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高一英语模块三 U3-U5练习题

Test for Module 3 Unit 3 — Unit 5
一.语法填空 Some people live in the world for body while others for dignity(尊严). I once took a walk along the street An old woman in ragged clothes, a Saturd

ay dusk, with a Pepsi can in my hand. was living on collecting used cans, jars and tins, (walk) nearer, she looked up at __

moved slowly towards me, with a bag on the back! _____

me and then fixed her eyes on my can. At that time, I hadn’t finished my cola, so I gave several coins instead. She stared at me for a few seconds asked: “Why not? Isn’t that __ “I am not a beggar,” she said __

handed back the money. Quite confused, I

you want?” __ (serious), word by word. __ (help) her, completely misunderstanding

Instantly, I felt so sorry. I had intended

her. Thus I hurt her. What I could do at that moment was only to drink up the cola and handed her ___ emptied can. This time, she gave me a smile with __ (satisfy) and gratitude

in her eyes. The woman is poor in material life but is so respectable as a man. I am not only moved but also have learned a good lesson. 二.完形填空 Last winter, when I was heavily pregnant(怀孕), I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law’s house. I had to park my car in a nearby parking lot because they didn’t have a place for parking. The snow was extremely heavy and there was lots of 1 on the ground, so not many people 2 to my car around 11pm, I

dared to go out that evening! When I left their house and noticed that my car was the only one 3 .

Surrounded by silence, I rushed into the car nervously. When I finally tried to my wheels began to spin(打滑). I realized I was stuck! I wondered what I should do. my rear-view mirror(后视镜), I saw four teenage boys by side in a line and behaved a bit like like. My car was in a very were coming to my car to 8 9 7 6

4 5

away, , in

my car. They were walking side

------ at least I thought that was what they looked

area and I was so frightened when I saw them. I was certain they me. 10 and said, ? You seem to have a problem with the car.”

Terrified, I just froze. One of the young men tapped on my window “Excuse me, Madam, would you like some we’ll they 11

Still a little afraid, I said, “I am stuck.” And the young man said, “It’s okay. Stay in your car and 12 you out of the snow.” And they did! When they finally got my car out of the snow, 14

13__ and waved good-bye to me. I rolled down my window and thanked them,

to have judged them so poorly. People like to judge the person they come across, and they are in turn judged by others. It’s natural that we judge others, but when we do this, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” 15 the old saying, “Don’t

1. A. sand 2. A. looked 3. A. left 4. A. walk 5. A. Actually 6. A. damaging 7. A. robbers 8. A. secret 9. A. support 10. A. rapidly 11. A. change 12. A. pull 13. A. waited 14. A. sorry 15. A. hate 从句类型选择题 (

B. ice B. escaped B. destroyed B. run B. Suddenly B. touching B. students B. bright B. harm B. loudly B. advice B. push B. shouted B. delighted B. stop

C. stone C. returned C. prepared C. drive C. Obviously C. hitting C. policemen C. lonely C. serve C. helplessly C. fun C. lead C. smiled C. confident C. follow

D. water D. pointed D. sold D. get D. Finally D. approaching D. soldiers D. dirty D. warm D. gently D. help D. put D. joked D. frightened D. Forget

)1._____ she couldn't understand was _____ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her

lessons. A.What;why ( A.If ( B.That;why C.What;because D.Why;that

)2._____ we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. B.Whether C.That D.Where

)3.---I think it's going to be a big problem. ---Yes,it could be.Iwonder____ we can do about it.

A.if (




)4._____ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present. B.That C.The fact D.That matter

A.What (

)5.They want to know _____ do to help us. B.what they can C.how they can D.how can they

A.what can they (

)6.No on can be sure _____ in a million years. B.what will man look like D.what look will man like

A.what man will look like C.man will look like what (

)7.You can't imagine ____ when they received these nice Christmas presents. B.how excited they were D.they were how excited

A.how they were excited C.how excited were they ( A.if ( A.if

)8.I'll never forget the day_____we met for the first time. B.how C.when D.that

)9.I have no idea ______ we met for the first time. B.how C.when D.that

( A.if (

)10.I made a promise _____ if anyone set me free I would make him very rich. B.how C.what D.that

)11.The mother made a promise _____ pleased all her children. B.how C.what D.that

A.which (

)12.I'll never forget the days ____ we lived together in the village. B.how C.what D.that

A.when (

)13.I'll never forget ____ we lived together in the village. B.how C.what D.that

A.when (

)14.I'll never forget the people living in the village ______ we got along well with one

another. A.when ( B.how C.what D.that

)15.Do you have idea ____ is actually going on in the afternoon? B.what C.as D.which

A.that (

)16.Information has been put forward _____ more middle school graduates will be admitted

into universities. A.while ( B.that C.when D.as

)17.Along with the letter was his promise ____ he would visit me on this coming Christmas. B.that C.what D.whether

A.which (

)18.We're living in an age ____ many things are done on computers. B.that C.whose D.when

A.which (

)19.There was ____ time _____ I hated to go to school. B.a;when C.the;that D.the;when

A.a;that (

)20.I work in a business _____ almost everyone is waiting for a great chance. B.which C.where D.that

A.how (

)21.There are altogether eleven books on the shelf,______ five are mine. B.in which C.of which D.from which

A.on which (

)22.If you are a good player, you can hit the ball ____ you want it to go. B.where C.to the place D.to where

A.in the place (

)23.You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ____ I disagree. B.where C.what D.how


三.阅读理解 A A Book Review—The Snake-Stone by Berlie Doherty The setting: Urban England (the cities), but also rural England (the countryside) including remote English villages. The theme: The main theme is a teenage research of self-discovery, in this case the search for a mother from whom the hero was separated at an early age. Its other concerns are love, getting on with others, being persistent(坚持的) and courageous and trying to deal with doubts,

troubles and worries. As the book moves to a close, James’ swimming coach says to him: “You are not like a kid obeying instructions any more. You are diving like a young man who knows where he is going. ” The characters: James is the hero of the story. He is a championship diver, and has a comfortable life with his foster parents (养父母). Yet he also has the qualities to take him on a long journey to find his birth mother. The other characters in The Snake-Stone, James’ parents, his diving instructor, best friend, the villagers, people he meets on his journey, are pictured realistically. The turning point: The turning point in the story comes while James’ foster parents are away in London, and he wonders about the identity of his birth mother. The only clue(线索) he has is a fossil, “the snake stone” which she left behind along with a note on which she had written: “Take good care of Sammie. It was written on a torn envelope with parts of an address still there. The journey: Instead of going to London, James decides to find his birth mother. With help from his geography teacher, James sets off for the remote country village where his mother might be found. James has painful, challenging, but also humorous and happy travels. The mother he finally meets, Anne, has a minor yet powerful voice in the novel. He comes to understand why she left him at a stranger’s door fifteen years before. Although the meeting is not long, it leaves him with a feeling of completeness. As a journey of self-discovery The Snake-Stone also provides its readers with a happy ending. Its hero says, on returning to his foster parents, “I was home. ” 31. What is the main theme of the novel? A. A journey of self-discovery. C. Life with foster parents. B. Life in the world of diving. D. A travel around the country.

32. What do the coach’s words in Paragraph 2 suggest? A. James is a successful diver. James is an outgoing young man. 33. The snake stone in the novel is A. a stone with an address on it C. a clue left by the birth mother 34. Which of the following is true about the novel? A. The story has a sad ending. B. The story takes place in the city of London. . B. a gift from the swimming coach D. a fossil left by the foster parents B. James is an independent young man. C. D. James is a hopeful swimmer.

C. The characters are vividly described. D. The turning point comes after the hero meets his birth mother. 35. It can be concluded that James’ journey is _________. A. disappointing B. boring C. comfortable D. worthwhile

B What will man be like in the future — in 5,000 or even 50,000 years from now? We can only make guesses, of course, but we can be sure that he will be different from what he is today, for

man is slowly changing all the time. Let us take an obvious example. Man, even five hundred years ago, was shorter than he is today. Now, on average, men are about three inches taller. Five hundred years is relatively a short period of time, so we may suppose that man will continue to grow taller. Again, in the modern world we use our brains a great deal. Even so, we still make use of only about 20% of the brain’s capacity(容量). As time goes on, however, we shall have to use our brains more and more, and finally we shall need our brains more and more, and finally we shall need larger ones! This is likely to bring a physical change too: the head, in particular the forehead, will grow larger. Nowadays our eyes are in constant use. In fact, we use them so much that very often they become weaker and we have to wear glasses. But over long period of time it is likely that man’s eyes will grow stronger. On the other hand, we tend to make less use of our arms and legs. These, as a result, are likely to grow weaker. At the same time, however, our fingers will grow more sensitive because they are used a great deal in modern life. But what about hair? This will probably disappear from the body altogether in course of time because it does not serve a useful purpose any longer. In the future, then, both sexes are likely to be bald. Perhaps all this gives the impression that future man will not be a very attractive creature to look at! This may well be true. All the same, in spite of all these changes, future man will still have a lot in common with us. He will still be a human being, with thoughts and motions similar to our own. 36. The passage mainly tells us that __________. A. Man’s life will be different in the future B. B. Future man will look quite different from us C. Man is growing taller and uglier as time passes D. Man’s organs’ (器官) functions will change 37. What serves as the evidence that man is changing? A. Man has got stronger eyes now than he ever had. B. Man’s hair is getting thinner and thinner. C. Man’s arms and legs have become lighter and weaker. D. Man has been growing taller over the past 500 years. 38. The change in man’s size of the forehead is probably because __________. A. he makes use of only 20% of the brain’s capacity B. his brain has grown larger over the past centuries C. he will use his brain more and more as time goes on D. the other 80% of his brain will grow in due time 39. Which of the following is TRUE about a human being in the future? A. He is hairless because hair is no longer useful.

B. He has smaller eyes and wears better glasses. C. His fingers grow weaker because he doesn’t have to make use of them. D. He thinks and feels in a different way. 40. It is implied(暗示) that __________. A. human beings will become less attractive in the future B. body organs will become poorer if they are not used often C. human beings hope for a change in the future life D. future life is always predictable

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