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英语 (高一上学期)

英语 (高一上学期)
Module 1 Unit 1 A卷
I. 单项填空 (20 分) 1. --- Would you like to ________ Professor Smith?s lecture this Sunday? --- Sorry, I have an important meeting to _________. A. attend; join B. take part in; attend C. join; take part in D. attend; attend 2. Mother is ________ us a meal. We may wash our hands and _________ the dinner. A. preparing; prepare B. preparing; prepare for C. preparing for; prepare D. preparing for; prepare for 3. The place has _________ from a fishing port into a tourist center. A. increased B. discovered C. developed D. improved 4. Keep your passwords safe. Most on-line sites ____ a user name and password before placing an order. A. suggest B. request C. require D. ask 5. What disappointed me was not what he said but _______ he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which. 6. The boy wants to _____ English because he thinks it too difficult. A. drop B. learn C. miss D. throw 7. He is very tired working all day. Don?t __________ him waiting outside in the rain any longer. A. continue B. leave C. make D. remain 8. The teacher spent her weekend ______ the students? paper. A. to grade B. grading C. in grade D. with grading 9. Newspaper reporters have been _______ the missing boy all day. A. asking B. asked C. asking about D. asked about 10. The news about the unexpected death of the famous film director Chen Yifei ___________ several times during the night. A. was broadcasting B. was broadcast C. broadcast D. had broadcast 11. The sad look on Amy?s face showed that she hadn?t found her ___________ keys yet. A. missed B. lost C. left D. gone 12. We are informed that the windows of the classroom require ___________. A repairing B. being repaired C. to repair D. repaired 13. If you want to get it _________, you can?t expect it to be of the right quality. A. for free B. freely C. as free D. to be free 14. The school to which David ______ his paintings is beautiful. A. donated B. developed C. achieved D. selected 15. Tom is a boy ________ I find hard to _______. A. whose; please B. that; be pleased C. who; be pleasing D. whom; please 16. Henry Adams, for _____ money was now not a problem, wanted to stay in an expensive hotel.

A. which B. him C. whose D. whom 17. All examinations are passed. This is the first time I ______ really relaxed. A. have felt B. feel C. had felt D. was feeling 18. Have you seen the film Huo Yuanjia, and _______ leading actor is my favorite? A. its B. it?s C. whose D. which 19. I _________ my hometown when I saw the beautiful park. A. thought of B. thought out C. thought over D. thought up 20. ________ our arriving at the airport, we were given a warm welcome by the local (当地的) people. A. With B. For C. Upon D. Until II. 语法知识(15 分) 21. I can never forget the days _______ I spent on the farm. A. when B. that C. in which D. on which 22. We will be shown around the city: school museums and some other places, _______ other visitors seldom go. A. what B. which C. where D. when 23. My hometown is no longer the one _________ it used to be. A. whom B. that C. whose D. what 24. I will live in the room _________ window faces the park. A. whose B who C. its D. that 25. The old lady has two daughters, and _____ are famous models. A. both of them B. both of whom C. each of them D. none of them 26. That was the best reason ______ we could give for what had happened to him. A. why B. that C. which D. because 27. This is the train _______ we went to Shanghai. A. on which B. by that C. whose D. where 28. --- Have you ever been to Rome? --- No, but that?s the city _________. A. where I most like to visit B. I?d most like to visit C. which I like to visit most D. where I?d like most to visit 29. He keeps a record of everything ______ he had seen there. A. he B. that C. which D. what 30. Mr. John said that Suzhou was the first city _____ he had visited in China. A. that B. where C. which D. what 31. This is the very film ______ I?ve long wished to see. A. which B. that C. who D. whom 32. Who is the person ______ is standing at the gate of Beijing Tourism Tower? A. who B. that C. which D. whom 33. This is the baby ______ tomorrow. A. after whom I shall look B. whom I shall look after C. whose I shall look after D. after whom I shall look after 34. It was raining, _______ was a pity. A. what B. that C. the day D. which 35. He built a telescope _____ he could study the skies.

A. in which B. through which C. from which D. through that III. 用适当的介词或副词填空(10 分) 36. She spent the whole day ______ writing the story. 37. He gives the lecture to the students _______ free. 38. You?d better learn ______ experience and it?s the best for you. 39. He will pay a visit _____ his university next week. 40. Students in Britain have to move to different classrooms ______ different classes. 41. The talk Fighting AIDS will be given ______ students by a doctor. 42. The swimming pool next _____will be closed this weekend. 43. I?m sorry to inform you ______ the meeting being put off. 44. The clever boy made a hole in the wall, ______ which he could see what was happening inside the house. 45. The school _____ which David donated his paintings is beautiful. IV. 动词填空(10 分) 46. A lot of houses ___________________ (destroy) in the typhoon last summer. 47. Bell is considered ______________ (invent) the first telephone in the world. 48. In some parts of the world, tea ____________ (serve) with milk and sugar. 49. Kate is very happy as she ____________ (select) to be the host of the new TV program. 50. He ___________ (work) on the project for two weeks and is expected to finish it soon. 51. After __________ (graduate) from university, he went to China to study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. 52. When I attended the first meeting, I _________ (require) to write a poem and I had to read it out to the group. 53. Much attention should be paid to ______ (improve) your writing. 54. In spite of the heavy rain, the workers insisted on ____________(continue) to load (装货) the ship. 55. We young students ________ (develop)good habits wherever we are. V. 单词拼写(10 分) 56. City people want to be outdoors on weekends and do something c_______, like mountain climbing, drifting (漂流) and so on. 57. Our class teacher is always kind to every one of us, and he gains r___________ from us. 58. ---- Would you a________ Jim?s birthday party this Saturday? ---- I?d love to if I have nothing much to do that day. 59. After a day?s hard work, Apple would like to r________ with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. 60. ---- Thank you for a most e_________ evening. I have had a good time here. ---- I?m glad you enjoyed yourself. 61. The p_________ was taken when I was only two years old. 62. The workers? salary is about 2,000 dollars per year on ______________ (平均). 63. Visitors are _________ (禁止) to take photos inside the museum. 64. The tourists are expecting a(n) ____________ (解释) from the airlines for the delay of their flight. 65. Mind your __________ (行为), or you will leave a bad impression. VI. 单句改错 (10 分) 66. The boy who you saw him just now won a prize in the physics competition last month.

67. His parents wouldn?t let him marry anyone that family was poor. 68. The boy and the dog which are running in the garden are very lovely. 69. He was sent to a class in that he made many good friends. 70. The girl, her fastest 400-meter record was 4 minutes 21.2 seconds, was an Olympic swimmer. 71. The audience gave warm welcome to those basketball stars whose they respected and loved. 72. What a fun the children had at the seaside! 73. The president wants to say something to the public which has not been said before. 74. Playing computer games cost the boy plenty of time he should have spent the time doing his lessons. 75. Is that university which they visited last Sunday? VII. 翻译(25 分) 76. 在今年的学校音乐会上,玛丽唱了一首她自己写的歌,所有的学生都非常尊敬她。 77. 经过两小时讨论,经理批准了他为希望工程捐款的计划。 78. 教室里乱七八糟,你得把教室整理干净。 79. 学生不喜欢对他们太苛刻的老师。 80. 他们工作地很卖力,所以比预计提前一周完成任务。

Unit 1 B卷
I. 完形填空 (30 分) September 4 was my first day at Phillips Academy, my new school. It was also my 18th birthday. I received a warm 1 from my host family--- the Steins. Gena was my host mum, and her daughter Lily would also be a new 2 at Phillips. They took me to the school and 3 me around the campus. On our way to my dorm (学生宿舍), we saw a huge truck delivering a student?s 4 to her room. Many students at the school were very rich, and they would fill their dorms with decorations (装饰物) But I was not 5 to because I thought it was a 6 of time and money. I had a single room, which was about the 7 of a Chinese college dorm --- the ones which usually hold six people. 8 she helped carry my bags, Lily asked me, “What?s your favorite 9 Teresa?” I thought for a moment before answering, “Orange.” I didn?t know why she had asked the question. We 10 an introduction meeting after dinner. 11 of the students were native English speakers, so I felt a little 12 . I returned to my room after the 13 , tired and wanted to go to bed after a(n) 14 day. When I opened my door, I found a big 15 . The bed was perfectly made with blankets and an orange sunflower pillow. On the 16 was a sunflower-pattern mat(垫子)while a colorful lamp 17 beside the bed. I opened my mouth, 18 . How beautiful! There was also a post 19 . I touched the little pillow on the bed as I read the card. A warm current (暖流) rushed through my 20 .

1. A. heart 2. A. student 3. A. walked 4. A. bag 5. A. warned 6. A. matter 7. A. design 8. A. As 9. A. fruit 10. A. organized 11. A. All 12. A. pleased 13. A. dinner 14. A. exciting 15. A. secret 16. A. wall 17. A. stood 18. A. frightened 19. A. card 20. A. mind II. 阅读理解 (30 分)

B. card B. teacher B. introduced B. newspaper B. forced B. waste B. size B. Though B. weather B. planned B. Most B. nervous B. class B. surprising B. joke B. desk B. lay B. moved B. office B. head

C. service C. citizen C. showed C. letters C. determined C. show C. pattern C. Because C. food C. attended C. Some C. angry C. meeting C. tiring C. warmth C. floor C. appeared C. satisfied C. man C. face

D. welcome D. visitor D. invited D. furniture D. supposed D. use D. example D. While D. color D. opened D. Few D. afraid D. party D. interesting D. surprise D. ground D. hung D. understood D. letter D. body

A To be a good teacher, you need some of the gifts of a good actor: you must be able to hold the attention and interest of your audience (听众); you must be a clear speaker, with good, strong, pleasing voice which is fully under your control; and you must be able to act what you are teaching, in order to make its meaning clear. Watch a good teacher, and you will see that he doesn?t sit motionless (没有表情的) before his class; he stands the whole time while teaching; he walks about, using his arms, hands, and fingers to help him in his explanations, and his face to express feelings. Listen to him, and you will hear the loudness, the quality and the musical note of his voice always changing according to what he is talking about. The fact that a good teacher has some of the gifts of a good actor doesn?t mean that he will indeed be able to act well on the stage, for there are very important differences between the teacher?s work and the actor?s. The actor has to speak words that he has learnt by heart; he has to repeat exactly the same words each time he plays a certain part, even his movements and the way in which he uses his voice are usually fixed beforehand (预先的). What he has to do is to make all these carefully learnt words and actions seem natural on the stage. A good teacher works in quite a different way. His audience takes an active part in his play: they ask and answer questions, they obey orders, and if they don?t understand something, they say so. The teacher therefore has to suit (使…适合) his act to the needs of his audience, which is his class. He can?t learn his part by heart, but must invent it as he goes along. 21. What is the next mainly about? A. How to become an ordinary teacher. B. What a good teacher should do outside the classroom.

C. What teachers and actors could learn from each other. D. The similarities and differences between a teacher ?s work and an actor ?s. 22. From the text we can draw such a conclusion that a good teacher ____________. A. knows how to keep his students? interest B. has a beautiful and soft voice C. know how to act on the stage D. stands still while teaching 23. In what way is teacher ?s is a teacher ?s work different from an actor? A. The teacher must learn everything by heart . B. He knows how to control his voice better than an actor. C. He has to deal with unexpected situations. D. He has to use more facial expressions. 24. The main difference between students in class and theatre audience is that ______. A. there is no stage to watch B. students must keep silent while theatre audience needn?t C. no money work is needed for the students D. the students must take part in the “play” 25. Why can?t some good teachers play well on the stage? A. They don?t have any talent for stage performance. B. Their audiences are different. C. It is impossible for them to do much memory work. D. They are not used to repeating exactly the same words. B One of Britain?s bravest women told yesterday how she helped to catch suspected (可疑的) police killer David Bieber -- and was thanked with flowers by the police. It was also said that she could be in line for a share of up to £30,000 reward money. Vicki Brown, 30, played a very important role in ending the nationwide manhunt. Vicki, who has worked at the Royal Hotel for four years, told of her terrible experience when she had to steal (溜进) into Bieber?s bedroom and to watch him secretly. Then she waited alone for three hours while armed police prepared to storm the building. She said: “I was very nervous. But when I opened the hotel door and saw 20 armed policemen lined up in the car park I was so glad they were there.” The alarm had been raised because Vicki became suspicious (怀疑) of the guest who checked in (登记) at 3 pm the day before New Year?s Eve with little luggage and wearing sunglasses and a hat pulled down over his face. She said: “He didn?t seem to want to talk too much and make any eye contact (接触).” Vicki, the only employee on duty, called her bosses Margaret, 64, and husband Stan McKale, 65, who phoned the police at 11 pm. Officers from Northumbria Police called Vicki at the hotel in Dunston, Gateshead, at about 11:30 pm to make sure that this was the wanted man. Then they kept in touch by phoning Vicki every 15 minutes. “It was about ten past two in the morning when the phone went again and a policeman said ?Would you go and make yourself known to the armed officers outside?? My heart missed a beat.”

Vicki quietly showed eight armed officers through passages and staircases to the top floor room and handed over the key. “I realized that my bedroom window overlooks that part of the hotel, so I went to watch. I could not see into the man?s room, but I could see the passage. The police kept shouting at the man to come out with his hands showing. Then suddenly he must have come out because they shouted for him to lie down while he was handcuffed”. (带上手铐) 26. The underlined phrase “be in line for” (paragraph1) means _________. A. get B. be paid C. ask for D. own 27. Vicki became suspicious of David Bieber because __________. A. the police called her B. he looked very strange C. he came to the hotel with little luggage D. he came to the hotel the day before New Year?s Eve 28. Vicki?s heart missed a beat because _________. A. the phone went again B. she would be famous C. the policemen had already arrived D. she saw 20 policemen in the car park 29. David Bieber was most probably handcuffed in ________. A. the passage B. the man?s room C. Vicki?s bedroom D. the top floor room 30. The whole event probably lasted about _______ hours from the moment Bieber came to the hotel to the arrival of some armed officers. A. 6 B. 8 C. 11 D. 14 C Everyone has got two personalities---the one that is shown to the world and the other that is secret and real. You don?t show your secret personality when you?re awake because you can control your behavior, but when you?re asleep, your sleeping position shows the real you. In a normal night, of course, people frequently change their position. The important position is the one that you go to sleep in. If you go to sleep on your back, you?re a very open person. You normally trust people and you are easily influenced by fashion or new ideas. You don?t like to upset people, so you never express your real feelings. You?re quite shy and you aren?t very confident. If you sleep on your stomach, you are a rather secretive (不坦率的) person. You worry a lot and you?re always easily upset. You?re very stubborn (顽固的), but you aren?t very ambitious (有 雄心的). You usually live for today not for tomorrow. This means that you enjoy having a good time. If you sleep curled up (卷曲), you are probably a very nervous person. You have a low opinion of yourself and so you?re often defensive (防御的). You?re shy and you don?t normally like meeting people. You prefer to be on your own. You?re easily hurt. If you sleep on your side, you have usually got a well-balanced personality. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You?re usually careful. You have a confident personality. You sometimes feel anxious, but you don?t often get depressed (消沉的). You always say what you think even if it annoys people. 31. According to the writer, you naturally show your secret and real personality _____. A. only in a normal night B. only when you go to sleep

C. only when you refuse to show yourself to the world D. only when you change sleeping position 32. Which is NOT mentioned in the second paragraph about a person?s personality? A. He or she is always open with others. B. He or she always likes new ideas earlier than others. C. He or she is always easily upset. D. He or she tends to believe in others. 33. Point out which sentence is used to show the personality of a person who is used to sleeping on his or her stomach? A. He or she is careful not to offend others. B. He or she doesn?t want to stick to his or her opinion. C. He or she can?t be successful in any business. D. He or she likes to bring others happiness. 34. Maybe you don?t want to make friends with a person who sleeps curled up. Why? A. He or she would rather be alone than communicate with you. B. He or she is rarely ready to help you. C. He or she prefers staying at home to going out. D. He or she wouldn't like to get help from you. 35. It appears that the writer tends to think highly of the person who sleeps on one side because ______. A. he or she always shows sympathy for people B. he or she is confident, but not stubborn C. he or she has more strengths than weaknesses D. he or she often considers annoying people III. 根据对话填词(15 分) A: Oh, you didn?t know how many people there were in the streets when I went shopping last Sunday! B: No wonder________. (36)T____ will be more and more people. The earth will be (37) f_____ of people and there will be (38) s________ room only. A: You said it. B: How to solve the (39)p________ ? A: Look up into the (40) s______, what can you see? B: Of (41) c________ I can see the moon and stars. A: The moon is the (42) s________ of the earth, maybe man will fly to the moon. B: (43) P_______? A: I mean perhaps the moon will be our home in the (44) f_________. B: But man can?t live there because there is no air and no water. No life can live there. How can we? A: In that (45) c_______, man can?t live there before solving these problems. IV. 书面表达 (25 分)

36. __________ 37. _________ 38. __________ 39. __________ 40. _________ 41. _________ 42. _________ 43. _________ 44. _________

45. _________

第二节: 书面表达 (满分 25 分) 有几位外国朋友来你校了解有关中学生对教育事业的看法和打算,请根据下面提供的内容, 向他们介绍以下情况: 1. 过去的教育事业落后,许多人都没有机会上学。 2. 教育事业发展迅速,师资紧缺,不少人认为教师工作辛苦,收入不高,不想当教师。 3. 现在的学生基本上都是独生子女,很难教育。 4. 不过有不少女同学还是乐于从教,他们喜欢孩子,乐意同他们一起玩,同时也认为教师 工作比较稳定,不用常出差,可以照顾家庭。 5. 本人自幼立志当教师,献身教育事业。 词数:100 左右。 参考词汇: 落后:Backward 急需: badly needed 稳定: stable 献身于 devote…to

独生子女家庭:one-child family

1-5 DBCCA 6-10 ABBCB 21-25 BCBAA 26-30 BACBA 31-35 BBBDB 36. in 37. for 38. by 39. to 40. for 41. to 42. to 43. of 44. through 45. to 46. were destroyed 47. to have invented 48. is served 49. has been selected 50. has been working 51. graduating 52. was required 53. improving 54. continuing 55. develop 56. challenging 57. respect 58. attend 59. relax 60. enjoyable 61. photograph 62. average 63. forbidden 64. explanation 65. behavior 66. 去掉 him 67. that→whose 68. which→that 69. that→which 70. her→whose 71. whose→whom 72. 去 a 73. which→that 74. 去掉 the time 75. 在 university 前面加 the 76. In this year ?s school music festival, Mary sang a song written by herself and earned respect from other students. 77. After two hours? discussion, the managers finally approved his plan to donate money for Project Hope. 78. The room is in a mess, and you?d better clean it up. 79. Students don?t like the teachers who are too hard on them. 80. They worked very hard, so they finished the task two weeks ahead of time. Unit 1 B 卷 1-5 DACAC 6-10 BBADC 11-15 BBCAD 16-20 CABBD 21-25 DACDD 26-30 ABCAC 31-35 BCCAB 36. There 37. full 38. standing 39. problem 40. sky 41. course 42. satellite 43. Pardon 44. future 45. case One possible version: Dear friends, I?m glad you?ve come to our school. As you know, our education was backward and a lot of people had no chance to go to school in the past. With the rapid development of our education, teachers are now badly needed. But not many of us want to be teachers. They think that

Unit 1 A 卷 11-15 BAAAD 16-20 DAAAC

teachers? work too hard but get too little. Besides, most students are from one-child family. They are hard to educate. But some girls are glad to be teachers. They love children and think it is a pleasure to play with them. Meanwhile, they think teaching work is stable. They needn?t often go out on business and can look after their families. I?ve made up my mind to work as a teacher since my childhood. I?m going to devote myself to the cause of education.

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