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book3 unit3The million pound bank note

必修三 一.单项填空

Unit3 复习题

1. I don’t clearly remember who _____ the question whether it is good for children _______ by their grandparents but I clearly remember it ______ a heated discussion. A. brought up; to be brought up; brought about B. raised; to be raised; brought out C. brought in; to be brought up; brought up D. brought up; to be raised; brought up 2. It was all my ______ that my son had made such a silly but serious _______. A. fault; error B. mistake; fault C. shortcoming; mistake D. fault; mistake 3. Totally ______ accident, the businessman picked up a _______ antique(古董) in the flea market(跳蚤市场) A by; true B. in; indeed C. with; actual D. by; genuine 4. ---Would you mind if I turned off the light? ---____________. A. Yes, go ahead B. No, please don’t C. Go ahead, please D. Certainly, do as you please 5. ---How can I get to the People’s Hospital? ---Walk straight forward down the pavement. When you see a ten-storied building about 200 meters ______, that’s it and you can’t _____ it. A. in front; miss B. ahead; pass C. in the front; catch D. ahead; miss 6. Smoking is not _______ in this factory but it is _______ in certain workshops. A. permitted; allowed B. allowed; permitted C. admitted; permitted D. permitted; admitted 7. Not believing their eyes, the visitors on the spot_______ the flying plane, doing some most difficult and dangerous tricks in the sky. A. glared at B. stared at C. glanced at D. caught sight of 8. His lack of professional knowledge _______for the failure of the experiment. A. accounted B. explained C. counted D. contributed 9. Nobody could have ever imagined that the poor man ______ _______ be a millionaire. A. in rag; could B. in rags; should be C. wearing poorly ; should D. dressed poorly; might 10. It is reported that the ambassador together with the working staff______ kidnapped by a group of gunmen who _______ into the American Embassy in Iraq last night but the news is not yet confirmed by the US government. A. was; burst B. were; went C. was; entered D. were; made their way 11. I feel _____ ashamed of myself when I hear someone say “ Mind your ______.” A. indeed; behavior B. really; manner C. greatly; manners D. very much; action 12. Since there was no way out, the robber decided to _______on his luck to see if he could run away. A. make a chance B. take chance C. take a chance D. try a chance 13. Bowing to others is considered ______ but bowing to difficulty is not considered a good quality A. to be a good manner B. a good manners C. to be good manners D. being good manners


14. You may do whatever you like in the holiday. ______ me, I think I can do with a rest. A. As for B. As with C. As to D. As about 15. The scenery beyond the mountain is __________beautiful. A. unbelievably B. unexpectly C. surprisedly D. gradually 16. I couldn’t understand _____ with me. A. the matter was what B. what was the matter C. what the matter was D. that was the matter 17. It’s not worth _________. A. to take a chance B. taking a chance C. taking chances D. Both B and C 18. When the day broke, we found ourselves _______ on the shore. A. lying B. lain C. lay D. to lie 19. He was about to tell me the secret ______ someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. while D. when 20. We doubt ______ he will succeed in the research work. A. how B. that C. whether D. what

1. He had no money with him and had to earn his p ___________ by doing jobs on the ship. 2. I can make a b_______ that our team will win. 3. We are not p____________ to swim in the river. It’s too dangerous. 4. Large a____________ of soil are being washed away every year in this area. 5. On the c_____________, I don’t like the way you’re talking. 6. The s___________ of the play is set in a small village. 7. He w___________ in the street, and doesn’t know where to go. 8. He has no p__________ with people who are always complaining of their misfortunes. 9. He is famous for his n___________, and he has written a lot. 10. They have made sure that the picture is g__________, not artificial.



1. The fact is _______ I have lost his address. 2. Go and get your coat. It's _______ you left it. 3. I wonder _____ you are getting on with your studies. 4. The question is ______ can complete the difficult task. 5. He got caught in the heavy traffic. That was ______ he was late. 6. __________ leaves the room last ought to turn off the light. 7. __________ you have done might do harm to others. 8. __________ he was late for class made me angry. 9. It is said __________Peter will have a chance to travel abroad next month. 10. _________ he didn't come yesterday is unknown.


1. 打赌 _______________ 2. 处理 _______________________ 3. 一大笔钱______________ 4. 前进,说吧,做吧______________ 5. 事实上________________ 6. 偶然,无意中_____________________ 7. 盯着看,凝视 ____________ 8. 抚养,呕吐,提出 ______________ 9. 导致,作出解释____________ 10. 坦城地说 ____________________ 11.冒冒险,碰碰运气______________ 12. 衣衫褴褛__________________ 13. 相反的 ___________________ 14. 现场,当场________________ 15 .粗鲁地_____________ 16. 至于______________________ 17. 开账户____________ 18. 听从某人劝告_________________ 19. 不同意某人 __________________ 20. 寻求帮助___________________

五. 改错
Our class have had a discussing recently on whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood. Some for it. As little boys and girls have had a very good memory, they can learn a lot of English words by heart very easy. This will help their future English learning. While others don’t agree. They think children have to learning Chinese pinyin at school. If they study Chinese pinyin and English at same time, it will be very easy for them to mix it up. This will do a lot of harm to their Chinese learning and their future English learning. For short, we have not arrived at some agreement yet.
六. 阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。

Dates and names are the sticks and stones over which the currents (水流) of history flow. But trying to remember all those important facts can be difficult and boring. Reading and memorizing facts might not be much fun. But if you knew that it could help you get a job as a tourist guide, you might think differently. Now students at a high school in Sidon, an ancient city in Lebanon (黎巴嫩) in the Middle East, are doing just that. The Sidon-based, Al-Iman high school has begun training students as tourist guides at the city’s historical and religious sites. As a part of the training, on December 26, a group of students were taken for a visit to the city’s Sea Castle. They


listened to explanations about the fortress’(堡垒) history, including its origin, the way it was built and the wars it has seen. “It is good for me to learn about history on the spot. We have learnt much more than we could by just reading the history textbooks,” said one of the students, Hussam Rawas. “I am really proud of being able to explain things to foreign tourists.” Up to 250 students have been selected to take a year’s special training course by a professional teacher. After that, some of the students may have the chance to become professional tourist guides. The principal of the school, Kamel Kazbar, said he came up with the idea after he was surprised by the poor quality of the guides in the city. “Most Lebanese,” he said, “ignore the history of the city of Sidon.” Kazbar described the plan as an extracurricular activity (课外活动) that aimed at highlighting the importance of Sidon’s legacy of historical sites. “This is a pioneering project, which will be good for the students, the city and tourists.” The city government and its religious authorities also welcomed the idea. 1. What’s the main subject of the passage? A. A project for training students. B. Sidon’s legacy of historical sites. C. Good tourist guides in great demand. D. A new interesting way to study history. 2. What does the first sentence in the passage mean . A. history makes names and dates B. names and dates are important to history C. history is made up of names and dates D. it’s difficult to memorize names and dates 3. The head of Al-Iman high school thought of the idea to train students as tourist guides because . A. some students wanted to do this job B. many students found their history lessons boring C. he thought the city’s tourist guides were no good D. the students should know more about the importance of local history 4. Which of the following is TRUE? A. The students learnt everything they need to know from their books. B. It would take the students over a year to finish training. C. The training was carried out when other students had classes. D. The local government thought highly of the plan. 5. The students left for the city’s Sea Castle to . A. work as a tourist guide B. spend their holiday C. learn about the history of this spot D. read their history books



Unit three The Million Pound Bank Note
一. 1—25 ADDCD ABA BA C CCAA BDADC 二. passage bet permitted amounts contrary scene wandered patience novels genuine 三. that; where; how; who; why; who; what; why; that; why

四. 省 五. discussing-discussion easy-easily at 后加 the some-any 六 阅读理解

some 后加 are while-But it-them

had 去掉 learning-learn For-In

1. 解析:选 A。主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章主要讲到了训练学生成为导游的一项工 程。故选 A。 2. 解析:选 B。细节理解题。通读第一段可知,第一句话的意思是:名字和时间对于历史而 言是非常重要的。 3. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。由文中倒数第二段“ ...after he was surprised by the poor quality of the guides in the city”可以得出答案。 4. 解析:选 D。推理判断题。从文章的第四、五、六及第七段可知答案。 5. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。由文章第三段的“They listened to explanations about the fortress ? history, including its origin, the way it was built and the wars it has seen”可以得出答案。


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