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1.How many languages do you know?
2. Which language do you think is the most widely used in the world?

The differences between British English and American English.
BrE autumn typhoon I think colour centre traveller AmE fall tornado I guess color center traveler

vocabulary spelling

pronunciation dance [da:ns] dance[d?ns] not [not] not [na:t]


BrE lift

AmE elevator

公寓 秋天 地铁


大学 垃圾
假期 两周

gas, gasoline flat apartment autumn fall underground subway university college rubbish garbage holiday vacation fortnight two weeks

Match the words that have the same meaning.

petrol flat color lift rubber honor pictures underground

eraser gas apartment elevator honour colour movies subway

Unit Two: English around the world

The road to modern English

English-speaking countries:

mother tongue/ native language
UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland official language India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, etc.

Pre-reading questions: 1.Do you think it important for you to learn English? Why? 2.Why do so many people speak English? 3.Which country do you think has the most English learners?

? ?

? ? ?

Find out the main idea for each paragraph Para 1: Many people all over the world speak English. Para 2: Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. Para 3: why has English changed over time? Para 4: Finally by the 19th century the language was settled. Para 5: English is now spoken as a foreign or second language in South Asia.

Time Between about AD450 ______ and 1150 _____ Between about AD800 1150 _____and ____

How is English developed?

Spoken in England ________ and based more on German _____. Danish French enriched the _______and ______ English language _______ and especially its vocabulary ________ five to seven million At the end of About __________________ 16th _____ century people spoke English In the 17th ____ century Used by more people as the result of thevoyages _______ to conquer other parts of the world Later in the18th ___ Began to be spoken in ______ America century and Australia ______ By the 19th ___ century Settled by two dictionaries _________

Time now

How is English developed?

Spoken in countries such as India _________, Singapore China,______, Malaysia and South Africa as a ________ __________ foreign or second language In a word, English is changing ________ and developing _________ over all over time and is spoken ___________ the world.

Two important persons
Samuel Johnson
Born: September 18, 1709

One of the English language’s most profound influences.

Noah Webster Born: October 16, 1758 Died: May 28, 1843 When Noah was 43, he started writing the first American dictionary. He did this because Americans in different parts of the country spelled, pronounced and used words differently.

1. Do you know that there is more than one kind of English in the world? 你知道世界上不止有一种英语吗?

more than one +名词单数, 后面的谓

More than one student wants to
go swimming.

2. In some important ways they are very different from one another. 在某些重要方面, 它们彼此有些差异。 be different from be the same as 3. go to the pictures/ movies/ cinema 4. by underground/ subway

5. official adj. 官方的,正式的 official language official news n. 政府官员 An important official will visit our school. officer n. 军官
He is an officer in the army.

6. because of后边加名词或动名词短语 because是连词, 所以后边跟句子 He came to work late because he got up late. He came to work late because of getting up late.

7. Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English.

adj. native land 祖国,故乡 native language 本族语言,母 语 be native to The giant panda is native to Sichuan. n. 土著居民 even if= (even though) 尽管;即使 study the habits of the natives Even if the road is full of difficulty, I will

8. come up 上来, 走近; 被提出; (植物)发芽; (太 阳)升起 come up to sp 上某地来 come up with 提出 想出 He came up with a good idea in the meeting. 问题在会议中被提出来了。 ?The problem came up in the meeting.

太阳升起来了。 The sun came up. ? 不曾出现过这个问题。 ? The question never came up. ? 他靠近并和我们打招呼。 ? He came up and said hello to us. ? 春天草会再度发芽。 ? The grass will come up again in the spring.

come across 偶然遇到,发现,被理解 come about 发生 come true 实现 come back 回来, 恢复记忆 come on 催促, 快速运动;得了吧 come out 出现,出版,开花 come in 进来 come over 从一地到另一地

? 1. His car ____ the terrible traffic jam, so he had to call off his appointment with his doctor. ? A. came about B. came across ? C. came up D. come on ? 2. ---How did it ___ that you made such a silly mistake? ? ---I myself haven’t figured it out yet. ? A. bring about B. come about ? C. come across D. come on

9. actually/in fact/as a matter of fact 事实上,实际上 10. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different from the English spoken today. [翻译] 起初在大约公元450年到1150年间 英国人所讲的英语与人们现在所讲的英 语很不一样。

11. be based on/upon… 以…为基础 base sth on sth 以…为基础 He based his hope on the good news we had yesterday. The movie is based on a novel. 12. at present =at the moment present (adj.)
现在的,目前的,可作前置定语 出席的,在场的,可作后置定语

the present situation/the people present be present at the meeting present (n.) 礼物=gift

13. …Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before.

make (good/full/no…) use of 使用 We could make good use of our resources. Every minute should be made good use of. Good use should be made of every minute. make the most of make the best of take advantage of

14. India has a very large number of fluent English speakers… a number of 大量的(其后谓语动词用复数) A number of people have come. the number of …的数目(其后谓语动 词用单数) The number of homeless people has increased. 只要是number后面的名词都是可数复数

只能修饰可数名词的: a large/ great/ good number of, a good/ great many, dozens of, scores of, quite a few 只能修饰不可数名词的: a great deal of, a large amount of, quite a little, a large sum of,much 既可修饰可数也可修饰不可数名词的: plenty of, a lot of, lots of, a large quantity of

15. speak fluent English adj. speak English fluently adv. 16. such as 列举部分 for example 列举一个 (逗号,位置) Some of the European languages come from Latin, such as French, Italian and Spanish. Noise, for example, is a kind of pollution. His spelling is terrible! Look at this, for example.

17. Only time will tell.

tell 知道, 判断

It’s hard to tell whether he is right.
tell A from B: 区分,分别

Can you tell Tom from his twin

18. Request加句子虚拟(should) do

The teacher requested that we should
hand in our homework on time.

It is requested that he hand in his
homework on time.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.不止一个… 2.在一些重要方面 3.与…不同 4.彼此 5.去看电影 6.坐地铁 7.在16世纪末 8.七百万人 9.航海航行 10因为 11比以往任何时候

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12.即使,尽管 13.你愿意… 14.到你的公寓去 15.随时间变化 16.彼此间交流 17.以…为基础 18.现在 19.丰富英语语言 20.利用 21.赋予一种不同身份 22.很多

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

23.比如 24….的数量 25.发展自己特点 26.让时间来证明吧 27.说英语国家 28.口语 29.而不是,取代 30.不假思索 31.一…就…


请选用方框内所给短语的适当形式完成 下列句子。
such as; because of; base on; come up; believe it or not; at the end of 1. He realized that she was crying because of what he had said. ___________ 2. ______________, Believe it or not John has passed the driving test.

such as; because of; base on; come up; believe it or not; at the end of 3. This book is ________ based on a true story. 4. A beggar _______ came upto us and asked for money. 5. They had an English exam _________ at the end of last month. such as Ann and Lucy are very 6. Girls _______ friendly.

用适当的介词填空。 of your 1. You’d better make full use _____ time. at the 2. You will find the hospital _____ end of the road. 3. The church is close _____ to the school. 4. We have friends all _____ over the world. 5. As everybody knows, China has the of people. largest number _____ In the 1980s, he went to America. 6. _____

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