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木渎中学 2014 届高三英语限时训练一
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第一节 单项填空(共 25 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 25 分) 1. earlier online survey showed that majority of Chinese believe Yuan Longping

deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to fighting world hunger. A. The; the B. The; a C. An; / D. An; the 2. The companies are working together to create they hope will be the most efficient medicine to cure patients of lung cancer. A. which B. that C. what D. who 3. B y the side of the teaching building of Taizhou High School , which was completed in 2003. A. there standing the library B. does the library stand C. the library stands D. stands the library 4. Which sport has the most expenses training equipment, players’ personal equipment and uniforms? A. in terms of B. in place of C. by way of D. by means of 5. Bob was fired the other day simply because he failed to live up to the boss’s . A. expectations B. decisions C. judgments D. opinions 6. The new teacher was annoyed that the students couldn’t his meaning because of his strong accent. A. get across B. make sense of C. get thr ough D. make up 7. where to go, the foreign woman called 110 for help. A. Having lost her way and not knowing B. Losing her way and didn’t know C. Lost her way and not knew D. Lost her way and not knowing 8. To ensure people’s happiness, the central government will not to take the severest measures against the rising housing prices. A. hesitate B. mind C. continue D. forbid 9. I had meant to meet you at the station this afternoon but I was too busy, for I a report which I had to hand in soon. A. was writing B. wrote C. had written D. have written 10. It is very funny that many people who lost weight gain it back after some time and end up back they started. A. when B. after C. where D. since 11. In the future, Google Inc. rules the entire universe, you won’t necessarily have to type anything to do a search. A. when B. where C. which D. that 12. A powerful typhoon, Megi, struck Taiwan and caused rockslides, dozens of tourists from Guangdong buried in ruins. A. left B. to leave C. being left D. leaving 13.—Your sister’s birthday is on the way.What do you expect I have got for her? —I expect you’ll give her a new English-Chinese dictionary of idioms, but it is being printed and will soon_________. A.turn out B.come out C.start out D.go out 14.—The terrible flood brought about $ 10 million in losses to the island country.

—________. A.Quite OK B.Certainly C.That’s the case D.I agree 15.Everyone was on time for the meeting Jack, who’s usually ten minutes late for everything. A.but B.only C.even D.yet 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 20 分) In 1982, Steven Callahan was crossing the Atlantic alone in his sailboat when it struck something and sank. He got into a life boat, but his supplies were 16 . His chances of surviving were small. 17 when three fishermen found him 76 days later, he was alive — much 18 than he was when he started, but alive. His 19 of how he survived is fascinating. His cleverness — how he 20 to catch fish, how he evaporated(蒸发) sea water to 21 fresh water — is very interesting. But the thing that 22 my eye was how he managed to keep himself going when all hope seemed lost, and there seemed no 23 in continuing the struggle. He was starved and 24 worn-out. Giving up would have seemed the only possible choice. When people 25 these kinds of circumstances, they do something with their minds that gives them the courage to keep going. Many people in 26 desperate circumstances 27 1 in or go mad. Something the survivors do with their thoughts helps them find the courage to carry on 28 difficulties. “I tell myself I can 29 it,” wrote Callahan in his book. “Compared to what others have been through, I’m fortunate. I tell myself these things over and over, 30 up courage…” I wrote that down after I read it. It 31 me as something important. And I’ve told myself the same thing when my own goals seemed 32 off or when my problems seemed too terribe. And every time I’ve said it, I have always come back to my 33 . The truth is, our circumstances are only bad 34 to something better. But others have been through the much worse, that is, in comparison with what others have been through, you’re fortunate. Tell this to yourself over and over again, and it will help you 35 through the rough situations with a little more courage. 16. A. full B. rich C. few D. enough

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

A. And A. thinner A. attitude A. assisted A. make A. attacked A. operation A. firmly A. deal A. similarly A. pull A. for the lack of A. handle A. rolling

B. Yet B. stronger B. assumption B. tended B. absorb B. caught B. taste B. completely B. defend B. differently B. take B. in the face of B. carry B. using

C. Still C. worse C. instruction C. managed C. select C. froze C. message C. hardly C. survive C. gradually C. break C. in exchange for C. follow C. building

D. Thus D. healthier D. account D. intended D. replace D. cheated D. point D. generally D. observe D. commonly D. give D. as a result of D. inspect D. making

31. 32. 33. 34. 35.

A. defeated A. far A. feelings A. related A. see

B. recommended B. long B. senses B. measured B. cut

C. introduced C. ever C. ideas C. contributed C. get

D. struck D. even D. influences D. compared D. think

第三节 阅读理解 IMMIGRATION is all about finding a new balance. While some people are pushed to quickly assimilate(被同化), others are pulled to maintain their own culture. How much you choose to assimilate can decide who you are, and how you are seen, in a new society. Some immigrants reject the need to change. For example, my Dad always tries to compare New Zealand to China. He constantly tries to prove to us that China is better. Home is a “Chinese-only” zone. All our food is bought from the Chinese supermarket. My father never goes to the doctor but instead relies on traditional Chinese medicine. However, some of my friends seem to be happy to have left their past behind. They dye their hair and stop speaking their mother tongue. They all eat, dress and behave just like Kiwis. To me, their so-called “new life” is a betrayal. These extreme examples result from the confusion that occurs when a person first settles in a new country. When the older generation moved to a foreign country, they experienced a new culture overlapping(与…相交错) their old one. They feared losing their own identity so much that they held tightly to their roots and never let go. In addition, faced with a new language, immigrants always find it easier to express ideas in their mother tongue. It’s natural they should end up spending time with people who understand them the most, who come from their native country. The younger generation doesn’t have as much to lose as their parents and grandparents. Pressure from their age group forces them to change. If you want to make new friends, you have to speak their language. The longer you spend with your new friends, the less you follow the customs of your homeland. Young people quickly adapt to a new culture. 36. This passage is mainly about _______. A. immigrants’ hard struggle for survival in a new country B. two different attitudes towards a new culture among immigrants C. the fierce competition between immigrants and the natives D. immigrants’ confusion about their identity and children 37. We can infer from the above passage that_______. A. cultural shock is a common problem for most immigrants B. immigrants are mostly disappointed in a new country C. forgetting one’s own culture is popular among immigrants D. China is a better home place than most other countries 38.The main idea of the last paragraph can be best summarized as follows:_______ A.It is much easier for the younger generation to lose their culture. B.The living pressure is much bigger for the younger generation than for their parents. C.It is not likely for the younger immigrants to assimilate. D.It is much easier for the younger immigrants to change. 39. The underlined sentence most probably means_______.

A. immigration is necessary for the balance of cultures in the world B. immigration helps to bring two generations closer C. the main advantage of the immigration is to get some new things from the new culture D. immigration is all about adaptation to a new culture 第三节 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 10 分) Frederick M. Hess is the director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, which is a nonprofit organization that conducts research on many public topics. He says that a long summer vacation is not reasonable in today’s world. Can American students afford to take a summer vacation? In a summer vacation, millions of children spend valuable time sending messages, watching TV, playing video games and doing shopping in the mall. They will also be putting their academic futures at risk. Summer vacation once made sense in the past when you didn’t need an education to get a good job. But now things have changed. For today’s students, academic skills are important to students’ future success, but such skills are affected in the summertime. Many nations don’t give children an American-style summer vacation. They offer no more than seven consecutive(连续 的)weeks of vacation. Most American school districts offer up to thirteen weeks. To compete in the global marketplace, Americans must be prepared to go up against international competitors. Summer vacation also causes challenges for today’s families. In the 1960s, more than 60% of families had a stay-at-home Mom. Now, two-thirds of American children live in households where every adult works. For these families, summer vacation can be more burden than break. Someone must watch the kids. But the biggest problem may be how summer vacation hurts academic achievement. Researchers have found that disadvantaged students lose important ground in the summertime. A longer school year does not have to be an invitation to hard boring work. Rather, it should allow time-pressed teachers to conduct richer and more imaginative lessons. Schools would have more time to devote to athletics, languages, music and the arts. Summer vacation can be a great thing. But in the 21st century, it may also be outdated. Title: Long Summer Vacation Theme A long summer vacation doesn’t Vacation length Basic Information Students’ activities Putting student’s academic futures at risk. Disadvantages 4 families. Hurting academic 7 9 6 . challenges for 1 2 schools
● ● ●

sense in today’s world. weeks in most American

Sending messages and watching TV Playing video games Doing 3 5 . .

Affect academic

Make parents watch kids at home. Make students lose important ground. 8

Students should be conducted to study more imaginative lessons as athletics, languages, music and the arts. Summer vacation can be both great and out of 10 .

单项选择 1. 答案 D survey 是个可数名词,用“a”表示一次调查。the majority of 是个词组,意思是: 大多数。 2. 答案 C 这个从句是个宾语从句,作动词 create 的宾语,而从句里的 they hope 可以看作 插入语,从句的主语没有,所以这个连词必需是 what, what= something that。 3. 答案 D 这是个完全倒装句,有表示地点的介词短语放句首。 4. 答案 A in terms of:从…方面来看;in place of:代替;by way of:取道,途径;by means of:通过…的方式。根据句意这里该选 A。 5. 答案 A 词组 live up to:与…相符,不辜负。live up to one’s expectations:不辜负某人的 期望。 6. 答案 B get across:解释清楚,使人了解;make sense of:了解?的意思,弄懂?的话; get through:通过,到达,做完,接通电话;make up:弥补,组成,化妆,编造。根据 句意“老师恼怒是因为学生不能理解他的意思,故选 B。 7. 答案 A 非谓语动词前省略的主语一定是跟主句一致的主语,所以这里需要表示主动的 现在分词。而“迷路”和“不知道”都属于分词作原因状语。 8. 答案 A hesitate to do sth.:迟疑,不愿意做。 9. 答案 A 用过去进行时表示当时我正忙着做什么,所以“没去车站接你” 。 10. 答案 C 根据句子意思这里需要一个地点状语从句,表示减肥的人“结果回到了刚开始 的状态” 。 11. 答案 A 定语从句由 when 引导修饰 the future,关系代词 when 在从句里充当时间状语。 12. 答案 D 分词短语作结果状语。 13. 答案 B turn out: 结果是,原来是;come out: 出版,出现,结果是;start out: 出发,开 始;go out: 出去;熄灭;过时。根据句意需要“出版”这个词组。 14. 答案 C If you say that something is the case, you mean that it is true or correct. 情况是那样。 15. 答案 C 本句话的意思是:每个人都准时来参加会议了,甚至经常干什么事都迟到十分 钟的 Jack 也准时来了。 完形填空: 语篇解读:这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。Steven Callahan 在独自穿越大西洋时,他的船沉了。 他一次次地鼓励自己, “我能行” ,他终于靠着顽强的意志和有效的生存技巧生还。作者被这 句话打动,时常用它来勉励自己。 16. 答案:C Steven Callahan 的船沉了,他上了一艘救生艇,但他所带的给养很少,生还的 可能性很小。 17. 答案: B 这里用表示转折含义的副词 yet: 可是 76 天以后被渔民发现的时候, 他还活着。 18. 答案:A 独自在海上漂流 76 天,所带给养很少,此时的他已经比先前消瘦了。 19. 答案:D 这里用 account 表示“叙述,讲述” :他对自己这段经历的叙述。A“态度” ,B “假设” ,C“指导”都不符合语境。 20. 答案:C 他很聪明,想办法抓鱼吃。 21. 答案:A 蒸发海水,以获得能饮用的淡水。这里用 make 表示“获得,挣得” 。 22. 答案:B 这里用 catch one's eye 表示“引人注目,吸引某人的注意力” :最吸引我眼球的 是在一切希望似乎都成为泡影的时候,他如何使自己不消沉。

23. 答案:D 这里用 there's no point in doing sth.的变化形式:没有任何希望了,再苦苦挣扎 似乎没什么意义。 24. 答案:B 他饥肠辘辘,因此身体也疲惫不堪。用 completely 表示“完全地” 。 25. 答案:C 这里作者在进行总结和议论:当人们与故事的主人公 Steven Callahan 一样,要 在这样的环境中求生存时,他们需要进行思想斗争,以获得生存的勇气。 26. 答案: A 在与 Callahan 遇到的类似的让人绝望的环境中。 这里用 similarly desperate 表示 “类似让人绝望的” 。 27. 答案:D 解析:在类似的环境中,很多人要么放弃求生的勇气,要么精神崩溃而疯了。 28. 答案:B 而那些幸存者进行的思想斗争,使他们找到勇气面对困难进行奋斗。这里用 in the face of 表示“面对” 。A“缺乏” ,C“交换” ,D“作为??的结果”都不符合语境。 29. 答案:A 本题用 I can handle it 表示“我能处理好” 。 30. 答案:C 本题用 build up 表示“增加,增进” :我一次次地重复这句话,给自己增加活 下去的勇气。 31. 答案: D 在他的书中读到的这段话给“我”很大的感触,于是“我” 就把它抄下来。strike 表示“打动,感动,给??以印象” 。 32. 答案:A 当“我”自己的奋斗目标看起来很遥远的时候,或者自己的困难看起来非常可 怕的时候, “我”就用这句话勉励自己。 33. 答案:B 每当“我”用这句话勉励自己时, “我”就能恢复理智,勇敢地战胜困难。senses 当“理智”讲。 34. 答案:D 从四个动词选项看,be related to“与??有关” ;B 项搭配不对;C“有利于, 有助于” ;D“与??相比” 。作者表达的意思是:实际上,只是和更好的情况相比,我 们的处境显得很糟糕。本题下文有提示。 35. 答案:C 这能帮助你“渡过”难关。 阅读理解 36. 答案 B 主旨题 从第一段可以看出文章的主旨大意, 移民对待 new culture 的两种不同态 度。 37. 答案 A 推断题 从文章第四段可以推断出 cultural shock is a common problem for most immigrants。 38. 答案 D 主旨题 最后一段首尾句可以看出这段主要在谈年轻人容易适应新环境。 39. 答案 D 句意理解题 结合全文特别是第一段第一、二句话可以知道答案是 D。 任务型阅读 1. make 根据文章主旨可以知道。第三段第一行 Summer vacation once made sense in the past 可以推断这里也需要这个词组表达。make sense: 有意义。 2. Thirteen/ 13 第三段第五行。 3. shopping 第二段最后一行。 4. Causing 第四段第一行。 5. skills 第三段第三行。 6. achievement 倒数第二段第一行。 7. Suggestion/ Advice 根据右边的意思归纳总结出来。 8. such 根据句意需要 such as,意为:例如,像。 9. Conclusion/ Summary 根据右边句子的意思可以知道。 10. date 最后一句中的 outdated 可以得知,outdated: out of date。

一、单项选择 1. You said his lecture was instructive, but I don’t think it________ any sense. A. gives B. takes C. keeps D. makes 2. What she referred to was so confusing that they could hardly _______ it. A. get through B. get hold of C. get across to D. make sense of 3. Foreign Minister of China used plain language to make the Chinese foreign policy ________ to the whole world at the press conference last week. A. get through B.get across C.get over D.get around 4. All the scientific evidence ___ that increasing use of chemicals in farming ___damaging our health. A. show; are B. shows; are C. show; is D. shows; is 5. At the meeting place of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River_____, one of the ten largest cities in China. A. lies Chongqing B. Chongqing lies C. does lie Chongqing D. does Chongqing lie 6. A number of high buildings have arisen _______ there was nothing a year ago but ruins. A. when B. where C. before D. until 7. If you happen to get lost in the wild, you’d better stay ______ you are and wait for help. A. why B. where C. who D. what 8. —I love the Internet. I've come to know many friends on the Net. — __________. Few of them would become your real friends. A. That’s for sure B. It’s not the case C. I couldn't agree more D. I’m pleased to know that 9. —Now more and more Chinese senior students are applying for admission to American universities through SAT. —________. But taking an SAT may cost one more than 10,000 yuan. A. I hope so B. Not really C. That’s the case D. That sounds reasonable 10. He is only too ready to help others, seldom, ____, refusing them when they turn to him. A. if never B. if ever C. if not D. if any 11. Among the 15-year-old children, some _______ be studying in universities while others are still learning to read and write. A.should B. would C. can D. must 12. _______ in the mountain for a week, the two students were finally saved by the local police. A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. Being lost 13. Tom found _______ very embarrassing _________ the long-standing debt. A. it; to be reminded of B. this; to remind C. it; reminding of D. that; to be reminded of 14. Seeing that I was crazy about English, my teacher _______ me to enter the speech competition . So I took part in it and unexpectedly won the first prize. A. suggested B. demanded C. hoped D. pushed 15. ---I enjoy a long holiday when I can ____ all my lessons ___for some time and go travelling. ---Me, too. But holidays never seem long enough. A. put; away B. pick; up C. leave; behind D. give; out 二、完形文章摘要

In 1982, When Steven Callahan was crossing the Atlantic, his sailboat was struck and sank. While the situation was desperate, he managed to survive by catching fish and making fresh water out of sea water until he was saved. During those days, every time he was about to give up, he would remind himself of the fact that compared to others who had been through the worse, he was lucky enough, which helped build up his courage. By never giving in to trouble, he worked wonders and conquered the death. From this story, we learn that when we are in similarly desperate circumstances, we should focus on the positive side to give us courage instead of giving up. If we do so, we are bound to come back to our senses and be brave enough to face difficulties. So whatever we’re going through, tell yourself you can handle it. 三.阅读理解长难句理解: 1. While some people are pushed to quickly assimilate, others are pulled to maintain their own culture. While some people are______ _______ quickly assimilate, others are ________ _______ change their own culture. 2. However, some of my friends seem to be happy to have left their past behind. However, some of my friends seem to be happy to have________ their past. 3. Faced with a new language , immigrants always find it easier to express ideas in their mother tongue. 仿写: _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________. 4. The longer you spend with your new friends, the less you follow the customs of your homeland. 仿写: _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________. 四.佳句欣赏: 1. They will also be putting their academic futures at risk. 2. Summer vacation once made sense in the past when you didn't need an education to get a good job. 3. To compete in the global marketplace, Americans must be prepared to go up against international competitors. 4. For these families, summer vacation can be more burden than break. 5. Researchers have found that disadvantaged students lose significant ground in the summertime.

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