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一, 单项选择

一. 单项选择 1. ______ weather we have today! A. What a fine B. What fine C. How fine D. How a fine 2. She's finished drawing the picture,but I haven't

____. A. too B. either C. already D. yet 3. Those foreign visitors ____ our city the day before yesterday. A. arrived B. reached C. reached to D. got in 4. — ____ are you late for school? — Never. A. When B. How long C. How soon D. How often 5. Do you often see her ____ volleyball on the playground? A. play B. played C. plays D. to play 6. Li Ping is young,but he ____ many places of interest in South China. A. went to B. has been in C. has gone to D. has been to 7. — Why ____ to the Great Wall this Sunday? — Good idea! A. don't go B. you not go C. not go D. not to go 8. Could you tell me ____ they are talking about? A. where B. when C. Why D. what 9. You had to stay at home yesterday,____ you? A. haven't B. hadn't C. don't D. didn't 10. She is ____ careful as I,but I'm than ____ you. A. as;much careful B. as;much more careful C. so;more careful D. so;very careful 11. We can't see ____ sun at ____ night. A. a;/ B. a;the C. the;/ D. the;the 12. My mother often tells me ____ at others. A. don't laugh B. not to laugh C. to not laugh D. not laugh 13. — Would you like to go to the zoo with us? — ____. A. Yes,please B. That's true C. Yes,I'd love to D. Quite well 14. The rain ____ for nearly five hours. A. fall B. keeps C. lasts D. blows 15. ____ bad weather it is! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a 16. I won't excuse her ____ she says "sorry" to me. A. so B. until C. because D. as 17. — What do you mean ____ "chick",please? — In Chinese it means Xiao ji. A. in B. for C. by D. from 18. Can I have ____ bottle of orange,please?

A. another B. other C. second D. some more 19. I can't answer your questions because I know ____ about the subject. A. few B. little C. a few D. a little 20. Do you know ____? A. when does he go B. when he goes C. where will he go 21. ____ of the boys in Class 4 are playing games. A. All B. Each C. The both D. None 22. It's wrong to ____ your exercise-book at home. A. forget B. lose C. leave D. miss 23. — Hello! Could I speak to Mr. Li,please? — ____. A. Who are you? B. One moment,please. C. Yes,it's a bad line D. What are you? 24. Tom ____ come to the party tonight,but I'm not sure. A. may B. can C. will D. must 25. — ____ do you like the film? — Very much. A. How B. What C. How about D. What about

D. if does he go

二,综合填空(15 分) A. 用所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一次.
hear ,sing ,die, be, teach, wash ,call, not do,work 1. I _____anything when my mother knocked at the door. 2. Listen! Someone ____in the next room. 3. Mother was cooking breakfast while I _____ my face this morning. 4. Mr. Yang was on duty last night. He ____ still ____ in the hospital at 11:00 p.m. 5. Who ____ you English last term? 6. The children were running to move the bag of rice when they _____ () the sound of a motorbike. 7. Please go to the school office and _____ the police. 8. Wang Wei,the young pilot,___ for our country. He will live in our hearts forever. (die) 9. I'm sure it _____(be) a good day tomorrow. 8. died 9. will be

B. 短文填空 .选择适当的单词完成短文. (其中有两个多余选项) .
health,evening,finish,good,late,busy, begin,early, window, night,again,tired Why are we always tired,do you know? Firstly if we can't sleep _1__ we will be tired.But we are often too __2__.We can't __3__ our work in the day and we must do it at__4__.We go to bed __5__ and get up __6__.So we can't sleep well.Most people need at least eight hours and some more.If we sleep for only five or six hour a night,we will be tired. Secondly when we are ill we will be __7__.But we don't know we are ill.So if you are always tired,perhaps you are not so __8__.You'd better go to see a doctor. Thirdly, perhaps you can't eat some kinds of food like eggs,nuts,meat,chocloate or

coffee.If you are ill and tired after eating some food,people don't eat it __9__to see if you are well. At last,if the air around you isn't nice and clean,you will feel tired.So please open our __10__ often or go out for a walk and you will feel better. 1._________ 2._________ 3._________ 4._________ 5._________ 6._________ 7._________ 8._________ 9._________ 10.________

A A young man once went into town and bought himself a pair of trousers. When he got home,he went upstairs to his bedroom and put them on. He found that they were about two inches too long. He went downstairs to the kitchen. His mother and two sisters were washing up the tea-things there. "The new trousers are too long,"he said. "They need shortening by about two inches. Could one of you do it for me,please?" His mother and sister were busy and none of them said anything. But as soon as his mother had finished washing up,she went quietly upstairs to her son's bedroom and shortened the trousers by two inches. She came downstairs without saying anything to her daughters. Later on,after supper,the elder sister remembered her brother's trousers. She was a kind-hearted girl, so she went quietly upstairs without saying anything to anyone,and shortened the trousers by two inches. The younger sister went to the cinema,but when she came home she,too,remembered her brother's trousers. So she ran upstairs and did as her mother and sister had done. You can imagine the look on the young man's face when he put the trousers on the next morning. 1. The young man's trousers were ______ for him at first. A. a bit too long B. very good C. not too long D. too short 2. The young man's mother and sisters didn't answer because they were busy ______ in the kitchen. A. cooking B. making tea C. washing clothes D. washing cups,glasses and so on 3. His elder sister shortened the trousers ______. A. in the evening B. after lunch C. as soon as she had finished the washing D. after she came back from the cinema 4. The next morning the young man found that the trousers were ______ inches too short for him. A. two B. four C. six D. eight 5. We can imagine that when the young man put the trousers on the next morning,he would feel A. happy B. surprising C. surprised D. thankful B My husband hasn't stopped laughing about a funny thing that happened to me. It's funny now but it wasn't at the time. Last Friday,after doing all the family shopping in town,I wanted a rest before catching the train,so I bought a newspaper and some chocolate and went into the station coffee shop--- that was a cheap self-service place with long tables to sit at. I put my heavy bag down on the floor, the newspaper and chocolate on the put table to keep a place,and went to get a cup of coffee.

When I went back with the coffee,there was someone in the next seat. It was one of those wild-looking youngsters, with dark glasses and worn clothes, hair colored bright red at the front. Not so unusual these and days. What did surprise me was that he'd started to eat my chocolate! Naturally, was annoyed. However, avoid trouble---and really I was rather uneasy about him --- I just I to looked down at the front page of the newspaper, tasted my coffee and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me closely. Then he took a second piece of my chocolate. I could hardly believe it. Still I didn't dare to start an argument. When he took a third piece, I felt more angry than uneasy. I thought, "Well, shall have I the last piece." And I got it. The boy gave me a strange look,then stood up. As he left he shouted out. "This woman's crazy!" Everyone stared. That was embarrassing(令人难堪的) enough,but it was worse when I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face went red---as red as his hair---when I realized I'd made a mistake. It wasn't my chocolate that he'd been taking. There was mine,unopened,just under my newspaper. 1. The woman telling the story ____. A. always went shopping with her family on Fridays B. had been very busy and needed some time to recover C. wanted a newspaper and some chocolate to take home to her family D. bought a newspaper and some chocolate so that she could keep a place at the table 2. When the woman came back to the table,she was surprised ____. A. because she wasn't sure whether the youngster was a boy or a girl B. because the youngster was dressed so strangely C. because there was already someone sitting in the next seat D. because the youngster's behavior seemed rude 3. When the woman saw the boy go on eating the chocolate,she felt ____. A. too tired to start an argument B. too shy to look in the boy's direction C. more and more disappointed at losing the chocolate D. more and more angry with the boy 4. The woman's face turned red ____. A. because she realized that she had been quite wrong about the boy B. because she realized that the boy was poor and angry C. because she saw everyone staring at her D. because she hated being shouted at 5. From the story we can see the woman ____. A. was crazy B. was being careless C. was careless and selfish D. often made mistakes C Live Music-Late Night Jazz(爵士乐 爵士乐) 爵士乐 Enjoy real American jazz from Herbier Davis,the famous trumpet player(号手). He is known to play well into the early hours,so don't want to get much sleep. PLACE:The Jazz Club 28,2002 DATES:15-23 June

PRICE(价格): ¥100~150 TEL:4668736

TIME: 10p.m.till late!

Scottish Dancing Scottish dancing is nice and easy to learn. The wonderful dance from England will be give. PLACE:Jack Stein's PRICE:¥150 TEL:4021877 DATES:10-20 May TIME:7-10 p.m.

Shows-Anhui Museum There are 12,000 pieces on show here. You can see the whole of Chinese history. PLACE: Anhui Museum PRICE:¥60(¥30 for students) TEL:4886888 a.m.-9 p.m. DATES: 1Mar-30 Jun TIME:Monday-Friday Weekends 9

Your pen-friend is coming from Australia to your city for a holiday. You send him this E-mail(电子邮 件) to tell him something about the hotels(旅馆). SUN HOTEL Dates night) 1 Oct–31 Dec 1 Jan-31 Mar 1 Apr-30 Apr (closed) 1 May-31 May 1 Jun-30 Sep Prices (a ¥168 ¥148 …… ¥188 ¥208 ROSE HOTEL Prices (a night) ¥198 ¥178 …… ¥218 ¥248

American schools begin in September after a long summer vacation. There are two terms in a school year. The first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most students are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish school. High school student take only four or five subjects each term. They usually go to the same classes every day, and they have homework for every class. After class they do many interesting things. After high school, many students go to college. They can go to a small one or a large one. They usually have to give a lot of money. So many college students work after class to get the money for their studies. 1. How long is the summer holiday in America? . 2. How old do most American children begin to go to school? . 3. What do many students do after high school? . 4. Why do American college students work after class? . 5.How many subjects do high school students take each term? ———————————————————————————— 四,书面表达 (15 分) 向 Mr smith 写一封求助信,内容是:Anna 是我的好朋友,她和我年龄一样大. 她很不错.我们相处得很好,但她经常借我的东西.昨天她借了我的英语书,至今还没 还给我,我不能做作业,我不想和她吵架,但我不知道该怎么办.

TEL:4686788 E-mail:Li Hong @ 163.com. 1. If you want to watch dancing,you can call _______. A. 4668736 B. 4021877 C. 4886888 D. 46k86788 2. You can see the whole of Chinese history at _______ in April in Anhui Museum. A. 3 p.m. every day B. 9 p.m. from Monday to Friday C. 7 a.m. at weekends D. 7 p.m. every day 3. You can enjoy _______ at Jack Stein's. A. American jazz B. Scottish dancing C. 12,000 pieces on show D. yourself all night 4. Sun Hotel and Rose Hotel are open for _____ months of the year. A. nine B. ten C. eleven D. twelve 5. You have ¥148,and you can ________ in May. A. listen to Jazz B. watch Scottish dancing C. go to Anhui Museum D. stay in Sun Hotel for a night

(D) 阅读下面短文,回答问题

,附加题:按要求变换下列句型 (A)写出间接引语 1. Lana said,"I'm mad at Marcia". 2.He said to me,"I will call you tomorrow." day.




the next

3.The teacher said"The moon moves around the earth." 4.She said,"I go to school every Monday." 5.My sister said to me,"I'm going to help you." My sister help (B)写出同义句 6.He is very healthy He is 5.


going to

一. 单项选择 1. B 2. D 11. C 12. B 21. A 22. C

3. B 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. D 13. C 14. C 15. A 16. B 17. C 18. A 19. B 23. B 24. A 25. A

10. B 20. B

A 1. wasn't doing 2. is singing3.;was washing4. was working 5. taught 6. heard7. call B 1 well 2 busy 3 finish 4 night 5 late 6 early 7 tired 8 healthy 9 again 10 window 三. 阅读理解 A. 1. A 2. D B. 1. B 2. D C. 1. B 2. A

3. A 3. D 3. B

4. B 4. A 4. C

5. C 5. B 5. C


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