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2013 年高考英语单项选择分类汇编
(2013 北京)21Volunteering gives you a chance lives, including your own. A. change B. changing C. changed D. to change (2013 北京)24 the course very difficult, she decided to move to a lower level. A. Find B. Finding C. To find D. Found (2013 北京)29 When we saw the road with snow, we decided to spend the holiday at home. A. block B. to block C. blocking D. blocked (2013 全国大纲)25.I got to the office earlier that day, A.caught B. to have caught C. to catch the 7:30 train from Paddington

D. having caught

(2013 福建)22._____ basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies. A. Known B. Having known C. Knowing D. Being known (2013 福建)32. Anyone, once ____ positive for H7N9 flu virus, will receive free medical treatment from our government. A. to be tested B. being tested C. tested D. to test (2013 安徽)32. in the early 20th century, the school keeps on inspiring children‘s love of art. A. To found B. Founding C. Founded D. Having founded (2013 湖南)25. The sun began to rise in the sky, ________ the mountain in golden light. A. bathed B. bathing C. to have bathed D. have bathed (2013 湖南)29. You cannot accept an opinion ________ to you unless it is based on facts. A. offering B. to offer C. having offered D. offered (2013 湖南)31. ________ warm at night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it. A. Staying B. Stayed C. To stay D. Stay (2013 江苏)24. Lionel Messi the record for the most goals in a calendar year, is considered the most talented football player in Europe. A. set B. setting C. to set D. having set (2013 江苏)31.Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and to ruins, the city took on a new look. A. reducing B. reduced C. being reduced D. having reduced (2013 江西)34. If _____ to look after luggage for someone else, inform the police at once. A. asked B. to ask C. asking D. having asked (2013 辽宁)28. Laura was away in Paris for over a week. When she got home, there was a pile of mail ______for her. A. waited B. to wait C. waiting D. was waiting (2013 山东)25. The room is empty except for a bookshelf _____ in one corner. A. standing B. to stand C. stands D. stood (2013 山东)29. I stopped the car ____ a short break as I was feeling tired.

A. take B. taking C. to take D. taken (2013 山东)33. ________ at the cafeteria before, Tina didn‘t want to eat there again. A. Having eaten B. To eat C. Eat D. Eating (2013 陕西)13. Let those in need that we will go all out to help them. A. to understand B. understand C. understanding D. understood (2013 陕西)14. The witnesses by the police just now gave very different descriptions of the fight. A. questioned B. being questioned C. to be questioned D. having questioned (2013 四川)8. _______ which university to attend, the girl asked her teacher for advice. A. Not knowing B. Knowing not C. Not known D. Known not (2013 四川)10. The airport _______ next year will help promote tourism in this area. A. being completed B. to be completed C. completed D. having been completed (2013 天津)10. In some languages,100 words make up half of all words in daily conversations. A. using B. to use C. having used D. used (2013 新课标Ⅰ)22.They might just have a place _____on the writing course-why don't you give it a try? A. leave B. left C. leaving D. to leave (2013 新课标Ⅰ)28. The driver wanted to park his car near the roadside but was asked by the police . A .not to do B. not to C. not do D. do not (2013 新课标Ⅰ)35. The sunlight is white and blinding, hard-edged shadows on the ground. A. throwing B. being thrown C. to throw D. to be thrown (2013 重庆 30. When I was little, my mother used to sit by my bed, me stories till I till asleep, A.having told B. telling C.told D. to tell (2013 重庆)34. The engine just won't start. Something seems wrong with it. A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. having gone (2013 浙江)7. _______ how others react to the book you have just read creates an added pleasure. A Hearing B Hear C Having heard D To be hearing (2013 浙江)19.There are some health problems that, when ______ in time, can become bigger ones later on. A not treated B not being treated C not to be treated D not have been treated

(2013 北京)23Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet into at least ten different films over the past years. A. had been made B. was made C. has been made D. would be made (2013 北京)25--- Do you think Mom and Dad late? --- No, Swiss Air is usually on time. A. were B. will be C. would be D. have been (2013 北京)28 Hurry up! Mark and Carl us. A. expect B. are expecting C. have expected D. will expect (2013 北京)32--- So what is the procedure? --- All the applicants before a final decision is made by the authority.

A. interview

B. are interviewing C. are interviewed D. are being interviewed very early so we packed the night before. C. were leaving D. have left

(2013 全国大纲)27. We A. leave B. had left

(2013 福建)26.The girl has a great interest in sport and ____ badminton classes twice a week over the last three years. A. took B. is taking C. takes D. has been taking (2013 安徽)24. I‘m calling about the apartment you the other day. Could you tell me more about it? A. advertised B. had advertised C. are advertising D. will advertise (2013 湖南)22. ―What do you want to be?‖ asked Mrs. Crawford. ―Oh, I ________ president,‖ said the boy, with a smile. A. have been B. am C. was D. will be (2013 湖南)24. Around two o‘clock every night, Sue will start talking in her dream. It somewhat _____us. A. bothers B. had bothered C. would bother D. bothered (2013 湖南)26. If nothing ________, the oceans will turn into fish deserts. A. does B. had been done C. will do D. is done (2013 湖南)27. — Have you heard about the recent election? — Sure, it ________ the only thing on the news for the last three days. A. would be B. is C. has been D. will be (2013 湖南)34. — I don‘t understand why you didn‘t go to the lecture yesterday afternoon. —I‘m so sorry.But I my homework. A.had done B. was doing C. would do D. am doing (2013 江苏)25. —Could I use your car tomorrow morning? —Sure. I a report at home. A. will be writing B. will have written C. have written D. have been writing (2013 江苏)34. —What about your self-drive trip yesterday? —Tiring! The road is being widened, and we a rough ride. A. had B. have C. would have D. have had (2013 江西)35. I ________ to visit you later that day, but I had to phone and cancel. A. come B. came C. am coming D. was coming (2013 辽宁)22. He was unhappy when he sold his guitar. After all, he _________if for a very long time. A. has had. B. had had C. has D. had (2013 辽宁)30. We are confident that the environment ______by our further efforts to reduce pollution. A. had been improved B. will be improved C. is improved D. was improved (2013 山东)24. I didn‘t think I‘d like the movie, but actually it _____ pretty good. A. has been B. was C. had been D. would be (2013 山东)27. — Oh no! We‘re too late. The train _______. — That‘s Ok. We‘ll catch the next train to London. A. was leaving B. had left C. has left D. has been leaving (2013 陕西)11. On Monday mornings it usually me an hours to drive to work although the

actual distance is only 20 miles. A. takes B. is taking C. took D. will take (2013 陕西)17. Jim a late night film at home when, right in the middle of a thrilling scene, the television went blank. A. watched B. had watched C. was watching D. would be watching (2013 四川)3. Hurry up, kids! The school bus _______ for us! A. waits B. was waiting C. waited D. is waiting (2013 天津)13. The water supply has been cut off temporarily because the workers one of the main pipes. A. had repaired B. have repaired C. repaired D. are repairing (2013 新课标Ⅰ)24. If we now to protect the environment, we‘ll live to regret it. A. hadn't acted B. haven't acted C. don't act D. won't act (2013 新课标Ⅰ)27.When I first met Bryan I didn‘t like him, but I my mind. A. have changed B. change C. had changed D. would change (2013 重庆)21. 1 felt very tired when I got home. and I straight to bed. A. go B. went C. had gone D. have gone (2013 重庆)33. A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Theatre Royal on 19th June. and then tours throughout Scotland A. opens B.is opened C. will open D.will be opened (2013 浙江)10. During the last three decades, the number of people participating in physical fitness programs ______ sharply. A was increasing B has increased C had increased D will be increasing

(2013 北京)34. If we a table earlier, we couldn‘t be standing here in a queue. A. have booked B. booked C. book D. had booked (2013 北京)35. --- You needn‘t take an umbrella. It isn‘t going to rain. --- Well, I don‘t know. It do. A. might B. need C. would D. should (2013 全国大纲)26. Since nobody gave him any help, he A. can B. must C. would have done the research on his own.

D. need

(2013 福建)30.—Do you think George has passed the driving test? —No. If so, he _____his car to our college yesterday. A. would drive B. drove C. would have driven D. had driven (2013 安徽)28. I to my cousin‘s birthday party last night, but I was not available A. went B. had gone C. would go D. would have gone (2013 安徽)34. It be the vocabulary that caused you the problem in the exercise, because you know a lot of words. A. may B. couldn‘t C. should D. needn‘t (2013 湖南)32. He ________ sleep, although he tried to, when he got on such a hunt for an idea until he had caught it. A. wouldn‘t B. shouldn‘t C. couldn‘t D. mustn‘t (2013 江苏)30. I should not have laughed if I you were serious.

A. thought B. would think C. had thought D. have thought (2013 江西)29. When I was a child, I ______ watch TV whenever I wanted to. A. should B. could C. must D. need (2013 辽宁)31. Harry is feeling uncomfortable. He _______too much at the party last night. A. could drink B. should drink C. would have drunk D. must have drunk (2013 陕西)12. My mom suggests that we eat out for a change this weekend. A. should B. might C. could D. would (2013 陕西)21. The children lost in the woods; otherwise, they would have been at the lakeside camp as scheduled. A. must have got B. must get C. should have got D. should get (2013 四川)5. --Why are your eyes so red? You _______ have slept well last night. A. can't B. mustn't C.needn't D. won't (2013 天津)9. No one be more generous, he has a heart of gold. A. could B. must C. dare D. need (2013 天津)14. If he had spent more time practising speaking English before,he able to speak it much better now. A. will be B. would be C. has been D. would have been (2013 新课标Ⅰ)29.The door open , no matter how hard she pushed. A. shouldn‘t B. couldn't C. wouldn't D. mightn't (2013 重庆)26. ---- What are you doing this Saturday? ---- Im not sure. but I go to the Rolling Stones concert A. must B. would C. should D. might (2013 重庆)29. ---- It rained cats and dogs this morning. I‘m glad we took an umbrella. ---- Yeah, we would have got wet all over if we A. hadn‘t B. haven't C. didn't D. don't (2013 浙江)3. I ______ myself more ---- it was a perfect day. A shouldn‘t have enjoyed B needn‘t have enjoyed C wouldn‘t have enjoyed D couldn‘t have enjoyed (2013 浙江)8.Eye doctors recommend that a child‘s first eye exam _____ at the age of six months old. A was B be C were D is

(2013 全国大纲卷)22. Would you like to A. come along B. come off with us to the film tonight?

C. come across D. come through

(2013 全国大纲卷)28. The watch was very good, and he ______ 20 percent down for it. A. paid B. cost C. bought D. spent (2013 福建)24.Michelle found a job as a high school teacher which _____ spending quite a lot of time with students. A. enjoys B. involves C. practices D. suggests (2013 福建)28. Old-fashioned phones matter when wireless networks _____in disasters. A. turn down B. turn out C. break down D. break out

(2013 安徽)26. Traditionally, college students hold a graduation ceremony to encourage themselves before they on their life journey. A. give up B. settle down C. get through D. set off (2013 湖北)23. While intelligent people can often ______ the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple. A. sacrifice B. substitute C. simplify D. survive (2013 湖北)24. According to the law, all foreigners have to ______ with the local police within two weeks of arrival. A. associate B. dispute C. negotiate D. register (2013 湖北)25. Butterflies ______ a sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. A. carry on B. feed on C. put on D. focus on (2013 湖北)26. In much of the animal world, night is the time ______ for sleep—pure and simple. A. set aside B. set down C. set off D. set up (2013 江苏)23. —The town is so beautiful! I just love it. —Me too. The character of the town is well . A. qualified B. preserved C. decorated D. simplified (2013 江苏)29. Team leaders must ensure that all members their natural desire to avoid the embarrassment associated with making mistakes. A. get over B. look over C. take over D. come over (2013 江西)27. Mother always complains that children _______ their shoes very quickly. A. find out B. wash out C. wear out D. set out (2013 江西)31. She _____ the carpet with some very nice curtains in colour. A. connected B. fitted C. equipped D. matched. (2013 辽宁)32. Briggs will ________as general manager when Mitchell retires. A. get away B. take over C. set off D. run out (2013 陕西)25. My uncle hasn‘t been able to quit smoking, but at least he has . A. cut out B. cut down C. cut up D. cut off (2013 天津)2. If you are in trouble, Mike is always willing to a hand A. lend B.shake C. wave D.want (2013 天津)8.I had hoped to take a holiday this year but I wasn‘t able to A. get away B. drop in C. check out D. hold on (2013 新课标Ⅰ)23. Try not to cough more than you can since it may cause problems to your lungs. A. check B. allow C. stop D. help (2013 新课标Ⅰ)30. At the last moment, Tom decided to a new character to make the story seem more likely. A. put up B. put in C. put on D. put off (2013 浙江)9. When the group discussion is nearing its end, make sure to _____ it with important point. A conclude B lead C avoid D hold (2013 浙江)12. A good listener takes part in the conversation, _______ ideas and raising questions to keep the talk flowing. A realizing B copying C offering D misunderstanding

(2013 浙江)17.Bears _______ fat stores throughout the summer and fall to have enough energy to last them through their sleep. A pack up B build up C bring up D take up

(2013 福建)23.The famous musician, as well as his students, ____ to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo. A. were invited B. was invited C. have been invited D. has been invited (2013 湖南)33. The university estimates that living expenses for international students ________ around $8,450 a year, which ________ a burden for some of them. A. are;is B. are;are C. is;are D. is;is (2013 江 苏 ). 21 Generally , students‘ inner motivation with high expectation from others essential to their development. A. is B. are C. was D. were

(2013 北京)26. I have an appointment A. to B. off C. with D. from Dr. Smith, but I need to change it. some knowledge of

(2013 全国大纲卷)31 A serious study of physics is impossible mathematics. A. against B. before C. beyond D. without

(2013 福建)29.Mrs. Smith finds it hard to clear up the mess, as her children are always ____ whenever she tries to. A. in the way B. on watch C. in sight D. on the line (2013 安徽)22 Before you pay a visit to a place of interest, look in your local library a book about it. A. on B. at C. for D. to (2013 湖北)30. An artist who was recently traveling on a ferry to the southern island discovered ______ a long lost antique Greek vase. A. at random B. by chance C. in turn D. on occasion (2013 江苏)26. I am always delighted when I receive an email from you . the party on 1 st July I shall be pleased to attend . A. On account of B. In response to C. In view of D. With regard to (2013 辽宁)25. _______________everyone here, I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country. A. By means of B. On behalf of C. In search of D. For fear of (2013 山东)34. The Smiths are praised _______ the way they bring up their children. A. from B. by C. at D. for (2013 陕西 24. The manager wants to see changes in the company, and I am sure he will . A. in particular B. in turn C. in charge D. in time (2013 新课标Ⅰ)34.It was a real race time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it. A. over B. by C. for D. against (2013 浙江)14.It will be a great help if you go to the store and get what we need for dinner.

_______, I‘ll set the table. A. As a result B. On the whole

C. In the meanwhile

D. As a matter of fact

(2013 全国大纲卷)33.Four and half hours of discussion took us up to midnight, and break

for cheese, chocolate and tea with sugar. A. a;a B. the; the C.不填;the D. a;不填

(2013 福建)21.The "Chinese Dream" is ____ dream to improve people's well-being and ____ dream of harmony, peace and development. A. the; a B. a; a C. a; the D. the; the (2013 湖北)21. Poetry written from the ______ of the urban youth tends to reveal their anxiety over a lack of sense of belonging. A. perspective B. priority C. participation D. privilege (2013 湖北)22. Carbon dioxide, which makes a ______ between us and the sun, prevents heat from getting out of the atmosphere easily, so the earth is becoming warmer. A. difference B. comparison C. connection D. barrier (2013 江苏)33.With inspiration from other food cultures, American food culture can take a for the better. A. share B. chance C. turn D. lead (2013 江西)22. Whenever I made mistakes, the teacher pointed them out with ______. A. curiosity B. satisfaction. C. envy D. patience. (2013 江西)32. Animals are obviously ______ lower form of life than _______ man. A. a ; / B. the ; the C. a ; the D. / ; / (2013 辽宁)23. The accident caused some _______to my car, but it‘s nothing serious. A. harm B. injury C. ruin D. damage (2013 山东)22. It was ______ cold winter night and the moon was shining brightly across ____ night sky. A. 不填;a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; 不填 (2013 陕西)19. Marco Polo is said to have sailed on Pacific Ocean on his way to Java in I thirteenth century. A. the; a B. a; / C. /; the D. the; the (2013 天津)7.While she was in Paris,she developed a for fine art. A. way B. relation C. taste D. habit (2013 新课标Ⅰ)31. India attained independence in 1947, after long struggle. A.不填;a B. the; a C. an;不填 D. an; the (2013 重庆)32. The parents were shocked by news that their son needed operation on his knee. A. a;/ B. the; / C. the; an D. a; an (2013 浙江)4.As the world‘s population continues to grow, the ______ of food becomes more and more of a concern. A worth B supply C package D list (2013 浙江)15.People develop _______ preference for a particular style of learning at _____ early

age and these preferences affect learning. A a; an B a; 不填

C 不填; the

D the; an

(2013 全国大纲卷) 29. It may not be a good suggestion. But before we‘ll make do with it. A. a good one B. a better one C. the best one D. a best one is put forward ,

(2013 福建)25.The Forbidden City attracts a _____ stream of visitors every day, especially during national holidays. A. constant B. main C. powerful D. shallow (2013 福建)31.Those poor and needy teenagers were excited to find a shop at the corner where they could buy ____ priced bikes. A. competitively B. recently C. reasonably D. affordably (2013 安徽)30. David is animal fur, so he won‘t visit anyone who has cats or dogs in the house. A. curious about B. allergic to C. satisfied with D. fond of ‘ (2013 安徽)33. It s said that the power plant is now large as what it was. A. twice as B. as twice C. twice much D. much twice (2013 湖北)27. People complain that decisions to approve or deny a permit are often ______ rather than based on fixed criteria. A. appropriate B. conscious C. arbitrary D. controversial (2013 湖北)28. He didn‘t selfishly keep for himself the money inherited from his uncle. Instead, he made a ______ contribution to help the community. A. commercial B. generous C. comparable D. profitable (2013 湖北)29. Don‘t defend him any more. It‘s obvious that he ______ destroyed the fence of the garden even without apology. A. accidentally B. carelessly C. deliberately D. clumsily (2013 江西)24. What a terrible experience ! ________, you‘re safe now ------ that‘s the main thing. A. Anyway. B. Besides. C. Otherwise. D. Therefore. (2013 江西 v26. There are a small number of people involved, possibly ______twenty. A. as few as B. as little as C. as many as D. as much as (2013 辽宁)27. Everything seemed to be going __________for the first two days after I moved to New York. A. vividly B. generally C. frequently D. smoothly (2013 辽宁)33. This is by far_______movie that I have ever seen. A. an inspiring B. a much inspiring C. the most inspiring D. the more inspiring (2013 天津)3.I think watching TV every day is a waste of time—there are meaningful things to do. A. less B. more C. the least D. the more (2013 新课标Ⅰ25. Tony can hardly boil an egg,still cook dinner. A. less B. little C. much D. more (2013 浙江)2.Mary worked here as a ______ secretary and ended up getting a full-time job with y the company.

A pessimistic B temporary C previous D cautious (2013 浙江)6.If we leave right away, ______, we‘ll arrive on time. A hopefully B curiously C occasionally D gradually (2013 浙江)18.If what your friend comes up with surprises you, don‘t reject it immediately. ______ , imagine that it is true. A Thus B Besides C Rather D Otherwise

(2013 全国大纲卷)34. It's an either-or situation - we can buy a new car this year or we can go on holiday but we can‘t do A. others B. either . C. another D. both

(2013 福建)35. A society cannot be successful if it throws tradition away, but it cannot be successful ____if we do something to stop progress. A. either B. neither C. too D. also (2013 安徽)27. This project requires close teamwork . will be achieved unless we work well together. A. Nothing B. Anything C. Something D. Everything (2013 江西)23. _______ can be good at something for 40 years if he doesn‘t love it. A. Anybody B. Everybody C. Nobody D. Somebody (2013 辽宁)29. To her joy, Della earned first the trust of her students and then _____of her colleagues. A. that B. one C. ones D. those (2013 山东)21. I‘ve lived in New York and Chicago, but don‘t like ____ of them very much. A. either B. any C. each D. another (2013 陕西)22. Although Rosemary had suffered from a serious illness for years, she lost of her enthusiasm for life. A. some B. neither C. none D. all (2013 四川)2. The traffic on the main streets has a longer green signal than _______ on the small ones. A. one B. this C. that D. it (2013 天津)12. At our factory there are a few machines similar to described in this magazine. A. them B. these C. those D. ones (2013 重庆)31. Recycling is one way to protect the environment; reusing is A. another B. the other C. one another D. one (2013 浙江)11.Half of _____ surveyed in 16 countries say they go first to their closest friend to share their deepest wishes and darkest fears. A these B some C ones D those

(2013 北京)27. Many countries are now setting up national parks protected. animals and plants can be

A. when B. which C. whose D. where (2013 福建)27. The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those ____ lives were affected. A. whose B. that C. who D. which (2013 安徽)29. Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, made one of the Chinese people‘s long-held dreams come true. A. it B. that C. what D. which (2013 湖南)21. Happiness and success often come to those ________ are good at recognizing their own strengths. A. whom B. who C. what D. which (2013 江苏)32. The president of the World Bank says he has a passion for China, he remembers starting as early as his childhood. A. where B. which C. what D. when (2013 江西)33. He wrote a letter ______ he explains what had happened in the accident. A. what B. which C. where D. how (2013 辽宁)34. He may win the competition, ____________he is likely to get into the national team. A. in which case B. in that case C. in what case D. in whose case (2013 山东)31. There is no simple answer, _____ is often the case in science. A. as B. that C. when D. where (2013 山东)35. Finally he reached a lonely island _______ was completely cut off from the outside world. A. when B. where C. which D. whom (2013 陕西)16. is often the case with children, Amy was better by the time the doctor arrived. A. It B. That C. What D. As (2013 四川)9. Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment _______ they live. A. what B. which C. when D. where (2013 天津)6. We have launched another man-made satellite, is announced in today‘s newspaper. A.that B.which C. who D. what (2013 新课标Ⅰ)33.‖You can‘t judge a book by its cover,‖ . A. as the saying goes old B. goes as the old saying C. as the old saying goes D. goes as old the saying (2013 重庆)24. John incited abuout 40 people to his wedding, most of are family members A them B. that C.which D. whom (2013 浙江)5.The children, ______ had played the whole day long, were worn out. A all of what B all of which C all of them D all of whom (2013 浙江)13.The museum will open in the spring with an exhibition and a viewing platform ______ visitors can watch the bid glasshouses being built. A what B where C when D why

(2013 北京)31. makes the book so extraordinary is the creative imagination of the writ

A. That B. What C. Who D. Which (2013 北京)33. Experts believe people can waste less food by shopping only when it is necessary. A. why B. where C. that D. what (2013 全国大纲卷)24. When I arrived, Bryan took me to see the house_ staying. A. what B. when C. where D. which I would be

(2013 安徽)21.From space, the earth looks blue. This is about seventy-one percent of its surface is covered by water. A. why B. how C. because D. whether (2013 江西)30. _______ one of you breaks the window will have to pay for it. A. Whoever B. Whatever C. Whichever D. Wherever. (2013 山东)30. It‘s good to know _____ the dogs will be well cared for while we‘re away. A. what B. whose C. which D. that (2013 陕西)20. It remains to be seen the newly formed committee‘s policy can be put into practice. A. that B. which C. what D. whether (2013 四川)6. _______ you said at the meeting describes a bright future for the company. A. When B. How C. What D. That (2013 天津)15. I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents. A. That B. Which C. Whether D. What (2013 新课标Ⅰ)26. Police have found appears to be the lost ancient statue. A. which B. where C. how D. what (2013 重庆)28. struck me most in the movie was the father‘s deep love for his son. A. That B. It C. What D. Which (2013 浙江)16.The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief _____ you are better than anyone else on the sports field. A how B that C which D whether

(2013 北京)30. I took my driving license with me on holiday, I wanted to hire a car. A. in case B. even if C. ever since D. if only (2013 安徽)23.It‘s much easier to make friends you have similar interests. A. unless B. when C. even though D. so that (2013 湖南)23. You must learn to consult your feelings and your reason ________ you reach any decision. A. although B. before C. because D. unless (2013 湖南)28. Do not let any failures discourage you, for you can never tell ________ close you may be to victory. A. how B. that C. which D. where (2013 江苏)28. In the global economy, a new drug for cancer, it is discovered, will create many economic possibilities around the world. A. whatever B. whoever C. wherever D. whichever

(2013 江西)28. She says that she‘ll have to close the shop ________ business improves. A. if B. unless C. after D. when (2013 辽宁)24. One can always manage to do more things, no matter ______full one‘s schedule is in life. A. how B. what C. when D. where (2013 山东)26. Mark needs to learn Chinese _______ his company is opening a branch in Beijing. A. unless B. until C. although D. since (2013 山东)28. _________I have to give a speech, I get extremely nervous before I start. A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whoever D. However (2013 陕西)18. I have heard a lot of good things about you I came back from abroad. A. since B. until C. before D. when (2013 四川)7. He is so busy. He cannot afford enough time with his son _______ he wants to. A. even if B. as if C. because D. before (2013 天津)5. small, the company has about 1,000 buyers in over 30 countries. A. As B. If C. Although D. Once (2013 重庆)25. we have enough evidence. we can't win the case. A.Once B As long as C. Unless D. Since

(2013 北京)22. Don‘t turn off the computer before closing all programs , problems A. or B. and C. but D. so (2013 全国大纲卷)23. I was glad to meet Jenny again, her. A. but B. and C. so D. or you could have

I didn't want to spend all day with

(2013 湖南)30. Every day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized. A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads (2013 四川)4. Read this story, _______ you will realize that not everything can be bought with money. A. or B. and C. but D. so (2013 新课标Ⅰ)32.There‘s no way of knowing why one man makes an important discovery another man, also intelligent, fails. A. since B: if C. as D. while (2013 重庆)23. It's not easy to change habits, with awareness and self-control, it is possible. A. for B. or C.but D. so

(2013 全国大纲卷)30. It was only after he had read the papers before him was extremely difficult to complete. A. when B. that C. which D. what Mr. Gross realized the task

(2013 全国大纲卷)32. Only by increasing the number of doctors by 50 percent hospital. A. can be the patients C. the patients can be treated B. can the patients be treated D. treated can be the patients

properly in this

(2013 福建)34. Not until he went through real hardship _____the love we have for our families is important. A. had he realized B. did he realize C. he realized D. he had realized (2013 湖南)35. Not once ________ to Michael that he could one day become a top student in his class. A. occurred it B. it did occur C. it occurred D. did it occur (2013 江苏)27. “Never for a second ,‖the boy says, “ that my father would come to my rescue.‖ A. I doubted B. do I doubt C. I have doubted D. did I doubt (2013 江西)25. Only when he apologizes for his rudeness ____to him again. A. I will speak. B. will I speak. C. do I speak. D. I speak. (2013 辽宁)26. At no time ________the rules of the game. It was unfair to punish them. A. they actually broke B. do they actually break B. did they actually break D. they had actually broken (2013 天津)11. It was not until near the end of the letter she mentioned her own plan. A. that B. where C. why D. when (2013 新课标Ⅰ)21. -----Why, this is nothing but common vegetable soup! ----_____, madam. This is our soup of the day. A. Let me see B so it is C Don ?t mention it D Neither do I (2013 重庆)27. It was with the help of the local guide the mountain climber was rescued. A. who B. that C. when D. how

(2013 全国大纲卷)21.--I'm sorry I made a mistake! -. Nobody is perfect. B. You're right C. Whatever you say D. Take it easy

A. Take your time

(2013 全国大纲卷)35. ---Are you sure you won't come for a drink with us? --,if you insist A. Not at all B. It depends C. All right then D.I don't care

(2013 福建)33.—Would you mind answering some questions on shopping habits? — ________. A. Yes, with great pleasure B. No, I am afraid I can't make it C. Yes, it is worth the time D. No, as long as it doesn't take long (2013 安徽)25.----This is your order, a hamburger and an apple pie. ? A. Anything else B. Is that OK C. For here or to go D. Something to drink

(2013 安徽)35,----How did your interview with the manager go? ---He seemed interested in my experience, but he didn‘t ask for references. A. Perfect! B. I‘m not sure. C. That‘s right. D. Couldn‘t be better. (2013 江苏)22. —The T shirt I received is not the same as is shown online. — ?But I promise you we‘ll look into it right away. A. Who says B. How come C. What for D. Why worry (2013 江苏)35. —Thank you for the flowers. — . I thought they might cheer you up. A. That‘s right B. All right C. I mall right D. It‘s all right (2013 江西)21. ---- Thanks a lot for your book. I found it very interesting. ---- _______. I‘m glad you enjoyed it. A. All the best B. It is nothing C. No thanks D. Very well. (2013 辽宁)21. ---What do you think of the house? ---_____________. It‘s everything we‘ve been looking for. A. Perfect! B. Good idea! C. Not bad. D. so-so. (2013 辽宁)35. ---I‘m afraid you have the wrong number. --- Sorry!________. A. See you later B. I didn‘t know that C. Hold on, please D. I hope I didn‘t bother you (2013 山东)23. — How far can you run without stopping? — ________. I‘ve never tried. A. Don‘t mention it B. That‘s all right C. I have no idea D. Go ahead (2013 山东)32. — This is a really lively party. There‘s a great atmosphere, isn‘t there? — ________ The hosts know how to host a party. A. Don't worry B. Yes, indeed C. No, there‘s isn‘t D. It all depends (2013 陕西)15 --I‘m tired. I‘m taking next week off. -, honey. You do need a break. A. Not so sure B. Forget it C. Great idea D. No way (2013 陕西)23. –Shall we go for a drink at one o‘clock this afternoon? -. Will two o‘clock be OK? A. Sure, it‘s up to you B. Sure, no problem C. Sorry, I can‘t make it D. Sorry, I‘m not available today (2013 四川)1. --I feel so nervous about the National English Speech Competition tomorrow. --________. A. I really envy you B. Glad to hear that C. Sounds great D. Take it easy (2013 天津)1. ---- I‘m going to Venice next week. ---. Carnival will be held then. Have fun! A. You‘re crazy B. You‘re lucky C. You‘d better not D. You never know (2013 天津 4. ----Mary‘s been offered a job in a university, but she doesn‘t want to take it. ---? It‘s a very good chance. A. Guess what B. So what C. Who cares D. How why (2013 重庆)22. ---- Would you like a glass of wine? ---,I don't drink. A. No, thanks B. Yes, please C. I don't like it D. It's my favorite (2013 重庆)35.--- Forgotten something? I can keep an eye on your kids if you want to go and get it.

---.Thank you all the same. A.It's very kind of you. B.Oh, how carelem of me! C.I might u well go and get it. D.Well, I can do without it (2013 浙江)1.---- Hey, can I ask you a favor? ---- Sure, _________ . A here you are B just as I thought C how is it going D what can I do for you? (2013 浙江)20.---- Excuse me, but could I trouble you for some change? ---- _______. Will pennies do? A I know B Never mind C I am sure D Let me see

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