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高一英语 Book4

教师寄语: Where there is a will there is a way.




Unit 4 Body Language Using Languag

e 学案
审核人: 张作锋 时间:2014/5/24 编号:14 课前预习 可能干….__________________ 即使_________________自在,舒适____________________ 丢脸____________________ 背对____________________给某人一个拥抱____________________ 靠近___________________在大多数情况下____________________________ 总的来说____________________乐意干…____________________be wrong about sb._________ 课内探究 1.It is possible to “read” others around us, even if they do not intend for us to catch their unspoken communication. 我们可以了解别人, 即使有时他们并不想要我们了解他们没说出来的意思。 It’s possible/ probable/ likely to do….可能干某事。但 likely 主语还可以是人或物。 even if = even though 即使,尽管 as if = as though 好像 2. Looking away from people or yawning will ,in most cases, make me appear to be uninterested. 如果把眼光从某人身上移开, 或者打了个哈欠, 这就会让人知道 我不感兴趣。 look away from 不看,不注视 look down upon 蔑视,瞧不起 look up to 仰慕 In most cases 在大多数情况下 in no case 决不 appear/seem to be 看起来似乎,好像是 3. in almost every culture, it is not usually good to stand too close to someone of a higher rank. 几乎在每一种文化里,站得离级别更高的人太近都不太好。 句子中 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 to stand too close to someone of a higher rank. stand close to 站的与某人近 4. Standing at a little distance with open hands will show that I am willing to listen. 站的稍微远点,把手微微张开,以表示你愿意倾听。 该句的主语是 standing at a little distance with open hands, that 引导的是宾语从句, be willing to do 乐意 -----反义短语 be unwilling to do 5. Being respectful to people is subjective, based on each culture , but in general it is probably not a good idea to give a hug to a boss or a teacher. 根据每一种文化,对人们表示尊重都是带主观性的, 但一般说来,拥抱你的老板或老师很可能 是不妥当的。 课后巩固 1. The little boy sat _______ to his mother and listened _______ with great interest. A. close, closely B. closely, close C. close, closely D. closely, closely 2. Smoking is one of the________causes of cancer,killing millions of people each year. A.major B.similar C.commercial D.chemical 3. -- Would she mind playing against her former teammates? -- _______ She is willing to play against any tough players. A. I think so. B. I'm not surprised. C. Of course. D. Not likely 4. —Do you enjoy your present job? 命题人:夏晓霞

—_________. I just do it for a living. A. Of course B. Not really C. Not likely D. Not a little 5. Studies show that people are more______to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours. A. likely B. possible C. probable D. sure 6. A great man shows his greatness by the way _______he treats little man. A. that B. in which C. \ D. A, B and C 7. This is the only way _______we can imagine________ the overuse of water in students' bathrooms. A. that, reducing B. that, to reduce C. which, reducing D. which, to reduce 8. “Thanks” is a(n) _______ commonly used to express one’s gratitude to someone for something he has done for you. A. word B. idiom C. expression D. phrase 9. I don’t suppose he is ______ to come to our help when we get into trouble. A. maybe B. possible C. likely D. probable 10. ________different kinds of pianos,the factory is sure they can satisfy people’s needs. A.To produce B.Being produced C.Produced D.Having produced 11. Whether you liked it or not, you shouldn’t have ___ your mother when she was talking to you. A. turned back to B. turned down your back to C. turned your back to D. turned your back away 12. I really appreciate their _______ to settling personal disputes. A. ways B. means C. methods D. approaches 13. One of his major shortcomings is that he always bases his judgment on ______ opinions, which often ______prejudices (偏见)against something or somebody. A. objective; leads to B. subjective; results in C. objective; causes D. subjective; arise 14. _____ accident happened at _______ not far from the Communication Bank. A. An; a crossroads B. The; crossroads C. A; the crossroads D. X; a crossroads 15. Work hard,dear. With your work done,you will feel much________. A.at ease B.out of work C.in peace D.with ease 16. The students entered the classroom, smiling and________, and________down to have their lessons. A.talked;sat B.talking;sitting C.talking;sat D.talked;sitting 17. Do tell me the ways you think of________the problem as soon as possible. A.to solve B.solving C.solve D.being solved 18. He took her ______ _______ ________. 他牵着她的手。 19.The most universal __________ ____________ ( 面 部 表 情 ) is, of course, the smile---its _________(功能,作用) is to show happiness and ______ people _____ ________.(让…自在) 20.At the meeting they discussed three different ____________ ________ the study of maths. (方法) 21. The competition attracted over 500 players _________________(代表)8 different countries. 22. He _____ _______ _______the people who lived upstairs.他对住在楼上的人感到好奇。 23. Soldiers should ________ their countries ________ the enemies.( 保卫) 24. Water ________ _______ ______ _____ ______ our life. 水在我们生活中起着主要作用。 25. The man __________ ________ ______had a heart attack. 那个人好像心脏病发作了

答案 CADBA, DBCCD, CDBAA, CA 18. by the hand 19. facila expression 20. approaches to 21. representing 22. was curious about 23. defend against 24. plays a major role in 25. seems to have

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