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第I卷 (共105分)
I. Listening Comprehension (略) Ⅱ. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Direction: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.





36-40 ABACB

25. Lending him money would be equivalent, in my opinion, ___________ throwing it away. A. by B. from C. on D. to 26. Many of the pianos made by Steinway & Sons Company in Germany, especially ___________ made during its “golden period”, are valued at several at million dollars. A. that B. those C. one D. one that 27. Now that they both had their cut, the twins looked ___________ alike than usual. A. much B. rather C. even more D. quite more 28. Mr. Wang’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing since he won the lottery (彩票). People ___________ to ask how he is going to spend the money. A. phone B. phoned C. will phone D. are phoning 29. ---Excuse me, sir. Where is Room 316? --- Just a minute. I will get a receptionist ___________ you to your room. A. show B. shown C. showing D. to show 30. The company is facing a potential serious crisis though its profits ___________ increase this year. A. may B. shall C. should D. need 31. Born in a wealthy family, the boy took everything in his life for granted ___________ for the first time he saw how poor farmers struggled to survive the hard life. A. until B. that C. when D. while 32. In the old days, students were expected to memorize information and then feed back what ______ to them. A. provided B. was being provided C. was to provide D. had been provided 33. A hot air balloon caught fire in Egypt early this year, ___________ 18 tourists on board. A. kills B. killed C. killing D. to kill 34. Whether ___________ or not, major depressive disorder is often associated with changes in brain structures or brain functions. A. to inherit B. inherited C. inheriting D. being inherited 35. The boy hopes to become friend of ___________ shares his interests and happiness. A. who B. whomever C. whoever D. anyone 36. Tames is hardly willing to change any of his decisions, so it is no use ___________ with him. A. arguing B. argued C. to argue D. having argued 37. ___________ the speaker referred to in his speech yesterday was unfamiliar to the general audience. A. That B. What C. Whether D. Where 38. Error correction in a language class should never be carried to the point ___________ it discourages students from getting involved. A. where B. which C. how D. when

39. --- How was the television debate last night? --- Super! Barely ___________ so much media attention. A. a debate attracted B. a debate did attract C. did a debate attract D. Attracted a debate 40. Top students are not merely those who sit up late to study. It is their concentration and efficiency ___________ really matter. A. what B. that C. whether D. which Section B Direction: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. sponsor B. athletic C. fulfill D. presented E. consciousness F. isolated G. accepted H. enduring I. embarrassment J. competing



46-49 ABJD

Life isn’t easy for families of children with special needs. Faced with responsibility of a family member requiring extra attention and care, many families feel lonely, ___ F. isolated ___ and hopeless. In many cases, the families feel a sense of ___ I. embarrassment __ because their children are not “perfect”. But Taiwan Sunshine wants to change that. Founded in 2009, Taiwan Sunshine believes that all children have characteristic value, and by supporting the families who care for children with special needs, it an change the__ H. enduring G. accepted __ understanding. In doing so, it hopes to help these children become useful members of society. The Taipei-based, non-profit organization seeks to __ C. fulfill __ these goals in three ways. First, it offers in-school programs, often centered around events like Christmas. Second, it develops conferences for use in schools, churches and other organizations. These conferences raise__ E. consciousness __ of the issues that families with special-needs children face and encourage organizations to develop programs to support these families. Third, Taiwan Sunshine works with other groups to put together and __ A. sponsor _ the “I Am a Hero Games.” During the games, children compete in different ___ B. athletic _ activities, such as the ball throw and running race. When children aren’t __ J. competing __, they enjoy other activities, such as playing with dogs from a local therapy program. Each game includes a prize-awarding ceremony in which all the children are formally___ D. presented ___ with medals to celebrate their accomplishments. Through programs like the Hero Games, Taiwan Sunshine is working hard to meet the needs of families with special-needs children. Ⅲ. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage these are four words or phrases marked A, B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the contest. Avraham Kadar, a physician, faced the challenge of explaining complex medical concepts to children be was treating for many years. ___50____, he found a solution in 1999, and teachers have been gaining the benefits ever since. Kadar created BrainPOP, a(n)___51____ program consisting of humorous animated (动画的) videos in which a man named Tim and his robot friend Moby__52____ various subjects. The videos fall into seven types: engineering

and technology, science, social studies, English, math, health, and arts and music. From historical figures to recent inventions, they cover over 500 topics, ___53___ intersts in the subjects though ___54____ and illustrations. BrainPOP’s materials also include quizzes, activities, answers to questions and extra information about each topic. BrainPOP can be used in the classroom or at home through the Internet. It is now ___55____ everywhere through its apps ( 应用程序 ) for mobile devices. BrainPOP also supplies resources to different ___56____: BrainPOP Jr, for younger students, BrainPOP Espanol for Spanish speakers and BrainPOP ESL for those learning English. Almost 20 percent of American schools have ___57___ BrainPOP, and its popularity is growing worldwide. Its website, apps and produces have won multiple awards from magazines, websites and other organizations. The reason for BrainPOP’s ___58____ among teachers is similar: It works. A 2009 study conducted by SEG Research compared students who used BrainPOP to those who didn’t. The BrainPOP users experienced more ___59____ in vocabulary, reading comprehension, language skills and science than the other syudents. And the benefits of BrainPOP are not limited to ___60____speakers of English. One award-winning Canadian school with students from many language backgrounds makes BrainPOP available to all its teachers. They find it ___61____ because it mixes pictures with its presentations instead of relying only on language.___62___, a school in the U.S. for students with learning disabilities has found BrainPOP very effective at keeping students engaged and encouraging them to participate. Teachers said taht BrainPOP’s quick pace and humor help students ___63____ interruptions and continue to focus. The kids love the teacher Moby, a robot that cannot speak but communicates with facial expressions and beeps(发出嘟声). For more than 10 years, BrainPOP’s fun, learn and educational materials have helped students learn---and ___64____ it.

50-55 CBDACD
50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. A. At one time A. domestic A. bring up A. cultivating A. changes A. useful A. groups A.studied A. appearance A. difficulties A. popular A. helpful A. Absolutely A. notice A. imitate B. By no means B. educational B. contribute to B. appreciating B. concepts B. creative B. stores B. adopted B. existence B. improvement B. foreign B. complex B. Namely B. recognize B. enjoy

56-60 ABDBC
C. In the end C. historic C. figure out C. expressing C. humor C. informative C. devices C. invented C. limitation C. practice C. native C. informal C. Originally C. ignore C. explore

61-64 ADCB
D. On the whole D. medical D. talk about D. following D. science D. accessible D. schools D. produced D. popularity D. challenges D. brilliant D. funny D. Similarly D. picture D. Illustrate

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A)

My husband and I were once in Nepal (尼泊尔) to see sunrise over the Himalayas. One morning we awoke to total darkness at 5 o’clock. As we rushed through a town with cameras in hand, I noticed the calm, gentle way the Nepalese people greeted the morning. One man boiled a huge pot of milk tea, and other villagers gathered around his fire, cupping their hands around small glasses of the steaming sweet mixture. It was fascinating, but not to be left behind, we joined the stream of tourists moving quickly up to the lookout point. The top was crowded when we arrived, but after 10 minutes of cold waiting, the assembled group gave up. “The cloud cover is too heavy,” one said. Then one by one they rushed down the hill to the next item on their sightseeing list. I was disappointed as well, but suddenly I noticed a small Nepalese boy absently playing with a stick and shooting quick glances at the clouds. He must know something we don’t, I thought. I decided to wait with him. The boy and I didn’t have to wait long. Moments later, a tiny stream of golden light burned through one thick cloud, then another. Rose-colored fog warmed the backs of the clouds, and suddenly the morning sun stole a glance around the side of the mountain, mile above where I’d expected it to be. Nothing I’d seen before prepared me for the moment the clouds withdrew with bowed heads, and the magnificent Himalayas were revealed before, around, and above me. I sat in astonishment, not breathing, not daring to look away, certain that God had placed me here at the backdoor of Earth to show me what Heaven really looks like. I certainly got the message. Never again will I rush a sunrise. I now know Nature will supply her fruits to me only when I am truly ready to receive them.

65-68 CABD
65.What does “It” in Paragraph 2 most probably imply? A. The darkness of the town in the morning. B. The huge pot of milk tea boiling on the fire. C. The way the local people welcomed the day. D. The stream of tourists rushing to the lookout point. 66.The author decided to wait with the Nepalese boy because ___________. A. she felt kind of having faith in him B. the restless tourists disappointed her C. that boy was praying to the sun with a magic stick D. she had nothing more to see on her sightseeing list 67.Which of the following words best describe the author’s feeling when she saw the sunrise? A. Totally shocked B. Absolutely C. Truly frightened D. Extremely interested 68.What can be concluded from the passage? A. Do in Rome as the Romans do. B. God helps those who help themselves. C. Time and tide wait for no man. D. Fortune rewards those having patience.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We are currently taking requests for school group guided tours to occur through June 30, 2013. Appointments are required of all school groups visiting the Museum. All requests for guided tours must be sent in using the Guided Tour Request Form. If you have any questions, you may email schoolvisits@metmuseum.org. Please continue to check our website for the most up-to-date information. Guided Tours Students and teachers may explore the collection with a Museum staff member, who leads discussions and exercises designed to encourage critical thinking in response to original works of art. Tours are appropriate for the group's grade, level of ability, and subject of interest. Guided tours are offered and recommended for students who are at or above first-grade level and last about an hour. Group Size A group may have no fewer than 10 students and no more than 50 students, with one chaperon (行为监督人) required for every 10 students. Group Fee All fees are waived (免除) for schools located within the five boroughs of New York City. Schools outside New York City pay regular group rates: ? Students: $15 each ? One teacher per reservation receives complimentary admission. ? Required adult chaperones (one for every 10 students): $15 each ? Any additional adults: $28 each ? Groups of 15 or fewer: $225 flat fee(固定价格) The Museum reserves the right to limit the number of adults participating in school group guided tours. Membership and other discounts do not apply to group admission. Tour Schedule Guided tours are conducted Tuesday through Friday, 9:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m. A limited number of guided tours for high school students are available Tuesday through Thursday at 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. Cancellation Policy All requests to change or cancel existing reservations must be made in writing via email toschoolvisits@metmuseum.org. Fees cannot be returned to groups that cancel with less than 2 weeks' notice.

69-71 ACB
69.To gain a deep appreciation of the art works in the Museum, school groups are advised to ___________. A. Tour around guided by an experienced museum stuff member B. Keep continuous contact with the information center of the museum C. Take guided tours with limited members from 1:30 to 2:00p.m. On Friday D. Email the museum to change the reservation two days beforehand to get repaid 70. If two couples of teachers and 21 students from Chicago want to visit the museum, what would the lowest cost be? A. $225 B. $345 C. $373 D. $427 71. Who might be most interested in this piece of information? A. Museum tour guide B. School education C. Fine art collectors D. Students’ parents

(C) Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group plans to take its Hong Kong-listed unit private, two sources familiar with the matter said, and it working with Yahoo on an asset-exchange (资产交换) deal that may result in Yahoo owning a direct stake(股本) in one of Alibaba Group’s operating businesses. The sources revealed that taking Alibaba.com private was only one of the proposals being discussed and a final solution is still being worked out. Alibaba Group’s plans are part of an overall deal being discussed by the board of Yahoo, which has come under fire from investors impatient with its lackluster performance. The shareholders are also frustrated with the apparent hesitation of stakeholders over how to handle its investments in Alibaba and other prized Asian assets. The deal under discussion is that Alibaba Group would use borrowed money and internal cash as well as an asset exchange to buy back most of a 40 percent stake that Yahoo owns in Alibaba Group, the sources said,’Alibaba.com’s share price has been quite bumpy since its listing. Probably taking it private will make it more flexible for the group to do the transformation that it is going through,’ said Wendy Huang, head of regional Internet in Hong Kong. Trading in Alibaba.com shares was stopped on Thursday by an announcement from its parent. Alibaba Group currently owns about 73 percent in Alibaba.com, which has a market value of nearly $6 billion. At the current market price, the remaining is valued at about $1.6billion. Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba Group has an estimated value of $14billion. Under the plans being discussed, Alibaba Group wants to buy back about 25 percent of its stake. Alibaba Group plans to pay a third of the money through a stake in one of its operating assets and the rest, or around $6 billion, in cash.Alibaba.com is the most likely operating unit in which yahoo may be offered a stake, one of the sources said. Both parties have an understanding on this arrangement, but have not signed any formal deal yet, the source added. Alibaba Group, founded by former English teacher and now billionaire Jack Ma, is looking to raise a loan of about $3 billion, which will be partly used to fund the buyback and the privatization. Sources previously admitted under a “cash rich split” plan being discussed, Yahoo would effectively transfer most of its 40 percent slice of Alibaba back to the Chinese company and all of its stake in Yahoo Japan to Softbank Corp. In return for cash and assets.

72-75 CCDB
72. The word “lackluster” in paragraph 2 can be best replaced by” A. Impressive B. Inspiring C. Disappointing ” D. Unforgettable

73. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Alibaba Group will pay the 40% stake owned by Yahoo in three different ways. B. Alibaba Group has got a stake that is valued about $14billion in Alibaba.com. C. Alibaba.com will probably be offered to Yahoo as a stake of an operating asset. D. Alibaba Group and Yahoo have already reached an agreement on the asset exchange. 74. What can be inferred from the passage? A. The deal between Alibaba and Yahoo will lead to the end of the competition. B. Yahoo may suffer a financial loss in carrying out a “Cash rich split” plan. C. Yahoo will transfer more cash to its assets in Asia for future development. D. Alibaba.com’s shares haven’t had a satisfactory performance on the market.

75. Which might be the best title of the passage? A. Alibaba Has Cash Rich Split B. Alibaba Plans to Take a Unit Private C. Yahoo Wins a Big Stake D. Yahoo Manages to Exchange Assets

Section C Directions: Read the following text and choose the most suitable heading from A-F for each paragraph. There is one extra heading which you do not need. D. Significant contribution of Prohibition

76-80 BACFE
76.____ B. Brief introduction to Prohibition ______________ In the United States, the age known as Prohibition began when the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution went into effect in 1920. For the next 12 years, it was illegal to make, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages, defined as any drinks that were more than one half of one percent (0.05%) alcohol. 77.___ A. Wide spread of Prohibition __ Prohibition came about largely because of the growth of the Temperance Movement. For almost a century, people had praised the benefits of temperance. These reformers believed that alcohol was the main cause of disease, broken homes, poverty, and crime. Many saw “demon rum” and “John Barleycorn” as enemies of a state and productive world. By 1916 almost half of the 48 states had passed laws that closed bars and forbade the production of any form of alcoholic beverage. 78.____ C. Different comments upon Prohibition ____ Prohibition, therefore, was an honest effort to improve the health of all Americans, to deal with the problems associated with immoderate alcohol consumption, and to lower the cost of government involvement. Some historians suggest that Prohibition enjoyed widespread support and led to a drop in some forms of crime. Others argue that it was the direct cause of increased crime, social conflict, and new forms of drug abuse. Whatever the case, the consumption of alcohol stayed common throughout the United States despite the law. 79.__ _ F. Social problems coming about with Prohibition _

It is hard to assess the impact of Prohibition. Bootlegging--- the illegal manufacture and sale of alcohol--- was widespread and profitable, and illegal, private clubs, called speakeasies, sprang up in place of the saloons that had been closed. The Customs Service and the Coast Guard struggled to stop the flood of alcohol coming in from places such as Canada and the Caribbean. The period also saw a drop in incomes for the government. Taxes could no longer be collected from the buyers and sellers of beer, wine, and spirits. Prison overcrowding was also a problem, partly because of disobedience of Prohibition laws. 80._ E. Serious offences involving Prohibition Moreover, Prohibition-related crime quickly became organized. Individual criminals developed a network of relationships through which they could control bootlegging and offer protection to illegal bar owners. Dishonesty in police and government agencies also became a problem, as officers and civil servants were tempted into a profitable association with organized crime. Prohibition ended in 1933 with the passage of the Twenty-first Amendment. The debate regarding its effectiveness continues to this day. Section D Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. Working mothers who try to do everything by themselves are more likely to become depressed than those accepting that they are not super humans, a recent study of hundreds of women suggests. Women are told a story that they can do it all, but most workplaces are still designed for employees without child-care responsibilities, and they can happily combine child raising and a career if they are willing to let some things slide. Katrina Leupp, a researcher, suggests that rather than trying to do everything themselves, working women should get family members or others to help with the housework and not feel guilty about leaving work early when family duty calls. High earners can follow the lead of actress Anna Friel, who let out her secret to dealing with work and being a mother at the same time ---employing two maids. A researcher from the University of Washington said: “Employment is beneficial for women’s health, even when differences in marital (婚姻的) satisfaction and working full-or part-time are ruled out.” But the analysis also found that not all working mothers are equally happy. The women with “supermom” attitudes as young adults showed more signs of depression, the American Sociological Society’s annual conference stated. Women who try to do it all without any help are more likely to feel they are failures when things do not go to plan. Very often they may be drowned in tiredness. Lack of any “me time” could also be an issue. However, she stressed that working women--- including super mums --- generally still a lower risk of depression than stay-at-home mothers, adding:” But for better mental health, working mums should accept that they can’t do it all.” Pam Spurr, a life coach and mother-of-two, said working women don’t have to feel ashamed to take a career break when they have kids to take care of or cut back on time in the office. She said:”We need to accept that we are only human and can’t do it all.” (Note: Answer the questions or complete the statement in NO MORE THAN THE WORDS.) 81. According to a recent study, in order not to be depressed, working mothers _______________. 82. How should working women deal with career and family according to Katrina Leupp? 83. What are the signs of super mums’ depression? 84. In Pam Spurr’s opinion, working women need to realize there is no shame in _____________.

第 II 卷


I.Translation Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. 1. 过马路时务必要小心。 (sure)

2. Besure to be careful when/ while crossing the road/ street. Be sure to be caref ul when you cross the road/ street. Be sure to cross the road/ street with care/ carefully. 2. Listening to pop music is my favorite way to relax after scho All medicine has side effects/ There is no

ol/ in my spare time. 3.

medicine without any side effects, which is the medical knowledge ev eryone should have. 4. How proud the parents were/ felt that nigh

t when they sat in the audience watching their daughter playing the pi ano/ and watched … ! How proud the parents were when they watched th eir daughter play the piano on the stage in the audience! 5. he soaring price of license cars /vehicles remain the same/ unchanged. In spite of the fact that the p Despite t

plate in Shanghai, people’s need for private

rice of license plate in Shanghai shoots up/ flies/ rockets/ keeps

going up fast/ rapidly , people’s … ai has been rising rapidly, …
3. 3. 4. 5.

Although the price of license plate in Shangh

Even if/ though …

2. 听流行音乐是我课余最爱的放松方式。 (relax) 是要都有副作用,这是每个人都应该有的医学常识。 (which) 那晚在观众席中看女儿弹钢琴,她的父母是多么地自豪啊! (How) 即便上海牌照(the license plate)的价格一路飙升,人们对私家车的需求依然如故。 (remain)

II.Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120 - 150 words according to the instructions given

below in Chinese. 近年来越来越多的中学生参加志愿者活动,请你就此内容写一篇文章。你的文章必须包括: ? 具体描述你参加过的一次志愿者活动 ? 简要谈谈你的感想

2013 案 test

三 6-10

测 14-16

答 17. la


CCACB 11-13 18. Literature



19. 54886100

20. February/ Feb. 21. fed up with/ bored with/ tired of 22. professional translator people/ cooperatively CBC ACD 36-40 ABACB 24. negotiated 41-45 FIGCE 61-64 ADCB 23. in (a) team/ with other members/ 25-30 DBCDDA 46-49 ABJD 65-68 CABD 31-35 AD

50-55 CBD 69-71 AC

56-60 ABDBC

B 72-75 CCDB 76-80 BACFE

Reading: 81. should/ have to/ must accept (tha 82. They should get help and leave wor 83. Feelings of failures, tire

t) they are not super humans/ super mums k early if necessary.

dness and lack of any “me time” . 84. taking a career break with kids or cutting (b ack) office hours/ time/ working less time Translation: 1.

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