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读写任务 一 A poor boy had one penny left. He was so hungry that he decided to beg for a meal at the next house. A lovely young woman opened the door. She thought and brought he looked hungry and

brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked, “How much do I owe you?” “You don’t owe me anything.” She replied.” Mother has taught me never to accept pay for a kindness. ” As Howard Kelly left that house, he felt stronger physically and mentally. Years later the young woman became critically ill and was sent to a big hospital. Dr. Howard Kelly now famous, was called in for the consultation. He recognized her at once and he was determined to do his best to save her life. After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it and then wrote something on it. The side of the bill caught her attention: “Paid in full with a glass of milk, Dr. Kelly”. 写作内容 1. 以约 30 词概括短文的要点; 2. 然后以约 120 词谈谈你阅读该故事故事后的感受,包括以下要点: (1) 你从这个故事领悟到什么道理? (2) 当你遇到困难时,你的朋友是怎么做的? (3) 你是如何报答你的朋友的帮助的。

参考答案 The passage tells us that when a poor boy was hungry, a young woman gave him a glass of milk. Years later, the boy, who is a famous doctor now, saved the woman’s life. Deeply moved by the story, I learn that once helped by others, we should keep it in mind and be grateful to others. I can still well remember that once I was about to go home when it rained heavily. Having left my umbrella at home, I could do nothing but stay at the classroom. At this moment, my classmate Sandy gave her umbrella to me, while she herself ran home without umbrella. To thank her help, I help her with her English because she did badly in English. Through our effort, not only did he catch up with other classmates, but also he won the first prize in an English competition. To sum up, we should be grateful to others and bear it in mind that helping others is helping ourselves.

读写任务 四 About ten years ago when I was an undergraduate in college was working as an assistant at my

university’s museum of Natural History. One day while working at the cash register in the gift shop, I saw an elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair. As I looked closer at this girl, I saw that she was kind of laid on her chair. I then realized she had no arms or legs, just a head, neck and torso(躯干). She was wearing a little white dress with red dots. As the couple wheeled her up to me I was looking down at the register book. I turned my head toward the girl and gave her a look. As I took the money from her grandparents, I looked back at the girl, who was giving me the most lovely, largest smile I have ever seen. All of a sudden her disability was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl, whose smile just melted me and almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of what lift is all about. She took me from a poor, unhappy college student and brought me into her world: a world of smiles, love and warmth. That was ten years ago. I’m a successful business person now and whenever I get down and think about the troubles of the world, I think about that little girl and the remarkable lesson about life that she taught me. 写作内容 1.以约 30 词概括短文的要点; 2.然后以约 120 词写一篇关于“微笑的力量”为英语短文,包括以下要点: (1) 简述你或你的朋友的一段与微笑有关的经历; (2) 举例说明你或你的朋友因微笑而发生的变化; (3) 简述你对微笑的力量的个人看法

The passage tells us that about ten years ago, the writer was an undergraduate. One day, when he was working in the gift shop, a disable girl gave him a smile, which resulted in his later success. The story reminds me of my own experience. When I was ten years old, I transferred to another school because of my father's job. As a stranger and a shy girl, I felt very lonely. Then one day, I found a classmate called Sandy always smiled at me when we met. Her smile encouraged me to communicate with her and we became good friends soon. What's more, I then got used to the environment and made many friends. Now I am not a shy girl any more. On the contrary, I have many sincere friends because they consider I am kind and easy going because of my sincere smile. A smile makes a person become younger. A smile costs nothing but can change our life. Therefore, let's smile to face our life.

读写任务五 A passenger told an air hostess that he needed a cup of water to take his medicine when the plane just took off. She told him that she would bring him the water in ten minutes. Thirty minutes later, when the passenger's ring for service sounded, the air hostess flew in a

hurry. She was kept so busy that she forgot to deliver him the water. As a result, the passenger didn't take his medicine. She hurried over to him with a cup of water, but he refused it. In the following hours on the flight, each time the air hostess passed the passenger she would ask him with a smile whether he needed help or not. But the passenger never paid heed(听从) to her. When she was going to get off the plane, the passenger asked the air hostess to hand him the passengers' booklet. She was very sad. She knew that he would write down sharp words, but with a smile she handed it to him. Off the plane, she opened the booklet, and cracked a smile, for the passenger put it, "on the flight, you asked me whether I need help or not for twelve times in all. How can I refuse your twelve sincere smiles?" 写作内容 1.以约 30 词概括短文的要点; 2.然后以约 120 词谈谈微笑对人们情感或行为的影响,包括以下要点: (1) 你是如何看待微笑的作用的; (2) 谈谈你所经历的让你最感动或给你印象最深刻的一次微笑 写作要求 1.可以使用实例或其他论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引 用原文中的句子; 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。

An air hostess was so busy that she forgot to deliver a passenger’s water, which made him angry. The hostess still kept serving him with sincere smiles. Finally, the passenger forgave her due to her sincere smiles. As for me, I also convince that smile plays an important role in our life. To start with, a smile is a cure to one’s anxiety. Therefore, it can help us to keep healthy. Besides, a smiling face can help us make more friends and get along well with others. The story also reminds me of the most beautiful smile that I will always treasure in my life. Once I failed in an exam, which made me very sad. Instead of blaming me, my mother encouraged me to go on working hard with a sincere smile. Believe it or not, my mother’s smile had such magic power that I regained my confidence and did a much better job in the following exam. A smile makes a person become younger. A smile costs nothing but can change our life. Therefore, let's smile to face our life.

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