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1.动词不定式 1.1 构成 to + 动词原形,其否定形式为:not to + 动词原形

1.2 常跟动词不定式(短语)作宾语的动词有: refuse, want, decide, plan, hope, wish, agree, seem, allow
E.g. I want to go shopping with you.<

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1.3 常见的接动词不定式(短语)作宾语补足语的动词有 ask, order, wish, tell, invite, allow, teach, get,warn, advise 1.4 动词 help 后的宾语补足语既可以是带 to 的不定式,也可以使省 to 的不定式。
Can you help the girl (to) cross the road? 使役动词(make/let)及 see, hear, watch 后的宾语补足语,在主动语态中常用省略的 to 的不定式(短 语)。These photos make me think of my old days.

1. — Hi, Mr Wang, could you help me____(work) out the problem? — OK, let me try. 2. I don’t think it easy for her ________(finish) the work in two days. 3. The doctor advised me________(not eat) too much candy.

1.5 句型
? It''s + adj. + of/for sb. to do sth. 学好英语对我们来说很重要。 _____________________________________________________________________ ? too ...to... 这房子太贵了,我买不起。 _____________________________________________________________________ ? used to do 汤姆过去经常早上朗读英语。 _____________________________________________________________________ ? It's one's turn to do sth./ It's time to do 轮到你洗地板了。 _____________________________________________________________________ ? I have ......to do 汤姆没啥事可做。 _____________________________________________________________________练习 1. Is it necessary ____________(learn) a foreign language? 2. He is good at _____________(swim). 3. Do you have anything ____________(say) for yourself? 4. It’s spring now. it’s time _____________(plant) trees.

2.不带 to 的不定式(had better do sth. /why (not) do) 征求建议的表达法
①Why don’t you do sth.? ②Why not do sth.? ③How/ What about doing sth.? ④Let’s do sth../ Shall we do sth.? ⑤ Would you like to meet at the school gate? ⑥Why don’t we meet at the school gate? Why not meet at the school gate? How/ What about meeting at the school gate? 回答对方的建议:Good idea. / All right. / Ok. Sorry, I am so busy. I am not sure. /

I am afraid….

( ( )1. I have a lot of things _____ this weekend. A. do B. did C. doing D. to do )2. You’d better _____ upstairs and tell the children_____ make so much noise. A. go; not to B. go; don’t C. to go; not to D. to go; don’t ( )3. Lily likes _____ the clothes of light colour. A. to put on B. putting C. to dress D. wearing ( )4. It’s too late. Why _____ now? A. not to go B. not going C. not go D. don’t go ( )5. Please don’t forget _____ to me, will you? A. to write B. writing C. write

3.动词+Ving 3.1 只能用动词的 ing 作宾语。如: enjoy,avoid, mind,regret 等
keep/find 和感官动词(see, hear, watch) Did you hear Jane singing in her room?

3.2 特殊情况
remember forget stop

3.3 句型
be worth/ look forward to/ feel like/ have no difficulty/trouble keep(on)/ can't help/ be busy/ have fun/

(一)请填入正确的形式 1. Don’t keep me _______(wait) for a long time. 2. The doctor was busy ____________(operate) on the boy at that time. 3.I found a man __________(lock) the door when I passed by. 4. Stop ___________(talk) and listen to me carefully. 5. Look! There is a pet dog ________ (lie) on the ground. Let’s go and play with it. 6. If you want to be healthy, you are supposed to give up ________(smoke). (二)翻译 1. 他太害羞,不敢再公共场合做演讲。(too...to, speech)

2. 我把收音机关小一点,你介意吗?(mind, turn)

3. 外面正下着大雨,你最好待在家。(rain, stay)

4. 约翰过去周末常和他的朋友在网上聊天。(use, chat, Internet)

( )1.It's very nice ________pictures for me. A. of you to draw B. for you to draw C. for you drawing D. of you drawing ( )2.一 It's a bit cold. Would you mind my ______all the windows? 一 Do as you like,please. A.close ( ( B will close C.closing A.to play B playing D.to close C.played D.Plays )3.Mary and I enjoy ____________ badminton A.to understand;reading

)4.---Mr. Wang,I have trouble _______the text.

一 Remember ____it three times at least.

B understanding;reading

C understanding;to read D to understand;to read at night. ( )5.--How are you feeling here? --It's quite hot. I don't know to go or stay. A. how B. when C. whether D. where ( )6.Many people think it's very important us learn English well. A. for, to B. to, to C. with, for D.for,for ( )7.The menu has so many good things! I can’t decide__________. A. what to eat B. how to eat C. where to eat D. when to eat ( )8.---My dad bought me a new MP4, but I don’t know ______________. ---Let’s read the instructions. A. what to use B. which one to use C. how to use it D. when to use it ( )9.It took my daughter two weeks ________the novels _______by Yand Hongying A. read; written B. to read; written C. reading; to write D. to read; wrote ( )10.Drivers are warned ________when they are tired. A. to drive B. not drive C. not to drive ( )11.If you want to know _______the mobile phone, you’d better read the instructions first.. A. how to use B. how to make C. where to mend D. where to buy ( )12.China will spend about 52 billion yuan ____new airports and __old ones in the west of China in the 11th Five-Year Plan period(时期). A.repairing; building ( B to build;repair C.building;repairing D.to repair;build D hearing of )13. students should pay attention to ___________the teacher in class.

A.hear B1isten to C listening to ( )14.---How do you feel when you see the national flag of China? ---It makes us ________proud. A. feel B. to feel C. felt ( )15.—Shopping with me? ---Sorry. I have a lot of clothes __________. A.to wash B.washed C.wash

D. feeling

D.to be washed

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