though (虽然,尽管)引导的让步状语从句 名词\形容词\副词\动词\分词+as\though+主语+其他 Although I am ugly, I am gentle. ___________________________________________ Though he is a child, he can take care of himself. _________________________________________________________________________ 注意:从句的表语是名词,其名词前不加任何冠词 尽管他很努力,他还是失败了。_______________________________________ 虽然她试了,她还是没有通过考试。____________________________________ 8. If 虚拟条件从句中.从句有(were/should/had) (1)If I were you, I would work hard. _____________________________________ (2) If it should rain tomorrow, we would put off our meeting. ______________________________________________________________________ (3)If he had followed my advice, he would have succeeded. __________________________________________________________________ If it were not for his teacher’s help, he would never graduate from this high school. ____________________________________________________________________________ 注意:我们可以说 Were it not...或者 Had it not been..., 但不可以说 Weren’ t it... 或者 hadn’t it been...



1. She had hardly gone out when a student came to see her. ______________________ when a student came to see her. 2. I didn’t go there. He didn’t go there either. I didn’t go there ,_________________________ 3. You will see so many seats only at a stadium in Beijing. _______________________________________________ 4. She is not only good at languages, but also at history and geography. ______________________________, but she is also good at history and geography. 5. It is such an interesting book that John has read it twice.

_______________________ that John has read it twice. 6. A little boy stands under the tree. ____________________________________________ 7. I realized that I was wrong only then. ___________________________________________________________ 8. He won’t go to bed until she returns home. _________________________________________________________ 9. They not only took care of me, but (they) also treated me as if I were their own daughter. ______________________________________ ,but (they) also treated me as if I were their own daughter. 10. We little realized the dangers that were awaiting us. ______________________________________________________ 11. He gave a lot of presents to his friends, but he has never given one to me. _____________________________________________________________ 12. Though she is pretty, she is not clever. ________________________________________________________________ Translation. 1.广告不仅让我们了解最新的产品而且还很有娱乐性。 (not only…but also; keep sb informed of /about sth; product; entertaining) __________________________________________________________________ 2.直到失去健康你才会意识到它的重要性。 _____________________________________________________________________ 3.只有用这种方法才能拯救她的生命。 4.尽管钱很重要,但它买不来幸福。 _____________________________________________________________________ 5.Emma 是如此的迷人以至于所有人的目光都集中在她身上。 _____________________________________________________________________


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