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The 下岗…… taste is great! Tide’s in, dirt’s out. Don't letothers, your tears become the Love love yourself. Fruit juice, cool to death! Happy every moment, my Copico. . 找到合适的土壤 last drop.

完全讲实话 推销产品

Tell the complete truth
promote products public service Be meant to lead a happy life fall for say no to drugs

有说服力的语言: persuasive language

公众服务 / 公益 旨在 过幸福的生活


Protect water,

Protect ourselves.


How many types of advertisements are there? What are they?

Two. Commercial ads and public service ads.


commercial ads

Fast reading
1.What do ads try to persuade people to do?
To buy a product or service or believe in an idea.

2. What does PSA stand for?
Public service advertisements.

3. What do PSAs aim to do?
To educate people about health, safety or any other issue which affects public welfare.

A: 拒绝迷信活动 B: 禁止拍照 C: 保护水资源 D: 关爱动物

A: 茶叶故乡,茶文化 B: 保护水资源 C: 绿化中国,防沙种树 D: 一个中国,祖国统一

A: 警惕高空坠物 B: 小心地雷 C: 高处危险 D: 战争空投,反战宣传

A:prenatal and postnatal care优生优育 B:the great power of union团结力量大 C: Laid-off下岗再就业 D: universalization of compulsory education普及义务教育

Reading strategy: reading expository writing


a subject
introduction of subject supporting details


Step 3 Discuss the structure of the text
Expository writing(说明文)









Expository writing (说明文)
important part of our Introduction(para 1) Ads are an 1.___________ lives. commercial ? Include 2. _____________ads and PSAs. What is an ad? attractive
? Use 3.__________ pictures and clever language . ? Encourage us to buy a product or service or believe in an idea.
? Be aware of the skilful methods. fall ? Try not to 4. _____ for the trick. ? Mean to teach us. lead ? Help us 5._____ better lives.

Does an ad tell people the complete truth?

What is a PSA?

(para 5)

intelligence We must use our 6.__________ and not be a slave to ads.

Similarities Differences




Commercial ads



cost attractive pictures clever language


After advertising, more wonderful…

1 Where are commonly the advertisements most They are most found in newspapers and magazines, on billboards, the Internet, radio and TV. commonly found? A commercial advertisement is one which someone had paid for 2 What is the major distinction between CAsfor to promote a product or service, while a PSA is often placed free, and is intended to educate people about issues which affect and PSAs? public welfare. 3 Why are some of the ads clever according Because although the ads do not lie, they do not tell you theto complete truth. the article? 4 When In 1996.did China begin a nationwide public service advertising campaign? Because they are we meant to be helpful , and by following the 5 Why should follow the advice in PSAs?
advice in PSAs,we can often learn a lot.

Choose the correct answer according to the text. 1. Which of the following is true according to this reading passage? C A. All people enjoy seeing and hearing all kinds of advertisements. B. Many people think advertisements are the most important in their everyday life. C. Many people are quite used to seeing and hearing various advertisements. D. All advertisements give people very important information.

2. The writer of this reading passage wants to ______. B A. tell his readers what are advertisement B. share some important information about advertisements with readers C. tell his readers how important advertisements are D. tell his reader why people are used to seeing and hearing all kinds of advertisements

3. Which of the following can not be regarded as an advertisement ______? D A. ‘Yes to life, no to drugs.’ B. ‘Project Hope---school every child.’ C. ‘Good to the last drop.’ D. ‘The car accident kills four passengers.’

4. The main difference between commercial advertisements and public service B advertisements is that ______. A. public service advertisements cost only a little money while commercial ones cost a lot B. public service advertisements deal with public issues but commercial ones don’t C. commercial advertisements sometimes deal with serious social problems D. public service advertisements tell the complete truth but commercial ones don’t

5. Some of the advertisements are clever A because ______. A. they don’t tell the complete truth to customers though they don’t lie B. they use the most beautiful language and images C. they are made so beautiful and can be found almost everywhere D. they don’t tell lies directly to the customers

6. Which of the following topics will be talked about in a public service advertisement ____? D A. A new car factory that will be built in China next year. B. A good harvest of oranges is expected this year. C. Tea will take the place of coffee. D. A paper bag will make your home cleaner.

Further Reading T /F 1. Most people are not aware of how many ads are around them. not always 2. Advertisements are always meant to promote a product or service. not only 3. PSAs are only found in newspapers and on TV. 4. PSAs and commercial ads use some of the same methods. PSAs ads can give us valuable information 5. Commercial about how to live our lives. 6. An ad warning people against smoking is an example of a PSA.

After advertising, more wonderful…

1. persuade 2. welfare 3. skilful 4. cure 5. mental 6. trick 7. motto 8. intelligence

consolidation 1 a the ability to learn, understand
and think about sth. b. good at doing sth., especially sth. that needs ability or training c. the general health, happiness and safety of a person or a group d. make an illness or problem go away e. a short sentence or phrase that tells the aims and beliefs of a person or a group f. related to the thoughts and the mind g. sth. done to fool someone else, or as a joke h. make someone do sth. by giving them good reasons

Consolidation 2
Types of ads Places found Methods used

Purpose Cost



magazines, language, the internet, exiting To radio and images educate PSAs television people
about health, safety or other issues

To promote a Need to Billboards be paid Newspapers Persuasive product for or service

“Bright – teeth fights bad health ”

are often placed for free

“yes to life ,no to drugs”

Consolidation 3
Commercial ads 1. A commercial ads is one which someone paid for to has _________ _________ advertise a product or service. 2. Not all ads tell complete people the __________ truth, so people must be aware of ______________the skilful methods used in ads to try and sell us things. Public service ads 1. A PSA is often run for free _________, and are _______to educate people meant about health, safety, or any other problem that affects___________. public welfare 2. PSAs also use ________ attractive pictures and clever language ,but they are made to serve the meant public. PSAs are ______ to teach people and help people lead better lives.

服务大众 serve the public 过上更好的日子 lead better lives 全国性的公益广告活动
nationwide public service advertising campaign

涉及普遍存在的社会问题 deal with widespread social concerns 使大众收益 benefit the public 听从建议 follow the advice …的奴隶 be a slave to 告诫某人不要吸 warn sb against drugs 毒(两种方法翻译) warn sb not to take drugs had no comprehension 不理解

make sb. aware of… 使某人注意/意识到… 某人周围的危险 the dangers around sb. 拒绝毒品 say ‘No’ to drugs 社会问题problems in society/social problems 公共/大众福利 public welfare 保护(某人)使免遭 protect sb from sth complete truth 完全说实话 tell the feel pleased with the nice 对恭维话感觉良好comment 掉进这种陷阱中 fall for the trick 捉弄某人 play tricks on

Doing business without advertisements is like wink at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does. ------ Stewart H.Britt
做生意没广告犹如女孩眨眼.你知道你在做什么,但 没有其他人知道. ---布列特 You can tell the ideals of a nation by it’s advertisements. ------ Norman Douglas
从一个国家的广告可以看出这个国家的理想. ---道格拉斯

1.Yes to life, no to drugs.

2.Knowledge changes life.

3.Project hope– schooling every child.

4.Smoking is committing suicide.

Group 1
Advertising has a positive effect on our lives.

Debate: Advertising has a negative
effect on our lives.

Group 2

Useful expressions


a good way to… tell people keep away from… be likely to be influenced by… educate people about… tell the truth affect public welfare(福利事业) a waste of artistically(有艺术地) misadvise (误导) stimulate competition (刺激竞争) …

Make life colorful Enlarge our field of vision Stimulate consumption (刺激消费)

Increase the cost of products Unhealth ads pollute culture Untrue ads cheat consumers

Spread information & knowledge
Open new market, promoting competitions distribution ……

Complete with others to see who is superior
Hedonism(享乐主义), & money worship ……

1 Write a composition about the advantages and disadvantages of ads. 2 Preview for next class.

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