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代词在连续两年的广东高考语法填空中 都有两个小题,占语法填空的五分之一。 可见,代词在所有语法项目中占分的比 例最大,是语法填空的重要内容。主要 考点有: 考点1:人称代词 人称代词的主格在句中作主语,宾格在 句中作动词或介词的宾语。

考点2:物主代词 形容词性物主代词只能在名词前作定语,名词 性物主代词相当于“形容词性物主代

词+名 词”,在句中作主语、宾语、表语或与of连用 作后置定语,但不能作定语。


? ? ? ? ?

enjoy oneself make oneself at home make oneself understood\heard for oneself 为自己 by oneself 独自地 of oneself 自然地,自动地

The door opened of itself. The fire went out of itself.

考点4:指示代词 指示词有this, that, these, those, such等。注意 以下4点: (1) this, these是时间或空间上的“近指”,可 与here连用;that, those是时间或空间上的“远 指”,可与there连用。 (2) 指上文提到的事一般用that,有时也用this, 指下文的事只能用this。 (3) 打电话时,用this来介绍自己,用that来问 对方,不用I或you。 (4) this和that还可表示程度,意为“如此,那 么”,相当于so,作状语。

考点5:疑问代词 疑问代词有what, which, who, whom, whose等。 用法要点如下: (1)what除可用来询问人的身份外,一般指物; which可指人也可指物;who, whom, whose一般 指人。 (2)有一定范围时,用which,意为“(其中的) 哪一个”,可接表范围的of短语;没有一定的 范围时,用what,意为“什么”,不能接of短 语。

多者 都 都不(一个也不) both neither all none 任一 either any

注意:(1)表示完全否定可以说not…either/any, 但没有either/any…not的说法。 (2)both/all与not连用是部分否定,意为“并非 都”。 (3)none既可指人也可指物,可与of短语连用;而 no one (=nobody)只能指人,也不能与of短语连用。

泛指 特指 说明
单数 another the other 还可作定语 复数 others the others 不能作定语

说明:表示“别的,另外的”还有: (1)用于疑问词或复合不定代词后面 的else,其所有格形式是else’s。 (2)既能指可数名词也可指不可数名 词的the rest(其余的)。但上表中的代 词只能代替可数名词。

考点8:表示“每一”的each和every (1)each强调个别,而every则用来概括 全体,与all相当。因此,与almost, nearly, without exception等连用时,可用 every, 不能用each。 (2)each可指两者,而every则不能。 (3)each还可用作代词,而every只能用 作形容词,且只能作定语。 (4)every可表示“每(隔)”,但each不能

考点9:表示“一些”的some和any (1)any一般用于疑问句、否定句或条件 句中,或用于never, hardly, without, if/whether等词之后。 (2)some用于肯定句中,或用于建议、请 求、邀请的疑问句中,或用于希望对方作 肯定回答的疑问句中,也用于表示反问的 否定疑句中。如: Would you like some more bananas?你再 吃点香蕉吗?

考点10:复合不定代词 复合不定代词是指由every-, some-, any-, no- 与thing, -one, -body等构成的不定代词。注意以下几个 问题: (1)复合不定代词作主语,谓语动词要用单数。 (2)含-thing的,用it代替;含-body, -one的,一般 用they代替,在正式文体中可用he。 (3)修饰复合不定代词的形容词要位于后面。如: something important重要的事。 (4)something, somebody/someone, anything还可作 名词,意为“重要的事情(或人物)”。如:His wife is now somebody in television.他的妻子现在是电视界的 大人物了。

考点11:替代词他it, that, those, one (1)it和that都替代“the+单数名词(可数或不可 数)”,都是特指,但it指前面提到的“同一”事 物,而that是指前面提到的“同类”事物。 (2)只能替代可数名词的one和those。
单数 泛指 one (a+单数可数名词) the one=that (the+单数可数名词) 复数 ones (复数名词) the ones=those (the+复数名词)


注:口语中,特别是当后面有of短语时,多 用that或those;当有前置修饰语时,只能用 one(s)。 We kept seats for those who might arrive late. 我们给可能来晚的人留了座位。(those=the ones替代the persons) The population of Scotland was eight times as large as that of Cornwall. 苏格兰的人口是康沃 尔人口的八倍。(that替代不可数名词the population,不能用the one)

考点12:it的用法 (1)替代前面提到的同一事物。 (2)替代前面整句话的内容。如: When the factory closes, it will mean 500 workers will be out of work. 工厂一旦关闭, 那就意味着要有500工人失业。 (3)指动物、婴儿,或在情景中确认的某人。 (4)指时间、距离、气候、环境等。 (5)作形式主语或形式宾语。如: (6)用于it is…that…强调结构中。

分析句子结构,若句子缺少主语,或者 及物动词或介词后缺宾语,就可能是填代 词。然后再根据各个代词的意义与用法的 不同,选出符合语境的某一个代词填空。 有的不定代词,如another, the other, many, much, either, neither, both, any, all, each等还可以在名词前作定语。若名词前 缺少定语时,根据意义和用法,以及主谓 一致等,填入一个恰当的代词。

[例1]I wanted to reward the old woman for the trouble I had caused___36___. But she refused. (广东)
思路分析:因(that) I had caused是定语从句, 先行词是trouble, 代表先行词trouble的关系代 词that在从句中作宾语,被省略了;由搭配 cause sb. trouble (给某人造成麻烦) 可知,填 her作擦caused的宾语。

[例2]It is said that a short tempered man in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) was very anxious to hope ____33____rice crop growing up quickly…One day, he came up with an idea that he would pluck up all of his crop a few inches. (广东)
思路分析:因crop是单数可数名词,前面必定 是填限定词;由下文pluck up all of his crop a few inches可知,这个急性子人是急于希望“他 的”禾苗长得快。故填形容词性物主代词his。

[例3]Tom felt that he knew everybody’s business better than they knew it______. (全国)
思路分析:能与they相呼应,并作they的 同位语的,填反身代词themselves。


一、单句填空:用适当的代词填空或者根据 汉语提示填空。 1. I intended to compare notes with a friend, they but unfortunately _______couldn’t spare me even one minute. (重庆) us 2. To save class time, our teacher has _______ students do half of the exercises in class and complete the other half for our homework. (湖 南) 3. My grandma still treats me like a child. She can’t imagine _______ grown up. (重庆) me

4. The boy promised ______mother never to his her lie to ______again. (全国) 5. Kate and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of _______. (全国) theirs 6. Is her hair shorter than ________(我 mine 的)?(全国) 7. Our neighbours gave us a baby bird yesterday that hurt _______ when it fell from itself its nest. (湖南) 8. Isn’t it amazing how the human body heals itself ______ after an injury? (江西)

9. My daughter often makes a schedule to herself get __________ reminded of what she is to do in the day. (上海) 10. Tom felt that he knew everybody’s business better than they knew it__________. themselves (全国) 11.The mother didn’t know _______to who blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. (全国) 12. There are so many kinds of taperecorders on sale that I can’t make up my which mind ___________to buy. (全国)

13. It was hard for him to learn English in a neither family, in which __________ of the parents spoke the language. (北京) 14.To know more about the British Museum, you can use the Internet or go to the library, or both ______. (天津) all 15. I had to buy ______these books because I didn’t know which one was the best. (上海) 16. We had three sets of garden tools and we seemed to have no use for _______. (浙江) any

17. It is easy to do the repair. ______you need is a All hammer and some nails. (天津) some 18. I'd been expecting ________letters the whole morning, but there weren't ________for me. (全 any 国) every 19. These plants are watered ________ other day. (全国) 20. The English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from ______ spoken in that England. (全国)

21. My most famous relative of all, the ______ who really left his mark on America, was Reb Sussel, my great-grandfather. (江苏) 22. We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of another this month. fun, so let’s have ____________one (天津) other of 23. Both sides have accused the __________ breaking the contract. (上海) 24. Some people like to stay at home on Sunday, others to the cinema. (全国) but ________like to go


25. Shanghai is really a fascinating city and another we've decided to stay for____________ two weeks.(上海) 26. First, it is important to recognize what kind of person you are and which special qualities make you different from everyone _______.(湖北) else 27. Make sure you’ve got the passports and everything tickets and ___________ before you leave. (山东) 28. The book is of great value. __________ can Nothing be enjoyed unless you digest it. (福建)

29. Jim sold most of his things. He has hardly anything ______________ left in the house. (重庆) everybody 30. We haven’t enough books for ____________; some of you will have to share. (全国) 31. I made so many changes in my composition anyone that only I could read it. To __________ else, it was hard to make out. (上海) 32. _______ is our belief that improvements in It health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. (浙江)

33. As the busiest woman in Norton, she made it _______her duty to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town. (湖南)

it 34. I’d appreciate ________ if you would like to teach me how to use the computer. (山东) it 35. I just wonder what ________is that makes him so excited. (山东) 36. He doesn’t have _______ furniture in his much room—just an old desk. (陕西)

37. The school’s music group will be giving a more big show tomorrow night and two _______ on the weekend. (安徽)

few 38. He has made a lot of films, but _______ good ones. (北京) little 39. Although he's wealthy, he spends ______ on clothes. (全国)

二、语篇模拟:用适当的代词填空。 One day, as Zeng Zi's wife was going out, her child began to cry, begging to go with [1]______. her “Stay home,” the mother said to him. I “When[2]______return, we’ll kill a pig for [3]______ dinner!“ your When she came back, [4]______ found Zeng she Zi preparing to slaughter a pig for the child’s meal. She hurried over to stop [5]______: “What him are you doing? You’re not really going to kill a pig, are you? I was just kidding him!”

we “How can [6]______ lie to children?” Zeng Zi replied. “[7]______ learn each They and [8]______ movement from [9]______ every their you parents. If [10]______ deceive your child with lies, you are teaching the child to lie. One cannot educate children this way.” In the end, Zeng Zi killed the pig.

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