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高二下学期英语第六次周练 A 层试卷
命 题: 肖 嵋 阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 30 分)

On the night of November 14, 1978, a six-year-old Korean boy was flying to the United States. All he knew was that he w

as on a plane heading for somewhere. The plane landed at Kennedy International Airport, where he was greeted by a family. This young boy was me. I have grown up in a town where there were few Asians, so I stuck out in the crowd. I made friends quickly and they treated me just like anyone else. You may ask if anyone made fun of my appearance. Well, of course, I met that kind of person. I just shrugged it off. As an adopted child, I have something that others don't have. I have had the benefit of two families. I'm lucky to have got a chance to start a new life. But we must try never to forget our past. Someday I will go back to Korea to find out what kind of culture I left behind. There is only one thing that I regret about being adopted. When I argue with my parents and they realize they are losing the argument, they sometimes wonder what I would be doing if I were back in Korea. I don't understand this because I thought the purpose of adopting someone was to give them a better chance of growing up in a family. Some day when I am older, I want to adopt a girl and raise her the way my parents have raised me, but I would do it better, for I know what went well and what did not. 26. We learn that when the writer was on the way to his new family,______. A. he was with his own parents B. he was very happy and excited C. he was about ten years old then D. he didn't know he was going to be adopted 27. If someone sticks out in the crowd, it means that he/she_______. A. is very good-looking B. is very kind-hearted C. is easily noticed by others D. is disliked by others 28. When the writer was made fun of by others, he _______. A. was deeply hurt B. wanted to go back to Korea C. didn?t care about it that much D. tried to make friends with them 29. What can we learn from Paragraph 3? A. The writer wants to forget his past. B. The writer isn't sad about being adopted. C. The writer isn't interested in Korean culture. D. The writer doesn?t know anything about Korea. 30. What does the writer want to do when he is older? A. Go back to live with his parents in Korea. B. Tell his parents what they have done wrong. C. Find out how to raise children in a better way. D. Adopt a girl and raise her in a good way. B The behavior of a building?s users may be at least as important as its design when it comes to energy use, according to new research from the UK Energy Research Centre

(UKERC). The UK promises to reduce its carbon emissions (排放) by 80 percent by 2050, part of which will be achieved by all new homes being zero-carbon by 2016. But this report shows that sustainable building design on its own — though extremely importantis not enough to achieve such reductions: the behavior of the people using the building has to change too. The study suggests that the ways that people use and live in their homes have been largely ignored by existing efforts to improve energy efficiency ,which instead focus on architectural and technological developments. ??Technology is going to assist but it is not going to do everything,?? explains Katy Janda, a UKERC senior researcher, ??consumption patterns of building users can defeat the most careful design. ” In other words,old habits die hard, even in the best-designed eco-home. Another part of the problem is information. Households and bill-payers don?t have the knowledge they need to change their energy-use habits. Without specific information, it?s hard to estimate the costs and benefits of making different choices. Feedback (反馈) facilities, like smart meters and energy monitors,could help bridge this information gap by helping people see how changing their behavior directly affects their energy use; some studies have shown that households can achieve up to 15 percent energy savings using smart meters. Social science research has added a further dimension ( 方面 ),suggesting that individuals?behaviour in the home can be personal and cannot be predicted 一 whether people throw open their windows rather than turn down the thermostat (恒温器) , for example. Janda argues that education is the key. She calls for a focused programme to teach people about buildings and their own behavior in them. 31. As to energy use, the new research from UKERC stresses the importance of________. A. zero-carbon homes B. the behavior of building users C. sustainable building design D. the reduction of carbon emissions 32. The underlined word “which” in Paragraph 2 refers to”________.” A. the ways B. their homes C. developments D. existing efforts 33. What are Katy Janda?s words mainly about? A. The importance of changing building users, habits. B. The necessity of making a careful building design. C. The variety of consumption patterns of building users. D. The role of technology in improving energy efficiency. 34. The information gap in energy use _______. A. can be bridged by feedback facilities B. affects the study on energy monitors C. brings about problems for smart meters D. will be caused by building users? old habits 35. What does the dimension added by social science research suggest? A. The social science research is to be furthered.
B. The education programme is under discussion. C. The behavior of building users is unpredictable. D. The behavior preference of building users is similar. 根据短文内容,从选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。有两项为多余选项


How do you improve your spelling? 36 Just as we learn spoken language by hearing lots of people speaking, we learn written language, including spelling, by reading what a lot of people write. Spelling is not about how a word sound, it?s about how it looks on the page, which means you have to look at a lot of words on the page to learn the correct spelling about it. Make a list of your commonly misspelled words. 37 When you get a chance, look it up and put the correct spelling next to it. 38 If you look it up more than once, add it to your personal list. Write! Write! Write! 39 When you look it up how to spell a word, write it down several times in a row and do it again a day or two later. 40 Write a blog, a journal, e-mails, a novel, anything that will keep you using words and pay special attention as you write to the words that come up wrong. A. There is no substitute(代替) for reading a lot. B. Put a mark next to every word you look up in the dictionary. C. Those of us who spell well have a hard time explaining it, too. D. Let others read your writings, and ask them to circle misspelled words. E. You?re trying to build up the motor memory of writing it correctly spelled. F. The only way to really learn a word is to use it, and that counts for spelling as much as for learning its meaning. G. When you catch yourself spelling the same word wrong over and over, write it down somewhere. 完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Having been out of work for two years because of poor health,I decided to look for a part time job. I 41 and interviewed again and again with no progress. I was getting pretty 42 It was freezing cold last Tuesday evening.I was waiting at a(n) 43 young woman wearing just a T-shirt and no 44 I dug in my 47 told me she had lost everything in a big fire and had been 46 .I asked if she needed any 45 for two days. . when I saw a .She

and took out$5. 00 so she could get something to eat. I then took off

my 48 and shoes and gave them to her.She looked at me and said,“Aren?t you,going to be cold?” I told her, it would be worth it if they could keep her a little bit 49 . She was moved to tears and thanked me with a 50 . kindness happened.When I was to 52 Then as I got on the bus the miracle of 51 is on me.” I 54 my thanks and was about to sit down when a lady dressed in a business suit said to me,“You just did the most 55 thing I have ever seen.What can I do for you?” I jokingly said a 56 job would be nice.She asked for my name and said she might be able to 57 something out. The next day she 58 me,saying she had a part-time position 59

the fare,the bus driver said with a smile,“Madam,I saw what you just did and your 53

in her company

and wanted me to come in and meet with the manager that day.I had started my act of kindness just to make myself feel good,but I never expected to get so much 60 ! 41.A.dressed B.begged C.applied D.explained 42.A.surprised B.discouraged C.refreshed D.frightened 43.A.bus stop B.subway station C.local park D. office building 44.A.socks B.shoes C.gloves D.glasses 45.A.advice B.work C.information D.help 46.A.walking B.moving C.surviving D.starving 47.A.purse B.room C.book D.hand 48.A.glasses B.coat C.watch D.hat 49.A.happier B.smarter C.warmer D.healthier 50.A.smile B.hug C.jump D.gift 51.A.spreading B.praising C.enjoying D.accepting 52.A.change B.check C.borrow D.pay 53.A.bill B.debt C.rent D.fare 54.A.delivered B.accepted C.felt D.expressed 55.A.unbelievable B.ordinary C.inspiring D.reasonable 56.A.paying B.comfortable C.tough D.challenging 57.A.work B.pick C.find D.keep 58.A.visited B.met C.invited D.called 59.A.empty B.open C.absent D.free 60.A.after all B.for nothing C.in return D.by chance 阅读材料,填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。(15 分) “Christmas is not fun when you?re poor,” I thought to myself _61__ _I slowly climbed the steps to my cold,damp apartment.I was a young, struggling teacher _62___ salary was very low and it was Christmas.My wife and I couldn?t even afford to get gifts for each other and _63____ only gifts we could get for our young daughter and son were a few stuffed animals (动物玩具)that I had found on sale. I opened the door to the apartment and _64___ (bring)in the gifts I had hidden in our old car until Christmas.Then I handed them to _65__ 4-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter. I watched them _66___ a sad smile when they did their best to tear off the wrapping paper._67_ (pull)out their toys,they became so excited that they jumped up and down with joy. My daughter_68__ (happy)hugged her stuffed animal and then hugged her mom and me as well.I laughed as I watched my children play with their stuffed animals for hours that day. Although it has been over twenty years so far, I still remember that Christmas as if it _69__ (be)yesterday.It is one of those special days _70___ will stay in my heart forever. I still have the gift of pure love that my son and daughter gave me that day, which I will try to share in my own life everyday. 短文改错(10 分)增加: 在缺词处加一个漏词符号 (^) , 并在此符号下写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。

修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 As it is known to us, fewer and fewer students do sports regularly, what makes them weak and easily tired. There are many reasons about this. First of all, some of the students complained that they have too many homework, resulting in less time to take exercise. Beside, some of them think that it is very difficulty for them to keep doing exercise, because it is a very hard thing. Because lack of physical activities, many students are in poor health. I suggest that our school must take measures to encourage more students to take part in sports. For us students, no matter what busy we are, it is necessary to spare some time to do exercise.

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语法填空 61 66 62 67 63 68 64 69 65 70


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