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浙江省湖州市 2014 高考英语完形填空一轮(暑假)精炼(3)含答案

完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。
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Before discussing different kinds of emotions, let us briefly talk about how researchers 16 bodily processes, actions and behavior, and how this relates to 17 .

what we do in our daily lives when we observe emotions in Bodily processes can be directly measured by a polygraph is skillfully used to 19 18

of a polygraph(测谎仪). When 20 ,

how we react bodily with what we are

it is called a "lie detector". Bodily processes can also be measured

21 . This

is what we do when we observe someone blushing (脸红). However, we are not always 42 of what bodily processes respond to. Measuring action or behavior is the other way researchers assess the one measure of fear of snakes is how procedure is to have a person researchers have 28 27 26 25 23 . 24 ,

a person will go to the snake. Another

how afraid he is, or how he feels, in this way,

the so-called "fear thermometer" to assess a person's fear. 29 . We

our everyday living, we do very much the same thing. Only not too 30

react to what a person does, what he says,

he says it, and how he looks. Is 31 together to infer what

he smiling? Is his voice trembling? We put all this a person is feeling.

32 , we do not always act as we fe el. Sometimes we do things that we don't feel like doing. 33 we say we feel one way and then we act another. Ac tors, for 34 them. Thus

example, successfully learn to "make believe" emotions, or learn to we 35

always tell what a person is feeling by what he says or by what he do es. B. describe B. others B. methods B. treat B. saying C. make C. another C. means C. examine C. observing D. use D. the others D. tools D. compare D.

16. A. measure 17. A. other 18. A. ways 19. A. combine 20. A. doing

carrying 21. A. directly difficultly 22. A. afraid 23. A. expressions emotions 24. A. For example 25. A. slow 26. A. tell 27. A. approved 28. A. During 29. A. really eventually 30. A. why 31. A. imaginations 32. A. Therefore 33. A. Sometime 34. A. express 35. A. needn’t B. where B. observations B. Otherwise B. Someway B. hide B. shan’t C. how C. impressions C. However C. Sometimes C. act C. won’t D. whether D. awareness D. Anyway D. Anytime D. say D. cannot B. On one hand B. fast B. say B. discovered B. With B. systematically C. As well as C. far C. talk C. developed C. On C. naturally D. At times D. close D. speak D. informed D. In D. B. fond B. rea ctions C. aware C. conclusions D. accused D. B. indirectly C. easily D.


16-20 ABCDB 26-30 ACDBC

21-25 BCDAD 31-35BCCBD


完形填空 “So teach him to close the door”, my daughter Emma responded after listening

to me


, again, about the dog coming in from the back door, bringing with him 2 air. 3

a blast of Buffalo January

Teach a dog to close a door behind him? That has got to be a really, really thing to do. But then she took it a step grabbing(抓住) some treats and 5 4

. “Come on Kolby”, she said,

him in front of the open door. “Touch. ” 6 position. She 7 8 him .

And “touch” he did, which moved the door to a

with a treat, smiled, looked at me, and said “see! ” And I saw and became

Over the last few days I have been consistent(一致的) with Kolby. Each time he comes in I been 9 10 him back to the open door patiently and ask him to close. There have in the beginning, but lately more and more successes.

However, there re mains much work to be done. I have to get him follow my hand signal again and again 11 he will close the door from a distance. But, I now 12 13 , the task will be completed, and, with quickly.

realize, as long as you keep to the the way things are progressing, What a 14

treat to have a dog that can close the door after himself ! Even 15 I learned so clearly from both Emma and Kolby. 16 . Once you 17 the 18 .

more wonder can be found in the

A wish is just a wish until you decide to take

belief that it is “too hard”, then it remains “too hard ” and out of Once you decide to accomplish a goal, and 19

that it is “easy”, then it becomes 20 doing it.

“easy” to do what needs to be done. Just 1. A. complain C. worry 2. A. thin C. dirty 3. A. last C. hard 4. A. again 5. A. pushing 6. A. stopped 7. A. rewarded B. further B. tying B. fixed B. provided B. scream D. scare B. fresh D. cold B. funny D. possible C. deeper C. seating C. closed

D. backward D. positioning D. locked D. thanked

C. offered

8. A. persuaded 9. A. bring 10. A. pleasures 11. A. in case 12. A. interest 13. A. determined 14. A. wonderful 15. A. knowledge 16. A. patience 17. A. hold on to C. come up with 18. A. date 19. A. prove 20. A. imagine

B. convinced B. pull

C. inspired D. call C. failures C. as if C. progress C. bought C. different C. lessons C. delight

D. puzzled

C. drag

B. experiments B. even if B. focus B. taught B. small B. skills B. part

D. pauses D. so that D. harmony D. completed D. simple D. experience D. action

B. pay attention to D. get used to B. touch B. decide B. start C. reach C. conclude C. keep D. power D. realize D. enjoy

【文章大意】我女儿 Emma 决心在冬季教会小狗进屋后自己关门,最后成功了。这也启示 我们,只要我们认定某事能做成,就可以做成功。 1.【解析】选 A。听到我抱怨(complain)狗从后门进来,带进来一股一股的冷(cold)风时, 我女儿 Emma 回应道: “教给它如何关门。 ” 2.【解析】选 D。参考上面第 1 题解析,从语境中:January“一月”可知天气寒冷。 3.【解析】选 C。教给狗关门?这一定是相当艰难的(hard)事情。 4.【解析】选 B。但是紧接着她采取了更进一步(further)的措施。 5.【解析】选 D。女儿说道, “过来,Kolby, ”顺便抓起一些犒劳物,引导着(positioning) 狗走向开着的门的前面。 6.【解析】选 C。 “碰” ,再“碰” ,这条狗做到了,这个动作能让门向关的(closed)方向移 动。女儿就用食物奖励(rewarded)这条狗,微笑着,看着我说, “看! ” 7.【解析】选 A。参考上面第 6 题解析,可以选出最佳答案。 8.【解析】选 B。我看到了,并且相信(convinced) 。 9.【解析】选 A。每次狗走进来时,我都耐心地把它带回到(bring)开着的门口,要求它关

上门。此处要求选择和 back 搭配的动词,结合意思可以选出:bring back“带回到” 。 10.【解析】选 C。刚开始时经历了失败(failures) ,但是最近越来越成功。此处选择的答案 和语境中的 successes 相反。 11.【解析】选 D。然而,仍然有许多工作要做。为了(so that)能让狗从远处关上门,我必 须让它跟随我的手势再三演示。so t hat 在此处引导目的状语从句。 12.【解析】选 B。但是现在我意识到,只要你能集中注意力(focus) ,任务就可以完成,并 且用这种方法,事情进展得非常顺利,完成(completed)的非常快。 13.【解析】选 D。参考上面第 12 题解析可知选择:completed 最佳。 14.【解析】选 A。拥有一条会自己关门的狗是多么美好(wonderful)而难得的乐事!此处 treat 意思为:难得的乐事。 15.【解析】选 C。句子译文:我从女儿和狗的事件吸取的教训(lessons)中能发现更多的奇 迹。 此处 lesson 意为“教训” 。例如:The young man has learned his lesson and won’t drive under the influence again. 小伙子已得到了教训,再也不敢酒后开车了。 16.【解析】选 D。如果你不付诸于行动(take action) ,愿望只能是愿望。 17.【解析】选 A。一旦你持有(hold on to)这种信念:事情太难了,它将非常困难,难以 实现/完成(reach) 。 18.【解析】选 C。参考上面第 17 题解析可以选出最佳答案:out of reach“难以实现/达到” 。 19.【解析】选 B。and 连接并列结构,根据前面 Once you decide to accomplish a goal 可 知答案选 decide。本句意为一旦你决心实现目标,认定(decide)实现目标非常容易,那么 做需要做的事也就变得比较容易。此时只需着手开始(start)做事即可。 20.【解析】选 B。参考上面第 19 题解析可以选出答案。 【文章大意】作者在本文中详细介绍了如何在易趣网上利用拍卖系统进行拍买和拍卖。 **************************************************************结束

第二节: 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 16- 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

Friendship is 16 to people's life. A man without friends is an angel without 17, whose life will 18 in the long tolerance of loneliness and 19 .Friendship is the mother

of our soul, who'll warm her kids when hurt occurs. We have much to 20 our friends in life, confusion, excitement, bitterness etc. Therefore, it's magnificent to 21 a true friendship. It 22 many special 23 to make a friend. Understanding should come first. Only when we get a better understanding of each other can we gain an authentic and 24 friendship. We may find our hobbies of 25 interests. This feeling of affinity(喜 好) gets us closer and closer. It also takes a special kind of love that seems to know no end. Never 26 to show your heartfelt care and kindness to your friend when he/she is in trouble. Love i s not selfish. Love is endowed(赋予) by God that we should 27 all our life. Tolerance is the third 28 part in friendship. We are a bsolutely 29 persons. This individual distinction may30 conflict between us in every 31 of our life. Don't immerse ourselves in this painful experience too long. Try to tolerate him/her in an introspective(反思的) mood. Saints are not perfect, let alone those ordinary people like us. Afterwards, we should get a good communication. Never shy to confess. Understanding, love and 32 are the first three factors that comes to an authentic friendship. Other qualities are also 53 such as thoughtfulness, trust and 34. Remember, friendship is your soul's guard, 35 it



B.severe B. flash B.suffer B.responsibility B.refer to B.ignore B.costs

C.necessary C. legs C.press C.embarrassment C.contact with C.mind C.spends

D.challenging D.wings D.settle D.depression D.concern about D.maintain D.pays

17.A.credit 18.A.bitter 19.A.optimism 20.A.share with 21.A.appoint 22.A.takes 23.A.interests 24.A.convenient 25.A.regular 26.A.struggle

B.necessities C.qualities B.peaceful B.common B.hesitate C.complex C.usual C.succeed

D.intelligence D.meaningful D.ordinary D.fail

27.A.treasure 28.A.casual 29.A.same 30.A.lead 31.A.angle 32.A.tolerance 33.A.subjective 34.A.ease 35.A.cherish

B.appeal B.conventional B.average B.cause B.field

C.access C.essential C.similar C.avoid C.aspect

D.adopt D.effective D.different D.intend

D.direction D.potential D.passive D.patience D.convey

B.recognition C.admission B.exactly B.comfort B.seize C.concerned C.effect C.charge


16----35 CDBDA





第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在 答题卡上涂黑。 I was shown into the waiting-room which, as I had expected, was full . Any waiting-room—especially a dentist's -is not the best place in the world to _21 an

afternoon.No matter how hard a dentist(牙医)tries to make his waiting-room look _22 , it always has an atmosphere of its own-the unpleasant smell and disordered 23 in the room. pictures on the wall and


This waiting-room was no exception.There were _24 the magazines on the table 25

like a great pile of waste paper.I took my _26_

and decided to pass the time _27 the people around me. A little man beside me was __28 the pages of a magazine quickly and nervously.It

was _29 to understand what he was looking at for _30 three minutes or so he would

throw the magazine onto the


take another, and sink back into his 32 her son from

chair.Opposite me there was a young mother who was trying to making a _33

.He had placed an ash-tray (烟灰缸) on the floor and was making he waved a pencil in his hands . The boy had clearly become 35 . Near him, and old man was fast asleep, and the boy's mother

plane-noises __34 uninterested in was _36

sooner or later he/son would _37_,the gentleman up.There was a deep silence 38__.The people looked _39__ with hope was led out of the

in the room as the door opened and a nurse

in their eyes, then murmured something as the next luckily _40 room. 21.A.spend B.take D.stay 22.A.unpleasant B.happy D.pleasant 23.A.teeth B.people D.books 24.A.dirty B.nice D.modem 25.A.wasted 26.A.chair B.sounded B.seat D.desk 27. A.talking with B.watching D.listening to 28.A.turning over B.counting D.looking at 29.A.interesting B.possible D.hard 30.A.each B.every D.certain 31.A.chair B.floor D.table C C C C C . C.looked C C
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D.felt . bench









B.allow D.fight




B.noise D.model plane



34.A.as 35.A.reading

B.if B.talking D.singing

C.so C

D.though . waiting


B.sorry D.afraid



37.A.make 38.A.left

B.wake B.entered D.spoke

C.call C

D.turn . smiled

39.A.down 40.A.patient

B.around B.doctor D.mother

C.up C

D.behind . boy



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