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人教新课标第一轮复习学案练案必修二Unit 1Cultural relics

高三第一轮复习学案、练案(撰稿 William)

Unit 1

Cultural relics

(高考满分作文)先阅读下列材料 When we read newspapers, we often come across such English words as “AIDS” and “PK.” When we watch TV, we frequently hear words like “NBA” or “PM2.5.” When we speak, we automatically use words like “OUT” or “Bye-bye.” English words and expressions like these are getting popular. They have already become part of our daily language. And 239 English words have been included in the latest Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese. The inclusion has started a heated discussion. A group of scholars signed a letter of complaint over the inclusion of these English words, 。 However, others are in favor of the inclusion 用约 120 个单词发表你的观点 ,内容包括 : (1) 支持或反对汉语词典收录英语词汇; (2)用 2- 3 个理由或论据支撑你的观点。 支持观点 Today, more and more English words find their way into the Chinese language. Even the Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese includes 239 English words. Some people support it while others do not. Generally, I am in favour of the inclusion. As the number of English learners is on the rise, it’s not difficult for them to understand these words in Chinese contexts. Besides, it is, on some occasions, more convenient to use English words. Most people nowadays use “IT” instead of its translation “xinxi jishu.” In our global village, we can see that it’s not uncommon for one language to borrow words from other languages. In English, there are many words borrowed from Latin, French, or even Chinese. In fact, Chinese has never stopped taking words from other languages, say, “ganbu” or “minzhu” from Japanese. So, it’s safe to conclude that it is reasonable to include English which facilitates daily communication. 反对观点 With English words getting popular in both media and daily life, a Chinese dictionary has included 239 of them, leaving the public divided into two opposing groups: I tend to take the “Against” side for two reasons. Firstly, this inclusion has actually polluted our mother tongue. Sooner or later, many English accents will rise and fall with the four Chinese tones. And, rules don’t tell us how to pronounce such English-turned

Chinese words as “wifi” and “Out” in a Chinese way! Secondly, such an inclusion may give rise to prejudices of the educated against those with little knowledge of English. Just for one illustration, while college students take “Bye-bye” for granted when parting from each other, it may unconsciously hurt the feelings of someone who is used to “zaijian.” In short, not only has the inclusion poisoned Chinese, it may also bring about distance between the Chinese people.. 一.基础积累 单词思忆 1.________n. & vt.设计;图案;构思 2.______n 珠宝;宝石 ______un.珠宝;宝石 3. ________n 接待; 招待会; 接收 ________vt. ________n 接待员 4.________n. & vt.怀疑;疑惑 ________adj. 5. ________n 证据; 根据, ________adj.清楚的; 明白的;显然的 6.________n. & vi.争论;辩论 7________vi.幸免;幸存;生还________n 幸存 ________n 幸存者 8.________vt.使吃惊________n.________adj. 令人大为惊奇的 ________adj.大为惊奇的 9.________v 装饰;装修 ________n. 10.________vi.爆炸 ________n. 11________adj. 稀 罕 的 ; 稀 有 的 ; 珍 贵 的 ________adv. 12________adj. 贵 重 的 ; 有 价 值 的 ________opp.没有价值的 ________adj.极有用 的 ________vt. & n . 重 视 ; 珍 视 , 价 值 ________n 贵重物品 13.________adj. & vt.奇特的;异样的;想象; 设想;爱好 14. ________adj.本地的; 当地的 ________adv. 15.________adj.非正式的 ________opp.正式 的 单词运用 根据汉语提示或已给出的首字母, 填入一个适当的单词。 1. Do you know how many d__________ there are in China’s history? 2. This book will be of great v__________ to him in his study. 3. A lot of small companies have to fight for s______. 4. The glove were __________ ( 设 计 ) for

extremely cold climates. 5. __________ ( 接 收 ) of TV programs is unsatisfactory here. 6. There is no d__________ that we will be successful. 7. We haven’t told our friends about our r__________ to London. 8. The horse was frightened by the sound of the e__________. 短语回顾 1.__________________ 寻找 2__________________ 少于 3_________________ 着重,器重 4 __________________ 关心,在乎 5___________________ 而不是 6___________________ 属于 7._________________ 处于交战状态 8__________________ 拆开 9________________ 为??设计 10.__________________ 借助月光 11.___________________非常注意 12.____________________毫无疑问 13.____________________ 调查 14.__________________ 充当;作??之用 15.____________________依某人看来 16.___________________在某一点上达成协议 17.______________认为?是?;把??看作 18.______________参加? 词组运用 词组填空 根据句子提供的语 境,从第四大题中选一个适当的词组并用其适 当的形式填空。 1.After a further discussion, both sides ____________ the date for the next meeting. 2.He ________________have stolen the money. 3.The police _________all the records of the man. 4. They hope their country will be at peace; they don’t want to be _______ with any other country in the world. 5. You and I ____________ different classes. 6. He went out ____________ some food 7.He is always helping people without expecting anything ________. 8.I ________ the local farmers' club and had taken up curling. 9.Tom was always ______things __in the garage. 10 . In 1920 Poland and Russia were still ________.

11.But in the same interview Mr Dole, as is his way, was a little________ helpful to the president. 12.I know my dear brother doesn't ________ me, but I still love him. 句型背诵 1.Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, ________ ________ ________ ________ that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history. 普鲁士国王威廉一世绝不可能想到他送给俄罗 斯人民的厚礼会有这样一段令人惊讶的历史。 2. . ________ ________ ________ ________ ________the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往哥尼 斯堡,当时德国在波罗的海边的一个城市。 3.After that, ________ ________ ________ the Amber Room remains a mystery. 从那以后,琥珀屋的去处便成了一个谜。 考点探究 重点单词 1.design n.设计;图样;构思 vt.设计,计划; 构思 ●联想拓展 (1)by design=on purpose 有意,故意 (2)be designed for sb./sth.为某人/物设计、计划 be designed to do sth.为做某事计划、设计 be designed as sth.作为??而设计 【经典例句】 ①Ithappened—whetherbyaccidentor design—that the two of them were left alone after all the others had gone. 碰巧—不知是偶然还是有意安排— 其他人走后,只剩下了他们两个人。 ②The method is designed for use in small groups. 这方法是为小组活动设计的。 ③These venues will be designed to be fully accessible to the people with disabilities. 这些场馆,将充分考虑残疾人的需要,实施无 障碍设计。 ④This course is designed as an introduction to the subject.这门课程是作为该科目的入门课而开设 的。 【即境活用】 1.Children are not allowed to see the film ________ for adults. A.designed B.designing

高三第一轮复习学案、练案(撰稿 William)

C.to design D.having designed 2 . worth prep.值得的;相当于 ?? 的价值; n.价值;作用 adj.(古)值钱的 (教本回归) It is worth rebuilding lost cultural relics as th Amjber Room or Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing? 常用结构 Be well worth doing sth. Be worth the money\the effort\a try worth it 值得 【经典例句】 1.Though this problem is not easy to settle,it is worth the trouble.尽管这个问题挺难解决,但是 还是值得费点事的。 ②The new car cost a lot of money, but it's certainly worth it.买这辆新车花了很多钱,但确 实物有所值\ It is hard work ,but it was worth it in the end. It ;s will wroth making an effort to learn how to do it. ●易混辨析 worth, worthy 和 worthwhile 这三个词都有“值得的”的意思,但各自的用 法或搭配关系不同。 worth 是 一 个 只 能 作 表 语 的 形 容 词 , 意 为 “值??的”“有??价值的”。其后接名词 或主动语态的动名词(含被动的含义)作宾语。 be worth doing/+n./money 值得做??/值的??/ 值(多少钱) worthy 可以作表语或定语,用作定语时,意为 “有价值的,值得尊敬的,应受到赏识的”; 用 作 表 语 时 , 意 为 “ 值 得 ?? 的 ”“ 应 受 到??的”,其后常接 be worthy of sth./being done.值得做某事或 be worthy to be done 值得做 某事 worthwhile 既可以作表语, 也可以作定语。 它表 示某事因为重要、有趣或受益大而值得去花时 间、钱财或努力去做好它的意思,一般作“值 得的,值得做的,有意义的”解。用作表语时, 可以后接动名词或动词不定式。 It be worthwhile to do\doing 做??是值得的 (即境活用) ①The matter isn’t worth _____ (discuss) at today’s meeting,but it's worthy _______ (thingk) over by each of us. 2.Is it worthwhile _____ (keep) record of

manyordinary friends’addresses? 翻译句子 ①这部电影值得看。(一句多译) ________________________________________ ②________________________________ 任 何 值 得做的事就值得做好。 ③很值得花一番功夫去学会怎么做这件事。 ________________________________________ 3. .remove vt.移动;搬开;脱掉;清除;除去; 开除(某人) ,解除(职务等) 常用结构 ①remove...from 移动,搬开 ②remove one's coat 脱下大衣 ③remove all doubts 消除所有疑虑 ④remove sb. from one's position 撤去某人的职务 【经典例句】 1.Reference books may not be removed from the library.参考书不能被带出图书馆。 2.He removed his hat and gloves. 他摘下帽子和手套。 【即境活用】 ①Teenagers shouldn't be ________ from school although they don't do well in studies. A.disappeared B.gone C.removed D.beaten ②The people present burst into cheers after doctors completed an 18hour operation to have ________ twoyearold twins at the head. A.isolated B.separated C.divided D.removed 3.Badhabits are not easy to be____ ; it needs your determination. 坏习惯不容易移除,那需要你的 决心。 .4.doubt n.怀疑;疑惑;疑问 v.怀疑;不信; 拿不准 (教本回归)There is no doubt that the boxes were then but on train for Knisburg. ●用法拓展 in doubt without doubt I don’t doubt that I doubt if \whether There is no doubt that beyond doubt[常作插入语]毫无疑问 no doubt 无疑地;[口]很可能 ? ??of??对???毫不怀疑 make no doubt? ??that?一定要设法确定 ? 温馨提示 doubt 在肯定句中后接 if \whether;在疑

问句或否定句中后接 that。 【经典例句】 1.You can complain ,but I doubt if it’ll make any difference. I’m still doubtful whether I should accept the job. 2.I doubt whether he will come on time. 3.I don't doubt that he will come on time. (即境活用) 单项填空 ①________he is qualified for the job. A.There is no doubt that B.It is no doubt that C.There is no doubt whether D.It is no doubt whether ②What the doctors really doubt is________my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A.when B.how C.whether D.why 3.You may have your own decision on this matter,and I have little doubt ___ you’ll succeed. A. if B. whether C. that D. what 5.remain link. v.仍然是;保持不变;vi.逗留, 留下。遗留 当其他人走了之后,玛丽留下来,将家具放回 原处。 ●温馨提示 ①remain 用作系动词时,意为“仍然(处于某种 状态); 保持”, 后面常跟 adj./n./v.ing/done/to be done 等形式。 ②remain 用作不及物动词时,意为“剩余;残 留;逗留”,不能用于被动语态。 ③remain 还经常用于 there be 句型中,代替 “be”动词。 【经典例句】 Despite danger ,she remained calm. Population growth remains a serious issue in India. He will remain(as)manager of the club until the end of his contract. 他将继续担任俱乐部经理,直至合同期满。 Train fares are likely to remain unchanged. 火车票价很可能会保持不变。 It remains to be seen(=it will only be known later)whether she’llbiefit enough to play in the finals When the others had gone, Mary remained and put back the furniture. ●用法拓展 ①remaining adj.意为“剩余的”,作前置定语,

left 表示“剩余的”,作后置定语。 ③remains pl. n.剩饭菜;古迹;遗迹;遗址 She would buy her daughter a gift with the remaining money. 她将用剩下的钱给她女儿买个礼物。 The remains of the supper were taken away. 晚餐吃剩的东西被收去了。 [即境活用] 单项填空 1.Having sports is certainly good for you,but it remains________whether you'll do it. \A.to see B.to be seen C.seeing D.seen 2.Ladies and gentlemen,please remain_____ until the plane has come to a complet stop. A. seated B. seating C. to seat D. seat 3. I t was already past midnight and only three young men ____ in the rea house. A. left B.remained C. delayed D. deserted 4. ________________________(我们怎么能保持 沉默)on this question?(remain) 5._____________________________ 我去了城里,我哥哥则留在了家里 6.select vt.选择;挑选;选拔 ●用法拓展 select sb. to do sth.选拔某人去干某事 select sb./sth. for sth.为某事而挑选某人/物 ●易混辨析 choose,select 与 elect choose,select 与 elect 都含有“选择”的意思。 ①choose 强调主观判断或意愿,可指在两个或 两个以上的人或事物中加以挑选。 The site has been chosen for the new school. 这块场地已被选作新学校的校址。 ②select 强调一客观标准仔细比较后加以挑选, 指精心进行的选择或选拔,目的性很强。 All our hotels have been carefully selected for the excellent value they provide. 我们住的旅馆都是他们精心挑选的,最为合算。 ③elect 只能用于选举。 She became the first black to be elected to the Senate. 她成为第一位被选进参议院的黑人妇女。 【即境活用】 用 choose,select,elect 的正确形式填空 ①Li Ming was________our new class monitor. ②There are a lot of shoes for you to________from.

高三第一轮复习学案、练案(撰稿 William)

③The group has been carefully________for the study because of their lifestyle. 重点短语 1.in search of 寻找(search 亦可作为 v.) 常用结构 in one’s search for 寻找;寻求 search for \sb 寻找、搜寻某人\某物 search。 。 。 for sb.\sth. 为找到某人\某物而搜查。 。 make a search for 搜查 search into 调查,研究 search out 搜(查)出,探出 search through 把??仔细搜寻一遍 【经典例句】 I went off in search of a garage where I could buy some perol. The police searched the house \suspect but found no weapon . The family left their hometown in search of better jobs。 (即境活用) 翻译句子 ①为了找到失踪的小男孩,他们搜遍了整个森 林,但是没找到。 ________________________________________ 完成句子 ②他扫视了四周,好像在搜寻什么东西。 He glanced about as if he was________something. ③我想再次调查那件事。 I want to________the matter once more. 2.take apart 拆开;分开;粗暴的对待 The boy took apart the toy car,but couldn't put it together again. 男孩把玩具汽车拆开了,可怎么也安不上了。 His first film had had notices;his second was taken apart. 他的第一部电影受到热情的称赞,但是第二部 却遭到严厉的批评。 John enjoys taking things apart to see how they work. 约翰喜欢拆卸东西,以研究它们的工作原理。 ●用法拓展 take after 仿效,将??作为榜样跟随;相像, take back 收回(所说的或所写的事) take down 拿下, 放下, 记下(以书写的形式记录) take in 让??进入,接纳,吸收,理解;欺骗,

诱骗 take off 脱掉(衣服);(飞机)起飞;(事业)腾飞 take on 从事, take over 接管,获得对??的控制或管理 take up 占据(时间、空间);从事 take...account of 把??纳入考虑范围 take sth into consideration take away from 减少,减弱 take for granted 想当然;料想??是正确的; take(one's)breath away 令 人 窒 息 ; take(one's)time 慢慢地或不急不忙地行动 take place 发生;出现 即境活用 单项填空 ①On our way home,our car________,so we were late for the ceremony. A.broke down B.took away C.broke away D.took down ②Nowadays , students always take________for granted that teachers and parents should do whatever they can for them. A.that B.it C.one D.this 3.in return 意为“作为报答;回报” (回归教材) In return, the Czar sent him troop of his best soldiers 常用结构 in return for 作为。 。 。的回报;答谢 return sb sth. 把某物还某人 Return to some place 回到某地 【经典例句】 1.I'll let you borrow it on one condition(that)you lend me your bicycle in return. 2.They are letting us use their computers ,and in return we are giving them the results of our research. 3.The local people sent the soldiers some flowers in return for their timely help. ●易混辨析 in return 和 in turn in return 作为报答;回报;作为回应 in turn 依次;轮流;相应地;转而 Can I treat you lunch in return for your help? 感谢你帮忙,我请你吃午饭好吗? I asked her opinion , but she just asked me a question in return. 我征求她的意见,她却只是反问了我一句。

The students clean the classroom everyday in turn. 学生们每天轮流打扫教室。 [即境活用] 单项填空 I. greeted the teacher with “hello”, and the teacher gave me a sweet smile________. A.by turns B.in return C.in turn D.for return 2.I’d like to do something for you ____ everythingyou have done for me. A. in exchanging B. in turn C. in return for D. in terms of 3. A clean environment can help the city bid for the Olympics, which ____ will promote its economic development. A. in nature B. in return C. in turn D. in fact 7.think highly of 看重;器重 ●用法拓展 think well/much of sb./sth.对某人/某物评价高 联想:think much of 重视 think little of 不重视 think well of 对……看法好 think badly of 对……印象不好 think poorly of 低估 think ill of 对……印象很坏,轻视 think nothing of 不顾,不在乎 think twice 重新考虑;再三考虑 think out 想出;考虑好 speak highly of 高度赞扬 speak well/ill of 说??好/坏 ●特别提醒 当“think highly/well/much of”用于被动结构 时, 修饰动词的副词应放在 thought 之前, 即“be highly/well/much thought of”。 [即境活用] 单项填空 ①His work was________by his boss. A.high thought B.high thought of C.good thought D.well thought of ②I wonder why they all think________Wang Teng. A.bad B.bad of C.badly D.badly of (2)他们对你的工作能力评价很高。 8.less than 少于 (回归教材)In less than two days 100,000 piees were put inside twenty-seven wooden boxes

常用结构 not less than 不比。 。 。少 no less than 不少于,多达 less and less 越来越少 more or less 或多或少 even\much less 更不用说 【经典例句】 1.No less than a thousand people came to visit te ancient temple 2. I guess the money you spend on clothes is not less than 500 yuan a month. 3.Judging form their looks, the two children are more or less the same age. 重点句式 1..There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往 哥尼斯堡,当时德国是波罗的海的一个城市。 2.After that,what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 从那以后,琥珀屋的去处便成了一个谜。 ●用法拓展 其 中 的 what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery 是以 what 引导的主语从句, what 在主语从句中作主语。what 引导的名词性 从句是每年高考的必考点。 3 . In a trial , a judge must decide which eyewitnesses to believe and which not to believe. 在审判中,一位法官必须断定哪些证人的话可 以相信,哪些不可以相信。 ●用法拓展 1 疑问代词 who,what,which 等和疑问副 词 when,where,how 等后面跟不定式,构成不 定式短语,在句中可作主语、宾语、表语、宾 语补足语等句子成分。 即境活用 单项填空 ________hasn't been decided yet. A.When held the meeting B.When holds the meeting C.When will we hold the meeting D.When to hold the meeting

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高考英语一轮复习Unit1Culturalrelics学案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1 ...分离地;分别地 1.寻找 ___ 2.属于 ___ 3.作为报答;回报 ___ 4.处于交战...
unit1 cultural relics(新人教版必修2)
unit1 cultural relics(新人教版必修2)。英语:高考一轮复习学案高考资源网( www.ks5u.com) ,您身边的高考专家 2010 高考一轮复习学案必修二 Unit 1 Cultural r...