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第二部分、英语知识运用(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节、单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项。 21.The international agreement, intended ________children not to smoke and help people kick the habit, was signed on February 27. A.to encourage B.encouraging C.for encouraging D.encourage 22.We have a growing population and________we need more food. A.even B.besides C.yet D.therefore 23.---I don’t think_________was reported in yesterday’s newspaper is true. ---Neither do I. A.that B.what C.it D.which 24.These workers preferred to work extra hours at night_________leave the work until the next week. A.other than B.more than C.instead of D.rather than 25.He could not__________the fact that the money was found in his house. A.answer for B.account for C.leave for D.care for 26.--- What do you think of their marriage? --- _________, if I were Kate, I would not marry him. A.Generally speaking B.Believe it or not C.To my surprise D.To be honest 27.Jack, it’s________bad manners to blow your nose at________table. A.the; a B.the; / C./; the D./; / 28.The letter from his girlfriend he had been looking forward to _________yesterday. A.came B.comes C.coming D.come 29.--- Did you visit the zoo? --- No, we_______have visited it, but we spent too much time shopping. A.shouldn’t B.can’t C.could D.must 30.They turned out more than 1,000 washing machines, most of which ________quality. A.is good B.are good C.is of high D.are of high 31.--- This returned Chinese scholar has become one of the top experts in this field. --- Yes, I know him very well. He_________in Africa on wild animals for eight years. A.has worked B.had worked C.worked D.has been working 32.In the traffic accident, his father came close to __________. A.be killed B.killing C.kill D.being killed 33.I haven’t read_________of his books, but judging from the one I have read I think he is a very promising writer. A.any B.none C.both D.either

34.They’d like to see her daughter settle_________, get married, and have kids. A.down B.on C.in D.up 35._________I saw her, I was amazed with her good behavior. A.The first time B.For the first time C.At first time D.In time of 第二节、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) My grandmother has been suffering from a bad cough these days. 36 old people seem to get diseases often, I got 37 about my grandmother when a friend told me about her grandfather 38 a stroke and diabetes. I 39 my grandmother every day asking about her sleep, her diet or what she buys, to 40 she is all right. It is now that I 41 how much my family 42 to me. Remembering my grandma cooking dinner for me, I am 43 to find that if I think about it, there are lots of things that move me to 44 . I found that my dad was taking 45 of the roses in my bedroom to make sure they were 46 when I went back from school on the 47 . On the Sunday , my parents take me 48 to campus and gave me fruits, snacks, and drinks as if nothing was 49 at college. But I 50 none of this before. I used to phone them if I had problems and would 51 without a thank-you as soon as I got the 52 . My grandma’s problem 53 me of how important family is. The world is attractive to us teenagers and we seem to have a great career to pursue and many 54 . But most important of all, we have a 55 to care for and love for. 36.A.Unless 37.A.bored 38.A.having 39.A.write 40.A.carry out 41.A.realize 42.A.excites 43.A.amazed 44.A.thanks 45.A.fun 46.A.worse 47.A.space 48.A.back 49.A.beneficial 50.A.noticed 51.A.show up 52.A.agreement 53.A.reminds B Although B.delighted B.considering B.save B.make sure B.miss B.touches B.interested B.sweaters B.part B.friendly B weekend B.right B.cheap B.accepted B.hang up B.decision B.informs C.Until D.D.Whether C.disappointed D.worried C.curing D.governing C.call D.dream C.point out D.put forward C.regret D.doubt C.means D.encourages C.frightened D.annoyed C.tears D.hopes C.hold D.care C.valuable D.lovely C.time D.place C.straight D.away C.available D.comfortable C.adapted D.performed C.burn up D.bring up C.exchange D.solution C.approves D.robs

54.A.impressions C.responsibilities 55.A life B.family

B.invitations D.explanations C.friend


第 三 部 分 、

阅读理解(共 15 个小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选 项。 A It was a sunny summer day last year when I got the news that I was admitted by the university. Soon the news spread all over the village. Hearing the news, my parents were more than(不止) happy: big smiles formed on their faces. But behind their happiness and pride for my success, I noticed my parents worries about the heavy financial burden on their shoulders. I kept being calm. In order to prepare for my study expenses, my parents worked hard day after day all that summer. And the day finally came when I had to go to school which was far away from my hometown. I still remember it was in the morning that we arrived at the bus station. My parents had helped me get everything ready. It was so hot that day: the scorching sun baked the ground dry. The heated air was filled with the crowds’ noise and all kinds of smells coming from the station. Sweat streamed down my parents’face. I took my seat on the 11 AM bus and looked at my parents through the window, waiting for the bus to start. Two minutes to 11:00! My heart leapt (强 烈跳动). I suddenly recalled all the efforts they made for me, all the energy and all the sweat they spent on me. They were so selfless! I almost burst into tears! While I kept my tears back, I turned around, for I didn’t want them to see me crying? The last moment came. The bus started and was moving further away from my parents. They waved at me and I turned toward them, watching their shadows disappearing gradually into the sea of people. I, an 18-year-old girl, who had never left my hometown, began my long trip to my school. I didn’t know what would the future be, but I knew that I would have a long way to go, and I believe I could be brave enough to take up all the challenges in my future life with my family’s love, their wordless and selfless love. I will be always thankful for this love. 56.From the passage, we can learn that ______. A.her parents are very rich and generous B.her parents wouldn’t support the writer to further study C.her parents think high education is very important for their child D.her parents have been always happy on hearing the news 57.The writer’s parents have the following feelings except _______ according to the passage. A. pride B. happiness C. worry D. regret

58.Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Her parents worked hard day and night in order to prepare for the study cost. B. Her parents had helped her get everything ready before she arrived at the station in the morning. C. It was so hot and windy and they feel comfortable. D. The writer took her seat on the 11 PM bus and looked at her parents through the window. 59.Which of the following is the closest in the meaning to the underlined word? A. Provided. B. Understood. C. Offered. D. Remembered. B The unimaginable earthquake in Haiti has shocked the world. Thanks to modern communication technology, the world has seen the scale of destruction by the 7.0- magnitude quake. Images on TV and the Internet show the Haiti capital has been reduced to rubble and helpless survivors waiting for relief. So far, at least 50,000 people are feared dead, and tens of thousands left injured or homeless in one of the poorest countries in the West. The number of dead is rising with each passing hour for a few days. Considering Haiti’s total population is only about 8.5 million, the extent of damage will reach every field of the country’s social structures. Rescuers from countries such as China, the United States, France and Dominican Republic have already reached Haiti, carrying necessary things like food and medicines, life-detecting devices and other rescue equipment. Politicians,workers and Hollywood actors have opened their wallets and called for donations to help disaster relief. The whole world is ready to help them. The world is a village today where no one can remain indifferent when a neighbor falls in disaster. The suffering of people anywhere in the world strikes the hearts of Chinese people. The death of eight Chinese peacekeepers in Haiti has little to do with it. Chinese people feel a special sympathy for Haitians because just less than 20 months ago they were struggling to rise from the earthquake. Though Beijing and Port-au-Prince have no diplomatic relations, China was among the first nations to send a rescue team and to announce a donation. In the face of natural disasters, respect for human lives overtakes diplomacy and national boundaries. We share the pain of the Haitian people, and we believe China’s experience in rescue and operations and reconstructions will help reduce that pain. The most pressing task after a quake is the golden-hour rescue operation. Many Haitians are buried under rubble, and relentless efforts must be made to save as many of them as possible. Yet there remains a question

on how effectively the flows of aid from around the world be managed. It is here that the UN can play the leading role, for it should be responsible for common humanitarian efforts from across the globe to reach the benefits to the maximum number of people. After the 2004 tsunami killed more than 200,000 people in Asia, some experts said the UN needed to build a well-equipped and trained force disaster rescue specialists and keep it on standby to help people after natural disasters such as the Haiti quake. It is time the UN gave the idea a serious thought, for a life-saving force could play as important as its peacekeeping soldiers. 60.According to the passage, which of the following is true? A.The number of Haiti’s total population is about 8.5 billion B.Rescuers from many countries have reached Haiti, carrying necessary things like food, water and medicines. C.Chinese people feel a special sympathy for Haitians because we have the same experiences. D.The flows of aid from the world has been managed well. 61.The word “indifferent” underlined in the third paragraph most probably means ______. A.cruel B.friendly C.cold D.warm 62. We can infer that people around the world actively help the Haitians because ______. A.people among countries have close relations B.earthquake is a natural disaster, people respect human lives, and show common feelings to people in trouble C.people should be responsible D.people have ever been rescued by Haitians 63.Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A.The UN plays an important role B.We are with you, Haiti C.People share the pain with the Haitian people D.Modern communication technology is used widely C The Official Theme for the 2005 World Exposition , Aichi , Japan is “Nature’s Wisdom”. Name: The 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan Theme: “Nature’s Wisdom” Site: Steo City, Nagakute Town, Toyata City, in Aichi Prefecture, Japan Period: March 25 to September 25, 2005 Projected number of visitors: 15 million Nature has provided humanity with a means to develop into complex societies based on this very basic relationship.

A vast network of knowledge and wisdom has evolved from this basic relationship between humans and nature. Nature's wisdom,her mysteries, inspiring beauty and power,have been unlocked by minds and scientific processes. Humans have become masters of this knowledge and have developed incredible technologies to employ energy and other resources. In an increasingly overcrowded world, it is sometimes hard to focus beyond everyday life and onto the long term effects of our technological progress. Surely then,we must be reminded of the true wisdom found in a continuous relationship with nature. After all,we are in a world seeing an increasing amount of media coverage of international debates concerned about damage to the environment. It is commonly accepted that as far as the environment is concerned,it is a time to re-think our relationship with nature before it is too late. Model Community Continuous development is what the Eco-communities project at Expo 2005 is all about. The Eco-communities project has been expected to reuse energy and to reduce and make use of existing waste. As well, the entire Expo 2005 site--expected to host 25 million people over a six-month period--has been designed with the conservation(保持)of nature and the local environment as the top priority(优先考虑的事). Finding answers for today' s world must be done in the background of technology. Thus , the idea of eco-communities was developed. Yet, an understanding of the socio-historical background is just as important in today’s richly multi-cultural world of economically various states and unions. And so the "Art of Life" Expo 2005 sub-theme was expected to be a model of human participation on a global scale. Expo 2005 offers to the people of the world an opportunity to come together and discuss many global issues that face humankind. It is a place to bring together the world's talent to create a model community for the future where humans can live in harmony with nature. 64.What is the period of Expo 2005 Japan? A.May 1-October 31. B.March 25-September 25. C.May 1-October 30. D.October 9-0ctober 21. 65. Which of the following themes is Expo 2005 Japan's? A.Better City,Better Life B.Interactions between Urban and Rural Areas C.Nature’s Wisdom D.Environment, Resource and Technique 66.According to paragraph 3, nature has many features except ______. A. danger B. power C. beauty D. wisdom 67. We can infer that______according the contents of the passage. A.the relationship between nature and humans isn’t close B.it is easier for us to find the true wisdom C.it is important and necessary for human to protect environment

and nature D.harmonious community and Art of life can’t realize D When I was young,I wished for a good car and a big house. That was my idea of success. I took all the advanced classes and tried to do well in the exams with my mind set on going to a key school. I just knew that I would somehow become famous and be able to afford the car and the dream house. All the way through junior years,my mind was planning this beautiful future. Then in the eleventh grade, many losses changed my mind. First, one of my friends died at 16. Soon after, my great-grandmother passed away followed by my beloved fourth-grade teacher. These events left me not knowing what to do or where to go. Death had never touched me so closely. After a long period of emptiness, it finally struck me: Life is not promised and neither is future success. Though I was attempting to achieve material success, I was not enjoying my daily life. I realized that finding inner peace, purpose and happiness will stick with me forever and that is real success. Enjoying life's precious quirks (偶发事件) makes an ordinary person more successful than a wealthy person who isn't content and takes everything for granted. The summer before senior years, my attitude changed greatly. Instead of memorizing facts, I began learning skills. Instead of focusing on the future, I focused on today and the many blessings and successes that came with it. I still get excellent grades, but now I devote weeks to studying instead of struggling for exams, and I think about the future with a deeper sense of meaning. For me, being successful means truly living life each day. 68.The reason why the author changed his idea of success is ____. A.that he can't afford his house B.that his beloved teacher was dead C.that he didn't know what to do or where to go D.that he lost a few beloved persons in a short time 69.What does the author want to tell the readers? A.The true meaning of the life. B.The true meaning of studying C.How to achieve success. D.His opinion about success. 70. According to the passage which of the following is TRUE? A.The writer thinks the success is not promised. B.His teacher died before the death of his grandpa. C.The writer didn’t do well in all the exams. D.He didn’t want to take all the exams.

第 II 卷(非选择题 共 35 分) 第一部分、单词拼写 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 10 分) 根据题中所给的汉语或首字母写出符合句意的单词的正确形式。 71.Social__________(风俗) are different in different countries. 72.If you want to learn skating, you must learn to keep __________(平 衡) yourself. 73.What I know about it is ___________(有限). 74.He was so poor that he had to earn his _________(船费) by doing jobs on the ship. 75.I __________(吃惊,惊奇) at your ignorance. 76.Paper making began in China and from here it s__________ to North America and Europe. 77.One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to d_________ healthy eating habits. 78.G__________, he began to understand. 79.Life belongs to a person only once, so I hold the view that being healthy is more important than being w___________. 80.The banana trees has b__________ leaves, as is known to us all. 第二部分、短文改错(共 1 题;每空 1 分,满分 10 分) 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行做出判断: 无错误,在该行右边横线上画一个勾(√) ; 如有错误(每行只有一个错误) ,则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉,在该行右边横线上写出该词, 并也用斜线划掉。 此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,在该行右边横线上写出该加 的词。 此行错一个词:在错的词下划一横线(__),在该行右边横线上写出改正后的 词。 注意:原行没有错的不要改! I went to the English Camp in London last summer holiday. One day, my two good friends and I were on duties. 81. ________ When we finished cleaning classroom, it was about 8:50 82.________ in the evening. Then we prepare to go to students' dorm. 83.________ Inside the building, it was very dark. There was only the 84.________ moon and some small stars in the sky. In that moment, 85 ________ we were all afraid. On our way to the dorm, one of my 86. ________ friends saw something on the ground and picked it up, said 87. ________ "Look, 100 pounds!" When we got to our dorm, we gave them 88. ________ to the teacher. Money is important, but money is not anything 89. ________ and cannot buy all what we need in the world. 90. _______ 英语试题参考答案

1-----5CABCA 6-----10BBABC 11-----15AAACC 16-----20BCCCA 21-----25ADBDB 26-----30DDACD 31-----35CDCAA 36-----40BDACB 41-----45ACACD 56-----59CDBD 46-----50DBACA 51-----55BDACB

60-----63CCBB 64-----67BCAC 68-----70DDA

71.customs 72 balancing 73 limited 74 passage 75 wonder 76spread 77 develop 78 gradually 79 wealthy 80 broad 81 duties ---duty 82 cleaning 后加 the 83 prepare--- prepared 84 Inside ---Outside 85 In--- At 86 正确 87 said--- saying 88 them--- it 89 anything ---everything 90 what ---that How can we protect and create a good harmonious environment ? First of all, we should use proper words, behave politely and think for others. No good society environment, no good school environment. If we want to live and study happily, we’d better provide all kinds of conditions that anyone in school respect teachers, unite other students , and help each other. We should also treat and understand others with more patience. Besides, we should keep schoolyard clean, which help to make our body healthy. Finally, we need to make efforts to create a family environment full of love and warmth. Often communicating with our parents , we will help them do what we can. In my opinion, environment protection should begin with self. And a good environment depends on the efforts made by everyone.

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