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1. We need to be responsible for our environment. Being a frugal consumer(节俭的消费者) is one way to help. But, what exactly does that mean? Use It Up You can use things up instead of wasting them

. Squeeze that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Use the last little pi of soap. Don't throw away any bits of the biscuit at the bottom of the box. Wear It Out You do not always need to have new things. Suppose your sneakers have broken laces, but they still fit you. Repair them and wear them longer. You don't have the latest iPhone until the old one doesn't work anymore. Then you can get a new one. Think twice before replacing something that still works. Make It Do When something you want is not on hand, look for something else that you already have to take its place. Suppose you are packing your lunch for tomorrow and want a butter sandwich. You are out of butter. Have a cheese sandwich instead so that you can use all of the cheese. Learn to fix broken toys instead of just throwing them away. With a little thought, you can make something do, instead of buying something new. Do Without Think about all those things that you would like to have. Do you really need them? How long will you really play with that new toy you saw on TV? Making the things that we want uses up your world's resources(资源). And, getting rid of the things we don't want any more takes up even more resources and space. 1.Do we need to be responsible for our environment? 2. How do we deal with the last little piece of soap? 3. When do we need to get a new iPhone? 4. What should we do when something we want is not on hand? 5. What does the writer want to tell us? 2 Once upon a time there lived a poor farmer called Smith. He didn't like to share things with others. Smith had a friend who was famous for the wonderful apples he grew. One day, his friend gave Smith a young apple tree and told him to take it home and planted. The farmer was pleased with the gift, but when he got home, he did not know where to plant He thought and thought. Finally at night he planted the tree in his wood where no one could see it. But without sunlight and good soil, the tree soon died. Later the friend asked the farmer why he had planted the tree in such a poor place. "What's the difference?" the farmer said angrily. "If I had planted it near the road, strangers would have stolen the fruit. If I had planted it in one of my fields, my neighbors would have come at night and stolen some of the apples. If I had planted it near my house, my own children would have taken the fruit," "Yes," said the friend, "but at least someone could have enjoyed the fruit. Now you not only have got nothing, but also you have destroyed a good apple tree." 1. Was Smith happy about the gift? 2. When did he plant the apple tree? 3. Where did Smith plant the apple tree in the end? 4. Why did the apple tree soon die? 5. What would probably happen if the farmer had planted the tree near his house? 3.

It is widely accepted that television is playing an important part in people's lives. But, there is a heated discussion as to whether television does good or harm. Television keeps one learning more about present events, allows one to follow the most recent developments in politics and science, and offers various programs which are .both instructive and exciting. The most distant countries, the strangest customs and the most attractive scenes of nature are brought right into one's room or house. However, some people insist that television is bad rather than good. They argue that it has brought about many serious problems. The major one is its effects on young people. Children are now so used to getting their information and entertainment from television that their ability to read and write as well as physical ability has been greatly weakened. Even worse than that, vulgar( 庸俗的) advertisements and poor programs may develop their bad tastes, shape their view points badly towards human life to such a degree that their minds might be destroyed. In a word, television has both advantages and disadvantages. Whatever effects it has, one point is certain, television in itself is neither good nor bad. It is the use to which it is put that decides its value to society. 1. What are people discussing nowadays? 2. What are the advantages television has brought us ? (至少 2 点) 3. Why do some people think television is bad rather than good? 4. It is the use to which it is put that decides its value to society. 5. What's your opinion about television? 4. Do you know the pretty girl? Her name is Tian Wei. She was born on April 5, 1986. She was from Beijing. She had two big eyes and short hair. She was good at Chinese. And she loved writing. She was unlucky. When she was in Grade 8, she was seriously ill. Her doctor said she would lose her life anytime. But she wasn't afraid of death. She kept on studying and writing. She died on August 13, 2007. She smiled till the end of her life. Tian Wei had a great dream. She hoped that people could read her book in the bookshops. In March, 2009, her only book Hua Tian Ban Mu came out. it had more than 5(X) thousand words. In her book she said, " I'm always aching (疼痛). if possible, I'll let my right eye weep (哭泣) but the other one smile." 66. What did Tian Wei do well in? 67. Did she love writing? 68. What happened to Tian Wei when she was in Grade 8? 69. When did the book Hua Tian Ban Mu come out? 70. How many words did the book Hua Tian Ban Mu have? 5. In the 1930s a young traveler was climbing the French Alps(法国阿尔卑斯山).He arrived at big piece of land without living things.It was ugly.It was the kind of place you hurry away from. Then,suddenly,the young traveler stopped on the way.In the middle of this large land there was an old man.On his back was a bag of seeds.In his land was an iron pipe(铁管). The man used the iron pipe to make a hole in the ground.Then from the bag he took a seed and put it in the hole.He did this again and again. Later the old man told the traveler,“I’ve planted over 100,00 seeds.Perhaps only a tenth of them will grow.” The old man’s wife and son had died,and this was how he chose to spend his final years. “I want to do something useful,”he said. (1)二十年以后那个年轻的游客已不再年轻。 He retutned to the place.What he saw amazed him.He could mot believe his eyes.The land was covered with a beautiful forest two miles wide and five miles long.Birds were singing,animals were playing,and wild flowers were here and there.

(2)The traveler stood there remembering the lifeless picture of the place that it once was.A beautiful forest stood there now,all because someone cared. 1.Why did the old man plant seeds? 2.How many seeds did the old man think could grow,all of them or only some? 3.What amazed the young traveler when he returned to the place? 4.将短文中画线句子(1)翻译成英语。 5.将短文中画线句子(2)翻译成汉语。 6. Imagine this: your parents go away on business, but you have to stay at home alone. Would life be as easy as when your parents are around? Would it be a perfect holiday for you? '”I can fill an empty stomach with tomato and egg soup, but that's all. I think many of my classmates are the same. We wouldn't know what to do, or how to look after ourselves," said Zheng Chenyu. "And I'd forget something important. I'd probably watch television and burn the soup. " “As soon as I leave home, I'll learn to cook. But now parents do almost everything for us. We’re very lazy, "she said. Most teenagers have only time for their homework. They don't learn any life skills until they go to college. However, Sima Yige doesn't think so. "I think I'd be all right. I wouldn't just eat sandwiches or fruit. I know how to cook, some simple dishes because my mum showed me," the 13 - year - old boy said. In his opinion, many teenagers depend too much on their parents, and there is much more to learn than cooking, like "tidying up your room or even dressing yourself properly." For most teenagers it wouldn't be a holiday at all. 1. Why would Zheng Chenyu probably burn the soup? 2. When will Zheng Chenyu learn to cook? 3. Translate the underlined sentence "They don't learn any life skills until they go to college. " in this passage. 4. The underlined phrase "depend too much" on in the passage means __________ in Chinese. 5. Would life be as easy for teenagers living alone as when their parents are around? 7. Two Chinese farmers sang "in the spring" in their small room after drinking in a late August evening in Beijing. A friend put their song on the Internet. And soon they became stars around China. Wang Xu,44, is from Henan, and Liu Gang, 29, is from Heilongjiang. They are among the millions of farmers who have gone to the cities to work. "Although nobody pays attention to the music, I am singing happily, on streets, under bridges or in wild country, with no credit card, no girlfriend or a home with hot water, but only a guitar.” They sing, “It is just like the life we live now.” Wang said, “We are poor farmers, and you know people won't care about us." Their song is loved by millions of Chinese, including the people who are also from the countryside. Many people said they cried after listening to the song. Wang came to Beijing in 2000 and has tried many jobs. Each month after he paid 600 yuan for the house and bought food, there was little money left. "I love music, and also want to make more money." Wang said. "I never dreamed of standing on such a big stage.” Liu came to Beijing in 2002. "I wanted to try my luck in the big city." He said. And now their dreams of music have come true. They are really the luckiest of all the timers in China. 1. Where is Liu Gang from? 2. Have their dreams of music come true? 3. When was Wang Xu bom?

4. Why did Liu Gang come to Beijing in 2002? 5. What do you think of the two farmer singers? 8. Greg Woodburn, a university student, spends a lot of time cleaning sports shoes. Some of them once belonged to him; some belonged to his friends. But soon the shoes will have new owners, poor children in the USA and 20 other countries, thanks to Greg’s Share Our Soles(鞋底) (S.O.S) charity. Greg was a high school running star in a small town in California. He had to stop running for months because his knee was injured. “I started thinking about all the things I got from running, the health, the friendships and the confidence.” he says. And I realized there are children who don’t even have shoes. Greg collected his own sports shoes and then called his friends and the town. His aim was to have 100 pairs by Christmas 2006. When the number climbed to more than 500 pairs. Greg know that he could collect sports shoes all year round. Now he has set up collection boxes in his town. So far, S.O.S has collected and donated more than 3,000 pairs of shoes. And Greg has cleaned almost all of them. “People think of it as duty work,” he says, “but I like doing it, because I feel happy when I’m doing it. It’s not work I want to pass on to someone else.” In just three years, Greg has started three branches(分部) of S.O.S and there are more and more sports shoes. For many poor children who have received the shoes mean opportunity. Two young boys in southern California used to go to school on alternate days(隔日) because they both shared a pair of shoes. They were too big for one boy and too small for the other. Thanks to S.O.S, each brother received his own pair of shoes. The boys now go to school every day. When they graduate, they say they will help others, just as Greg helped them. 根据短文内容回答下列问题(共 5 个小题,计 10 分) 1. Who will Greg donate these sports shoes to? 2. From running Greg got health, friendships and confidence, and what did he realize? 3. How many pairs of shoes has S.O.S collected and donated so far? 4. Why does Greg like to clean the donated shoes? 5. What did the two boys in southern California learn from Greg? 9. Do you think that French fries are really French? French fries are called "pommes frites" in France and they are not from France. French fries come from Belgium(比利时) originally. French fries are made of potatoes, and they are cut and fried. The fried potatoes are called French fries because they were fist seen by Americans in Belgium, but they were fried in the French way. The French way is to fry potatoes twice with a small pause in the middle. During World War I, there were a lot of hungry American soldiers in Northern France and Belgium. They ate French fries in Belgium. After the war was over, the soldiers went back home to America. However, they missed French fries so much that they made French fries at home. That's how French fries were fist introduced to America. French fries were called Belgian fries once, but the name was finally changed to French fries. Sometimes French fries are just called fries. French fries are one of the most popular potato foods in America. American fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King have French fries on their menus. French fries are freshly fried, and usually served with hamburgers. If you visit any fast food restaurant in America and order a hamburger, you will probably hear "You want fries with that?" Why don't you think about the history of French fries a little while, and say "Yes, please. Thank you." 1.What are French fries made of?

2.Where do French fries originally come from? 3.Why are the fried potatoes called French fries? 4.Who first introduced French fries to America? 5.What does the underlined "that" in the last paragraph refer to? 10. The Internet has become not only a necessary but also a virtual(虚拟的) world for people. With the development of the Internet, internet friendship has also become very popular. Online friends are those people who have known each other through the Internet. Making internet friends is the same as making pen friends. Many famous websites offer quite warm internet friendship. One can find many people on these websites and they share the same interests. It is difficult to make friends with someone you can’t see or feel. That is the main problem of internet friendship. A virtual friendship would not last forever without seeing each other, but it is an advantage for some people because they are afraid to speak in pubic. On the other hand, the chances of cheating(欺骗) are very high in an internet friendship. Some people make friends on the Internet with wrong intentions(企图).So while making friends over the Internet, one has to be very careful. Here are some suggestions for you. ·Don’t give personal information, such as your telephone number, address, location, school name as well as your parents’ information, to strangers on the Internet. · not exchange personal photos of you or any family member with people you meet over the Internet. Do ·Do not go to meet a person you have just met over the Internet. You’d better ask older or other experienced people for advice if you want to go to meet an internet friend. ·Do not accept someone’s request(要求) if you feel he or she is dishonest. 根据上面短文的内容回答问题。 1.Is the Internet necessary and virtual for people? 2.What is the main problem of internet friendship? 3.Why is the virtual friendship an advantage for some people? 4.Who can you ask for advice if you go to meet an internet friend? 5.What does the article give suggestions about? 11. It was near Christmas during my first semester teaching at a new school. I loved my small special class more than any group I had taught in the past. They were hungry for knowledge and I was enjoying teaching. Other teachers had told me that our children were from poor families and not to expect any child to bring a Christmas gift. In fact, I wasn’t expecting any gifts. Imagine my surprise when every child brought me a gift on the day before our holiday break. First, I got a much-loved stuffed monkey from a shy girl. I was told, “ He is my favorite, but I love you and I want him to be with you, Miss Taylor.” How thrilled I was! Next came a new set of Christmas tree lights that was “ missing” from a mother’s cupboard. Finally, I came to one little boy’s gift to express my happiness, I was interrupted (打断) by the giver, “ And see, it is new! It still has the price tag.” When other children laughed at him, I stopped then and said, “ Oh, books are good in that way. The story is always new if you have not read it before. Now, Let’s share one together.” Everyone listened quietly as I read the most wonderful Christmas story of my life. I still keep those Christmas gifts. They always remind me of my lovely kids.

1. Why did the teacher like her small special class? 2. When did the children bring their teacher gifts? 3. Who sent a stuffed monkey to the teacher? 4. Was the Christmas story book new? 5. How did the teacher feel when she got the presents? 12. “Who did this?”asked Miss Green. There were 30 children in the classroom and all were trying to think about not only what they did, but also what our teacher already knew. “Who broke this window?” “Uh, Oh.”I thought. I was the one who broke the window with a football. I did not mean to do it. I would be in a lot of trouble. How could I pay for a big window like that? I didn't want to put up my hand. But I had to tell the truth. So, I put up my hand and told the teacher I broke the window. Miss Green went to the bookshelf and took down a book. “I know how you like birds, Peter.”She said .“Here is a book about birds and the book is yours now. I will not punish you this time. But Peter, you should remember that I am rewarding (奖赏)you for your honesty(诚实), not for breaking the window.” I couldn't believe it! The teacher didn't punish me and I was getting my very favorite book. Now, I still use that book, and it always reminds me of (使我想起)the lesson my teacher taught me. Honesty is always best. 56. Who broke the window? 57. How many children were in the classroom? 58. Where did Miss Green take down the book? 59. What was the book about? 60. What can we learn from the story? 13. Everyone wants to relax after working or studying for a long time. I have many ways of relaxing myself. Let me tell you some of my favorites. I am a big sports fan, so the usual way I relax is to watch or play many kinds of sports. My favorite is tennis, but I am interested in all kinds of sports. Whether I am playing tennis or watching a game on TV, it is exciting to see team members doing their best. It’s amazing to see players playing very well. It’s true that playing sports is not physically(身体上地)“relaxing”, but I find it really cool, and a good way of “relaxing” my brain after a day’s hard work. I enjoy listening to music, and I always have some music playing during my free time. I listen to all types, but I enjoy listening to beautiful piano music. Some people can’t study while listening to music, but for me, I believe I can study better by listening to light songs. Some people choose to relax by traveling. I don’t have a favorite place, but I hear that traveling in Japan is really enjoyable. I like visiting different kinds of places and eating famous snacks there. I also enjoy sightseeing and seeing how the culture and people change from place to place. 1. What’s the writer’s favorite sports? 2. What kind of music does the writer enjoy? 3. How many ways of relaxing does the writer give us? 4. Has the writer ever been to Japan? 5. What is the passage mainly about?


14. Gao Xiaosong, who is a famous musician, movie director and the writer of the famous song My Deskmate, has been sent to jail(监狱) and will stay there for six months for drunk driving.? “I’ve nothing to say for myself and I’m willing to be punished(惩罚),” he said when he was standing in the court. “What I want to say is that I feel sorry for what I’ve done. I thought alcohol(酒精) could bring me freedom but never realized drunk driving could take away others? freedom. And now I’ve lost my own freedom because of drinking. I’ll obey the new road safety rules and I want to be a life-long volunteer in persuading(劝说) others not to drive after drinking.”? Anyone who drives after drinking doesn’t think much of human life. If Gao had cared, he would have left his car parked outside the restaurant and took a taxi home, and he would have thought about a road killer he would become. It’s fair to say that his behavior can not be excused in modern society. Gao may not have killed anyone, but by choosing to drive a car while under the influence of alcohol, he and the large number of others who do the same have made the dangerous decision that may possibly hurt other people. 1. What was the reason for Gao Xiaosong’s being jailed for six months?? 2.How did he feel for what he had done?? 3. Did he think he was wrong?? 4.If one drives after drinking, what may happen?? 5.What’s your idea after reading this passage? 15. When I was a boy, I didn't have any hair on my head. So I was very shy. I liked to watch my friends play in the park. Sometimes I would join them, but most of the time I just watched them play. Every day, we would see an old man walking in the park. He had big ears and no hair. We thought he was dumb (哑的). Every time when my friends saw him, they would say loudly, "Hey, Mr. Dumb, what's the time?” But they got no answer. One early evening, I was standing outside my house, and I saw the old man coming. I was not with any of my friends and there were no other kids around to say the usual words of "greeting( 问候)”. But how could I let the old man walk by without saying anything? So for the first time, I asked, “Hey, Mr. Dumb, what’s the time?" The old man looked at me. Then he looked at his watch and answered, "It's six thirty. " I ran into my house and never said that "greeting" to the old man after that day. 1. The boy often played with his friends together. 2. The boy’s friends were very polite to the old man. 3. Neither the boy nor the old man had any hair on the head. 4. Actually, the old man could hear and speak.


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