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Unit 1 Men and Women
Any simplistic theory is “doomed to fail,” says Yu Xie, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan. Xie?s research on women in the sciences was cited by Summers in his statement. And Xie has spent every day since trying to explain the intricacy of human behavior to reporters. “I don?t exclude biology as an explanation,” he says. “But I know biological factors would not play a role unless they interacted with social conditions.” Unless one appreciates that complexity, it would be all too easy to look at the latest research on the brain and conclude, say that men may not in fact make the best university presidents. For example, studies show that men are slightly more likely to say things without realizing how their actions will affect others. And as men age, they tend to lose more tissue from a part of the brain located just behind the forehead that concerns itself with consequences and self-control. 密歇根州大学的 Yu Xie 教授说任何过于简单化的理论注定要失败,Summers 的发言中 引用了 xie 教授关于女人的科学研究。自从 Xie 着力于向记者解释人类行为的复杂性他已经 用了几乎每一天时间。 他说我并没有不把生物学作为一种解释, 但是我知道生物学特征一旦 脱离了社会条件就不能够成为一个真正的影响因子。 直到一个人承认了其复杂性, 最新的人脑研究及结论就非常容易理解, 也就是说事实上 男人有可能不会成为最好的大学老师。例如,研究表明,男人略微倾向于说一些东西,但是 并没有意识到他的行为会影响其他人。 还有当男人老了, 他们倾向于失去大脑中在前额后的 一些组织,其作用是逻辑思维和自我控制。

Unit 2


Do Your Homework!
The toddlers clad in satiny Chinese tunics don?t seem to be taking the day?s lesson to heart. As a 5-year-old girl recites from the Confucian classic, Discipline of Students, boys in the back row smack each other with their textbooks. Another girl in the front breaks into tears. The speaker?s mother confesses she?s not sure her daughter understands her lines, but she insists, “My daughter has become much more polite since she started attending classes here.” Yuan Shiqui, an official at the National Studies School in Beijing, echoes the optimism. “They don?t necessarily understand what they?re reciting,” he says of the preschoolers. “But gradually it will have an impact on their thinking.” But in their quest for something to believe in other than the party or money, Chinese have begun to rediscover their most renowned moralist. Nationwide more than 2 million children are enrolled in programs teaching Confucian classics, and several major universities now offer degree programs in Chinese traditional culture. Confucian temples abandoned for the last half century have been spruced up and now draw crowds of students. “Even real-estate companies have called to ask us to set up schools in their complexes,” says Yang Disheng, vice president of the China Confucius Society. “They thought this would help them sell apartments faster.” 这些穿这光滑外衣的中国孩子似乎并没有把白天的课程记在心里。 当一个 5 岁的女孩子 背诵儒家的杰作,学生的纪律,男孩子们在后面排成队用他们的课本互相敲打着。另外一个 坐在前面的女孩开始哭泣。 发言者的母亲承认他并不肯定女儿能够理解那些诗句, 但是她坚

持说我的女儿自从上了这课程变得越来越有礼貌了,Yuan Shiqui,,一个官员回应了这一客 观观点, 学龄前儿童并不需要理解他们所背诵的东西, 但是这些文章会慢慢的影响他们的思 想。 但是除了政党和金钱,中国人追求的其它信仰,他们重新发现了最有名望的道德家,全 国大约有 200 万个学生报名参加了儒家名著, 很多成年人大学设立了在中国传统文化中学位 课程,上个世纪被人们所遗弃的孔庙现在又打扮整齐重新吸引着大批年轻的学生。Yang Disheng 说甚至房地产商人也要我们在他们的联盟中设立学校,他们认为这将帮助他们更快 的卖出房子。

Unit 3 Personal Collections
Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary Tennessee State Quarter Tribute
“King of Rock & Roll” Joins Presidents on U.S. Coinage “Elvis Presley is perhaps the most collected icon of the 20th century,” stated George Hubbard of the International Collectors Society, exclusive distributors of the coins. “This uniquely American collectible combines the legendary appeal of the “Entertainer of the Century” with the popularity of the U.S. Statehood Quarters. It?s unlike and Elvis collectible ever released and represents a true collector?s treasure to be appreciated for generations to come…a must have for all Elvis fans.” The Elvis Presley 25th Anniversary Tennessee quarter arrives in a stunning black felt presentation case suitable for display with your finest collectibles. Each coin is backed by the International Collectors Society 100% Buy Back Guarantee and comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. “It?s a sensational way for fans young and old to establish a link with one of the most enduring icons of the 20th Century,” added Hubbard. 独家发行商,国际收藏协会的 George Hubbard 说 Elvis Presley 也许是 20 世纪最有收集 价值的硬币,这唯一的美国可收藏品将大名鼎鼎的世纪艺人和美国州 25 分币整合起来。这 个不像以前发行的 Elvis 收藏品,它是一件真正的收藏者的财富被几代人所欣赏,一件所有 Elvis 迷必须珍藏品。 Elvis Presley25 周年田纳西州纪念币,你的最好的收藏品将配有一个极好的黑色绒毡礼 盒。每一个硬币都有国际收藏协会 100%的售后保证,并有一个唯一有限的权威证书。这是 一个非常好的方法令年轻和年老的歌迷通过一枚 20 世纪最不朽的硬币建立一种联系, Hubbard 补充道。

Unit 4 Technology
At first, Seiko?s new InkLink pen doesn?t seem much different from an average Bic or Pilot. It does a respectable job of putting ink to paper, although at $100, the price is up there with chic fountain pens. But this one does more than add style to thank-you notes. It?s one of the first in a series of pens designed to link paper and PC by recording pen strokes and sending them to your screen. This fall, a pen that could revive the handwritten document is due out from peripherals maker Logitech. Developed by Anoto of Lund, Sweden, the hefty pen, about the size of a small cigar, houses a tiny optical scanner. It tracks tiny dots on special paper, printed so finely they appear only as an off-white tint. The $300 version of the pen now available in Sweden transmits the dot pattern wirelessly to a cellphone, which sends the data to an Anoto server. The server in turn re-creates the writing based on the scanned dots and transmits the file to a user-chosen destination.

Anoto customers can order paper with special dot patterns that tell the server which company the document comes from and even which letterhead or form the writer is using. For that bit of magic, Anoto developed a dot pattern that can be printed in a huge number of variations--enough, it says, for an array of forms that would cover an area greater than Asia and Europe combined if laid edge to edge. 首先,Seiko 新的 InkLink 笔似乎并不比其它普通的 Bic or Pilot 特殊。尽管价值 100 元, 它将墨水写在纸上之一令人尊敬的工作, 这个价钱可以买只别致的钢笔。 但是这支笔不仅仅 是感谢便条上增加装饰风格。 它是一系列被设计用来连接纸和计算机的笔, 通过记录笔画然 后将这些字输入你的屏幕 这个秋天,一支能够再复活手写文件的笔将被外围设备商 Logitech 发布。这一笨重的 笔由 Anoto 发展,大约有一个小雪茄的尺寸,藏有一个细小的光电扫描器。它能够在特殊的 纸上追踪小点,打印得非常细致呈现出黄白色色泽。在 Sweden 可以买到 300 元的版本的笔 可发送无线点式信号给可以发送数据给 Anoto 服务器的手机, 服务器反过来在扫描点的基础 上重新制作作品,再将文件传送给用户选择的终端。Anoto 用户可以指令特殊的点模式在纸 上,告诉服务器文件是从哪一个公司发来的,甚至还有作者用的信筏或格式。通过这神奇的 小点,Anoto 发展了一个可以大量打印的点模式,可以这么说,如果边对边的连起来,可以 覆盖超过亚洲和欧洲的面积。

Unit 5 Father and Daughter
Living in the Shadow of a Lost Father
8. With their army of advocates and plenty of company, the children who lost parents on September 11 can?t possibly feel like freaks. But in the end they will deal with the same sense of loss that eventually replaced my embarrassment. 11. Yet ultimately I found my way, without a guide. I?ve survived one of life?s worst blows, and self-reliance is my reward. Now I feel sadness for the 36-year-old man who never had the chance to see how it all turned out. But as I hovered over the tar in 1970, I grieved not for my father, but for my status as a normal girl. 很多的支持者以及大量的公司使得在 911 中失去父母的孩子不可能感到自己是反常的 人。但是最后他们将依然面对那种最终取代了我的困惑得失落感觉。 然而最终我发现了自己的路,没有任何指引。我已经度过了人生中最坏的打击,依靠自 己是我的回报,现在我为 36 岁的男人感到悲伤,这个人已经没有机会去看事情最终是怎么 样的,但是当我在 1970 转沥青的时候,我并不是为我的父亲哀悼,而是作为一个普通女孩 的我。

Unit 6 Whales
These possibilities include fatal illnesses, perhaps contracted from eating poisoned fish. Or startled reactions to the cacophony of a ship?s engine. Or the sudden appearance of a predator. Some scientists have even linked whale groundings to magnetic anomalies that can play havoc with the

internal compasses on which whales seem to depend for navigation. One scenario, however, has been pretty much dismissed in this case: disruption by underwater sonic booms from the powerful new U.S. Navy submarine-hunting sonar that recently inflicted fatal hearing damage on beaked whales in the Bahamas - and prompted an outcry from environmentalists when the Bush Administration allowed these exercises to continue. “Extremely unlikely,” says Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution?s Darlene Ketten, an expert on marine-mammal hearing who found hemorrhaging and other signs of trauma in the beaked whales and is now examining tissue from the grounded pilots. Human activities, though, may be part of this fatal mix. Some scientists, Geraci among them, connect a rise in marine-mammal deaths to a sharp increase in toxic plankton blooms-great eruptions of poisonous algae in the sea. As the toxins from these tiny plants pass up the food chain, they become increasingly concentrated until they contaminate the fish on which seals, sea lions and whales feed. Suspected causes of the blooms: the inadvertent fertilization of coastal waters by agriculture runoffs and, most alarmingly, the rise in seawater temperatures from global warming. If so, the death of the whales last week off Cape Cod could be a warning to us all. 这些可能性包括致命的疾病, 也许是吃了有毒的鱼, 或者由于船只发动机的刺耳杂音产 生的惊吓反映。或者是捕食者的突然出现。一些科学家将鲸鱼的搁浅同地磁异常结合起来, 地磁异常可以导致鲸鱼脑部导航组织混乱。 然而, 一个镜头已经非常接近的摒弃了这一原因, 在巴哈马, 美军的海军声纳对突吻鲸产生致命的听力伤害。 布什内阁同意了这些试验继续这 一举动已经引起了环保主义者的大声疾呼,正在测试搁浅巨头鲸的组织专家 Ketten 说, “非 常不可能的。 ”他曾经发现了声纳对突吻鲸产生出血和其它伤害。 尽管如此人类活动可能是这些致命伤害中的一部分,一些科学家,其中 Geraci 将海洋 动物的死亡同大量增加的有毒浮游生物联系在一起, 这些生物是由于有毒的藻类在海洋中的 爆发。 当这些微小植物中的毒素进入到食物链, 它们最终浓缩到海豹海狮以及鲸鱼吃的东西。 这些爆发有可能是由于不注意施肥的海岸农田灌溉径流, 最令人担忧的是, 海洋水温由于全 球变暖的升高,如果是这样,上个星期巨头鲸的死亡是对我们所有人的警示。

Unit 7 Natural Disasters In a drought, just let’er drip
Then he told her the price-$2,200 to install a drip system under the turf. Buresh, a retired legal secretary, opted for a regular sprinkler. That was two years ago, and today, she?s sorry. “In the end,” she says, “I bet I would have saved money because I?ve had $100-a-month water bills trying to get the lawn growing with the sprinkler. No matter how much I tweak it, I still end up watering the sidewalk.” Drip systems aren?t just more efficient; they can actually improve vegetable yields and enhance the growth of ornamental plants, according to irrigation expert Robert Kourik, author of the book Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates. “Drip watering systems are less likely than sprinklers to flood the topsoil, which can kill beneficial bacteria and microbes that help plants grow,” he notes. 他告诉她在草坪下面安装一个滴灌系统价格是 2200 美元。Buresh 是一个退休的法律秘 书,选择了常规洒水装置。这是在两年前,但是今天她反悔了,她说最后我打赌我将节省钱

因为我为了让草坪生长每个月要交 100 元水费。 不论如何我怎么拧它, 我知道人行道才能停 止洒水。 Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates.作者灌溉专家 Robert Kourik 说滴灌 系统不仅仅是更有效, 它能够增加产量并提高观赏植物的生长, 滴灌系统不像洒水装置将表 层土壤淹没,那将杀死有益的细菌和微生物。

Unit 8 Stock Markets
1. Now what? Stocks have dropped below their post-Sept. 11 panic levels. Since March 2000, nearly $7 trillion of stock-market value has been destroyed--a chunk of it no doubt coming out of your 401(k). Far from sensing a bottom, sellers kept digging deeper last week, driving the S&P500 to a level last seen in May 1997. A lot of folks long ago lost the casino?s money; whatever they still have in stocks is money they earned on the job. Should you ride out the slide? Or bail out? 7. Remember: some of the best investment values are found in times of turmoil. Keep putting part of your paycheck into stocks each week through your 401(k), and you?ll look smart in five to 10 years. 什么?股市已经跌到 911 事件后的德水平。从 2000 年 3 月,接近 7 万亿股市资金消失 了,毫无疑问其中一大部分来自于你的 401(k)。还远远没有看到底部,卖家上个星期在继续 向下探底,使得 S&P500 到了 1997 年 3 月的水平。大量的民众失去了他们的娱乐钱;他们 在股市还拥有的钱是他们在工作中挣的。你能安全度过下滑么,还是跳出? 记住, 最好的投资价值被发现在胡乱时期。 每个星期继续把你的部分薪水投入到股市中, 在 5~10 内你会看上去很聪明。

Unit 9 Architecture
Is it really OK? The height of skyscrapers has been limited by many factors, from zoning to the danger of having it blow over in a storm, but the owner?s modesty has rarely entered into it. The attacks on the World Trade Center did, however, make it more likely that a country other than the United States will be the first to put a building in outer space. Just as the brick towers of New York and Chicago once symbolized American?s aspirations to overtake the gable-roofed counting-houses of Europe, today?s glass and metal obelisks make a similar assertion about China and its East Asian neighbors-like Malaysia, which put its capital of Kuala Lumpur on the business map with the 1,483-foot Petronas Towers. “It?s an ego issue and a status thing,” says Hong Kong architect William Lim. “High-rises are the Pyramids of our time.” And next to money, there?s nothing dearer to a developer than status. “You?ve got three or four buildings underway in Asia that are vying to be the world?s tallest,” says Ron Klemencic, chairman of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. “At least once a month I get a press release from one of these guys saying, ?We?re adding floors, we?re putting on a spire.?” Meanwhile, the race to the skies is being driven by mundane advances that have nothing to do with standing up to 767s, but everything to do with making buildings more profitable. Buildings taller than around 80 stories need so many elevators that the shafts tend to swallow the lower floors. But elevators can be made more efficient. “If we ran airports like we run elevators, everybody would just pile into the first airplane and tell the pilot where he was going,” says

transportation engineer Kevin Huntington. In the future (and in some buildings already), passengers will punch their floors into keypads in the lobby and be directed to a specific elevator, so that people going to the same floor travel together--boosting morning rush-hour “throughput” by as much as 30 percent. The other area of progress is in energy use. Ever since the first energy crisis, engineers sought to shut out heat by covering buildings with what London architect Marco Goldschmied of the Richard Rogers Partnership calls “all those rather nasty blue and green colors we saw in the 1980s.” But new window glass achieves even better insulation without any tint at all--which in turn saves more energy on lighting. To maximize that advantage, Carl Galioto of Skidmore predicts that over the next decade office-ceiling heights will gradually increase by as much as six inches (from around nine feet now)--which, naturally, will tend to make buildings even taller. 虽然有很多的限制因素, 人们还是在不停的建造更高的摩天大楼, 一点也不谦虚地接受 那些限制因素, 正如纽约和芝加哥的砖塔曾经象征着美国人超越欧洲山墙屋顶的会计室的愿 望。对于开发者来说,没有什么比地位更重要了。

Unit 10 Genes The Gene that Wouldn’t Sit Still
Not all experts agree. “All too often, people who look at only one gene and see frequency differences between populations assume selection must be the explanation,” says geneticist Kenneth Kidd of Yale University. “In fact, that is the norm.” Still, Chen and others point to evidence that kids with 7R react faster to new challenges, an effect evolution might have favored. In one study, Chen and colleagues at UC-Irvine instructed children to draw a 14-part alien on a blank sheet of paper. After four minutes, children with 7R had done a better job of focusing on instructions and had drawn more complete aliens than other children, the researchers found. Career changes. What these tantalizing clues might mean for kids with ADHD today isn?t clear. Perhaps those with the 7R variant of the gene don?t need medication, just a different career track as explorers, for example, or entrepreneurs. But kids aren?t tested for 7R?and they won?t be until researchers have a better understanding of the gene. “There is a crying need to figure out what the gene actually does,” says anthropologist Henry Harpending of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. 不是所有的专家都同意,Kidd 说,时常,只看到一个基因和只看到不同人群之间的差 异的人认为选择是可以被解释的。实际上,这是一个标准。至今,chen 和其它的专家指出 拥有 7R 基因的小孩对于新挑战的德反应更加迅速,一个有效的进化结果也许被认可。在一 项研究中,Chen 和 UC-Irvine 同事知道小孩在一张空白的纸上画 14 个不同的外国人。研究 人员发现,4 分钟后拥有 7R 基因的小孩集中精神在提示上并画出了更加完整的外国人。 变换职业。今天这些着急的线索并不能证明拥有 ADHD 的小孩才有这样的表现。也许 那些拥有 7R 变种基因的人并不需要治疗,他们仅仅是同探险者或企业家一样有不同的职业 轨迹。但是那些不是检测 7R?基因的小孩将不会得到测试,直到学者们对基因有一个更好的 理解。Harpending 说人们迫切的要求弄明白基因真正到底是什么。

All those young fans have shown team owners that there is money to be made, and that has attracted a new breed of owner. Investor groups, including the likes of Bill Murray, Jimmy Buffett and Nolan Ryan, have discovered they can get into the game for a relatively small investment. You can buy a whole Class A team for $2.5 million. Even better, the salaries of players and coaches of affiliated teams are paid by the big-league teams. (A Class A minor-league rookie makes $850 monthly.) Half the minor-league teams play in stadiums built or completely renovated since 1990. And many of them rival Baltimore's Camden Yards for beauty. Built of red brick and iron, Memphis' AutoZone Park looks as if it were erected in 1880, rather than a few years ago. Are the majors concerned about the competition? Not when they take the long view. Cyclones vice president Jeff Wilpon, whose father Fred owns that team as well as a hunk of the Mets, sees a benefit in getting more kids hooked on the game. And as they grow up, they may just want to go see the nearby Mets, especially if former Cyclones stars are playing. "Part of kids' love for this team is love for the Mets," says Jeff Wilpon. Former Yankees catcher Rick Cerone, who owns the unaffiliated Newark Bears, says his team is giving the whole sport a lift. "We're helping the majors," he says. "We're cultivating younger fans to baseball." Who would have thought that players on teams like the Clinton Lumber Kings or the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes would be doing as much for the game as Barry Bonds?

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