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2013届高三英语第一轮单元复习 Unit 14 Careers

2013届高三英语第一轮 复习课件

Unit 14



Studying aims and demands 名 词:carpenter, chemist, receptionist, typist, insurance, bonus, fee, income, rew

ard, wage, summary, guidance, paragraph, timetable, institute, aid, pump, data, deer, charge, topic, receipt, error, liquid, comprehension, chart, nursery, collar, appointment, childhood, typewriter, instant, battle, moral, basis, corn, cattle, frost, grain, lip, mud, wisdom, idiom, universe, mankind, nest, feather, existence, glory, stage, wrist, judgement, division, branch, continent, comfort, slave, arithmetic, qualification 动 词:charge, consult, quarrel, overcome, grasp, inspect, commit, bend,hesitate, twist, decrease, multiply, operate, respond, envy, bother, panic, enclose 形容词:casual, civil, surrounding, steep, junior, illegal, dynamic, flexible, booming 副 词:constantly, beneath


shop assistant, take charge of, make up, make out, go
into detail(s), speak up, sit up, junior high, believe Expressions in,turn over, pay off, keep up with, in case, curriculum

vitae, due to, in addition
1.So far, nothing has been done and there are only ten Sentences days until the performance. 2.The instant she stopped asking questions, I got up and went out of the room. Grammar 1.Reported Requests and Orders (祈使句的间接引语)

2.Reported Statement (陈述句的间接引语)


A letter of application (求职信)

Personality and job success When you use or take personality tests, what are the factors that lead to job success? There are several personality factors that have been correlated with general success in jobs, although it has also been shown that too much of one factor can cause problems. Key success factors A couple of factors have been shown to be highly correlated with success in jobs.

Intelligence A number of studies have shown that general intelligence often correlates well with job success.Basically, it means that intelligent

people are generally good at jobs. Hire bright people and they will
be able to do what you ask them. There may also be other related factors in this.For exam-ple, you could argue that intelligent people are able to understand not

only the task factors required to succeed in a role but also the social factors.Following the conjecture ( 推测), if you link intelligence to
education and a good upbringing, then values-based factors such as conscientiousness and agreeableness may also be seen as related.

Conscientiousness Conscientiousness has also been shown by several studies as being highly correlated with job success. If a person is conscientious, he will work hard to complete work he has committed himself to doing.He can also be left alone without need for constant supervision. 小组讨论 1.What career will suit your personality?

2.What are the factors that lead to job success?

Warm-up & Lesson 1 Your Choice
Everybody's good at something! Do this personality test and find the right job for you. 1 .A friend is having problems writing a plot summary for a
book report.She asks you to help her.What would you do? a)Help her after school.Tell her to phone you if she needs any more guidance. b)Give her a model paragraph and tell her the names of some helpful books. c)Suggest ways to write a clear, accurate summary. d)Tell her to make a timetable so she can finish the plot summary and book report on time.

2 . You are working for an institute that gives aid to the poor in a small village.Your boss tells your team to repair an old pump near a river.What would you do? a)Ask the villagers what they want.Ask them to give you advice.

b)Choose a certain job that you think you could do well, such
as collecting data.Then plan how you could do the job well. c)Try to improve the design of the pump.Look at the river and see if there is a better place to build the pump. d)Ask everybody in your team to do certain jobs.Make sure they know what to do.Choose one of the hardest jobs for yourself to set an example.

3 .You are on a school trip and the coach has an accident when a deer runs across the road.No one is hurt, but you are stuck on a forest road with no traffic.It is getting dark and it

has started to snow.What would you do?
a)Talk to anybody who looks afraid or worried.Tell them not to

b)Keep calm.You know that the situation is not really

dangerous and somebody is going to get help.
c)Tell your friends a story, while you are waiting for help.

d)Take charge of the situation.Ask a small group to go to the
nearest village to get help.Tell everybody on the bus to put on more clothes to keep warm.

4 . Last week your teacher asked your class to perform a short play for the school.So far, nothing has been done and there are only ten days until the performance.What would you

a)Offer to take part and ask others to do the same.Help people

to learn their lines.
b)Organise some of the practical things, such as costumes,

sce-nery and sound effects.
c)Think of topics for the play.Write the dialogue and show it to the class. d)Offer to direct the performance.Choose people for different roles.

人各有专长! 做下面的性格测试,看看你适合做什么工作。 1.一位朋友在为一份读书报告写情节摘要时遇到了一些困

难。她来向你寻求帮助,你会怎么做? a)放学后帮助她。告诉她如果需要更多的指导就给你打电
话。 b)给她一段范文,并告诉她可以找到相关信息的书目。 c)提出写一份清晰、准确的摘要的方法。 d)告诉她制订一份工作时间表,以便能准时完成情节摘要


2.你在一个小村子的为贫困户提供帮助的机构里工作,你的 上司要求你的团队去修缮一条河附近的一台老水泵。你会怎么

做? a)询问村民需要什么,请他们给你提出建议。 b)选择一项你认为能做好的工作去做,如收集资料,然后
计划如何很好地完成这项工作。 c)尽力改进水泵的设计。勘察河流,看是否有更适合建造水 泵的河段。 d)给团队中的每一个人分配一些工作,并让他们明确自己


3.在一次学校组织的郊游中,长途车在躲闪一只冲过马路的 鹿时出了事故。虽然无人受伤,但车陷在了一条不能通车的林

a)和那些看上去恐惧焦虑的人交谈,让他们不必担忧。 b)保持镇定。你知道情况并不是真的很危险,并且有人正 在去求助。 c)在等待救援时给朋友们讲一个故事。 d)控制住局面。派一小队人去最近的村子求助,告诉车上 的人加穿衣服保暖。

4.上周老师要求你们班为学校表演一幕短剧。离演出只剩下 十天,但到目前为止,你们还什么也没做。你会怎么做? a)主动要求参加并请其他人也参加。帮助其他人记台词。

c)为短剧出谋划策,编写对白并将其展示给全班同学。 d)主动要求担任导演,选择演员饰演不同角色。


1.What does the phrase “learn their lines” mean? C
A.Learn how to be polite. B.Learn how to wait in line. C.Learn words spoken by a particular actor. D.Learn how to run. 2.From the text, if you choose A in the first question, you may C be a(n) ________ person.


B.confident D.emotional

3.If you choose B in Question 2, which job fits you? A.Teller. C.Artist. B.Nurse. D.Manager.


4.Since you are very motivated and strong, in the situation of
Question 3, what will you not do? D A.Take charge of the situation. B.Ask a small group to go to the nearby village to get help.

C .Tell everybody on the bus to put on more clothes to keep
warm. D.Keep calm and comfort others.

5.What is the main idea of the text? A.Everybody is good at something.


B.It is a personality test, which helps to find a right job.
C.It describes different kinds of people.

D.It is a personality test, which helps to find a friend.

二、概括课文大意(30 词左右) 文章给读者做了一个性格测试,通过读者对四个问题的回 答,读者可以了解到自己的性格,选择适合自己的工作,同时

【答案】 This passage gives the readers a personality test, through which the readers can learn more about their characteristics and find a right job for themselves.The test also shows that everybody is good at something and we should have confidence.

Tim gets paid an hourly wage of $20 for working in

the supermarket.(P21, Warm-up) 蒂姆在超市工作一小时有 20
美元的薪金。 1.wage n.薪金,工资 典例 His wages are three hundred dollars a week. 他的工资为每周三百美元。

辨析 wage/salary/income/pay (1)wage 指简单劳动或体力劳动者所得的“工资、工钱”, 通常按周、日等短期计算发给,常用复数形式。

(2)salary 是指非体力劳动者所得到的“工资、薪水”,通常 按月(有时按季或年)计算,而且是指“基本工资”。
(3)income 一般是指总收入或进账, 比较口语化, 可以用 在个人,也可以用在企业;不仅限于工资,也可指一个国家的 收入。 (4)pay 指针对劳动所支付的报酬,它包含 salary 和 wage(s),


运用 用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空 Salary (1)Your last month's ________ will be paid by remittance ( 汇 款). pay (2)The miners went on strike for higher ________.

wage (3)We expect a fair day's ________.
income (4)He spends a large percent of his ________ on food and drink.

The old lady is offering a reward of $50 to anyone who finds her cat for her!(P21, Warm-up)这个老妇人将给为她找到 猫的人 50 美元作为报酬。 2.reward n.奖赏 vt.酬劳,奖赏(常用于被动语态) 典例 You have received a just reward. 你已得到了应有的报酬。 Winners will be rewarded a trip to England. 优胜者将获得去英国旅游的奖赏。 拓展 in reward (for...) 作为(对……的)报酬 give a reward to sb. for sth.为某事给某人报酬

reward sb. for (doing) sth.因(做了)某事而报答某人
reward sb. with sth.用某物报答或奖赏某人

辨析 reward/award/prize (1)reward 作名词,意为“奖赏,报酬,奖金”,表示由于 做了某事而获得的回报或报酬,既可以是钱,也可以是物或精 神鼓励。 (2)award 意为“奖品,奖金”,指正式地或由官方颁发的

(3)prize 意为“奖赏,奖金,奖品”,多指在比赛中赢得的 奖项。 运用 用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空 reward (1)That brave deed should worth a better ________. award (2)The novel earned him a literary ________. prize (3)The boys competed with each other for the ________. reward (4)Is this how you ________ me for my help?

Lawyers charge

higher fee



Warm-up)律师收费比医生更高。 3.charge vt.收费,要价 典例 n.收费

How much do you charge me for two nights in the

hotel?在这个酒店住两个晚上多少钱? The charge for admission is $5.入场费五美元。 拓展 charge sb.some money for sth.因某物向某人收费 free of charge 免费 运用 完成句子 charge for (1)How much do you ________________ (要价) your eggs? free of charge (2)You can visit the museum ________________ (免费).

A friend is having problems writing a plot summary for a book report.(P22, Question 1)一位朋友在为一份读书报告

4.have problems (in) doing sth.做某事有困难 点拨 该短语中的 problems 可用 trouble 或 difficulty 代替, 而且可以用 no, little, some, great 等词修饰,表示困难的程度。

I have some problems/trouble/difficulty (in) reading her


拓展 have a good time/fun (in) doing sth. 做某事很开心 have a hard time (in) doing sth.
运用 完成句子 (1)We had problems (in) understanding (难以懂得) what he said. (2)They seem to have a good time/fun (in) working (工作得很 做某事很辛苦

开心) in this company.

5.summary n.摘要,总结 adj.概括的,扼要的 点拨 (1) 作名词时是可数名词, 后常接介词 of ,表示 “……摘要,……总结”。如: He made a summary of the case. 他为这个案件做了一个摘要。 (2)作形容词时,无比较等级。如: He gave a summary report of the day's events. 他对一天的事件作了简要的报告。 拓展 in summary 总的来说,简要地说 make a summary 做摘要/总结 运用 完成句子 made a summary of (1)He ________________ (总结) what had been done. a summary method (2)I went through by ________________ (一个简易的方法).

Tell her to phone you if she needs any more guidance. (P22, Question 1)告诉她如果需要更多的指导就给你打电话。 6.guidance n.指导 典例 We would appreciate guidance from an expert in this

field.我们将欢迎该领域专家的指导。 拓展 under sb's guidance 在某人的指导下 take sb.under one's guidance 置某人于自己的庇护之下 运用 完成句子 Under his guidance ________________ ( 在 他 的 指 导 下 ), we finished the work smoothly.

You are working for an institute that gives aid to the poor in a small village.(P22, Question 2)你在一个小村子里的为 贫困户提供帮助的机构里工作。 7.aid n.援助,帮助 典例 vt.有助于;帮助,救助,支援

He should be able to read this without the aid of a

A good dictionary can aid language learning. 一部好词典有助于语言学习。 She made no effort to aid Sophia. 她没有努力去帮助索菲娅。


in aid of 为了帮助……

by/with the aid of 通过……的帮助 do/give/offer first aid 进行急救 aid sb.in (doing) sth.在某方面帮助某人 运用 完成句子

with/by the aid of (1)Germs can only be seen ________________ ( 借 助 ) a
microscope. in aid of (2)The collection is ________________ (为了帮助) the blind. aid the poor (3)He raised the money to ________________ (帮助穷人).

Choose one of the hardest jobs for yourself to set an example.(P22, Question 2) 自己承担一项最艰巨的任务以作表 率。

8.set an example 树立榜样
点拨 set 可接双宾语,若双宾语易位,通常用介词 to,即

set an example to sb.=set sb. an example。 example 前可用 good, bad 等词修饰。如: She arrived at the office early to set an example to the others. 为了给他人作表率,她很早就来到办公室。

拓展 for example 例如 give an example to 做……的榜样,给……树立榜样

follow sb's example 学习某人,以某人为榜样
take sb. as an example 以某人为榜样 take sb./sth. for example 以某人/某事为例 运用 完成句子 set an example to (1)Her diligence has ________________ (为……树立了榜样)

the others. (2)He said he would take her as an example/follow her example __________________________________
(以她为榜样). For example (3)________________ ( 例 如 ), London is the capital of Britain.

No one is hurt, but you are stuck on a forest road with

no traffic.(P22, Question 3)虽然无人受伤,但是车陷在了一条不
能通车的林间小路上。 9.be stuck on 陷入,卡住 点拨 be stuck=get stuck, 其后所接的介词根据该短语后

的名词而定,可用 in, on, at 等。如:
Our car seems to be/get stuck in the mud. 我们的车好像陷入了泥坑里。

运用 用适当的介词填空 in (1)What would you do when you were stuck ________ a forest alone? at (2)Stuck ________ home like that, she felt bored. on (3)This morning I was stuck ________ the bus for nearly an hour. Take charge of the situation.(P22, Question 3) 控制住 局面。 10.take charge of 接管,控制,负责 典例 We must find someone to take charge of the project.


Professor Smith takes charge of the literature class. 史密斯教 授负责文学班。
拓展 (1)be in charge of 负责,主管 in/under the charge of 在……的掌管之下(表被动) (2)由 take 构成的相关短语: take control of 控制

take notice of 注意到
take care of 照顾 take advantage of 利用

运用 完成句子

(1)The President flew back immediately and
took charge/control of (控制住了) the bad situation. __________________ in charge of (2)He is the manager ________________ (负责) sales. Take notice of (3)________________ (注意) what I have told you.

Check for errors, please.(P23, Ex 7)请找出错误。 11.error n.错误 典例 He admitted that he'd made an error. 他承认他犯了一个错误。 拓展 in error 弄错了;错误地 运用 完成句子 in error (1)The letter was sent to you ________________ (错误地). typing errors (2)The letter contains a number of ______________ ( 打印错 误).

He should consult Mr Jensen about the new account on the 24th.(P23, Ex 8)他应该询问詹森 24 号的新账目。 12.consult vt.请教,查阅 典例 I have to consult the manager.我得询问一下经理。 You can consult a dictionary of place names. 你可以查阅地名字典。 拓展 consult sb.about sth.向某人请教某事 consult sth.with sb.与某人商量某事 运用 用适当的介词填空 with (1)You should consult the matter ________ your father. about (2)You should consult a doctor ________ your illness.

don't quarrel with anyone (P23, Ex 9)别和任何人吵架 13.quarrel vi.争吵,吵架 n.吵架,争论 典例 They often quarrel for nothing.他们经常无端争吵。

He is good-natured and has never had a quarrel with anyone.他
脾气很好, 从不和任何人争吵。 拓展 quarrel with sb.about/over sth.因某事和某人争吵 quarrel with sth.不同意/抱怨某事 运用 完成句子 quarrels with (1)She often ________________ her husband (因……与……争吵) trivial (琐碎的) matters. quarreled with (2)He ________________ (反对) my suggestion that television caused violence. about/over

本课时单词 chemist n. 化学家

拓展词汇 chemistry n.化学


1.-ist 和-ant 为名词后缀, reception n.接待处,招待会;接 表示从事某种职业的人。 如:artist 艺术家; receptionist n. 受 receipt n.收据,收条 accountant 会计。 接待员 2.以 y 结尾的名词,去 y 加 receive v.收到,接到 -ize 构成动词。如: summary n. summarize v.摘要,概述 摘要,总结 memorize 记忆。 guidance n. guide vt.带领;指导 n.向导, 3.-ance 和-tion 为抽象名词 指导 后缀。如:assistance 援助; 导游 consultation n.磋商(会议),咨询 attention 注意。 consult vt. 请教,查阅 consultant n.顾问

运用 用所给单词的适当形式填空 chemist 1.I got this medicine at the shop of ________ (chemistry). reception 2 . The school gave a ________ (receive) to their new headmaster.

3 . After I paid the money, the shop assistant gave me a receipt ________ (receive).
4 . She has received (receive) his present, but she will not __________ accept it. 5.He summarized (summary) the book in ten pages. __________

guidance 6 . Under his father's ________ (guide), he learned how to swim. 7.He is a consultant (consult) on law affairs to the mayor. ________

consulted 8 . He ________ (consult) the workers to understand the
technical process.

So far, nothing has been done and there are only ten days until the performance.(P22, Question 4)离演出只剩下十天,但


点拨 so far 意为“到目前为止;迄今为止”,作时间状语 时句子要用现在完成时。如: I have had no reply from her so far. 我至今没有得到她的答复。

We've only raised $2,000 so far.
我们到目前为止才筹集到了 2000 美元。 运用 完成句子 has refused to The government ________________ (拒绝) comment on these reports so far.

原句 1 You are working for an institute that gives aid to the poor in a small village.你在一个小村子里的为贫困户提供帮助的机构里 工作。

句子结构:that 引导的定语从句 模仿

(1)你正在一个为学生提供留学机会的大学里学习。 You are studying in a college that provides a chance to study abroad for students. (2)他正在驾驶一辆开往北京的大卡车。 He is driving a truck that drives up to Beijing.

原句 2 You know that the situation is not really dangerous and somebody is going to get help.你知道情况并不是真的很危险,并 且有人正在去求助。 模仿要点 句子结构:that 引导的宾语从句


Make sure that there are no errors in your papers before you turn them in.
(2)他告诉我们在整个工作中, 他都会帮忙的。 He told us that he would help us through the whole work.

间接引语(一) 一、定义 当我们转述别人的话时,可以引用别人的原话,被引用的 部分称为直接引语,并用引号引起来;也可以用自己的话转述 别人的意思,被转述的部分称为间接引语,不用引号。间接引


二、代词的变化 指示代词 this, these 要改为 that, those。人称代词要根据“一 随主、二随宾、三不变”的原则作相应的变动。即:直接引语

宾语变化;直接引语的第三人称不作变化。如: He said, “I want to go to Beijing University.” 他说:“我想去北京大学读书。” →He said that he wanted to go to Beijing University.

He said to her, “I've left my book in your room.”

他对她说:“我把我的书落在你房间了。” →He told her that he had left his book in her room.

He said, “She is stupid.”他说:“她很笨。” →He said that she was stupid.他说她很笨。 三、动词的变化 直接引语变为间接引语时,有个别动词也需要改变,如 come 变为 go, bring 变为 take 等。如: “He will come today,” she said.她说:“他今天会来。” →She said that he would go that day. 她说他那天会来。

四、状语的变化 直接引语 now ago today this morning yesterday yesterday morning tomorrow last week/month etc. next week/month etc. this week/month etc. here 间接引语 then before that day that morning the day before the morning before the next day/the following day the week/month etc. before the following week/month etc. that week/month etc. there

五、直接引语为祈使句时的变化 当直接引语为祈使句,变为间接引语时主句中的谓语动词 往往根据直接引语中的语气换成 ask, tell, order, advise 等动词, 而直接引语中的谓语动词则要变成动词不定式。如: “Please explain why you're half an hour late ,” the teacher said. 老师说:“请解释一下你为什么迟到了半个小时。” →The teacher asked him to explain why he was half an hour late.老师要他解释一下为什么他迟到了半个小时。 “Don't give up!” Father shouted to him. 父亲对他高声喊道:“不要泄气。”

→Father told him in a loud voice not to give up.

一、请在下列空白处填上适当的词语,使句意不变 1.Mom said to me, “Don't tell a lie.” not to Mom _____ me ______ tell a lie. told 2.“Go and post the letters,” the manager said to him. to go told The manager ____ him ______ and post the letters. 3.“Stop making so much noise, children,” he said. told He ____ the children to stop making so much noise. _____ 4.“Don't tell him the news,” she said. not to tell She told me ________ him the news. 5.She said to me, “Don't ride in the street.” told not to ride She _____ me ________ in the street.

6.“Stand where you are!” the police said to the young man. to stand The police _______ the young man _______ where he was. ordered

7.“Please close the window,” he said to me.
asked to close He ______ me _______ the window. 8.He said, “Don't do that again.” told He _____ me _______ that again. not to do 二、将下列句子改为间接引语 1.“Please come here again tomorrow,” her friend said to her. Her friend asked her to go there again the next/following day.

2.“Come early tomorrow, Jim,” he said. He told Jim to go early the next day. 3.“Don't be late again, Mary,” he said. He told Mary not to be late again. 4.“Don't go out at night, Jim,” he said. He warned Jim not to go out at night.

5.“Watch carefully,” he said. He told us to watch carefully.

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