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Ⅰ.用所给动词的正确形式填空 1.We often (play) in the playground. 答案:play 2.He (get) up at six o’clock every day. 答案:gets 3. you (brush) your teeth ev

ery morning? 答案:Do;brush 4.What (do) he usually (do) after school? 答案:does;do 5.Danny (study) English,Chinese,maths,science and art at school. 答案:studies 6.—What are you (do) now? —I (eat) bread. 答案:doing;am eating 7.It’s nine o’clock.My father (work) in the office. 答案:is working 8.Look, the boy (put) the rubbish into the bin. 答案:is putting 9.— he (clean) the classroom? —No, he isn’t.He (play). 答案:Is;cleaning;is playing 10.—Where is Mike? —He (run) on the playground. 答案:is running 11.I (leave) in a minute.I (finish)all my work before I (leave). 答案:am leaving;will finish;leave 12.I (be) tired.I (go) to bed early tonight. 答案:am;will go 13.Mary’s birthday is next Monday;her mother (give)her a present. 答案:will give 14.He (be) fine tomorrow. 答案:will be Ⅱ.单句改错 1.By the time you finished this book,your meal will get cold. 2.Don’t worry.The hard work that you do now will be repay later in life. 3.Close the door of fear behind you,and you see the door of faith open before you. 4.Let’s to keep a secret. 5.There might have a dolphin show in the zoo tomorrow evening. 6.Planning so far ahead made no sense—so many things will have changed by next year. 7.All visitor to this village are treated friendly. 8.That piece of music sound familiar.


9.I’ll go to the library as soon as I will finish what I am doing. 10.In the near future,more advances in the robot technology will made by scientists. 答案:1.you 后加 have 2.repay→repaid 3.第一个 you 后加 will 4.去掉 to 5.have→be 6.made→makes 7.visitor→visitors 8.sound→sounds 9.去掉 will 10.made 前加 be Ⅲ.阅读理解 Every day is a gift,and if you look forward to spending each day with happiness, wake up every morning with a positive attitude and enjoy a beautiful day! Set up a daily plan for yourself and ensure that you reserve enough time for your homework.Also,don’t forget to spare some time for play!Stop being lazy and start participating in your life instead of just watching it pass by.Try to do something fun and constructive every day.Read a book,write something interesting in your diary,try a new hobby,spend time with your friends,or just watch your favorite show on television,and you will see how every moment of your day unfolds.You’ll achieve better results,and ultimately greater success. However,every day will not be the way you want it to be.Some days will be good,while some will be bad.You won’t be always happy and smiling.You may come across many challenges.Don’t forget to remind yourself to slow down and take care of yourself.In today’s busy lifestyle,it is necessary to relax to bring balance and joy back into your life.So,take charge of your life.Enjoy and appreciate the small things around you.Do a good deed and make others happy.Sometimes,doing something as simple as having a cup of tea with an old friend or a family member,listening to a cheerful song,or just writing down all the things that make you happy could indeed turn your day around! Review and analyze your day before you retire at night.Reward yourself for completing the set goals and prepare the stage for the next day.This will impact your sleep and overall happiness levels.Plan for the next day,take a good rest,and wake up fresh the next morning! If you feel you are doing the same things every day,step out of your comfort zone and set aside some time to do things you have never done before.Stretch your limits.Not only will it make a boring day exciting but it will also build your confidence. 1.Who are the intended readers of the passage? A.Teachers. B.Students. C.Workers. D.People in general. 答案:B 提示:考查细节理解。根据第二段的前两句可知,每天都需要留出足够的时间来完成家庭作业,还要 挤出时间玩耍,这样的读者最有可能是学生。 2.Why is “read a book” mentioned in the second paragraph? A.To show readers how to make them happy. B.To tell readers to learn hard for their future. C.To supply readers with ways of killing time. D.To offer readers suggestions on hobbies. 答案:A 提示:考查细节理解。根据第二段中的“Try to do something fun and constructive every day.”可知,作者提到“阅读一本书”,就是为了告诉读者一些让自己快乐而又同时有益于自己的 方法。 3.What can we infer from the third paragraph? A.Every day is beautiful and worth-remembering.


B.Your future is up to yourself and your friends. C.A good start is definitely good for the future. D.You should make a difference in your day. 答案:D 提示:考查推理判断。根据第三段的“So,take charge of your life.Enjoy and appreciate the small things around you.Do a good deed and make others happy.”可知,生活中有欢乐也有 忧愁,重要的是要照顾好自己的生活。感恩生活的同时也要做善事给别人带来快乐,也就是个人要 有所作为。 4.What would be the best title for the passage? A.How to make the most of your day B.How to lead a happy and satisfying life C.Act now without delay to change your life D.Spare time to focus on daily responsibilities 答案:A 提示:考查标题判断。文章第一段就提到要想每天生活幸福,早上起来就要有一个积极的态度。接 着文章谈到既要认真学习,也要会玩。生活中有欢乐也有忧愁,要正确面对。晚上要做好总结,规划 第二天,保障睡眠。还要不断尝试,勇于创新。这实际上就是不要虚度每一天。 Ⅳ.完形填空 How often do you let other people’s nonsense change your mood? Do you let a bad driver,impolite waiter,rude boss,or an insensitive employee 1 your day? One day I was in a taxi and we headed 2 the airport.We were driving in the 3 lane when suddenly a black car drove out of a parking space right in front of us.My taxi driver slammed on his 4 ,slide sideways,and at the very last moment our car stopped and 5 the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car looked around and started 6 at us. My taxi driver just 7 and waved at the guy.And he was really 8 .So I asked,“Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!” This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call “The Law of the Garbage Truck”.He explained that many people are like garbage trucks.They run around full of 9 ,full of frustration,full of anger,and full of disappointment.As their garbage 10 up,they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on 11 .Don’t take it personally.Just smile,wave,wish them well,and move on. Believe me.You’ll be 12 .Don’t take their garbage and 13 it to other people at work,at home,or on the streets.Life’s too short to wake up in the morning with 14 .The mark of your success is how quickly you can refocus on what’s 15 in your life.Roy Baumeister,a psychology researcher from Florida State University,found in his extensive research that you 16 bad things more often than good things in your life.You store the bad memories more easily,and you 17 them more frequently. So,love the people who treat you right.Ignore the ones who don’t.Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you 18 it! When you follow “The Law of the Garbage Truck”,you take back control of your life.You make room for the good by 19 go of the bad.Have a Garbage-Free Day! Have a marvelous,garbage-free day! The seeds you plant today 20 the harvest you reap tomorrow. 1.A.enrich B.ruin C.spare D.obtain 答案:B 提示:下文叙述的是出租车司机的豁达和睿智:不要让那些满 腹怒气骂骂咧咧的人影响自己的心情, 做自己该做的事情。作者设问“你会让??等人毁坏你一天的心情吗”以引起下文。ruin“毁 坏”;enrich“丰富”;spare“抽出,腾出”;obtain“获得”。均与下文语境不合。故 B 项正确。


2.A.through B.to C.in D.for 答案:D 提示:head for“前往”。介词 for 表示方向。类似的短语还有 leave for,故 D 项正确。 3.A.latter B.right C.opposite D.free 答案:B 提示:latter“后者”;right“正确的;右边的”;opposite“相反的;对面的”;free“有空的;免 费的;自由的”;作者乘坐的出租车应该是在“正确的”车道上行驶。作者提及此事是为了衬托下 文小车司机的无礼。故选择 B 项。 4.A.brakes B.door C.window D.seat 答案:A 提示:一辆小车突然从路旁停车位驶出,出租车司机只得猛踩“刹车”。故选择 brakes(车刹),A 项 正确。由常理可知“门窗,座位”不合题意。 5.A.knocked B.overtook C.missed D.lost 答案:C 提示:knock“敲”;overtake“超过,超越”;miss“错过;思念”;lose“遗失”。出租车司机紧急 刹车、向旁边猛打方向,才避免了与小车相撞。miss“错过;未击中”。故 C 项正确。 6.A.laughing B.throwing C.glancing D.yelling 答案:D 提示:从下文作者不理解出租车司机的友善举动可推断,此处应该是小车司机无礼。laugh at“嘲 笑”;throw sth.at sb.“将某物向某人砸过去”; glance at“看一眼”;yell at sb.“对某人 吼叫”。故选择 D 项。 7.A.wondered B.smiled C.ignored D.guessed 答案:B 提示:此处显示出租车司机的大度,对着对方“微笑,挥手”,丝毫没有因为小车司机有错且无礼以 及差点发生的严重后果而生气,反而主动示好。wonder“想知道,纳闷”;guess“猜测”; ignore“不理,忽略”。不合语境。故选择 B 项。 8.A.friendly B.angry C.tired D.disappointed 答案:A 提示:出租车司机主动示好不是因为怕事或敷衍,而是真诚地表示友善,所以作者不能理解。 angry“愤怒的”;disappointed“失望的”;tired“疲劳的”,故选 friendly,A 项正确。 9.A.expectation B.passengers C.garbage D.goods 答案:C 提示:expectation“期望,期待”;passenger“乘客”;garbage“垃圾”;goods“货物”。前一句 提到“垃圾车定律”。这里及后文是对该定律的解释。故选 C 项。 10.A.turns B.pushes C.holds D.piles 答案:D 提示:turn up“出现”;push“推”;hold up“延误”;pile up“堆积”。垃圾堆积起来就需要找 地方倾倒。故 D 项正确。 11.A.roads B.children C.you D.dustbin 答案:C 提示:road“道路”;child“儿童”;you“你”;dustbin“垃圾箱”。这些满腹“垃圾”的人有时 会将不良情绪倾泻到他们碰到的任何人身上。本题选择 you,泛指任何人。故 C 项正确。 12.A.upset B.happier C.pitiful D.frightened 答案:B


提示:upset“难过的”;happy“快乐的、幸福的”;pitiful“可怜的”;frightened“害怕的”。 作者说,相信他说的话,你就会“快乐一些”。故选择 B 项。 13.A.spread B.share C.explain D.contribute 答案:A 提示:不要接受别人倾倒的“垃圾”并转倒给其他人。spread sth.to sb.“将某事传给某 人”;share sth.with sb.“与某人分享某物”。故选择 A 项。 14.A.surprise B.pleasure C.doubt D.regrets 答案:D 提示:surprise“惊讶”;pleasure“乐趣”;doubt“疑虑”;regret“后悔”。如果不接受别人的 “垃圾”并转倒给其他人,你就不会因轻率冲动而后悔。人生苦短,每天早晨从“后悔”中醒来是 难以承受之重。故选择 D 项。 15.A.funny B.important C.strange D.embarrassing 答案:B 提示:funny“有趣的”;important“重要的”;strange“奇怪的”;embarrassing“令人尴尬 的”。能否成功的标志在于你能否迅速忘却不快而专注于“重要”的人生目标。故选择 B 项。 16.A.remember B.forget C.value D.appreciate 答案:A 提示:remember“记得”;forget“忘记”;value“重视”;appreciate“欣赏,感激”。后句说到 人们更容易储存不好的记忆,所以此处说的是人们更经常“记住”的是糟糕的事情。故 A 项正确。 17.A.enjoy B.exchange C.recall D.imagine 答案:C 提示:enjoy“享受,喜爱”;exchange“交换”;recall“记起,回忆起”;imagine“想象”。人们 更容易储存不好的记忆,自然也更容易“回想”起不好的记忆。故选择 C 项。 18.A.inspire B.take C.mend D.notice 答案:B 提示:inspire“激励”;take“接受,参加”;mend“修补,修正”;notice“注意到,看到”。生活 中你的努力只占一成,九成取决于你的生活态度。此处 take 意为“接受”。故 B 项正确。 19.A.letting B.consisting C.making D.dreaming 答案:A 提示:let“让;允许”;consist“包括,包含”;make“制造”;dream“梦想,希望”。只有“忘 却”不好的,才能为美好的东西在心中留下位置。let go of sth.“放弃;忘却”。故 A 项正确。 20.A.distinguish B.deserve C.deliver D.determine 答案:D 提示:今天播下的种子“决定”明天的收获。distinguish“区分,分辨”;deserve“应得,配 得”;deliver“投递,分发”。故 D 项正确。


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