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人教版必修三 Unit4 words (NXPowerLite)

Learning key words and expressions

in unit 4

1.system n. 系统,体系;制度
systematic adj. (有)系统的;有条理的 systematically adv. (有)系统地;有条理地 搭配:the solar system 太阳系 铁路系统 a railwa

y system 计算机系统瘫痪了。 The computer system broke down. The teacher has a special system of teaching. 这位老师教学方法很独特。

2.violent (adj.) 猛烈的;激烈的; violently (adv.) 猛烈地;激烈地; 猛烈;激烈;暴力; violence (n.) a violent attack 猛烈的进攻 violent dislike 极其的厌恶 极度痛苦 violent pain

The boat sank in a violent ______ ______ storm at sea.

3. in time: (sooner or later; eventually; )迟早,终于 I’ll see him in time. 总有一天我会遇见他。 in time (for sth. /to do sth.): not late及时 She will be back in time to prepare dinner.


on time at one time

按时;准时 从前

in no time
at times


at a time


4.unlike prep. 不同;不像 &adj Music is an art that is unlike other forms of arts. Unlike his brother, Tom dislikes playing football.
dislike v&n 不喜欢,讨厌

likely adj&adv 很有可能的(地)

unlikely adj不大可能,adv 未必
We all think he is likely to win. ----sb/sth be likely to do sth.

alike adj&adv相似的&类似于

5.harmful (adj.) 有害的
harm (n.& v.)




be harmful to… = do harm to… 对…有害 = harm(v.) sb. 1) Smoking is ___________ harmful to your health.
2) 那个老人从未伤害过任何人。

The old has never harmed anybody.

7.Lie, lie , lay 的区别如下:
动词原 形


第三人 称单数 lies

过去式 lied

过去分 词 lied

现在分 词 lying






中文释 义 撒谎;谎 话 躺; 位 于 放置; 下蛋

8.exist vi. 存在;生存
existent adj. 存在的;生存的 existence n. 存在;生存 搭配:exist in 存在于…之中 exist on 靠…为生(=live on) exist by 靠…生存
in existence 现存的 come into existence=come into being 开始存 在、成立 When did this world come into existence?

9.give birth to 1) 生(孩子) She’s just given birth to a healthy baby girl. 她刚刚生了个健康的女婴。 2) 产生 The experience gave birth to his latest novel. 这段奇特的经历促成了他的最新的一部小 说的诞生。

10.in one’s turn 轮到某人 It’s in your turn to read the passge. He cooked the meal in his turn this week. in turn 依次、轮流 Please enter the room in turn. by turns 轮流 We kept watch by turns . 我们轮流守望。

11.prevent sth. / sb. (from) doing sth. 制止(防

Nothing can prevent this plan from being
carried out.

阻止某人做某事 prevent sb. (from) doing sth. stop sb. (from) doing sth., keep sb from doing sth 注意:keep sb. from doing sth.中from不 可省略,但如在被动语态中,他们中的from都 不可省。

12.puzzle n 迷,难题

v (使) 迷惑;(使)为难
Can you figure out this puzzle? 你能找到谜底吗?

His behavior yesterday puzzled me .

? ? ? ?

puzzled adj puzzling adj puzzlement n. in puzzlement

困惑的 迷惑的 令人困惑的 困惑 疑虑 疑惑地

He answered the__________ puzzling question with a_________ puzzled look_____________. in puzzlement

13.pull n.(c)拉力;牵引力;扯引力
If we want to make a trip into space, we must escape the pull of gravity. 2)(对他人的)影响,影响力 She has a lot of pull in that company. 3) 吸引力(常用单数) The tides depend on the pull of the moon. 4) 拉,牵,扯(反义词:push) Help me move this piano; you pull and I’ll push.

14.cheer up 感到高兴;感到振奋 We cheered up at the news. cheer v. 加油,欢呼,喝彩 The people cheered the football team. cheerful adj. cheerfully adv cheerfulness

15.now that同since相似,语气较弱,强调人 们已知的事实。 1. 既然你忙, 就让我给你做吧。

Now that you are busy, let me do it for you.
2. 既然人都齐了, 咱们开始干吧。 Now that everyone is here let’s start work.

16.break out它与happen, take place, come out
等词的用法一样,是不及物动词,不能带宾语, 不能用于被动语态。

1) 战争爆发 The American Civil War broke out in 1861. 美国内战爆发于1861年。 2)发生 争吵 A quarrel broke out between them. 他们之间发生了争吵。

3) (火灾)发生 A fire broke out in his house last night. 昨晚他家里失火了。

[考点] break out 通常指战争、疾病、灾害等 的爆发。不及物动词短语,不能用于被动语 态。

[考例] I was still sleeping when the fire ____, and then it spread quickly. (广东2006) A. broke out B. put out C. came out D. got out [点拨] put out 扑灭;come out出来, 出版; get out(使)出来。由it spread quickly(火 迅速蔓延)可知选A。

与break相关的短语: break down (机器)出故障,损坏;分解,起化 学变化;破坏;拆散 break in 破门而入; 打断 break away from 脱离; 打破陈规

break through
突围; 突破; 冲垮; 克服

break up
打碎; 拆散; 分裂; 分解

break one's word/promise
食言; 说话不算数

17.watch out 注意,留神,小心

Watch out! There is a car coming! look out 小心,注意 Look out! The road is full of holes. 拓展:watch for sb/sth 观察等待 The cat was on the wall,watching for birds. 那只猫在墙上伺机捕捉鸟儿。 Watch over 照管;监督;保护

Thank you for your attention !

Good bye!

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