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高一英语新人教版选修7 导学案 unit 1 period 1

2014~2015 学年度上学期高二英语选修 7 导学案

Unit 1 Living well 课文阅读导学案(1)
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【学习目标】 1.准确把握文章主旨,提升文

章概括和细节理解能力。2.教育健康学生理解、尊重、 关心、帮助残疾人,使残疾人与健全人一样共享美好生活。 3. 激情诵读,整体理解课文,合作探究,大胆质疑。 Task1. Skim the text on Page 1-3 for the first time and then match the main idea for each paragraph: Para 1 A. Marty met a lot of difficulties at school. Para 2 B. The advantages of his disease. Para 3 C. How his life has become easier. Para 4 D. An introduction to Marty and his muscle disease. Para 5 E. How his disability developed. Task II. Scan the text on Page 1-3 and judge the statements True (T) or False (F). ( )(1)Marty was the same as everyone else in his class until he was about 10 years old. ( )(2)Marty had at least a billion tests while he was in hospital. ( )(3)Marty felt really stupid because he was a bit behind the others. ( )(4)Sometimes Marty sat around feeling sorry for himself. ( )(5)Marty’s disability made him grow less independent. Task III: Read the text on Page 1-3 carefully and choose the best answer ( )1. Marty is ___________ person. A. a healthy B. an ill C. a disabled D. a rich ( )2. Marty has __________ disease. A. a mental B. a muscle C . an eye D. a leg ( )3. When Marty says “ I am one in a million”, he really means he________. A. is unique B. has a rare disease C. has a muscle disease D. lives a hard but happy life ( )4. What’s Marty’s dream when he was a child? A. Being a famous football player and representing his country in the World Cup. B. Being a doctor. C. Being a college student. D. Being a basketball player. ( )5.Why can’t the doctors make Marty better? A. Because there hasn’t been similar diseases. B. Because Marty is too weak to be tested. C. Because they are not sure what’s wrong with him. D. Because they haven’t done enough tests. ( )6.Why did the doctors cut out a piece of muscle from Marty’s leg?___ A. Because they could cure the disease by cutting it out. B. Because they wanted to use it as a specimen (标本). C. Because they would transplant (移植) the new muscle. D. Because they wanted to find out the cause of the disease. ( )7.Which of the following is TRUE according to this passage?____ A. Marty is special because of his appearance. B. Marty’s fellow students often make him angry. C. Marty is optimistic and positive toward life. D. Marty spent 2 years on the invention of a computer football game. ( )8.Who is the story written for?____ A. Disabled readers. B. General readers. C. Professional readers. D. Healthy children. ( )9. From the passage we can infer that___________.

A. Marty never loses heart B. Marty asks others to feel sorry for him C. Marty is afraid of being made fun of D. Marty will not accept any encouragement because he has grown stronger ( ) 10.What is the tone of the text? A. Sad. B. Happy . C. Positive. D. Negative. TaskⅣ:Summary : Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.

Marty is a disabled boy 1._________ suffers from a muscle disease. He doesn't look any difference from other people but in fact he is too 2._________to go to school sometimes. He feels 3._________after his 4._________from school. But he is outgoing and he thinks having a 5._________doesn't mean his life is not 6._________. He learns to adapt 7._________ his present life. His disease helps him grow stronger 8.______________ and become more 9.___________.He hopes healthy people can give the disabled more 10._____________in life.
1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________ Task Ⅴ: Find out these useful phrases from Warming up, Pre-reading and Reading and translate them into English. (从中找出下列的重点词组,并且翻译成英语). 1.___________ 身体残疾 2. _______________对---感到自豪/骄傲 3. _______________对---适合 4. _______________演主要角色 5. _______________发现这个网站有用 6. _______________换句话说 7. _______________此外 8. _______________撞上家具 9. _______________ 习惯了残疾 10. _______________一次 11. _______________踢专业足球 12. ______________代表我的国家 13._______________在世界杯赛 14.. _______________割下一块肌肉 15._______________在显微镜下 16._______________变得上气不接下气 17._______________落后于其他人 18._______________我的同学 19._______________使我生气 20._______________总之 21._______________为一个公司工作 22._______________开发电脑软件 23. _______________闲坐着 24._______________和...—样好 25._______________去看球赛 26._______________一池鱼 27._______________发现这是值得的 28._______________在许多方面 29._______________过着正常的生活 30._______________感觉不幸/自我怜悯 31._______________取笑 32_______________给予鼓励 Task Ⅵ:Reread the test, complete and analyze the following sentences (在文中找出重点句 子,完成句子并分析) 1. She is proud _________________competitions and _________________ a record by running two laps(800 metres) this year.今年她参加了比赛,并跑了两圈(800 米),打破了一项纪录,为此 她感到非常自豪。 I am happy ________________________, like writing and computer programming.我很高兴发现 我能做很多事情,比如写作和电脑编程。 分析 : _______________________________________________________________________ 2 The few ________________________ do not make me annoyed, and I just ignore them. 有些人看不见真实的我没能让我生气,我只是对他们视而不见。 分析 : _______________________________________________________________________ 3..Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement _____________________ as you do.要接受他们,给他们鼓励,让他们能像你一样过得丰富多彩、充实美满。 分析 : _______________________________________________________________________ 4. _____________________ doesn’t mean your life is not satisfying. 有残疾并不意味着你不能拥有令人满意的生活。

分析 : _______________________________________________________________________ 答案: Task 1 答案:Para 1 D Para 2 E Para 3 A Para 4 C Para 5 B Task 2 T F T FF Task 3


absence disability satisfying to psychologically in dependent

Task 4 who weak annoyed encouragement

Task Ⅴ: physical disability be proud to do--/take pride in be suitable for/to play a major part in— find the website beneficial in other words in addition bump into furniture adapt to my disability at a time play professional football representing my country in the World Cup cut out a piece of muscle under the microscope get out of breath be behind others my fellow students make me annoyed all in all work for a firm develop computer programs sit around as well as go to football matches a tank full of fish find it worthwhile in many ways live/lead a normal life feel sorry for make fun of/laugh at give them encouragement

his fellow students’ conduct Task Ⅵ:15.She is proud to have taken part in competitions and to have broken a record by running two laps(800 metres) this year.今年她参加了比赛,并跑了两圈(800 米),打破了 一项纪录,为此她感到非常自豪。 1.I am happy to have found many things I can do, like writing and computer programming.我很高 兴发现我能做很多事情,比如写作和电脑编程。 2.Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.要接受他们,给他们鼓励,让他们能像你一样过得丰富多彩、充实美满。

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